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Co-worker frantically back-pedalling after confidently tipping Winx to win the Melbourne Cup

Gambling on sport - it's a national pastime. (AAP Image/Hamish Blair)
6th November, 2017

A human resources manager at a boutique financial management firm has been left red-faced after a crushing faux-pas during Tuesday’s morning catch-up.

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Without invitation, Martin Quail waded into a discussion about today’s big race, cutting off the new intern, Jamie, and confidently declaring Winx to be “unbeatable”.

“Yeah look, I’ve seen a lot of races in my time young fella, but I’m telling you, that Winx is something special,” the 31-year-old began, in an effort to elevate himself into the office’s ‘in’ crowd.

“Keep it to yourselves, but she’s a shoe-in for the Cup,” he said with a knowing a wink.

“Haha… Um yeah nah mate, pretty sure Winx isn’t in the Cup,” Jamie replied.

“Shit! Has she been scratched?”

As the group began to explain that Winx was, in fact, a sprinter, and therefore never a realistic prospect for the Cup, Martin’s mind silently went into overdrive as he began to piece together how he was going to dig himself out of this one.

“Oh right, sorry lads – thought we were talking about the Cox Plate,” Martin replied, fairly certain he’d got away with it.


“The Cox Plate was two weeks ago.”

“Yeah um… I meant… Like, next year’s.”

“So you came over here, on Melbourne Cup day, to tell us to put a bet on Winx for next year’s Cox Plate?” the increasingly lippy Jamie asked.

“As they say in betting, the early bird gets the worm.”

“I don’t think they say that.”

“Haha, yeah good one – anyway, I’ve got to jet,” Martin blurted out before hurriedly leaving the meeting he called.

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