Instant noodles or slow-cooked meals? My Test cricket lament

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    Coming back from school, the first thing one demands is a serving of instant noodles.

    It cooks fast and disappears fast, leaving nothing close to a lasting impression when it goes down the food pipe. Like a big hype that swarms up and quickly pops, it delivers entertainment in no time, and leaves the memory almost immediately.

    A slow-cooked meal is what feels like a much more profitable deal. Barbecued on a slow cooked grill, leaving a memorable sight and smell. With a boring, slow taste, lacking colour and excitement, this food appeals to only the trained eye.

    If an instant meal were the one-day game of cricket, then the deliciously memorable slow cooked one is Test cricket.

    Unlike the voracious modern appetite for instant stimulation and instant titillation, this meal is laden with emotional outburst, psychology, mind games, mental and physical pressure and ego, topped off with unexpected twists of fate.

    This is the beauty of Test cricket; a slow-cooked meal in a baggy green.

    To the American eye, a few ‘mental’ people are endlessly hitting a ball with a bat for five days! Five days, which game goes on for five days?

    What do you mean there’s often not a result?

    To a cricket watcher, every ball of a Test matching is a testing yet savoury contest. Long periods of nothing sparked by the odd ball jumping off the pitch. Slow and boring run feasting broken by moments of fielding brilliance.

    Test cricket is the epitome of real life. Metaphorically mirroring the stamina and perseverance to grind through unproductive times and act either aggressively or defensively depending on the situation.

    Test cricket is a beautifully crafted meal, and now the shorter, more efficient meal is taking over in this busy world. How can we rescue, perhaps the finest game that now faces the danger of extinction?

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    • November 11th 2017 @ 6:59pm
      dave said | November 11th 2017 @ 6:59pm | ! Report

      2 minute noodles are 20/20 however you can add some vegetables and fried egg on top,It takes bit more time but it starts to resemble something like a meal.This is the 50 over format.
      If you tried to cook some ribs or braised lamb shanks in a short time the meat would be too tough to swallow and the sauce would lack depth,You would have to jazz it up with some pretty garnish to make it appealing.

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