AFL draft analysis: Carlton Blues

Maddy Friend Columnist

By Maddy Friend, Maddy Friend is a Roar Expert

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    After bottoming out in recent years, Carlton are starting to show some promise for the future. With two picks in the top ten and another coming at No.30, the draft will give them a chance to continue the rebuild.

    Draft picks: 3, 10, 30

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    Carlton lost one of their star midfielders in Bryce Gibbs, which was disappointing for the club, and will leave a gaping hole in the midfield next season. However, it did well to redress this through bringing in inside midfielder Matt Kennedy from GWS, as well as the zippy Darcy Lang.

    Both players add something to the Blues’ side, and should be in the mix for Round 1 next year. The Blues also acquired ruckman Matthew Lobbe from Port Adelaide as a depth player.

    Bryce Gibbs Adelaide Crows AFL

    (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

    In exchange for Gibbs, the Blues managed to snare pick 10 this year as well as Adelaide’s 2018 first-round pick, which was an excellent result for a player who will be 30 next year. This puts the Blues in an enviable position heading into draft night, and should allow them to add some more top-end talent to their young list.

    What they need
    After turning over nearly two thirds of the list in the past few years, there are a number of areas the Blues still need to address on their list. Most notable among these is the need to bolster their forward line – they were one of the lowest scoring teams in the competition in 2017, largely due to their defensive mindset, but also largely necessitated by not having a forward line capable of kicking big scores.

    Depending on how the Blues’ structure their team this year, they could also do with a genuine, crumbing small forward, as well as more outside midfield run.

    Who they might consider
    At Pick 3, the Blues are almost guaranteed of netting a future gun. They’d happily snap up any of Cam Rayner, Adam Cerra, Paddy Dow, Andrew Bradshaw, Luke Davies-Uniacke or Jaidyn Stephenson. They’re in a great position to wait and see who falls through to them.

    Pick 10 is an interesting one – the Blues really just need to wait and see who falls through to them here, which will likely be predicated on what Collingwood does at pick 6 and the Bulldogs at pick 9.

    If Jarrod Brander or Darcy Fogarty are still available, I’d expect the Blues to take either one, but if both are gone, they could look at midfielders such as Hunter Clark and Charlie Constable or defender Nick Coffield. If Jack Higgins is available, they’d have to look at him, because he definitely won’t be available at their next pick.

    Pick 30 will be another waiting game, but they’ll still get a good player here. Medium forward Jordan Houlahan, smalls Gryan Myers and Dylan Moore, or half-back Riley Stoddart, would all be good choices here.

    Draft/trade strategy
    I mentioned before the Blues’ recent list overhaul. That continues this season, and this may be one of the last drafts in which the club invests heavily before looking to free agency to bolster its list. It goes without saying, but the club needs to maximise its selections this year if it wants to continue moving forward.

    Two picks inside the top 10 is a windfall, and there’ll still be some good players around at pick 30, including some who may fall, as is inevitably the case.

    With their first two picks, I expect them to take best available, although if a tall forward like Brander or Fogarty is available at pick 10, they’d be hard pressed to pass them over. With their later picks, they can look to address needs, and give themselves the best possible position to move up the ladder again next year.

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    The Crowd Says (151)

    • November 16th 2017 @ 9:01am
      Macca said | November 16th 2017 @ 9:01am | ! Report

      Get some new material.

    • November 16th 2017 @ 9:06am
      Macca said | November 16th 2017 @ 9:06am | ! Report

      I really can’t see the blues taking a key forward at 10 for a few reasons;

      1) they have stated numerous times they need to build midfield depth
      2) There isn’t a really stand out key forward in the draft
      3) They have C Curnow, McKay, Silvagni & Kerr on the list and will probably take Ben Silvagni in the 2018 draft as a father son so it isn’t a stand out need
      4) They had the opportunity to get Schache from the Lions in the trade period for pick 10 – the lions wold have jumped at pick 10 rather than getting 25 and 40 – who would have been better than anything on offer in this draft.

      I also don’t see them targeting a small crumbing forward as they will be backing Pickett, Fisher, Cuningham, Lamb and SPS to provide the speed and pressure up forward.

      • November 16th 2017 @ 10:04am
        Davo said | November 16th 2017 @ 10:04am | ! Report

        Fogarty would be ideal as he is a forward who can play in the midfield. I doubt he will last to 10, however if he does and
        with their pick 3 Carlton will have had a cracking draft. Carlton are looking strong for the future besides Tall forwards even though I think Mckay will become a good player.

        • November 16th 2017 @ 10:17am
          Macca said | November 16th 2017 @ 10:17am | ! Report

          Davo – I really don’t see the attraction of Fogarty for the blues, the have Cripps who is a midfielder who can go forward, Curnow who is a forward who can go into the middle and Kennedy is supposed to be able to do a bit of both but none of them are overly quick, I would prefer we went with a pure midfielder with some pace at 10 rather than a small key forward who can go into the middle.

          • November 16th 2017 @ 10:52pm
            Davo said | November 16th 2017 @ 10:52pm | ! Report

            Mark my words Carlton would jump at the chance and pick Fogarty at 10. He was at the start of the year the favourite for the no 1 pick and apparently has the best kick in the draft. Had a nagging injury that effected his performance. Carlton can get a gun midfielder at 3 and you also brought in Kennedy from GWS.

    • November 16th 2017 @ 9:07am
      Unknown said | November 16th 2017 @ 9:07am | ! Report


      • November 16th 2017 @ 10:07am
        Harsh Truth Harry said | November 16th 2017 @ 10:07am | ! Report

        It’s not wrong, this is their performance. Just putting that record out there as a question to why it will suddenly work now? What are they doing they haven’t done before that will change that record above? My feeling is Carlton football club have dropped so far from their standards set in the pre-salary cap era that they are now a perennial lower rank side. How can a side consistently secure high draft picks and yet is one of the few sides who simply never rise up to challenge? They were a great club back in the day but it seems that day is past now forever.
        Surely if another wooden spoon is secured next year their must be a board challenge and the removal of Bolton as coach?

        • November 16th 2017 @ 10:26am
          Macca said | November 16th 2017 @ 10:26am | ! Report

          HTH – “they are now a perennial lower rank side.”

          Perennial means “continually recurring.”, the results you post show multiple years where the blues were not a “lower ranked side” so clearly you are incorrect.

          But seriously HTH this is getting dull, especially considering the blues have outperformed your team in the last 13 years.

          • November 16th 2017 @ 10:31am
            Harsh Truth Harry said | November 16th 2017 @ 10:31am | ! Report

            Don’t forget you were gifted one final series by the AFL as well in that record. The fact you consider that performance above as acceptable sadly says a lot about the expectations of the Carlton fans nowadays. No one can honestly look at that performance above and claim the side deserves an AFL licence.

            • Roar Guru

              November 16th 2017 @ 11:12am
              Col from Brissie said | November 16th 2017 @ 11:12am | ! Report

              No HTH we were gifted it by your club when they instigated an illegal performance enhancing drug regime and brought unwanted attention on our great game. No one can honestly look at that disgraceful program and claim the side deserves an AFL licence.

              The poor President has had to write a letter to players apologizing for what the club put them through and not being able to tell them exactly what was put in their bodies.

        • November 16th 2017 @ 3:27pm
          Unknown said | November 16th 2017 @ 3:27pm | ! Report

          Carlton came 6th in 2013 when we won the first final against Richmond how is that right?

    • November 16th 2017 @ 9:36am
      AD said | November 16th 2017 @ 9:36am | ! Report

      Carlton didn’t get Adelaide’s 2018 1st round pick, they got 2 picks in the 1st round of this year’s draft – Adelaide’s (#16) and Melbourne’s (#10) which Adelaide passed on from the Lever trade. There was a swap of various later picks in next year’s draft, but no future 1st round picks involved.

      • Roar Rookie

        November 16th 2017 @ 10:18am
        Lamby said | November 16th 2017 @ 10:18am | ! Report

        The Crows get 2018 2nd round draft pick. So now without Gibbs & Docherty for the year the odds of Carlton finishing last have increased. This will make the #16 from the Crows this year with (possibly) #19 next year almost a straight swap.

        • November 16th 2017 @ 10:29am
          Macca said | November 16th 2017 @ 10:29am | ! Report

          Lamby – Even without Docherty I think the blues will still get past North to avoid the spoon, but you are right in your thinking.

          Also remember the blues got the crows second round pick while giving up their third so the true value of the deal will also be impacted by where the Crows finish. Also 19 might get pushed out by bids being matched as well.

          • November 16th 2017 @ 4:05pm
            Stephen said | November 16th 2017 @ 4:05pm | ! Report

            Macca, I must confess to not being as bullish on the Blues for 2018 – following yesterday’s news on Docherty. He’s a ripper. And a worthy All Australian this season. Then again, another opportunity opens up for a rebuilding team – I guess.

            • November 16th 2017 @ 4:16pm
              Macca said | November 16th 2017 @ 4:16pm | ! Report

              Stephen – I am not that Bullish about the blues but North won the same amount of games as us last year and there list has got worse not better IMO. Losing Docherty will hurt but hopefully the natural development of the kids will make up for it.

              Hopefully we get a full season out of Byrne.

              • November 16th 2017 @ 5:08pm
                Stephen said | November 16th 2017 @ 5:08pm | ! Report

                Sure. Hey, while you’re there. A mate phones me today complaining about his CFC membership. He filled out all the paperwork last week for a $2,000 family package. Apparently the club couldn’t confirm his preferred seating request – so the club phones him to claim – we’ll get back to you again in January! Not a great outcome for all parties involved.

              • November 16th 2017 @ 5:12pm
                Macca said | November 16th 2017 @ 5:12pm | ! Report

                Hopefully that isn’t a regular thing – we cost ourselves memberships a couple of years back when our systems weren’t up to snuff when we started taking memberships.

              • Roar Guru

                November 16th 2017 @ 5:28pm
                AdelaideDocker said | November 16th 2017 @ 5:28pm | ! Report

                Macca – well I’ve been hold with Freo’s membership line for 25 minutes now, so if Carlton at least answer the phones for you guys you’re doing better than us 😉

              • Roar Guru

                November 16th 2017 @ 5:52pm
                Cat said | November 16th 2017 @ 5:52pm | ! Report

                You actually ring up for a membership? I do mine online. I’ve been renewed for 2018 for a couple weeks now.

              • Roar Guru

                November 16th 2017 @ 6:03pm
                AdelaideDocker said | November 16th 2017 @ 6:03pm | ! Report

                Nah, they sent me a text yesterday advising me of something, and recommended that I call them to sort it out. 38 minutes I was on hold for!

                I usually do everything online though, and I’ve got auto-renew on so that makes life easier, usually.

              • Roar Guru

                November 16th 2017 @ 6:27pm
                Cat said | November 16th 2017 @ 6:27pm | ! Report

                trying to upsell you on the new stadium? lol

          • November 21st 2017 @ 12:00pm
            Jean Smith said | November 21st 2017 @ 12:00pm | ! Report

            Docherty is not leaving Carlton so I wouldn’t take for Lamby’s word on that , Docherty actually wanted to come to Carlton before he joined Carlton so Lamby should get his facts right there was never any hint he was leaving Carlton.

        • November 16th 2017 @ 10:46am
          Harsh Truth Harry said | November 16th 2017 @ 10:46am | ! Report

          I honestly can’t believe you guys are already planning another bottom two finish for draft picks ….in November!!!!
          Do you really think staying at the bottom for longer guarantees success? Whatever SOS is selling to you guys, well he must be the greatest salesman the world has ever known. To be happily talking among yourselves about the positives of securing ANOTHER bottom two performance after viewing that record above is an absolute indictment on your club and expectations. George Harris must be seriously turning in his grave.

          • November 16th 2017 @ 11:00am
            Harsh Truth Harry said | November 16th 2017 @ 11:00am | ! Report

            I think you will find Macca that tragic list record above is pretty right.

            • November 16th 2017 @ 11:11am
              Macca said | November 16th 2017 @ 11:11am | ! Report

              But your interpretation isn’t.

            • November 16th 2017 @ 11:15am
              Harsh Truth Harry said | November 16th 2017 @ 11:15am | ! Report

              then give me your explanation of that list above Macca? year by year…you excuse that performance on a year by year basis starting from 2002.

            • November 16th 2017 @ 11:19am
              Macca said | November 16th 2017 @ 11:19am | ! Report

              Harry FWIW – in the last 16 years Essendon has finished in the bottom third of the ladder 7 times, in the last 15 years it’s highest finish is 7th and in the last 13 years you have not won a final – I think this anti Carlton ranting is called projection.

            • November 16th 2017 @ 11:45am
              Macca said | November 16th 2017 @ 11:45am | ! Report

              Pretty simple explanation – a team that bottomed out in 2002 then was hit by harsh sanctions which kept it out of the draft for a couple of years (unlike your club we weren’t allowed to trade back in) built themselves up to being competitive from 2008 through to 2013 but through a combination of mistakes (missed draft picks and appointing Malthouse) timing (the introduction of the expansion clubs) and the ongoing repercussions of the sanctions (which created a lack of depth) they dropped back.

              This is nothing unusual and is in fact better than a lot of team over the period – like yours who has spent the last 16 years bouncing between the bottom of the ladder and the bottom of the 8 only appearing in finals to get belted and disappear the following year.

              If you think it a record which deserves a licence to be revoked we would be down to a 10 team comp pretty quick.

            • November 16th 2017 @ 11:55am
              Harsh Truth Harry said | November 16th 2017 @ 11:55am | ! Report

              Not good enough Macca….year by year I asked for…and prove to me the record of the Carlton football club since 2002 is not an indictment on our great game. The teams who deserve to be in our competition are:
              Port Adelaide
              West Coast

              So out of the comp are Carlton, North, St Kilda, Suns and Melbourne.

              We then end up with two W.A. teams, two NSW teams, two S.A teams, one QLD team, one country Victoria team in Geelong and 5 Melbourne teams, a brilliant and widely supported new competition. GWS would be on notice though with ten years do get a fan base up and running.

              • November 19th 2017 @ 1:06pm
                Steve009 said | November 19th 2017 @ 1:06pm | ! Report

                Still no team for Tasmania in your super league Harry

            • November 16th 2017 @ 12:27pm
              Slane said | November 16th 2017 @ 12:27pm | ! Report

              Essendon has done more to disgrace the code than any of the teams you’d like to cull, HTH. Let’s get rid of the drug cheats first and foremost.

            • Roar Guru

              November 16th 2017 @ 12:33pm
              Cat said | November 16th 2017 @ 12:33pm | ! Report

              Harry false truth,

              Carlton flags since 2002: 0
              Essendon flags since 2002: 0

              Maybe you should look at your own clubs inadequacy in the AFL era.

            • November 16th 2017 @ 1:06pm
              Macca said | November 16th 2017 @ 1:06pm | ! Report

              Half Baked Harry – I have given you a better explanation of my opinion than you have ever given of any of yours.

              If you want to keep deluding yourself that any team is a risk of losing a licence (let alone the team that ranked 4th for attendance in 2017 and 14th for AFL distributions in 2016) go for your life but stop inflicting it on the rest of us.

          • November 16th 2017 @ 11:18am
            Harsh Truth Harry said | November 16th 2017 @ 11:18am | ! Report

            Nice to have you following me around Hungry Jack. I start training the under 17’s next week and no, we don;t use circle work at that level…perhaps come train with us and you will get to know our defensive transition zones, in/out mid ratios, fat/skinny momentum breaks, plus ones and two’s and some of our other set up and drills? Like to come down so or still trying to clock your X box?

            • November 17th 2017 @ 9:08am
              Don Freo said | November 17th 2017 @ 9:08am | ! Report

              U17s? That explains everything.

              Well done, Adelaide Docker. At least you represent youth well.

              Harry, you have 2 years to develop a brain and some manners.

          • November 16th 2017 @ 3:02pm
            Harsh Truth Harry said | November 16th 2017 @ 3:02pm | ! Report

            As I have said time and time again, the Bombers were denied several years by the persecution of our great club by the AFL and some very dodgy memory recall by the AFL by certain AFL powerbrokers….Macca, you in fact argue in a way that agrees with my main point…both clubs sat at 16 flags in 2002…the Bombers emerge from a 6 year persecution to become instantly the new destination club….Saad, Stringer, Smith all wanted to play finals and join a club who is favoured to win the cup in 2018. If ever Carlton had the chance to go past us in flags surely it was the past 6 years and yet? We sit in premiership favouritism, you sit as favourites for the spoon…worse in fact, most of you lot WANT to win the spoon for yet more high draft picks for you to waste.

            • November 16th 2017 @ 3:13pm
              Macca said | November 16th 2017 @ 3:13pm | ! Report

              Half Baked Harry – “Macca, you in fact argue in a way that agrees with my main point” Well that makes one of us.

              And Harold – both the blues and he bombers have endured sanctions in the past 16 years (the blues were actually worse and came at a worse time as far as list quality goes) so don’t try the woe is me line – have some self respect for once.

              And Carlton don’t “want” the spoon – we just live in reality where we acknowledge it is a probability rather than claim we are “premiership favourites”!

              You do realise that Adelaide is currently $5 with Sydney for the 2018 premiership with sportsbet, GWS are 5.50, Richmond $7, Geelong $9, Port are $10. Melbourne $13 and then Essendon at $15 – so that makes you 8th favourite – so once again likely to just make the but lose again.

              FWIW the blues are $51 ahead of North, Brisbane and the Suns at $81.

              And once again you fail to get anything correct.

            • November 16th 2017 @ 3:28pm
              Harsh Truth Harry said | November 16th 2017 @ 3:28pm | ! Report

              and yet Macca you still hedge your bets below to a genuine question of when do you expect Carlton to actually content for a premiership…you spout some PR spin of “deep into finals in 2020”? …you lot said the same thing when Kernahan kicked out Brett Ratten (who actually could coach) you claimed a flag within 3 years back then, the same thing again when Brendan Bolton was appointed straight from riding the winner of the melbourne cup…so actually contending you are sayng after 2020 means Bolton has had 6 years…give me a spell….the board needs to be taken over now and Bolton thrown out.

            • Roar Guru

              November 16th 2017 @ 3:40pm
              Cat said | November 16th 2017 @ 3:40pm | ! Report

              ‘Deep into finals’ what would Essendon know of that in the AFL era? When’s the last time Essendon actually won a final?

            • November 16th 2017 @ 3:52pm
              Harsh Truth Harry said | November 16th 2017 @ 3:52pm | ! Report

              Cat/Jean/Gene/Samantha/Hungry Jack …or whatever else you call yourself today…your club has won 9 flags, you are suffering what Freud would call an ïnferiority complex”…no doubt from your clubs own 44 year wilderness in between flags and possibly because you kicked away another in 2008! You should focus on your clubs dysmal final record since 2011…what is it now 3 wins from 12 finals?

            • November 16th 2017 @ 4:12pm
              Macca said | November 16th 2017 @ 4:12pm | ! Report

              Yeah Sorry Harry that I wasn’t more specific about when the blues will be in premiership contention when we still have 7 senior spots and 3 rookie spots to fill and we have even seen who we will get in the draft at 3 and 10 let alone how they will go at AFL level – what was I thinking.

              “so actually contending you are saying after 2020 means Bolton has had 6 years…give me a spell” Mark Thompson took 8 and Geelong have hardly missed a finals series since – good thing the board didn’t throw him out at the end of 2006 isn’t it?

              And could you find where the blues said they would win a flag within 3 years of appointing Bolton?

              • November 17th 2017 @ 1:26am
                Kt said | November 17th 2017 @ 1:26am | ! Report

                Carlton said 66 game reset, which i take to mean 4 draft periods (2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018) to reset the list. We are only 44 games in.

                The list will look much healthier in 12 months time.

                2018 or 2019 would be the time make a splash in FA as well.

                Then we’d need a year (or two) of development before being a serious contender.

          • Roar Rookie

            November 16th 2017 @ 5:04pm
            Lamby said | November 16th 2017 @ 5:04pm | ! Report

            As a Crows supporter, I and interested in Carlton and Melbourne finish as low as possible:

            2018 first-round pick (Melbourne),
            2018 second-round pick (Carlton),
            2018 third-round pick (Carlton)
            2018 fourth-round pick (Melbourne)

            But I agree with your premise that Carlton have been terrible at transitioning from the ‘I will buy this years South Australian State Team’ and/or pay Kuta $1.25mil a year (equivalent to about $5mil a year today) to win a flag.

            • November 16th 2017 @ 5:27pm
              Harsh Truth Harry said | November 16th 2017 @ 5:27pm | ! Report

              Yeah Sticks Kernahan and others in charge have a lot to answer for….while The Bombers, Hawthorn,Collingwood and even belatedly Richmond moved into the new era Carlton have stagnated….

              • November 16th 2017 @ 6:00pm
                Mattyb said | November 16th 2017 @ 6:00pm | ! Report

                Harry,in fairness Carlton have made membership and their financial situation priority number one as I stated midyear,which has led to them sacking their CEO.
                I expect a major shakeup at board level if these areas continue to flounder and expect onfield performance to be heavily scrutinised if it continues to impact on the clubs long term future and financial situation.
                I wouldn’t be surprised if Richmond and Essendon see major increases in membership next season while I’d expect Collingwood and Hawthorn to maintain 75k which will cause some continued hostilities at board level if Carltons remains at it current levels. I’d also expect Geelongs membership to grow as they continue to upgrade their facilities.
                Outside Victoria I’d expect Adelaides membership to continue to grow on the back of their success while the Perth Clubs membership should skyrocket with the state of the art new stadium.
                Carlton fans really need to start backing their club onfield as it’s becoming a matter of urgency within the club.

          • November 17th 2017 @ 8:56am
            Don Freo said | November 17th 2017 @ 8:56am | ! Report

            That’s 7 teams you have nominated for bottom now.

            You should write them down so you remember.

            • November 17th 2017 @ 10:01am
              Harsh Truth Harry said | November 17th 2017 @ 10:01am | ! Report

              Huh? Don Freo I’ve stated Carlton for bottom…only Carlton. Freo aren’t much chop though mate sorry to tell you…bottom 4-6 for you.

              • November 20th 2017 @ 11:46am
                Deir-ba-zor said | November 20th 2017 @ 11:46am | ! Report

                Finally a smart comment from Half wit harry.

              • November 20th 2017 @ 11:49am
                Macca said | November 20th 2017 @ 11:49am | ! Report

                Deir-ba-zor – Careful with that twist on Harry’s name, there are some very sensitive Petals around.

              • Roar Guru

                November 20th 2017 @ 12:02pm
                Cat said | November 20th 2017 @ 12:02pm | ! Report

                Half is being generous too.

    • November 16th 2017 @ 12:22pm
      Harsh Truth Harry said | November 16th 2017 @ 12:22pm | ! Report

      So you prefer to clock your new video game son then get outside in some fresh air and have a run? It’s ok young fella, the game isn’t for all and it’s no disgrace to be frightened of the tough side of it son.

      • November 16th 2017 @ 1:16pm
        Ken Oath said | November 16th 2017 @ 1:16pm | ! Report

        Did you know that kids slime is great to use to get all the crumbs out from your keyboard?

      • November 16th 2017 @ 1:54pm
        Hungry Jack said | November 16th 2017 @ 1:54pm | ! Report

        Okay Harry. Give me details. Club, dates, times, locations. Be there with bells on. Will you?

    • November 16th 2017 @ 12:29pm
      Mattyb said | November 16th 2017 @ 12:29pm | ! Report

      Hi Kane,nice to see you constantly thinking of me as I support that theory.
      Make sure you get yourself a membership next year and attend as many games as you can in support of the cellar dwelling blues.

      • November 16th 2017 @ 1:20pm
        Kane said | November 16th 2017 @ 1:20pm | ! Report

        I knew you couldn’t do it.

        • November 16th 2017 @ 1:24pm
          Macca said | November 16th 2017 @ 1:24pm | ! Report

          Kane – he is right about the memberships though – we don’t want to end up like the bulldogs needing $17m a year from the AFL (the second highest in the comp) just to survive.

          • November 16th 2017 @ 1:52pm
            Mattyb said | November 16th 2017 @ 1:52pm | ! Report

            Macca,nice deflection away from your own club.
            Just make sure you attend some games next year and purchase a membership,Carlton currently need support onfield before they need it online.

            • November 16th 2017 @ 2:55pm
              Macca said | November 16th 2017 @ 2:55pm | ! Report

              “Macca,nice deflection away from your own club.” Says the man who spends more time talking about the blues than he does his own club.

        • November 16th 2017 @ 1:32pm
          Mattyb said | November 16th 2017 @ 1:32pm | ! Report

          Kane,what would you say the ramafactions would be if Carlton again went backwards onfield considering it will be Boltons third season in charge? Bottom two for example and do you think the club will ask questions?
          If the membership situation doesn’t improve do you think that will have an impact at board level if the club does again go backwards next year?
          The supporters seem pretty rattled going by many of the pre season comments so far,which tends to point towards a lack of genuine confidence.

          • November 16th 2017 @ 1:48pm
            Macca said | November 16th 2017 @ 1:48pm | ! Report

            Mattyb – the club is being patient, the supporters are being patient – wins and losses are largely irrelevant in 2018 – as long as we continue to see the development we have seen in the last couple of years Bolton will be safe.

            • November 16th 2017 @ 1:54pm
              Mattyb said | November 16th 2017 @ 1:54pm | ! Report

              Wins irrelevant? Your making excuses already lol.

              • November 16th 2017 @ 2:36pm
                Macca said | November 16th 2017 @ 2:36pm | ! Report

                Mattyb – I said “largely irrelevant” but it isn’t an excuse it is just reality, we will have a very young list, play a very young side and have lost 2 of our top 5 from the 2017 B&F. It isn’t about winning games in 2018, it is about developing the players so we are winning games in 2109 and beyond.

                We aren’t looking to be successful in 2018, we are looking to be successful long term. If you are serious about discussing the blues this is the reality you need to acknowledge.

          • November 16th 2017 @ 3:46pm
            Kane said | November 16th 2017 @ 3:46pm | ! Report

            There really shouldn’t be ramifications if we finish bottom 2, Bolton’s finally getting his list to where he wants/needs it and it’s a very young list. Now he needs the next couple of season’s and pre-season’s to develop it. If we’re not playing finals by 2020 then questions should and will be asked. We all know the list that he inherited was very ordinary so give him time with “his” list and then we’ll see by 2020 if he can coach or not. I don’t think you quite understand that 95% of Carlton fans are being patient with this knowing that it will take time, the old day’s are over where you can just go out and buy a flag.John Kennedy wouldn’t have done any better with what Bolton started out with. About the Board, I’m not sure where ur reading these rattled comments but I’ve only seen positive stuff from Carlton fans and only the negative from opposition fans. On the membership i reckon we’ll be up to 55k this year with the new CEO running the joint.

    , ,