Five talking points from Australia’s loss to England

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    The Wallabies suffered a demoralising 30-6 loss to England at Twickenham overnight.

    It was a reality check for Michael Cheika’s men, who had looked promising during their erstwhile eight-game unbeaten run. The scoreline might have flattered the English, but the wheels well and truly fell off for the visitors over the course of 80 minutes.

    Let’s sift through the wreckage, shall we?

    1. Marginal calls kill off Aussie resistance
    As an Australian it was the kind of game that gave you a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. The bounce of the ball ‒ and indeed the blow of the whistle ‒ just didn’t go the Wallabies’ way.

    There were two big calls that turned the contest. The first was England’s opening try. Samu Kerevi broke clear for a powerful 40-metre bust. He offloaded to Tevita Kuridrani who spilt the pass with one defender to beat. The ball fell to George Ford, who hoofed a speculative kick downfield. Kurtley Beale trotted casually, expecting the ball to go out, while Elliot Daly hared after it. The ball came perilously close to the sideline, but Daly toed through and touched down for a try. Countless magnified replays later, it looked as if the ball might have just kissed the chalk, but the benefit of the doubt went with England.

    The second came with the score at 13-6. The Wallabies mounted their best attacking raid of the game, with Marika Koroibete breaking the line. A few phases later Koroibete got over the line, but the try was ruled out for obstruction by Stephen Moore, who had overrun him. It was clumsy but could easily have been awarded given both Owen Farrell and Chris Robshaw got a clear enough shot to tackle Koroibete.

    Both calls in isolation were about 50-50. You can see why they were ruled that way, but to have them both go against the Wallabies was tough to take.

    (Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images)

    2. Wasteful Wallabies barely deserved to be in it
    Luck aside, the Wallabies were their own worst enemy, squandering any decent chances they did have.

    Foley dragged his first penalty attempt wide. The Wallabies opted for the touchline next time only to lose the lineout. Hodge kicked another penalty touchfinder dead in the second half.

    There was an earlier try disallowed in the first half when Hooper was ruled in front of the kicker. The chance should have been Koroibete’s. From a smart Kuridrani grubber, the winger needed only to dive on the ball and slide over on the rain-soaked turf. Instead he tried to nudge it with his foot, leaving Hooper to pounce on the crumbs.

    Despite racking up 670 run metres to England’s 412, Australia’s attack hardly got going. Their timing was off on almost every play they tried to run. Forward passes, knock-ons and poor communication plagued their performance as they failed to adapt to the wet conditions.

    (AAP Image/Tracey Nearmy)

    3. Two yellow cards as discipline woes continue
    Oh yeah, Australia also played with 13 men for a bit. First Hooper got done for some questionable offside calls – his second sin-binning in as many weeks – then Beale for a deliberate knockdown. While Beale pleaded his case, he left referee Ben O’Keeffe no choice. He was never in a position to make the catch and made sure he got a hand on it to stop the attack.

    It left the Wallabies two men short either side of half-time. Cold comfort now, I’m sure, but the only points they conceded in that time were the three from the initial Hooper penalty. At least there’s nothing wrong with their goal-line defence. However, constant errors and poor execution kept them under pressure throughout.

    The more the Wallabies faltered, the harder they tried to fix the problem. At times it was like watching a panicked animal struggling in quicksand. Cue three England tries in the final ten minutes.

    (Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images)

    4. Sekope hits full stride
    After such a deflating result it’s easy to forget there were some bright spots. Sekope Kepu was a man possessed. He may be well into the autumn of his career, but the man’s got serious game.

    If anyone can track down the individual stats, comment below with Kepu’s numbers. On three or four occasions he broke through the resolute England defence, side-stepping and getting his knees higher than any self-respecting prop should be able to in full flight.

    It was form reminiscent of his 60-metre effort against the Chiefs earlier in the year. He’ll be 33 when the World Cup rolls around. I’m guessing we’ll still need him.

    5. Koroibete is the real deal
    Let’s stick with silver linings. With the exception of the botched try, Marika Koroibete has been a revelation this season. Every carry is at full intensity ‒ he never allows defenders an easy tackle.

    He’s just as punishing without the ball, picking his man and rushing up to kill overlaps before they occur. With England hot on attack in the second-half, he crunched Owen Farrell and forced a turnover penalty. It was the kind of play that might have been a genuine turning point had the Wallabies not left their composure back on the team bus.

    You can always see him going at full tilt right to the final whistle, which is one of those pure, intangible joys of sport.

    Shame about the result. Congratulations to England. Another infuriating Eddie Jones masterclass.

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    The Crowd Says (325)

    • November 19th 2017 @ 7:58am
      Neil Back said | November 19th 2017 @ 7:58am | ! Report

      Moore’s obstruction was not a 50/50 call. It was 100 percent the right call.

      Hooper’s yellow came after seven straight penalties against the Wallabies, the last five of which were in the Australian 22 and their try line under threat and the last two of which were against Hooper. Its a yellow only Cheika can complain about.

      I thought the ref and the officials generally had good games – which is more than can be said of both teams, even with the conditions.

      • November 19th 2017 @ 8:21am
        Kane said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:21am | ! Report

        Haven’t seen Hoopers yellow but you are right about Moore. Definitely not 50/50

        • Roar Guru

          November 19th 2017 @ 11:05am
          PeterK said | November 19th 2017 @ 11:05am | ! Report

          both tries were correctly disallowed.

          However the ref was very inconsistent. He should penalise both side for being in front of the kicker and advancing, english forwards constantly ran ahead and were there to make a tackle or contest the breakdown yet no penalties.

          • Roar Guru

            November 19th 2017 @ 11:31am
            stillmissit said | November 19th 2017 @ 11:31am | ! Report

            Very True Pete and I thought the ref did not control offside well at all. The pommies were offside at several breakdowns and even scrums. What do these useless touchies (refuse to call them AR’s) doing?
            Apart from some inconsistencies, I think he is a good ref thrown into a tough match with many tight calls.

            • November 19th 2017 @ 11:54am
              Dave_S said | November 19th 2017 @ 11:54am | ! Report

              It’s almost rare to see offside at rucks ref’d consistent these days. It’s obviously been marked as low priority

              • November 19th 2017 @ 12:18pm
                soapit said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:18pm | ! Report

                seriously dont know why they cant just get the tmo onto it in real time through the game. would make it a non issue almost overnight.

              • November 19th 2017 @ 1:39pm
                Dave_S said | November 19th 2017 @ 1:39pm | ! Report

                Agree, and the touchies don’t seem to be too busy – great opportunity to get their mugs on camera more often, I’d have thought…

          • November 19th 2017 @ 12:53pm
            Jerry said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:53pm | ! Report

            The Hooper one was only caught on replay, so you can’t really accuse him of being inconsistent on that.

            • Roar Guru

              November 19th 2017 @ 1:16pm
              PeterK said | November 19th 2017 @ 1:16pm | ! Report

              not true, I heard him say hold a few times to players in front of the kicker, they didn’t , they slowed down but continued forward and then got involved.

              • November 20th 2017 @ 7:34am
                Jerry said | November 20th 2017 @ 7:34am | ! Report

                Fair enough.

          • November 19th 2017 @ 3:05pm
            Rick Somerton said | November 19th 2017 @ 3:05pm | ! Report

            Actually As soon as Korobeite kicked the ball Hooper was inside. Law 11.2c.

            • November 19th 2017 @ 4:19pm
              ThugbyFan said | November 19th 2017 @ 4:19pm | ! Report

              Rick, I wondered the same thing but I think they still ruled that M.Hooper would not have been there if he wasn’t offside in the first place.

              Peter K is a ref, what’s his take? Does M.Koroibete’s kicking of the ball negate Hooper’s offside from a previous kick? I can’t think of any Law that suggests this and personally I think the ruling was correct, no try and offside penalty against Hooper. I look at Law 11.1C which says the offside player must not move forward until he has been put onside, (Law 11.2C says he can be made onside again by the kicker or any other onside player running past him). So my take is Hooper was offside because he carried on moving forward.

              Apart from the S.Moore obstruction ruling I thought all of the penalties against Australia were fair enough. I do have a gripe against the soft “home team” approach by the referee and linesmen but that’s the norm when playing against England at Twickers. England players were continuously in front of the kicker without being pinged, players at times offside in the rush defence, hands in rucks pushing the ball back and players in the maul reaching out and grabbing opposition players (M.Itoje especially). Am I saying Australia were angels and didn’t do any of the above? No, just they got pinged and the England players generally were ignored or simply told to desist.

              If you want to see a prime example of “Home Advantage”, check out the 57min try given to Owen Farrell in the 2013 match, even though Dylan Hartley is “accidentally Non-obstructing” a tackler S.Moore.

              But I refuse to blame the referee for this loss. Four tries to blot cannot be put on the ref, that’s a cop-out. The WB got flogged because of (i) poor team/squad selection with far too many lightweights and softies in the pack, (ii) naive “Plan A only” tactics by a “My Way or the Highway” coach who must be the only coach in Rugby History to ignore the art of grubber kicks and good chasers in wet windy weather and (iii) a case of team over-anxiety resulting in far too many forward passes, “Hail Mary” passes and dropped catches. In other words, DUMB rugby.

              • Roar Guru

                November 19th 2017 @ 5:20pm
                PeterK said | November 19th 2017 @ 5:20pm | ! Report

                The quick answer is no.

                Hooper kept moving forwards whilst offside that is a penalty.

                Hooper was put onside by Koroibete running past him but the offence still happened of being offside and moving forwards.

                Yes at the time he scored the try he was onside but since you can go back 2 phases the offside from Kuridrani’s kick applies.

              • November 19th 2017 @ 6:49pm
                Bring Back...? said | November 19th 2017 @ 6:49pm | ! Report

                But Thugby, by your own analysis, it’s 13-13 after 70 minutes and everything changes. I’m not saying the Wallabies deserved to win but your critique of them is a little inconsistent having regard to your belief Moore should not have been penalised. All that said, the Wallabies do lack in certain areas.

                You can’t blame the coach for each of Coleman, Tui, Rodda, Arnold and Dempsey being injured, and Folau having a rest.

                At the 70 minute mark, we were miles better than I thought we’d be.

              • November 19th 2017 @ 7:27pm
                Morty said | November 19th 2017 @ 7:27pm | ! Report

                Based on The Hooper penalty, if you looked at every kick in the game I bet you’d find a penalty on every kick from a player not completely stopping who is in front of the absolutely is a rule that the ref has to be flexible on or otherwise you’d just have a penaltyathon.

        • November 19th 2017 @ 12:16pm
          markie362 said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:16pm | ! Report

          Also there was a fwd pass from koro to foley before the moore incident so no try

        • November 19th 2017 @ 5:09pm
          David said | November 19th 2017 @ 5:09pm | ! Report

          Except the number 6 was never onside he came from an offside position. It should have been penalty Australia, yellow card England. I wouldn’t push luck and call for penalty try, but if the invisible rule was used last week against SBW for a try could have applied here too.

          • Roar Guru

            November 19th 2017 @ 5:13pm
            PeterK said | November 19th 2017 @ 5:13pm | ! Report

            he was onside as soon as he ran past where the ruck offside line was created i.e about 5 metres from touch, he was onside hen he made the tackle.

            • November 19th 2017 @ 6:59pm
              Charlie Turner said | November 19th 2017 @ 6:59pm | ! Report

              Peter, Genia picks the ball up from the Wallaby side of the ruck on the five metre line. I thought the English offside line starts behind the last English foot in the ruck. I think it’s more like two metres out from the line which means Robshaw is offside.

              Anyway it’s futile, the Wallabies failed to implement a sensible wet weather game plan and were overrun. England had only 43% of possession and kicked 13 more times. A simple wet weather tactic, kick the ball back and let the opposition make the mistakes.

      • November 19th 2017 @ 8:21am
        Noodles said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:21am | ! Report

        Wallabies had ample opportunity and blew it. Nothing to do with refs.

        • November 19th 2017 @ 11:48am
          Ryan said | November 19th 2017 @ 11:48am | ! Report

          ..and the best two players aren’t even Australian – Kepu & Marika. Shows the lack home grown talent.

          • November 19th 2017 @ 11:50am
            rebel said | November 19th 2017 @ 11:50am | ! Report

            A person born in Sydney is not Australian? That will do me.

            • November 19th 2017 @ 12:18pm
              Jacko said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:18pm | ! Report

              He is correct tho Rebel…Since 1987 being born in Aus does not make you Australian

              • Roar Guru

                November 19th 2017 @ 12:24pm
                PeterK said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:24pm | ! Report

                Check your facts then, you clearly point out he is WRONG.

                Kepu was born in 1986 5th of Feb to be precise.

          • November 19th 2017 @ 12:12pm
            Rhys Bosley said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:12pm | ! Report

            Get your facts right before you make those claims, Kepu is as Australian as Itoje is English.

            • November 19th 2017 @ 12:19pm
              PiratesRugby said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:19pm | ! Report

              Vunipola. Tuilagi.

            • November 19th 2017 @ 12:21pm
              Jacko said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:21pm | ! Report

              But you dont have to be Aussie to play for Aus and you dont have to be English to play for England……..You just need to fulfil the qualifying rules which can be as simple as 3 years residency

              • November 19th 2017 @ 2:08pm
                Rhys Bosley said | November 19th 2017 @ 2:08pm | ! Report

                Yeah I know, but people keep trying to attack the legitimacy of these people’s right to play for their adopted country, so I thought I would point out the hypocracy of their stance.

            • November 19th 2017 @ 1:07pm
              Jerry said | November 19th 2017 @ 1:07pm | ! Report

              Did Itoje grow up in NZ too then?

              • November 19th 2017 @ 1:44pm
                Taylorman said | November 19th 2017 @ 1:44pm | ! Report

                Plays like it?

              • November 19th 2017 @ 2:07pm
                Rhys Bosley said | November 19th 2017 @ 2:07pm | ! Report

                So what? Kepu was born in Australia so he has as much right to call himself Australian as anybody else. Not that migrants can’t call themselves Australian either.

                And I would point out that the English captain grew up in New Zealand, so get back in your box you goose.

              • November 19th 2017 @ 2:31pm
                Ryan said | November 19th 2017 @ 2:31pm | ! Report

                Rhys – ..and Marika? Ease up on personal jabs and stick to the issue in that there is a lack of home grown talent. Attack the problem not the person..

              • November 19th 2017 @ 3:58pm
                Rhys Bosley said | November 19th 2017 @ 3:58pm | ! Report

                If you don’t like “personal jabs”, stop making them at our players who have every right to represent this country under WR rules, just like the English immigrant players do. It is cheap, nasty and deserves to be called for what it is.

              • November 19th 2017 @ 9:13pm
                Jerry said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:13pm | ! Report

                He does have as much right as any other Australian born person to call himself an Aussie.

                However, most Australian rugby players didn’t grow up NZ, learn their rugby in NZ, play for NZ U20 and begin a professional rugby career in NZ before they moved back to Australia, so if you’re gonna get all snippy about how Australian he is, don’t get precious if someone points out how most of his rugby development had nothing to do with Australia.

              • November 19th 2017 @ 9:14pm
                Jerry said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:14pm | ! Report

                “It’s nasty cheap and deserves to be called for what it is”

                What’s that ‘poaching’? I agree, let’s call it that.

                Not sure how cheap it is, he’s probably on a decent wedge these days….

          • November 19th 2017 @ 12:27pm
            republican said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:27pm | ! Report

            …….and thats directly related to the games lack of status, beginning at the GR in Oz.
            Its a credit to the Union here, that we can compete at all v sides i.e. England and NZ truth be told.
            Union will only devolve further in this country I believe, while it has always struggled in the Australian sporting market place, as a niche sport and this unlikely to change any time soon………

          • November 19th 2017 @ 5:17pm
            ThugbyFan said | November 19th 2017 @ 5:17pm | ! Report

            Ryan, a nice example of Open Mouth before Thinking. Can I ask where were M. and V. Vunipola, N.Hughes, S.Rokodugani and D.Solomona born? True Englishman that money can buy.

            I will grant you the Vunipola brothers qualify as both spent most of their lives in Britain. Mako was born in Wellington NZ and Billy in Sydney. Their father Fe’ao, a hooker, emigrated to Wales to play for Pontypool in 1998 and won 32 caps for Tonga, including the RWC1995 and RWC1999. I think the boys mainly grew up in Bristol, a long way from Tonga.

            But Australia is in no position to point fingers, nearly half of our backline was born in Fiji and have qualified under the residency rule. And we have others coming on. Nearly every rugby Tier one team uses the Pacific islands or South Africa as a supply “feeder” depot for their teams. Its a mockery of playing for “your country” if you have only been the joint for 3 years and 10 minutes.

            My position is parents’ nationality, where the bulk (8 years) of first 15 years of life was spent or 10 years residency if age over 15 is included. You could perhaps have a relaxed rule for 2-3 players for teams not in the Top 10 pecking order.

            • November 19th 2017 @ 8:07pm
              elvis said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:07pm | ! Report

              Who cares if people move around? Maybe we could have a public servant/accountant world cup to please people like you.

            • November 20th 2017 @ 9:17pm
              Fiji said | November 20th 2017 @ 9:17pm | ! Report

              The Wallabies are not an example of people ‘moving around’ they are an example (as are England and NZ) of a rich country poaching the best talent from countries like Fiji. It is disgraceful.

              It is disgraceful to countries like Fiji who will never win a world cup because their best talent is running around in other jerseys.

              And it is a disgrace to Aussie kids who won’t ever get a chance to represent their own country.

              The Wallabies should be ashamed.

              • Roar Guru

                November 22nd 2017 @ 6:17am
                Poth Ale said | November 22nd 2017 @ 6:17am | ! Report

                Absolutely. Disgraceful the way Australia, NZ and England poach all these Fijian players.

      • November 19th 2017 @ 8:31am
        Rebellion said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:31am | ! Report

        It’s always the same at Twickenham – if the on-field ref can’t influence the game in England’s favour the video ref will have his say.
        Playing rugby at Twickenham is like playing cricket in Pakistan
        All things aside Hooper should be dropped for Pocock (obviously) when Pocock is back next season. On top of his other flaws, Hooper is now the world’s most penalised player – clean his game up and bring him on for impact with 20 mins to go (after we’ve counted attacked from pilfers and slowed opposite ball in the early-mid exchanges)

        • November 19th 2017 @ 9:13am
          lexhamfox said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:13am | ! Report

          England beat you three times in Australia too… was that like Afghanistan?

          • November 19th 2017 @ 6:27pm
            Rebellion said | November 19th 2017 @ 6:27pm | ! Report

            Haha good call.

            England thoroughly deserved their series victory in Australia last year – Nic Phipps was their best player.

            But if you read my post again I refer to Twickenham. There seems to be a push behind the refs to get them over the line even if it takes a few obviously clumsy decisions or turning a blind eye a little too regularly. We’re used to it over here in our national setup when it comes to New South Wales.

            • November 19th 2017 @ 9:44pm
              Bloodypom said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:44pm | ! Report

              I’m seriously impressed you can use a keyboard being so horrendously one-eyed.

              Tell me in that match the calls that were wrong. Both of the disallowed tries were completely the right call as per the law book.

              I could tell you of a few that went against England.

              • November 20th 2017 @ 1:35am
                Rebellion said | November 20th 2017 @ 1:35am | ! Report

                Worst reffing performance in the Wallabies favour i’ve Ever seen was Bryce Lawrence in the 2011 RWC QF against South Africa.
                Hand on my heart, I can honestly say no man has ever played as well and effectively as David Pocock did that afternoon but gee Bryce had a shocker and the Bokke never had a chance.
                Didn’t bother me that was the end of his career. I couldn’t stand him as Super Rugby ref and have been on the wrong side of his errant calls many a time
                Vale Brycey

        • November 19th 2017 @ 9:50am
          adastra32 said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:50am | ! Report

          How sour can grapes be?

        • Roar Guru

          November 19th 2017 @ 10:39am
          Mango Jack said | November 19th 2017 @ 10:39am | ! Report

          Hooper gets penalised a lot because he is involved in everything, more than most #7’s. It’s in his job description to push the envelope and infringements are part of the game. His coverage in defence is unbelievable and we would miss that.

          • Roar Guru

            November 19th 2017 @ 11:09am
            PeterK said | November 19th 2017 @ 11:09am | ! Report

            Ref ignored england collapsing a maul, ignored that he actually gave them a warning for infringements yet they infringed twice more and no card.

            On scrums he was supposed to escalate to penalty, (for the same offence), on second offense and YC on 3rd. Yet he only gave a penalty on the 3rd time for pushing early and no card on the 4th time for the same offence.

            At halftime they replayed Hoopers actions and I did not one time he was offside, he was last in to jackal, others may have been offside (didn’t look like where the ball was but perhaps wider), he wasn’t involved at the maul. Quite unfair he was carded.

            • November 19th 2017 @ 11:57am
              Dave_S said | November 19th 2017 @ 11:57am | ! Report

              Agree on the Hooper card. Couldn’t see what the problem was.

              It may be that Hooper is so busy and quick out of the blocks that it’s assumed he must be offside.

              • November 19th 2017 @ 12:25pm
                Jacko said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:25pm | ! Report

                But he was offside..

              • November 19th 2017 @ 12:30pm
                Dave_S said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:30pm | ! Report

                If you mean the final tuck before the card, pretty sure both feet were in or behind the line

              • Roar Guru

                November 19th 2017 @ 12:28pm
                PeterK said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:28pm | ! Report

                which play? which minute of the game so I can see it?

      • November 19th 2017 @ 8:49am
        Kirko said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:49am | ! Report

        Farrell should have been penalised for diving. He had a clear shot on MK and claimed to be obstructed by Moore, and fell to the ground as if shot or playing football, despite being the width of MK’s girth away from Moore. Itoje was offside of a maul and then killed the ball….I would suggest if it was a yellow arm doing that we would have seen another card.
        The no try to hooper was a poor decision and every bit the nitpicking that is wrong with rugby and it’s illogical officiating. Not involved in play and ambling till he was put onside like 999 players out of a thousand do every weekend. Looking for reasons to kill positive attacking play at the Home of Rugby Boredom

        • November 19th 2017 @ 8:55am
          FunBus said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:55am | ! Report

          Wow, Kirko, in a post that wasn’t that long you managed to make half a dozen points that were all such nonsense I’m wondering whether you’ve ever watched a game of rugby. Respect, that takes some going.

        • November 19th 2017 @ 9:04am
          Rt said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:04am | ! Report

          Every marginal call went in favour of the home side. Honestly the refereeing was atrocious and by that I don’t just mean the guy in the middle, the assistants and the tmo.

          Honestly I could go through about 20+ bogus calls but what frustrated me most is the lack of application of the laws to both sides. I can understand Cheika fury.

          Finally now every time in general play a player moves forward before being put onside there’ll be a penalty. There would’ve been 40 against England today alone.

          End rant

          • November 19th 2017 @ 9:25am
            Dave_S said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:25am | ! Report

            20+ bogus calls, eh? One very 4 min? Maybe watch it again.

          • November 19th 2017 @ 9:42am
            Ruckin Oaf said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:42am | ! Report

            Early in the game England had a great piece of attack going. But the ball went to ground and was called as a knock on against England. Wallaby scrum.

            Replays showed that a Wallaby defender knocked the ball back – it should have been play on and a likely England try.

            So yeah a couple of close calls went against the Wallabies – but the Poms can claim they wuz robbed too,,

            • November 19th 2017 @ 10:01am
              soapit said | November 19th 2017 @ 10:01am | ! Report

              thought it was a really good sign for england management that no one seemed to complain about that at the time (or any other decision that went against them)

              • November 19th 2017 @ 10:45am
                Waz said | November 19th 2017 @ 10:45am | ! Report

                Great point. Got the impression that the wallabies – like some posters on here – were more concerned with refereeing the game than playing it.

              • November 19th 2017 @ 10:55am
                soapit said | November 19th 2017 @ 10:55am | ! Report

                coaches attitude cant help

              • November 19th 2017 @ 12:02pm
                Keggas said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:02pm | ! Report

                You would have to work hard to find any decision in that game that went against the poms and if you don’t think they were whinging and in the refs ear you were watching a different game.

                Terrible officiating from start to about the 75th minute mark by which time they (refs) had got the job done

              • November 19th 2017 @ 1:14pm
                Davo said | November 19th 2017 @ 1:14pm | ! Report

                England not complaining Soapit? Maybe that was because they decided to ONLY put a tv camera in Cheika’s booth? There wasn’t even one in Jones’ booth was there? If that’s not clear and utter bias – purely designed to inflame the opposition, then I don’t know what is – it’s cheating – plain and simple – how on Earth is that a fair situation? Pretty hard to show Eddie Jones fuming when his TV camera was completely “missing”. Clearly, engineered for a reason. The TMO is a clearly paid-off biased England plant, this match was an officiating farce, a black mark on England as a rugby nation who could not afford to lose their ongoing momentum particularly at home, and if the TMO were shut down so it was just the ref, 50-50 calls would not end up 100% to the locals. Bin the TMO and see if things change.. England might still have won, but maybe not – things were very tight. This was a historic masterclass in snide corruption from the English RU. Rant over.

              • November 19th 2017 @ 1:44pm
                rebel said | November 19th 2017 @ 1:44pm | ! Report

                Sorry but saw shots of Eddie diring the coverage, however with the lack of armwaving and swearing.

              • November 20th 2017 @ 2:23am
                FunBus said | November 20th 2017 @ 2:23am | ! Report

                Ahh, Davo, don’t end the rant…it’s so funny.

                On the substance, such as it is, there were about half a dozen shots of Jones. The point is in one shot you’ve got a loony leaping about like he’s got a 1000 volts running through him, and on the other a coach sitting stoney faced. Which one do you think they’re going to focus on? The week before when Jones lost it at his own players they were focusing on him.

              • November 19th 2017 @ 2:47pm
                JimmyB said | November 19th 2017 @ 2:47pm | ! Report

                Davo, congrats some of the best sooking today.

              • November 19th 2017 @ 3:37pm
                soapit said | November 19th 2017 @ 3:37pm | ! Report

                davo for the record each coach has the option the decline to has cameras in the box. cheika has so far not asked for this.

                keggas, can you please make you mind up whether no decisions went against them or they did but they whinged too, so we can have a better look at precisely what bad thing you think happened?

          • November 19th 2017 @ 9:48am
            Bill said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:48am | ! Report

            First break out of the fame Kuridrani knocks an England pass backwards in the tackle. Ruled an English knock on. The play on England scores a try.

            Not much later Foley grabbers through takes out the Pom on the air. Kickable penalty ruled a Pom knock on instead.

            The touch line Call was close. The offside no try and obstruction were accurate. Harsh calls.

            • November 19th 2017 @ 10:56am
              soapit said | November 19th 2017 @ 10:56am | ! Report

              yep first kick of koro tackle someone (pretty gently) in the air and no penalty

              • Roar Guru

                November 19th 2017 @ 11:14am
                PeterK said | November 19th 2017 @ 11:14am | ! Report

                could have been a penalty, however he made contact , he didn’t tackle him

              • November 19th 2017 @ 11:51am
                soapit said | November 19th 2017 @ 11:51am | ! Report

                yeah tackle in a very loose definition (hence the very gently qualifier)

                would easily have been a penalty tho so theres one for the english

          • Roar Guru

            November 19th 2017 @ 11:13am
            PeterK said | November 19th 2017 @ 11:13am | ! Report

            that is the biggest issue with O’Keefe he is very inconsistent.

            England offside moving forwards on a lot of kicks and ignores it. Hooper did what they all did ambled along waiting to be run on side.

            By law it was correct to rule no try but the ref should be consistent then.

            He didn’t penalise english offside not collapsing mauls nor entering the side but did australia.

            He was mainly reffing one team as usual for him.

            • November 21st 2017 @ 12:45am
              Sydney Slug said | November 21st 2017 @ 12:45am | ! Report

              Check out the first real chance for Australia. We kick to the corner and England steals Taf’s throw. If there was a 1 metre gap I will do three laps of Trafalgar Square in the raw. Ref was a pedant but missed a lot of things – if you are going to be a pedant you had better catch it all. Also look at Kurtley’s hand when he grabs for the ball. If knocking it down you have a flat palm – his is curling in because he really believes he can take a miracle intercept and run 50 metres…did something equally unlikely just last weekend!

        • November 19th 2017 @ 7:37pm
          Morty said | November 19th 2017 @ 7:37pm | ! Report

          Nailed it Kirko..

      • November 19th 2017 @ 8:54am
        Taylorman said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:54am | ! Report

        Yes I love how a correct call is a 50/50 call, how does that work? Hooper shouldnt have been ahead of the kicker, thats kinda how rugby works. If he wants to put himself in a position thats redundant then he pays the price.

        For me the conditions nailed it p. Oz are not going to manage England at Twickenham with a low risk keep it tight gameplan, so things had to go their way.

        They didnt.

        Cheika needs some more chill pills. Hes acting against the best interests of the team. For the next week its going to be all about Cheika, the Scot prep will be impacted and cant see any Ref giving oz the so called 50/50s to them after this little meltdown either.

        Its all up hill for the players next week where Scotland after a win already in Oz and a close match vs NZ will smell fear. And so they should.

        • November 19th 2017 @ 9:12am
          PiratesRugby said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:12am | ! Report

          Cheika takes the credit for the wins and blames others for the losses. By the end of this year he will have only one win against a depleted All Blacks in a dead rubber to hang his hat on. Hopefully there’ll only be one loss to the Scots.

          • Roar Pro

            November 19th 2017 @ 3:55pm
            Matt Davis said | November 19th 2017 @ 3:55pm | ! Report

            Mate, do you have a thing against Cheika or soemthing, just feeling like there’s some bias coming through.

            • November 19th 2017 @ 5:54pm
              Peter said | November 19th 2017 @ 5:54pm | ! Report

              Western Australian, I think. Given that, you can understand some animus towards the “EARU.”

              • Roar Guru

                November 19th 2017 @ 6:48pm
                Train Without A Station said | November 19th 2017 @ 6:48pm | ! Report

                Nope. He’s Victorian.

                You guys don’t think a coach of a Tier 1 side which has won 13 of the past 27 matches (only 1 against a current top 4 side, and 11 losses against them) and will at best end 2017 with 14 wins from 28 matches since the RWC, is due some criticism?

        • Roar Guru

          November 19th 2017 @ 12:58pm
          Charlie Lawry said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:58pm | ! Report

          I didn’t say Hooper’s disallowed try was 50/50. That was the correct call. I was talking about the Daly try and the Moore obstruction on Koro’s effort. If we accept Moore was obstructing, the play has to come back for a Wallabies penalty for offside from the previous ruck.

          • November 19th 2017 @ 2:26pm
            PiratesRugby said | November 19th 2017 @ 2:26pm | ! Report

            I hate arguing about ref calls but there were some pretty fine calls (Hooper’s disallowed try) but then some obvious errors (the ball was in touch). If the reffing is rough and loose all night then so be it. But when it’s tight in some calls and loose in others, we’re going to be talking about the reffing and not the game. Unfortunately, our coach is a serial whinger so we can’t have a grown up conversation with him carrying on like a pork chop. Once again we’re talking about him and his behaviour. He makes the Wallabies look like Jelena Dokic.

      • Roar Guru

        November 19th 2017 @ 8:58am
        Handles said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:58am | ! Report

        I disagree. At worst Moore was accidentally offside, so no try. But there was no reason at all to award a penalty against him. The law is clear, he could not avoid being touched by Koroibete, so if no advantage to the Wallabies, play on. It there is an advantage, which there arguably was in this case, he is accidentally offside, so scrum. It was an incorrect decision.

        As for Hooper’s, the aerial shot that they showed didn’t look particularly damning. He was in the side of a lot of mauls, but always with a foot behind the try line.

        • November 19th 2017 @ 9:02am
          Kane said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:02am | ! Report

          Either way the try was correctly overruled.

        • Roar Guru

          November 19th 2017 @ 11:17am
          PeterK said | November 19th 2017 @ 11:17am | ! Report

          On fox at halftime they went to a panel that reviewed the play and hooper wasn’t offside once.

          Correct ruling no try.

          It is a reasonable interpretation to say it was accidental offside, fair point. However that one is 50/50 and I have seen many blown as a penalty in those situations.

          • November 19th 2017 @ 1:32pm
            Rodney said | November 19th 2017 @ 1:32pm | ! Report

            Idealistic modern-day interpretations of the literal rule kills Rugby these days, over and over again. For God’s sake, give Koro the try.. any reasonable person could see that England had no chance in stopping him, and Moore didn’t help him one bit. What stupidity. Award the TRY! Same as the horror Beale incident try to England.. Beale royally screwed up big time.. the ball didn’t go out – it may have nicked the line – may not.. award the TRY for God’s sake! Beale should have known WAY better. All this nitpicking does is divide warring parties even further. Get rid of the biased or unbiased TMO (whichever the case may be) and just let one man – the ref, make an instant call on field, for better or worse, to which we ALL abide.

        • November 19th 2017 @ 6:13pm
          Ruckin Oaf said | November 19th 2017 @ 6:13pm | ! Report

          I think the problem with Moore was they he kept going. If he had realised that he was out of position and stopped and put his hands up it might have been different.

      • November 19th 2017 @ 9:34am
        mzilikazi said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:34am | ! Report

        “I thought the ref and the officials generally had good games ”

        Look back to the Ireland game last week, and I would argue that O’Keeffe refereed the scrums poorly… both games. No way should he have penalised England for those three early engagements…was one later against the WB’s. All very marginal technical calls, and unnecessary.

        He was worse in the Ireland v Boks game, where the Boks had Ireland in trouble in a number of scrums, but never got the penalty they had worked hard for.

        Also thought he was poor on refereeing a lot of breakdown situations, allowing a lot of side entry.

        Lineouts…on a clean catch, the opposition have no right to step across the offside line till the lineout is over…….that was happening a lot yesterday.

        Finally, he made a lot of poor calls with the advantage situations.

        • November 19th 2017 @ 9:38am
          Taylorman said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:38am | ! Report

          Could have been worse, you could have had Gardner.

          • November 19th 2017 @ 9:47am
            bigbaz said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:47am | ! Report

            You’re a miserable sod

            • November 19th 2017 @ 10:19am
              Taylorman said | November 19th 2017 @ 10:19am | ! Report

              Ha ha, the irony.

              • November 19th 2017 @ 10:30am
                bigbaz said | November 19th 2017 @ 10:30am | ! Report

                No second prizes here China, live with it.

              • November 19th 2017 @ 10:46am
                Bill said | November 19th 2017 @ 10:46am | ! Report

                The first try and Beale’s yellow card are a reflection of his on-off attitude.

                When he thinks he’s good enough he goes into don’t-give-a-stuff cruise mode. Lazy, priviledged, entitled, spoilt.

                Like so many other players writers fete and paise and worship, do just the same.

                Disappointing but not unexpected.

          • November 19th 2017 @ 9:35pm
            adastra32 said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:35pm | ! Report

            Or John “OMG It’s” Lacey again.

        • November 19th 2017 @ 9:44am
          Ruckin Oaf said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:44am | ! Report

          Yeah I thought that the Poms were a bit unlucky at scrum time.

          The Wallaby scrum did hold up pretty well overall though.

        • November 19th 2017 @ 11:55am
          Dally said | November 19th 2017 @ 11:55am | ! Report

          All in all the referee just shouldn’t be so involved, nitpicking and dominating proceedings. They need to let the game be played. Otherwise it kills the sport, for both sides and the audience. This needs to come from World Rugby. Put the whistle away a bit more, you won’t have too many complaints.

      • Roar Guru

        November 19th 2017 @ 12:31pm
        Charlie Lawry said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:31pm | ! Report

        Farrell opted out of the tackle despite Moore being on the opposite side of him. Robshaw was several metres offside from that ruck so if you really wanted the letter of the law, a penalty try could have been awarded.

        • November 19th 2017 @ 12:46pm
          Internal Fixation said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:46pm | ! Report

          Spot on.

          Neil will be frothing though.

          Wallabies not good enough with dropped ball etc:

          However I was proud that they stayed well in it for 70 minutes.

        • Roar Guru

          November 19th 2017 @ 12:49pm
          PeterK said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:49pm | ! Report

          Robshaw by the time he made contact was past the ruck so had run himself onside

          • Roar Pro

            November 19th 2017 @ 4:08pm
            Matt Davis said | November 19th 2017 @ 4:08pm | ! Report

            The first offense is his coming from on an offside position, however.
            By the same token, by the time Hooper plays at the ball to score his disallowed try he’s been both run onside and put onside by the subsequent kick. There’s a lot more grey area in that decision in my opinion.

            • Roar Guru

              November 19th 2017 @ 5:06pm
              PeterK said | November 19th 2017 @ 5:06pm | ! Report

              It is not an offense to run yourself back onside.

              In doing so if he interfered with play whilst still offside that is a penalty , so before he was past the ruck did he interfere with play?

              I have not had time to look for this.

      • Roar Pro

        November 19th 2017 @ 4:06pm
        Matt Davis said | November 19th 2017 @ 4:06pm | ! Report

        Robshaw was five metres offside when Genia picked up the ball to pass to Korobiete
        (edit, didn’t see the comments above) Farrell also came from an offside position

      • November 19th 2017 @ 5:30pm
        poyns said | November 19th 2017 @ 5:30pm | ! Report

        Sorry dissagree, Moore side on to Koro and in no way obstructed the defense. But England played smart wet weather rugby and Australia didn’t, and the best ( and smartest ) team won.
        England exploited the fact that we had no Folau very well.

    • November 19th 2017 @ 8:04am
      hmmmm said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:04am | ! Report

      2019 is the time to find a proper number ten. Cooper is gone and Foley should follow very soon. England were targeting him in the defence with kicking to his wing.The shuffle in defence gave eddie jones something to attack. In addition until foley is replaced he should completely give up goal kicking and penalty line kicking.

      • November 19th 2017 @ 9:06am
        PiratesRugby said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:06am | ! Report

        Cannot win the RWC with Foley at half.

        • November 19th 2017 @ 2:14pm
          bigbaz said | November 19th 2017 @ 2:14pm | ! Report

          This is so obvious if it’s not gunna be Cooper find someone cause we are nowhere with Foley.

      • November 19th 2017 @ 11:43am
        enoughisenough said | November 19th 2017 @ 11:43am | ! Report

        There’s something very wrong about a team that lets Foley take the very easy shots at goal (though he manages to miss enough of them), whilst a guy that is obviously striking them better than him only gets the ones that are obviously too difficult for Foley. It stinks of entitlement, though why wouldn’t Foley feel entitled, he doesn’t have to justify his selection, he’s guaranteed a start as long as Cheika coaches.

        • Roar Guru

          November 19th 2017 @ 1:02pm
          Charlie Lawry said | November 19th 2017 @ 1:02pm | ! Report

          Yeah I don’t really understand why they’re not giving Hodge full-time goalkicking duties. Foley’s looking pretty shaky at the moment and I’d rather they didn’t chop and change it throughout the game.

          • November 19th 2017 @ 7:15pm
            Ruckin Oaf said | November 19th 2017 @ 7:15pm | ! Report

            Yeah to be fair to Foley too it can’t be doing his confidence any good.

    • Roar Guru

      November 19th 2017 @ 8:07am
      The Neutral View From Sweden said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:07am | ! Report

      A great contest in tough conditions.
      Wallabies were a bit unlucky, but can only blame themselves.
      Both teams look like real challengers to the AB.
      Next week against Scotland can be a cracker.

    • November 19th 2017 @ 8:08am
      Neil Back said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:08am | ! Report

      I’ll give you a talking point you missed – possibly because, like Trump’s behavior, it seems to be the new normal.

      After Hoopers try was quite correctly disallowed, the camera not surprisingly goes to Cheika for his reaction. Everyone knows it’s going there, including Cheika. He then clearly thanks the ref for his decision and calls him a f’***ing cheat. Not content with that, he actually glances down to the camera pointed at him as if to check he’s on film, and looks again to the pitch to repeat the statement.

      That’s total rubbish for rugby and for Australia. It really is about time he was properly censured.

      • November 19th 2017 @ 8:22am
        Kane said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:22am | ! Report

        If that is all true then he should be fined and stood down.

        • November 19th 2017 @ 8:35am
          Rebellion said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:35am | ! Report

          I agree Kane.
          Chieka should be punished for his continual outbursts. He should be stripped of his powers of selection so a neautral committee can sack Robertson, Foley and tear up Nic Phipps’ contract while brokering a deal for him overseas (getting him as far away from Australian Rugby as possible)

          • November 19th 2017 @ 8:54am
            scuba said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:54am | ! Report

            again Phipps throws a wild pass to no one.

            Positives the Aussie forward pack. Good scrum, passable lineouts and ok clean out. Missing some real go forward down the middle however we did see some good runs.

            Kerevi played well I thought. Still needs to do that every week. Hodge was average. I thought Beale was pretty average by his standards tonight

            • November 19th 2017 @ 11:00am
              RahRah said | November 19th 2017 @ 11:00am | ! Report

              I’m no Phipps fan but to be fair, Genia had a shocker and sprayed many of his passes as well.

          • November 19th 2017 @ 12:03pm
            Big Dog said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:03pm | ! Report

            What a ridiculously spiteful comment.
            Would you have them all banished to Siberia as well, to live out their lives in isolation as punishment?

            Cheika’s a passionate guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. I’d rather have that quality in our national coach rather than the infantile petulance of Eddie Jones, or the bottomless hubris of Steve Hanson.

            Like it or not, Foley is the best 10 that we have at the moment, so suck it up.

            • November 19th 2017 @ 1:42pm
              JimmyB said | November 19th 2017 @ 1:42pm | ! Report

              “Chieka’s a passionate guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. I’d rather have that quality in our national coach rather than the infantile petulance of Eddie Jones.”
              You Sir, owe me a new pair of pants because I’ve just p***** mine.

              • November 19th 2017 @ 6:36pm
                Rebellion said | November 19th 2017 @ 6:36pm | ! Report

                If the only way we can get rid of these useless, unworthy Waratahs players Chieka burdens the side with is to banish them – well so be it.
                I’d rather our national side be the best it can be rather than carry a pack of halfwits who aren’t fit to wear the jersey.
                You have absolutely no defence to Hanigan, Roberston & Phipps so you hide behind the Foley/Cooper comparison – which is probably marginally in Foley’s favour because he has been given a chance to build momentum since 2014..and Cooper schooled him in last year’s Rugby Championship

        • November 19th 2017 @ 9:17am
          Sheriff said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:17am | ! Report

          Cheika is a bully. He was a bully when he played, as a coach he tries to bully the players, he tries to bully match officials and the media. Bullies always get found out in the end

          • November 19th 2017 @ 12:20pm
            JimmyB said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:20pm | ! Report

            Agreed, the way he spoke to that interviewer was atrocious.
            There has to be a limit to his petulance, I hope that the ARU censure him and if not WR.

            • November 19th 2017 @ 6:06pm
              ThugbyFan said | November 19th 2017 @ 6:06pm | ! Report

              Come off it Jimmy, interviewer was trying to put words in his mouth so they could get a “catch ya” moment. Cheika wasn’t having a bar of it, told her to stick to the story , which was about the match and show some respect, and walked out when she persisted. Should be more walkouts.

              However big sport lives or dies by the media, so Cheika should pull his head in and send S.Larkham or some other lackey to be interviewed when they are in the Lion’s den. I would guess that he will have to eventually give the interviewer a public “mea culpa” or the media will self-annoint itself as the “pious wronged” and will run riot on this.

              The other point is if he has the choice of declining the camera in the coach’s box, then he should decline it’s “benefits” or maybe “accidentally” place his bottle of water between it and himself.

              I am more interested in the other story of Cheika complaining to some official at half-time. If that is true then he is an idiot, as he well knows the rules and will likely bring the WR/IRB old farts down on his head.

              • November 20th 2017 @ 5:59pm
                JimmyB said | November 20th 2017 @ 5:59pm | ! Report

                Completely disagree. Chieka shouldn’t be surprised to be asked about something that he said during the match, allegedly twice, the second time for effect. What he said was also outrageous and would be sanctioned in any other sport (and has been in rugby), if WR doesn’t act then there’s something rotten in Denmark.

      • November 19th 2017 @ 8:26am
        soapit said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:26am | ! Report

        i think the focus has been off it simply because they havent lost for a while.

        not a fan of it

      • November 19th 2017 @ 8:34am
        Dave_S said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:34am | ! Report

        Yes someone senior and respected in Aus rugby needs to have a quiet word with Cheika. He’s crossed the line from passionate to ridiculous by quite some margin. He can’t expect his players to play with cool heads if he clearly can’t manage it himself.

        • November 19th 2017 @ 8:37am
          Kane said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:37am | ! Report

          I’d be extremely surprised if that quiet word hasn’t already been had.

          • November 19th 2017 @ 8:55am
            Taylorman said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:55am | ! Report


          • November 19th 2017 @ 9:01am
            PiratesRugby said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:01am | ! Report

            That’s Cheika’s style. Always has been. As the head coach and sole selector, he’s not taking my advice from anybody.

        • November 19th 2017 @ 12:09pm
          Sheriff said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:09pm | ! Report

          No one at REA (Rugby Eastern Australia) will say anything because he’s already bullied them into submission

          • November 19th 2017 @ 12:38pm
            Dave_S said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:38pm | ! Report

            I doubt it.

            In any event it doesn’t need to (and probably shouldn’t) come from RA, it needs to be a respected former player or coach, or even someone outside rugby, like a Jack Gibson, so that Cheika doesn’t feel slighted by it – it’s a classic case of needing some quiet mentoring.

            Mentoring is best done by someone not directly responsible for your career, so that the discussions can be frank.

      • Roar Guru

        November 19th 2017 @ 9:00am
        Handles said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:00am | ! Report

        Agree. And the petulant interview (granted, in response to nuisance questioning), which is also becoming the new normal. He should be recalled to Australia now, and a review of his position carried out to see if he can act like an adult before he is allowed to carry on.

        • November 19th 2017 @ 10:06am
          bigbaz said | November 19th 2017 @ 10:06am | ! Report

          I am as far from a fan of Cheika as you can get but all that reporter wanted was a gotcha moment from Cheika. It was really poor . Cheika presents a big target and it is easy to have a swing at him without manufacturing moments.

          • November 19th 2017 @ 10:15am
            Dave_S said | November 19th 2017 @ 10:15am | ! Report

            True bigbaz, but how often do you see Wayne Bennett goaded into saying something silly? Just give them the death stare and a cliche answer – Bennett Media Training 101.

          • November 19th 2017 @ 12:29pm
            JimmyB said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:29pm | ! Report

            What a load of BS, she didn’t manufacture anything, in fact she wouldn’t be doing her job if she didn’t ask him about it. The way he responded to her was atrocious, he was incredibly aggressive and acted like a bully.
            Rugby is a great game, not least because of the respect that is generally shown to officialdom by players and coaches (fans not so much). Calling a referee a cheat is simply not acceptable behaviour, ask Dylan Hartley.

            • November 19th 2017 @ 2:28pm
              bigbaz said | November 19th 2017 @ 2:28pm | ! Report

              Can’t believe I’m defending Cheika but if you actually watched the interview all she was trying to do was to get Cheika to say something that would get him into what I suspect will be further hot water. I would have told her to p off as I left the interview. Respect, sunshine, is a two way street.

              • November 19th 2017 @ 2:54pm
                JimmyB said | November 19th 2017 @ 2:54pm | ! Report

                Am I sunshine here Bigbaz, because that ain’t particularly respectful.
                Do you honestly expect her not to ask him about it?

              • November 19th 2017 @ 3:18pm
                bigbaz said | November 19th 2017 @ 3:18pm | ! Report

                ” What a load of bs” is particularly respectful Sunshine

              • November 19th 2017 @ 3:28pm
                JimmyB said | November 19th 2017 @ 3:28pm | ! Report

                If it looks like it and smells like it…you know the rest sunshine.

        • Roar Guru

          November 19th 2017 @ 11:21am
          PeterK said | November 19th 2017 @ 11:21am | ! Report

          I don’t think it was petulant at all, he called out the journo for trying to inflame the situation. He was calm no ranting or yelling.

          • November 19th 2017 @ 12:37pm
            Handles said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:37pm | ! Report

            Sorry Peter. In the week where Jones has been castigated for what he said in the England box, Cheika looked at the camera and mouthed “f@#king cheat”, and when asked about it he responded with a series of “Is that what its come to” whines, and then stormed off. That is textbook petulance. He is an embarrassment.

            • November 19th 2017 @ 1:44pm
              JimmyB said | November 19th 2017 @ 1:44pm | ! Report

              Spot on.

      • Roar Guru

        November 19th 2017 @ 9:37am
        Machpants said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:37am | ! Report

        It was reported that he also confronted the ref at half time. Isn’t he on a suspended punishment still for this sort of stuff?

        • November 19th 2017 @ 9:57am
          Bill said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:57am | ! Report

          I Think it was a fourth official. In a blue shirt at least. But yes thought at the time he’s not supposed to do that

          • November 19th 2017 @ 10:23am
            Dave_S said | November 19th 2017 @ 10:23am | ! Report

            Yeah I wondered who that was. It wasn’t Aus team staff, that’s for sure. Very silly and possibly worse.

        • Roar Guru

          November 19th 2017 @ 11:20am
          PeterK said | November 19th 2017 @ 11:20am | ! Report

          by confronted you mean talked to him?

          Depends what was said.

          He is allowed to ask how much longer a player is in the bin from the 4th official.

          • November 19th 2017 @ 12:31pm
            JimmyB said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:31pm | ! Report

            Peter, I think you’re what’s referred to as an enabler.

            • Roar Guru

              November 19th 2017 @ 12:52pm
              PeterK said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:52pm | ! Report

              No I am stating what contact is allowed to be made with the 4th official whose duty is substitutions, blood bin and sin bin management

              • November 19th 2017 @ 1:47pm
                JimmyB said | November 19th 2017 @ 1:47pm | ! Report

                ok champ. You’ve been more of a pork chop today than Chieka, which takes some doing.

              • Roar Guru

                November 19th 2017 @ 2:58pm
                PeterK said | November 19th 2017 @ 2:58pm | ! Report

                so you clearly lost the discussion and decide to attack the person, what can you expect.

              • November 19th 2017 @ 3:32pm
                JimmyB said | November 19th 2017 @ 3:32pm | ! Report

                Peter, there is no discussion to be had with you I’m afraid, you are both incoherent and yet doggedly persistent at the same time, quite an achievement really.

              • Roar Guru

                November 19th 2017 @ 5:07pm
                PeterK said | November 19th 2017 @ 5:07pm | ! Report

                jummyb – incoherent only to those unable to think with clarity

      • November 19th 2017 @ 5:53pm
        ThugbyFan said | November 19th 2017 @ 5:53pm | ! Report

        Neil, Just on your rant about being so precious, are you suggesting that what a person says in a private room (coach’s box) should be punished? Shouldn’t all of the drunk spectators who scream out “cheating f**ing ref” between 5-10 times in a match also be censored, they are even worse as they are shouting this slander in a public place? Which crime should be deemed worse? The coach in a private context or the boofhead fan, who likely doesn’t know the difference between the laws of Rugby and those of squash.

        Perhaps we can have the ERU Thought Police mingle through the crowd and eject anyone who doesn’t praise all decisions that favour the home side, or doesn’t sing that stupid song ad nauseam throughout the game?

        Just saying…… 🙂

        And I do agree with you that M.Cheika is an embarrassment. I look at him more as a rabid one-eyed fan who cops out from the truth that his team got outplayed. Far too quick to blame everyone else instead of looking at his horrible selections and team tactics. Australia got flogged because England played a far better game, especially for the wet windy conditions.

      • November 19th 2017 @ 10:48pm
        Bakkies said | November 19th 2017 @ 10:48pm | ! Report

        Cheika is a reflection of the people who run the game in Australia. They behave the same way and goes down to the pitch level where you see players argue with refs over yellow cards which are correct, pushing physios and throwing an opposition player’s boot in to the stand.

    • November 19th 2017 @ 8:10am
      soapit said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:10am | ! Report

      agree with neil above. defender had his options to make the tackle reduced by moore who was offside so penalty. mind you ive seen ones that also qualify given in the past (including one for england at twickenham) but two wrongs dont make a right.

      the one near touch looked in by a whisker for me and youd be dirty if you had a try disallowed from that.

      pretty good game i thought all up given the conditions. england loked the better team all day so deserved the win but oz kept in there and on another day (moore doesnt get himself offside, ball goes out, hooper stops running) could have been an oz win. funny to say that given the final score.

      could say 2 tries gone due to lazy play i suppose and chuck in the yellows and the lazy efforts on a couple of the england kick through tries and the discipline does seem to be an issue.

      • November 19th 2017 @ 8:23am
        Kane said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:23am | ! Report

        The one on the line to me looked in by a whisker too. But why Kurtley did was a cardinal sin.

        • November 19th 2017 @ 8:29am
          soapit said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:29am | ! Report

          yes and pretty ridiculous to stand there arguing the toss.

          • November 19th 2017 @ 8:37am
            Dave_S said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:37am | ! Report

            And why was Genia there repeatedly touching the ref on the arm trying to interrupt him??!! Ref did well to keep his cool, I thought.

        • November 19th 2017 @ 8:56am
          scuba said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:56am | ! Report

          KB does get those balls up sometimes. We have seen it before.

          • November 19th 2017 @ 9:02am
            Dave_S said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:02am | ! Report

            Yeah but he was zero chance of catching that. I think it’s a silly rule, but it was correctly applied in this case.

        • November 19th 2017 @ 9:39am
          mzilikazi said | November 19th 2017 @ 9:39am | ! Report

          And Kerevi…look at him on the replay…he should have been 20 plus metres deeper…and could have saved that try.

          • November 19th 2017 @ 12:18pm
            rebel said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:18pm | ! Report

            Kerevi was the one who made the break and passed to TK who knocked on. He did extremely welk to get back for the English counter attack.

            • November 19th 2017 @ 6:27pm
              mzilikazi said | November 19th 2017 @ 6:27pm | ! Report

              Yes, would accept a lot of that arguement…just noticed him slow to a walk, assuming the ball was out…but he did well to get back at all.

    • Roar Rookie

      November 19th 2017 @ 8:13am
      Lance Skelton said | November 19th 2017 @ 8:13am | ! Report

      Cheika always comes across a bad loser…needs to stop with the carry on.

      • November 19th 2017 @ 10:51am
        Scot Free said | November 19th 2017 @ 10:51am | ! Report

        I agree but to be fair, it seemed to me like they had a camera on Cheika all match and they cut
        back to him often. This was always when calls went against Australia, which was too often. 🙂
        The bloke is a hot head, no argument, but the UK production really didn’t need to target him like that.

        • Roar Guru

          November 19th 2017 @ 11:23am
          PeterK said | November 19th 2017 @ 11:23am | ! Report

          also why he won’t be fined for what is said in the coach’s box

        • November 19th 2017 @ 12:38pm
          JimmyB said | November 19th 2017 @ 12:38pm | ! Report

          Oh come on Scot, every director of a rugby match involving Chieka around the world has a camera ready for his inevitable tantrums, in fact it is standard practice anyway, you frequently have shots of the coaching box in every game. Chieka knows this, yet still carries on like a plum. The fans on here defending him are pushing a big doodoo up a rather large hill.

          • November 19th 2017 @ 3:40pm
            Scot Free said | November 19th 2017 @ 3:40pm | ! Report

            I never made any attempt to defend Cheika, who lost me long ago with his habit of not fairly selecting a team based on form. I just wanted to try add some perspective to the usual eruption of moral outrage. What we are seeing here from the broadcaster, the authorised commercial arm of rugby, is a real concerted effort to scrape up some poor behaviour (lip reading, anyone?), to the point of even trying to provoke it (you saw the post-match interview, right?) so that they can then be surprised and scandalised by the very existence of such a thing. I don’t know about you, mate, but I just can’t take that type of bull twang too seriously.

            • November 20th 2017 @ 3:15am
              FunBus said | November 20th 2017 @ 3:15am | ! Report

              So how come we always see Cheika’s antics in the coach box during Wallaby games at home? He wasn’t on screen any more yesterday than he is normally. Every TV station will cut to the coach when there’s a contentious decision. To blame the TV for showing the coach throwing his toys out of the pram is laughable.

    , ,