The very first Test match revisited: Australia vs England ‘live’ blog, Day 3, March 17, 1877

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By Paul Nicholls, Paul Nicholls is a Roar Guru

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    England start day three at 4/109, after Australia had made 245 in the first innings. Being a Saturday, a healthy crowd has turned up. England opener Harry Jupp is 54 not out and looking dangerous.

    Joining him at the crease is Tom Armitage. England’s first target will be the follow-on score of 145.

    You can read up on all the action from day two here.

    We join our commentators at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, England’s Veronica Blake (VB) and New South Welshman, Mo Stache (Mo.)

    Mo: Welcome folks to day three of the first Test. There’s a cracking atmosphere and it is cool but sunny. The outfield looks in great condition. How are you this morning, Veronica?

    VB: Still a bit miffed that play wasn’t stopped when the sun came out yesterday. The teams come out to great applause. Kendall bowls to Jupp and he leaves the first delivery alone.

    ENG 4/109

    Mo: Some good captaincy by Gregory has kept the scoring down. Only five runs have been scored off the first eight overs.

    ENG 4/117

    VB: Armitage breaks the shackles and hits Midwinter to square leg for an all run four.

    ENG 4/121

    Mo: GOT HIM! Bad boy Armitage is caught behind. A beautiful grab low down by Blackham, almost New South Wales standard. Shaw is the next man in.

    Armitage c Blackham b Midwinter 9

    ENG 5/121

    VB: Midwinter to Shaw and..BOWLED! A great off-cutter that beat him all ends up and an inspired spell by Midwinter has England wobbling. Emmett is the new batsman.

    Shaw b Midwinter 10

    ENG 6/135

    Mo: As long as Jupp is there England should still be confident of a good score. Garrett bowls and raps him on the pad. And he’s been given OUT! Wonderful innings by Jupp, the second highest score in Test cricket history. Hill, the new man.

    Jupp lbw Garrett 63

    ENG 7/145

    VB: Midwinter to Emmett and he’s been BOWLED! England are in real trouble now. They are still 100 runs behind with only two wickets in hand. How are those betting slips looking, Mo?

    Lillywhite is up next

    Emmett b Midwinter 8

    ENG 8/145

    Mo: Not so good, Veronica. I might have to walk back to Sydney at this rate. And the crowd are giving Lillywhite, the England captain, a rousing reception.

    First ball and Lillywhite clubs it for FOUR and England avoids the follow-on.

    ENG 8/149

    VB: Hill smashes this one and it looks a certain four but look at that fine fielding by Horan.

    ENG 8/160

    Mo: Kendall to Lillywhite and he’s POPPED it up to the bowler and England have lost their ninth wicket, still 77 runs shy of Australia’s score! Last man will be the old man of the team, Southerton.

    Lillywhite c and b Kendall 10

    ENG 9/168

    VB: Hill cracks one for four. He’s trying to hit the cover off everything.

    ENG 9/196

    Mo: Southerton lofts one, Cooper throws an arm out and IT STICKS! What a spectacular one-handed catch! England are all out for 196.

    Those last two wickets put on 51 valuable runs. So Australia lead by 49 runs after the first innings.

    Jupp top scored with 63 while Charlwood (36) and Hill (35*) were good contributors. Billy Midwinter was the pick of the bowlers with 5/78 and was ably supported by Garrett with figures of 2/22.

    Join us in ten minutes for Australia’s second innings. What a match! I’ll just poke my head into the refreshment tent.

    Southerton c Cooper b Garrett 6

    ENG 196 (Hill 35*)


    ENGLAND – 1st Innings
    Jupp lbw b Garret 63
    Selby c Cooper b Hodges 7
    Charlwood c Blackham b Midwinter 36
    Ulyett lbw b Thompson 10
    Greenwood c E Gregory b Midwinter 1
    Armitage c Blackham b Midwinter 9
    Shaw b Midwinter 10
    Emmett b Midwinter 8
    Hill not out 35
    Lillywhite c and b Kendall 10
    Southerton c Cooper b Garrett 6
    Extras 1
    TOTAL 196
    Hodges 9 0 27 1
    Garrett 18.1 10 22 2
    Kendall 38 16 54 1
    Midwinter 54 23 78 5
    Thompson 17 19 14 1

    VB: There’s a mighty roar as Charlie Bannerman comes out to open the batting with Thompson. What pluck shown by Bannerman. Shaw opens the bowling from the western end and he’s caught behind…No! So close.

    AUS 0/0

    VB: In the absence of Mo I’ll continue then. Shaw comes in and is clubbed to the boundary by Bannerman. Huge cheers from the crowd. Bannerman is wincing with pain but he’s going to stick it out.

    Oh, there you are Mo. Your cheeks look nice and rosy, a bit of sun eh?

    AUS 0/4

    Mo: Just soaking up the atmosphere in the pavilion, Veronica. The crowd has really built up, must be close to 12,000. I’m surprised at how many women are here today. Have you noticed the colourful dresses of the ladies, Veronica?

    VB: Yes, lovely fashions from the colonial ladies and wouldn’t look out of place in England ten years ago.

    Bannerman is BOWLED by Ulyett! The fairytale is over, but a great round of applause for Australia’s newest superstar. Horan is the new man.

    Bannerman b Ulyett 4

    AUS 1/7

    Mo: And we mustn’t forget that Charlie is a New South Welshman. Horan cuts Ulyett for four. He’s not wasting time.

    AUS 1/11

    VB: Another four from Horan off Shaw this time. Horan has started in a whirlwind.

    AUS 1/15

    Mo: Thompson drives…and is CAUGHT at mid-on! Sharp catch by Emmett and Australia have lost their second wicket. Garrett comes out to bat.

    Thompson c Emmettt b Shaw 7

    AUS 2/27

    VB: And Garrett is OUT for a duck! He chipped an easy one to Emmett at mid-on. Now the momentum of the game is starting to shift back towards England. Cooper comes in.

    Garrett c Emmett b Shaw 0

    AUS 3/31

    Mo: Horan flicks at one down the legside and he’s CAUGHT by Selby halfway to the boundary! With a normal keeper that would have been a safe shot but Selby’s anything but a normal keeper.

    Australia are now reeling at 4/31. They lead by 80 runs with six wickets in hand. Out comes Midwinter.

    Horan c Selby b Hill 20

    AUS 4/31

    VB: Cooper is BOWLED by Shaw! Incredible scenes as England start to wrest control of the game.

    Still got those betting slips Mo? Ned Gregory comes in.

    Cooper b Shaw 3

    AUS 5/35

    Mo: They’re my ticket home but my heart is definitely with the Combined XI. Gregory and Billy Midwinter have played cautiously here but now Midwinter unleashes and hits Ulyett for four. Onya Billy!

    AUS 5/48

    VB: Gregory hits Hill for four! Ned Gregory has scored eight runs off Hill’s over and that takes some of the pressure off Australia.

    AUS 5/58

    Mo: Lillywhite has put on Ulyett for Hill. We’ll see if that’s a good move. And Gregory is … OUT! A fine catch at point by that man Emmett again.

    Australia are six down and lead by 107. Blackham is the new man.

    E Gregory c Emmett b Ulyett 11

    AUS 6/58

    VB: Nice shot by Blackham, they turn for two and, oh no! What a mix-up. Blackham and Midwinter are at the same end. But the fielder stuffs it. Oh, you great plonker!

    AUS 6/65

    Mo: Now, now, Veronica. It’s unusual for you to lose your composure like that.

    VB: I’m sorry, it’s not a good example to set. I know how you colonials look up to me. Shaw to Blackham and he’s GONE! Pitched in line and that looks plum. David Gregory comes in.

    Blackham lbw Shaw 6

    AUS 7/71

    Mo: Could it get any worse for Australia? YES IT CAN!

    Southerton takes a sharp catch at short-leg and Midwinter is outta here. Kendall comes to the crease.

    Midwinter c Southerton b Ulyett 17

    AUS 8/75

    VB: What can Dave Gregory do? Absolutely NOTHING! He’s been bowled by Shaw and Australia are in big strife here. The last batsman is Hodges.

    D Gregory b Shaw 3

    AUS 9/75

    Mo: Kendall and Hodges have done a good job holding England at bay. And now Kendall hits a boundary off Ulyett. And that’s it, stumps on day three. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

    AUS 9/83

    VB: Tomorrow’s a rest day, Mo. We’ll be back on Monday.

    The game is at an exciting stage. It looked as though Australia had the running with a lead of 49 on the first innings but England’s bowlers, led by the impressive Shaw, have tipped the scales England’s way.

    Australia now leads by 132 runs with just the one wicket in hand. It’s not a lost cause yet for Australia, but one feels that every run they score for this last partnership will be crucial.

    So it’s goodbye from me.

    Mo: And goodbye from Mo.

    STUMPS DAY 3: AUS 9/83
    AUS leads by 132 runs

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