The very first Test match revisited: Australia vs England ‘live’ blog, Day 4, March 19, 1877

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By Paul Nicholls, Paul Nicholls is a Roar Guru

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    The match hangs in the balance at the start of the fourth and final day. Australia have a second innings lead of 132 with just one wicket remaining.

    Because of the rest day, this is effectively a fifth-day pitch and batting last could pose some difficulties for England.

    If you missed day three, you can read all about it here.

    As play begins, bookmakers have installed England as favourites to win.

    We join our commentators at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, England’s Veronica Blake (VB) and New South Welshman, Mo Stache (Mo.)

    VB: Good morning everyone out there in telegraph land. What an exciting occasion as we come to the final day of the first Test. England look likely to win but a chase of over 150 could be troublesome.

    Good morning, Mo. What a wild old town Melbourne is. I see in the papers that three men were caught breaking into a refreshment tent at the cricket ground late Saturday night. You don’t know anything about that do you, Mo?

    Mo: There were four men and of course I know nothing about it.

    I also see England’s resident bad boy, Tom Armitage, was arrested in Bourke Street after a scuffle with the police last night. And how was your weekend, Veronica?

    VB: I had some tea and scones but had a rather bizarre dream. I dreamt we were at the match but it was at night under lights and the players were wearing coloured outfits and the game was limited to twenty overs each.

    It was all over in a few hours, there were flames shooting from the ground and people wearing buckets on their heads.

    Mo: What was in those scones, Veronca? That’s not a dream, it sounds more like a dystopian nightmare.


    T20 isn’t that different from Test cricket, really. (AAP Image/Richard Wainwright)

    Here come the players to thunderous applause and Shaw will bowl the first over to Kendall.

    AUS 9/83

    VB: The last ball of the over is struck for four by Hodges. Every run counts for the Combined XI.

    AUS 9/87

    Mo: Ulyett to Kendall and he’s struck that one for four! The Australians are not going down without a fight. The lead is now 140.

    AUS 9/91

    VB: Kendall hits another four and the 100 comes up – the tail is wagging here.

    They’ve scored 20 runs in five overs and the lead is above the psychological 150 barrier.

    AUS 9/103

    Mo: Lillywhite comes on to bowl and he’s BOWLED him! Hodges is gone for seven and Australia are all out for 104.

    It was a whirlwind tenth wicket partnership of 29 runs that has given the Australian bowlers a glimmer of hope.

    Kendall finished 17 not out, while Horan (20) and Midwinter (17) were the best of a poor bunch.

    It was a fine bowling performance by England, Shaw being the pick with the figures of 5/38.

    Join us in ten minutes as England attempt to chase down the 154 runs needed for victory. It’s going to be close, but my head, and more importantly my money, is on England.

    Hodges b Lillywhite 8

    AUS 104


    AUSTRALIA – 2nd Innings
    C Bannerman b Ulyett 4
    Thompson c Emmett b Shaw 7
    Horan c Selby b Hill 20
    Garrett c Emmett b Shaw 0
    Cooper b Shaw 3
    Midwinter c Southerton b Ulyett 17
    E Gregory c Emmett by Ulyett 11
    Blackham (wk) lbw b Shaw 6
    D Gregory (capt) b Shaw 3
    Kendall not out 17
    Hodges b Lillywhite 8
    Extras 8
    TOTAL 104
    Shaw 34 16 38 5
    Ulyett 19 7 39 3
    Hill 14 6 18 1
    Lillywhite 1 0 1 1

    VB: Out come the England openers, Hill and Greenwood. Kendall bowls from the railway end and Hill spoons it to mid-off and he’s CAUGHT by Thompson!

    Australia have a crucial breakthrough without a run on the board. Jupp comes out.

    Hill c Thompson b Kendall 0

    ENG 1/0

    Mo: Kendall continues to Greenwood. This one is dollied to the off and CAUGHT by Midwinter!

    England have lost their second wicket with only seven runs on the board and the crowd are going off. Charlwood comes out.

    Greenwod c Midwinter b Kendall 5

    ENG 2/7

    VB: What a great start by the Combined XI. Midwinter to Jupp, and he’s caught, no, dropped!

    A sharp caught and bowled chance is put down. England need to steady the ship here.

    ENG 2/11

    Mo: Kendall now and Charlwood swings him to leg, a glorious shot. And watch out, that’s just about taken out a policeman on the boundary. Most of the crowd – not all – sigh with relief.

    ENG 2/17

    VB: Jupp is just starting to settle in now. Midwinter sends one down, hits him on the pad, there’s an appeal and he’s… OUT! Given out lbw.

    The danger man is gone and the mother country has slumped to 3/20. The game is on a knife’s edge! Selby joins Charlwood at the crease.

    Jupp lbw b Midwinter 4

    ENG 3/20

    Mo: Kendall bowls to Charlwood and he’s BOWLED!

    What a brilliant leg-cutter by Kendall that just about cut Charlwood in half. England still need 132 to win and the tide has turned. Ulyett is the next batsman.

    Charlwood b Kendall 13

    ENG 4/22

    VB: How are those betting stubs looking now, Mo? Ulyett won’t give his wicket away cheaply. The Englishmen have been picking up the odd boundary and a single there brings up the 50.

    A milestone passed for the loss of four wickets.

    ENG 4/50

    Mo: This ball from Midwinter is pushed back to the bowler and that is lunch on day four.

    Australia, perhaps with their noses in front, but they’ll need to break this partnership soon. Join us in half an hour for the resumption.

    ENG 4/59 (Target:154 Runs required: 95 Wickets in hand: 6)


    VB: Our half hour lunch has dragged out to 50 minutes. What is it with these Test cricketers? They never do anything in a hurry.

    I used the extra time to peruse the betting tent and noticed the bookies still have England as favourites. Don’t tell Mo this, but the odds were so good I couldn’t resist a little flutter on the Aussies.

    Shaw takes a quick single and Ulyett is not too keen on it. He puts on a bit of a limp and the crowd laugh. Lovely English humour, I must say.

    ENG 4/62

    Mo: Kendall, and that’s BOWLED him! Ripped through him that did and Ulyett departs. Look at that celebration – Kendall has tossed his hat in the air and the fielders are shaking his hand.

    Quite a bit of man-love out there, Veronica. Shaw joins his fellow Notts man Selby at the crease.

    Ulyett b Kendall 24

    ENG 5/62 (Target:154 Runs required: 92 Wickets in hand: 5)

    VB: I think England are needing a bit of man-love at the moment. Garrett bowls and Selby gets two making that six runs off the over.

    ENG 5/68

    Mo: Kendall bowls to Shaw and there’s an appeal – OUT! Stumped.

    A beautiful bit of glove work from Blackham. He’s a brilliant keeper for a Victorian. The bad boy himself, Tom Armitage, comes out with 86 runs still required. I think Australia can win this.

    Shaw st Blackham b Kendall 2

    ENG 6/68 (Target:154 Runs required: 86 Wickets in hand: 4)

    VB: Selby faces Kendall. He swooshes it towards the boundary and run five before the ball trickles over the chains. “Five! Five! Five!” yell the crowd but it’s signalled a four. The umpires are certainly favouring the colonials.

    ENG 6/80

    Mo: Selby smashes another one and knocks the bat out of Armitage’s hand. Don’t lose your cool, bad boy. Selby is really hitting out now and England are coming right back into it.

    Australian skipper Dave Gregory has to do something here. He brings John Hodges back into the attack.

    ENG 6/92

    VB: The first ball of Hodges’ new spell and Selby hoists this into the outfield. Horan goes back to the boundary and takes the CATCH!

    Great captaincy by Gregory. Selby departs for a fine 38 and with him goes England’s last hope of winning. The convicts, err, colonials are going berserk.

    Selby c Horan b Hodges 38

    ENG 7/92 (Target:154 Runs required: 62 Wickets in hand: 3)

    Mo: Armitage is CAUGHT behind! A thick edge and a wonderful catch by Blackham. Kendall has now taken six wickets in the innings. Surely it’s a matter of time now.

    Lillywhite comes in and there’s a wonderful round of applause for the England skipper.

    Armitage c Blackham b Kendall 3

    ENG 8/93 (Target:154 Runs required: 61 Wickets in hand: 2)

    VB: Emmett takes a single and that’s the 100 up for England. Still, 54 required, is there still hope?

    ENG 8/100

    Mo: Not much as Hodges gets one through the English captain’s defenses and SCATTERS his stumps! Southerton is the last man.

    Lillywhite b Hodges 4

    ENG 9/100 (Target:154 Runs required: 54 Wickets in hand: 1)

    VB: A single to Emmett. This pair have added eight runs and victory is just 46 runs away. Come on England! Kendall to bowl now.

    ENG 9/108

    Mo: OUT! Emmett has played one on to his stumps and Australia has won the first Test by 45 runs!

    What an incredible performance by Tom Kendall who has taken 7/55. What an absolutely thrilling match, Veronica.

    Emmett b Kendall 9

    ENG 108

    VB: It was a superb bowling performance by Kendall, admittedly on a wearing pitch, that got Australia home.

    The victory was set up by the scintillating first innings knock by Charlie Bannerman. Listen to that crowd, Mo. They’re calling for their heroes; Bannerman, Kendall, Blackham (and a few razzes for no-shows Spofforth and Allen.)

    Mo: And good to see the crowd giving a rousing reception to Lillywhite and his team as well. You are taking this rather well, Veronica.

    What’s this? You had a wager on Australia? Why, you cheeky, cheeky thing.

    And who’s this coming towards the commentary tent? It’s His Excellency, the Governor of Victoria.

    GoV: On behalf of the spectators and for appreciation of your commentary efforts, I have been authorised to present you with these gifts from our sponsors. Here you go.

    VB: Adolpho Wolffe’s Aromatic Schnapps! Thank you. It will be party central in my hotel room tonight. What have you got, Mo.

    Mo: Moller’s Cod Liver Oil. Just what I needed.

    GoV: I couldn’t think of a more appropriate gift for a New South Welshman.

    VB: That brings us to the end of our coverage of the first Test. An exciting game with Australia winning by 45 runs. Thank you, Governor, and it’s goodbye from me.

    Mo: And goodbye from Mo.

    Australia versus England First Test
    Melbourne Cricket Ground, March 15-19, 1877
    Umpires: Richard Terry and Curtis Read
    Australia won by 45 runs

    Full Scorecard

    AUSTRALIA – 1st Innings
    Bannerman retired hurt 165
    Thompson b Hill 1
    Horan c Hill b Shaw 12
    D Gregory (capt) run out 1
    Cooper b Southerton 15
    Midwinter c Ulyett b Southerton 5
    E Gregory c Greenwood b Lillywhite 0
    Blackham (wk) b Southerton 17
    Garret not out 18
    Kendall c Southerton b Shaw 3
    Hodges b Shaw 0
    Extras 8
    TOTAL (for 9 wickets) 245
    Shaw 55.3 34 51 3
    Hill 23 10 42 1
    Ulyett 25 12 36 0
    Southerton 37 17 61 3
    Armitage 3 0 15 0
    Lillywhite 14 5 19 1
    Emmett 12 7 13 0
    ENGLAND – 1st Innings
    Jupp lbw b Garret 63
    Selby c Cooper b Hodges 7
    Charlwood c Blackham b Midwinter 36
    Ulyett lbw b Thompson 10
    Greenwood c E Gregory b Midwinter 1
    Armitage c Blackham b Midwinter 9
    Shaw b Midwinter 10
    Emmett b Midwinter 8
    Hill not out 35
    Lillywhite c and b Kendall 10
    Southerton c Cooper b Garrett 6
    Extras 1
    TOTAL 196
    Hodges 9 0 27 1
    Garrett 18.1 10 22 2
    Kendall 38 16 54 1
    Midwinter 54 23 78 5
    Thompson 17 19 14 1
    AUSTRALIA – 2nd Innings
    C Bannerman b Ulyett 4
    Thompson c Emmett b Shaw 7
    Horan c Selby b Hill 20
    Garrett c Emmett b Shaw 0
    Cooper b Shaw 3
    Midwinter c Southerton b Ulyett 17
    E Gregory c Emmett by Ulyett 11
    Blackham (wk) lbw b Shaw 6
    D Gregory (capt) b Shaw 3
    Kendall not out 17
    Hodges b Lillywhite 8
    Extras 8
    TOTAL 104
    Shaw 34 16 38 5
    Ulyett 19 7 39 3
    Hill 14 6 18 1
    Lillywhite 1 0 1 1
    ENGLAND – 2nd Innings
    Hill c Thompson b Kendall 0
    Greenwood c Midwinter b Kendall 5
    Jupp lbw b Midwinter 4
    Charlwood b Kendall 13
    Selby c Horan b Hodges 38
    Ulyett b Kendall 24
    Shaw st Blackham b Kendall 2
    Armitage c Blackham b Kendall 3
    Emmett b Kendall 9
    Lillywhite b Hodges 4
    Southerton not out 1
    Extras 5
    TOTAL 108
    Kendall 33.1 12 55 7
    Midwinter 19 7 23 1
    D Gregory 5 1 9 0
    Garrett 2 0 9 0
    Hodges 7 5 7 2
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