2017 AFL Draft results: Every player picked and where they went

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By Josh Elliott, Josh Elliott is a Roar Editor


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    Cam Rayner became the latest player to join that exclusive club of AFL No.1 draft picks on Friday night, as the Brisbane Lions chose him with the first selection of the 2017 AFL Draft.

    Fremantle’s selections in the top five then shaped a lot of the draft to follow – they made Andrew Brayshaw the second pick overall, and then picked up Adam Cerra at No.5.

    What they didn’t know at the time was that they may have kickstarted a western rivalry for the ages, as the West Coast Eagles snapped up his brother Hamish Brayshaw much later in the night at pick 68.

    Carlton took Paddy Dow and Lochie O’Brien with their two top-ten selections, while North Melbourne’s selection of Luke Davies-Uniacke rounded out the top five.

    Collingwood gave us the first real surprise of the night, drafting Jaidyn Stephenson at pick 6 despite talk about his heart condition threatening to see him slide down the order.

    Remarkably, Nathan Murphy, a player that Collingwood had been linked to at pick 6, slid to their next selection at 38, and they also acquired father-son player Tyler Brown.

    St Kilda as widely suggested picked up Hunter Clark and Nick Coffield with their back-to-back picks and Aaron Naughton to the Western Bulldogs was the other member of the top ten.

    Darcy Fogarty was the surprise slider out of the top ten and the Adelaide Crows would have been absolutely ecstatic to land the best South Australian prospect in the draft at pick 12.

    There were bolters aplenty – Matthew Ling to Sydney at pick 14, Brandon Starcevic to Brisbane at 18 and Wil Powell to Gold Coast at pick 19 all surprised.

    In terms of those who slid, Charlie Constable made it out to Geelong’s pick 36, and Sam Hayes remarkably was still available until pick 47 when Port Adelaide snapped him up.

    Tim Kelly and Liam Ryan were notable mature players to get their chance, both WAFL stars, with Kelly going to Geelong and Ryan to West Coast.

    Richmond successfully landed Patrick Naish as a father-son pick, while the likes of Connor Ballenden and Jack Payne (Brisbane Lions), Brayden Crossley and Connor Nutting (Gold Coast) and Nicholas Shipley (GWS) were all picked up as Academy selections.

    There were some familiar names late in the draft, too. Port Adelaide picked up former Melbourne midfielder Dom Barry with pick 61, and with the last two picks of the draft, Billy Hartung and Jarrod Garlett joined North Melbourne and Carlton respectively.

    View the full results of the draft below, and join me tomorrow morning for a club-by-club review and my take on every team.

    2017 AFL Draft

    Round Pick Club Player
    1 1 Brisbane Lions Cam Rayner
    1 2 Fremantle Dockers Andrew Brayshaw
    1 3 Carlton Blues Paddy Dow
    1 4 North Melbourne Kangaroos Luke Davies-Uniacke
    1 5 Fremantle Dockers Adam Cerra
    1 6 Collingwood Magpies Jaidyn Stephenson
    1 7 St Kilda Saints Hunter Clark
    1 8 St Kilda Saints Nick Coffield
    1 9 Western Bulldogs Aaron Naughton
    1 10 Carlton Blues Lochie O’Brien
    1 11 GWS Giants Aiden Bonar
    1 12 Adelaide Crows Darcy Fogarty
    1 13 West Coast Eagles Jarrod Brander
    1 14 Sydney Swans Matthew Ling
    1 15 Brisbane Lions Zac Bailey
    1 16 Western Bulldogs Ed Richards
    1 17 Richmond Tigers Jack Higgins
    1 18 Brisbane Lions Brandon Starcevic
    1 19 Gold Coast Suns Wil Powell
    2 20 Richmond Tigers Callum Coleman-Jones
    2 21 West Coast Eagles Oscar Allen
    2 22 Geelong Cats Lachlan Fogarty
    2 23 North Melbourne Kangaroos Will Walker
    2 24 Geelong Cats Tim Kelly
    2 25 Richmond Tigers Noah Balta
    2 26 West Coast Eagles Liam Ryan
    2 27 GWS Giants Brent Daniels
    2 28 GWS Giants Sam Taylor
    2 29 Melbourne Demons Charlie Spargo
    2 30 Carlton Blues Tom De Koning
    2 31 Melbourne Demons Bayley Fritsch
    2 32 West Coast Eagles Brayden Ainsworth
    2 33 Sydney Swans Tom McCartin
    2 34 Richmond Tigers Patrick Naish
    2 35 St Kilda Saints Oscar Clavarino
    2 36 Geelong Cats Charlie Constable
    2 37 Melbourne Demons Harrison Petty
    2 38 West Coast Eagles Jack Petrucelle
    3 39 Collingwood Magpies Nathan Murphy
    3 40 Adelaide Crows Andrew McPherson
    3 41 Brisbane Lions Toby Wooller
    3 42 Gold Coast Suns Charlie Ballard
    3 43 Brisbane Lions Connor Ballenden
    3 44 Fremantle Dockers Hugh Dixon
    3 45 Hawthorn Hawks James Worpel
    3 46 St Kilda Saints Ben Paton
    3 47 Port Adelaide Power Sam Hayes
    3 48 Melbourne Demons Oskar Baker
    3 49 Essendon Bombers Jordan Houlahan
    3 50 Collingwood Magpies Tyler Brown
    3 51 Port Adelaide Power Kane Farrell
    3 52 Gold Coast Suns Brayden Crossley
    3 53 Sydney Swans Ryley Stoddart
    3 54 Brisbane Lions Jack Payne
    3 55 Gold Coast Suns Connor Nutting
    4 56 GWS Giants Zac Langdon
    4 57 Geelong Cats Gryan Miers
    4 58 Port Adelaide Power Jake Patmore
    4 59 Fremantle Dockers Mitchell Crowden
    4 60 Port Adelaide Power Joel Garner
    4 61 Port Adelaide Power Dom Barry
    4 62 North Melbourne Kangaroos Kyron Hayden
    4 63 Richmond Tigers Benjamin Miller
    4 64 GWS Giants Nicholas Shipley
    4 65 Fremantle Dockers Tom North
    4 66 Essendon Bombers Brandon Zerk-Thatcher
    4 67 Hawthorn Hawks Dylan Moore
    4 68 West Coast Eagles Hamish Brayshaw
    4 69 Fremantle Dockers Lloyd Meek
    4 70 Carlton Blues Angus Schumacher
    5 71 Hawthorn Hawks Jackson Ross
    5 72 North Melbourne Kangaroos Tristan Xerri
    5 73 Fremantle Dockers Sam Switkowski
    5 74 Western Bulldogs Callum Porter
    5 75 Fremantle Dockers Scott Jones
    5 76 Essendon Bombers Matt Guelfi
    5 77 North Melbourne Kangaroos Billy Hartung
    6 78 Carlton Blues Jarrod Garlett
    Josh Elliott
    Josh Elliott

    Josh Elliott may be The Roar's Weekend Editor, but at heart he's just a rusted-on North Melbourne tragic with a penchant for pun headlines - and also abnormal alliteration, assuredly; assuming achievability. He once finished third in a hot chilli pie eating contest. You can follow him on Twitter @JoshElliott_29 and listen to him on The Roar's AFL Podcast.

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    The Crowd Says (29)

    • November 24th 2017 @ 9:35pm
      Mattician6x6 said | November 24th 2017 @ 9:35pm | ! Report

      Great draft result wce, will be a 7-12 team next year but watch out wa is coming and like 2015 wce and freo will dominate like the fourth morbid angel lp in years to come!

      • November 24th 2017 @ 10:16pm
        Jon boy said | November 24th 2017 @ 10:16pm | ! Report

        Matti- Envy the top forwards eagles got well done.shocked and disappointed Freo over looked LDU did not see anyone who can kick goals which has been a major problem. Fyfe probably have to spend 90 % Forward.

      • November 25th 2017 @ 12:22am
        13th Man said | November 25th 2017 @ 12:22am | ! Report

        looking forward to the battle of the Brayshaw’s in the derby, will be interesting to see whether they end up living together despite playing for rivals, i’d half been hoping Freo would pick up Hamish later on but its good for player retention that their brother is in town as well.
        Bit annoyed you guys picked up Liam Ryan but happy for him as well, Ryan Nyhus will definitely be playing come derby day.
        Good draft for both WA teams though.

        • November 25th 2017 @ 2:41am
          dontknowmuchaboutfootball said | November 25th 2017 @ 2:41am | ! Report

          Can’t believe West Coast got Liam Ryan AND Oscar Allen. Can’t call that a good draft for both WA teams at all.

          • Roar Guru

            November 25th 2017 @ 8:32am
            AdelaideDocker said | November 25th 2017 @ 8:32am | ! Report

            We did well, but West Coast did extremely well.

            • Roar Guru

              November 25th 2017 @ 9:16am
              Dalgety Carrington said | November 25th 2017 @ 9:16am | ! Report

              Better rated a few years from now though.

              • November 25th 2017 @ 11:11am
                Mattician6x6 said | November 25th 2017 @ 11:11am | ! Report

                Good night for both clubs with wce and freo fulfilling immediate and future needs. Both was teams will be surprise packets next year imho with both finals bound.

          • November 25th 2017 @ 9:53am
            13th Man said | November 25th 2017 @ 9:53am | ! Report

            Ummm why not? Ryan and Allen are good gets for West Coast, although I’m not entirely sure if they needed two key forwards. Surprised they went Brander over a midfielder.
            No it was definitely a good draft for both sides, Freo got two players who I think will be guns, Brayshaw is future captain material. We’ll see how the later ones go, bit hard to tell at this stage.

            • November 26th 2017 @ 2:07am
              dontknowmuchaboutfootball said | November 26th 2017 @ 2:07am | ! Report

              Freo not getting Ryan and Allen is bad enough. Them going to the Eagles is the worst result of all!

    • Roar Guru

      November 24th 2017 @ 9:40pm
      Cat said | November 24th 2017 @ 9:40pm | ! Report

      Very, very happy with the Cats picks. Just the types of players we needed. Glad just about all the phantom drafts were way off, having Geelong taking defenders. Don’t need more defenders. We needed small forwards and we got them.

      • November 25th 2017 @ 7:58am
        pussyblue said | November 25th 2017 @ 7:58am | ! Report

        Agree Cat. Didn’t think we needed defenders at the moment. Small forwards are what is needed.At the moment we have too many injury prone forwards. Last season lack of small (fit) forwards was IMO our achilles heal.

    • November 24th 2017 @ 9:53pm
      Darren said | November 24th 2017 @ 9:53pm | ! Report

      I like the look of the mix for blues. Used early picks on mids – a contested, explosive player and an elite runner, kick. Then a young ruckman who will take time w(which is fine), another elite kick (left footer again) and Garlett as the speculative pick – who could be a real wildcard. All up an A.

      • November 24th 2017 @ 10:40pm
        Macca said | November 24th 2017 @ 10:40pm | ! Report

        Darren – Dow is going to be an absolut gun while O’Brien has great attributes and should compliment our midfield well.

        The rest are all a bit speculative, a ruckman is always a risk but he has a few years to learn from Kreuzer Lobbe and Phillips, Schumacher has the right qualities but must have some flaws and Garlett could be boom or bust but worth the risk.

        I would say this draft cemented the style Bolton is wanting – it has continued the trend of getting quick, hard running players who are great by foot. I have a lot of confidence it will pay off.

        • November 27th 2017 @ 8:03am
          Harsh Truth Harry said | November 27th 2017 @ 8:03am | ! Report

          but O’Brien in front of Fogarty Macca? This could be the one that will haunt your dreams for years to come…

    • Roar Guru

      November 24th 2017 @ 11:30pm
      AdelaideDocker said | November 24th 2017 @ 11:30pm | ! Report

      Was at work the whole night, so just got home to read what happened tonight!

      Pretty happy with Freo’s picks – I was wanting LDU, but Brayshaw and Cerra seem like great pick ups. They’ve got a very close friendship (it’s practically a bromance!) going as well, which is fantastic. Not too sure about our other six(!) picks, but I’m looking forward to reading up on them.

      We certainly seemed to have fulfilled what we needed. Brayshaw, Cerra, Crowden and North to compliment our midfield, a promising tall forward in Dixon, developing big men in Meek and Jones and, from what I’ve heard, Switkowski was pretty good in the VFL last year and is a promising late pick.

      Not a bad night. Not a bad night, at all.

      • Editor

        November 24th 2017 @ 11:37pm
        Josh Elliott said | November 24th 2017 @ 11:37pm | ! Report

        Sorry mate… LDU is an LD-Roo!! 😉

      • November 25th 2017 @ 12:32am
        13th Man said | November 25th 2017 @ 12:32am | ! Report

        AD, bit surprised we didn’t take more WA boys later on, however I think that looking at it Brayshaw was the right pick at #2. The fact he comes from a WA sporting family and said publicly he was happy to move west plus the added bonus of his brother also coming to WA (should be a good little rivalry).
        Always had thought we would go one of Cerra or Stephenson at 5 and the fact we were thinking about him for 2 means hes pretty good.

      • November 25th 2017 @ 11:29am
        Mattician6x6 said | November 25th 2017 @ 11:29am | ! Report

        AD- hope switkowski gets the nickname officer because if ever there was a surname that sounds like it belongs on a gritty cop drama its switkowski.

      • November 25th 2017 @ 11:29am
        Mattician6x6 said | November 25th 2017 @ 11:29am | ! Report

        AD- hope switkowski gets the nickname officer because if ever there was a surname that sounds like it belongs on a gritty cop drama its switkowski.

    • November 25th 2017 @ 12:05am
      Doctor Rotcod said | November 25th 2017 @ 12:05am | ! Report

      Jarred Brander is a gun forward and a big unit,194 cm and 89 kg.
      The Herald Sun labelled him the best key forward in the draft, and thought he could go as high as 6. He wants to play where he can get senior footy in 2018. FoxFooty calls him a defender Does that mean that Darling goes to the midfield more often? Or that McGovern goes forward while he goes back?

      Oscar Allen won the Larke Medal at the U/18s and has played nearly everywhere on a footy field at WAFL level.
      Ryan and Petrucelle are seriously fast. I am seriously rapt about the Eagle’s picks

      What happens when the Brayshaws play in the Derby?

      • November 25th 2017 @ 4:15am
        Mattician6x6 said | November 25th 2017 @ 4:15am | ! Report

        Brander is apparently a wce supporter aswell which is always good news. On the same page mate our boys definitely turned that future first rounder into three excellent young players.

      • Roar Guru

        November 25th 2017 @ 9:14am
        Dalgety Carrington said | November 25th 2017 @ 9:14am | ! Report

        By the looks of last night’s draft haul, you’ll have to hope you can get your Darling to develop enough run on the ball.

        • November 25th 2017 @ 11:25am
          Mattician6x6 said | November 25th 2017 @ 11:25am | ! Report

          Oscar Allen will be developed into a on baller, darling will stay fwd. Easier to develop a kid into that position than recreate a mid career player. Unless you are referring to fact I think Allen is a gun and have been vocal about it?? 😉

          • Roar Guru

            November 25th 2017 @ 6:17pm
            Dalgety Carrington said | November 25th 2017 @ 6:17pm | ! Report

            Allen on the ball? Might take him a while to be up for it, you’ll need someone in the meantime.

            • November 26th 2017 @ 10:21am
              Mattician6x6 said | November 26th 2017 @ 10:21am | ! Report

              Venables will do or ah chee, maybe duggan or partington or Nelson or yeo, there is a few options;)

      • November 25th 2017 @ 9:56am
        13th Man said | November 25th 2017 @ 9:56am | ! Report

        I was a bit surprised you went for a key forward with your first pick, always thought you’d get Allen but then pick up a raft of midfielders. Your first 3 picks all being forwards was a surprise although I really really rate Ryan so that’s a very good get.
        We’ll see in a few years time but I think you’ve done quite well but could of used another mid or two. My guess is you would’ve gone Kelly at 26 but Geelong foiled you.

    • November 25th 2017 @ 11:03am
      Patty Pies said | November 25th 2017 @ 11:03am | ! Report

      Loved the 3 that the pies picked, just a little concerned that they are all pretty similar types. Especially considering our list is already stacked with midfielders and medium flank/wing types. Wonder how these kids are going to get an opportunity at the end of a very long list of similar players.

      The other side of this is what appears to be a deliberate strategy of ignoring key position types. After spending the past 2 or 3 years cleaining out the list of just about every key pos player, we have flatly refused to draft or trade in any replacements. I get that footy tactics are changing and lumbering, slow KPP types no longer have a place in the game, but we seem to have taken this approach to an extreme. We basically have no depth or developing talls.. what gives?

      • November 27th 2017 @ 12:13pm
        Peter the Scribe said | November 27th 2017 @ 12:13pm | ! Report

        Patty Pies, Stephenson is totally different to the other two as we will look at him as a half forward or speedy wing rather than a purely midfielder, he may even develop as a running half back. He can leap and can kick goals. As for KPP developing, Sam Mclarty is 197 and Darcy Moore of course plus Cox will play as a full forward. We could’ve taken Naughton but Stephenson is THE X factor pick of the draft and Murphy was a steal at 39 as touted as potential first round. Have faith, the Pies have got three beauties here.