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Michael Cheika deserves a break – and our respect

Gishan De Soyza Roar Pro

By Gishan De Soyza, Gishan De Soyza is a Roar Pro

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    We would all do well to remember that Michael Cheika was approached by Rugby AU and not the other way around.

    At the time, there were no other viable options and I doubt there are many now. Maybe a few contenders will come up post-2019.

    I was disgusted throughout the England game and felt worse after it. Reading the Cheika-bashing in the articles that followed has given me a sick feeling in the stomach and still does.

    This article is by no means an attempt to justify the Wallabies’ loss, referee decisions or trying to say his attitude is right.

    This is an attempt to get some perspective from Wallaby supporters on Michael Cheika’s worth and contribution to Australian rugby thus far.

    The debacle with Ewen McKenzie should have never happened, and Rugby Australia should make sure that it doesn’t happen again. But that is one example of the dire state Australian rugby was at the time.

    Everything went pear-shaped after the 2011 Rugby World Cup semi against New Zealand, meaning we never got to the standard we were leading into the World Cup.

    Then came the Lions Tour. It was the worst timing possible but, in terms of challenges, it was perfect. Even though the first two Tests were very closely fought, with injuries and so on, a Lions win was not surprising.

    That said, we could have taken the series even though the Lions squad was better.

    After the result, Robbie Deans was gone. His successor followed him shortly.

    This is where Cheika steps in.

    Michael Cheika Wallabies

    (Photo by Jason O’Brien/Getty Images)

    He’d never coached an international team before, but his passion for the game and his country saw him accept the offer. Make no mistake, he is a very successful man and he does not depend on Rugby Australia’s pay cheque.

    So it was always going to be his way or the highway. This is good because, at the end of his reign, Cheika and only Cheika will be accountable for the results.

    His task was to coach Australia, a team with a great history and that is expected to be No. 2 or 3 consistently in the world rankings.

    This itself is a very tough ask and there aren’t many international coaches who are up for the job.

    If there were, we would have seen more teams claiming the No. 2 or 3 spot more consistently. Cheika is trying to give us something better, for Australia to consistently be No. 1 by playing attractive running rugby for the fans.

    This is not something that can be achieved in a short span of time, ideally two world cup cycles or close to that.

    Think Clive Woodward and Graham Henry. So that is what Cheika has taken upon himself to do, not to be liked or to be seen as a nice decent guy or everything else the fans and public are accusing him of.

    He is not in the business of politics. Sure he is not perfect but who is? He is passionate, stubborn, arrogant at times and makes bad calls. But that’s who the man is and that is what works for him and makes him successful.

    So who are we to judge him? As Wallaby fans we have the right to question his selections, tactics to a certain extent, but to accuse him of his behaviour is way out of line.

    The reason he behaves like that is because he truly believes in what he and the Wallabies are trying to achieve, so yes, he loses his cool when he thinks the ref got it wrong. It shows how much he is into it.

    See, the truth is I don’t think Michael Cheika really cares about what people think of him or if he is liked by many or not. He does care, however, about making the fans proud of their Wallabies through the performance on the field.

    That’s enough for me. I think we are building nicely for the future and when he leaves, he will leave the Wallabies in a much better place from where he got them.

    We will have a quality, consistent team for the next coach to carry on from where he left.

    He might even have the William Webb Ellis Trophy in the cabinet.

    Australia's head coach Michael Cheika


    Can anyone deny there hasn’t been big change in the Wallabies set-up since he took over up to now? I doubt anyone could. No matter the methods, he has changed it for the good.

    The Wallabies are not worthy of being number one yet even if they beat both England and New Zealand. So there’s a long and hard way to go to achieve that.

    It is not by coincidence that he took Leinster and the Waratahs to maiden championships, and took the Wallabies to the 2015 Rugby World Cup final in such short time.

    The significance is the transformation of the teams in every one of those Championship runs.

    Even if Leinster and the Waratahs ended being runners-up, he still deserves credit for the transformation and consistency he is trying to build into this Wallaby team – who had slugged into some low standards for quite a while.

    So please let him do his job. If the rest of the world don’t like him that’s their problem, they can keep baiting him and have the camera on him all day, but at least Wallaby supporters should have his back.

    As passionate supporters of the game and the Wallabies, we can disagree with some of his selections and tactics, but we shouldn’t start hating him and start calling for his head just because we didn’t get our way.

    We either trust in what he is doing or not. There is a big difference between criticising to this extent and opinion sharing about what he should do or should have done.

    Australia's head coach Michael Cheika, second right, walks with his side before playing Ireland

    (AP Photo/Peter Morrison)

    Coming back to the weekend incident of his behaviour, he swore and was talking to himself animatedly inside the coaching box. It’s his human right for Christ’s sake. Players swear to themselves all the on the field.

    As long as there is no malice shown towards another player or the referee there is no problem. And Michael Cheika showed none.

    As fans, it’s ok to question his selections and tactics but come on, let’s not hang him for being passionate and standing up for the team. Let’s show him some support, some of us might not like the man but let’s do it anyway.

    Note to the media, get a life. Stop trying to earn your living at the expense of another person’s emotions. If you don’t like what you see don’t look. Rugby is not a game for the faint-hearted.

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    The Crowd Says (237)

    • November 24th 2017 @ 2:00am
      Chris Love said | November 24th 2017 @ 2:00am | ! Report

      I have not problem with how he carries on. Anyone criticising him for going off when we get a dud call should pull their heads in.

      • November 24th 2017 @ 6:41am
        Kurt said | November 24th 2017 @ 6:41am | ! Report


        • November 24th 2017 @ 7:37am
          Bags said | November 24th 2017 @ 7:37am | ! Report

          +2, and also for Michael Hooper, who apparantly has too much hair to captain the wallabies, and all the other petty attacks on him. Judge them both by their footy,

      • November 24th 2017 @ 9:35am
        gekko said | November 24th 2017 @ 9:35am | ! Report

        Hear, hear

      • November 24th 2017 @ 10:00am
        Fionn said | November 24th 2017 @ 10:00am | ! Report

        Cheika deserves criticism when he blames the referees for our losses. Especially since every major decision on the weekend—with the possible exception of the Daly try, which I think went out—was correct.

        Perhaps we should lose the victim mentality and start taking an honest appraisal of why we lose matches, and try to improve, rather than allowing our coach and players to deflect blame and consistently blame our losses on the referees.
        The fans need to let Cheika know that he and the team need to lose he victim mentality and start taking an honest appraisal of why we lose matches, and try to improve, rather than consistently deflecting blame for our losses onto the referees.

        • Roar Guru

          November 24th 2017 @ 10:27am
          PeterK said | November 24th 2017 @ 10:27am | ! Report

          other than the heat of the moment outburst in the coach’s box where have you seen any player or chieka say the loss is attributable to the referee’s decisions?

          Show me the quotes. In fact I see ones where they say they should have been able to win it being 13-6 down at the end.

          • November 24th 2017 @ 10:39am
            Fionn said | November 24th 2017 @ 10:39am | ! Report

            By ranting about the referee in the coach’s box it is already deflecting responsibility. Cheika is an extremely intelligent man. He knows that if he throws it out there he has started the conversation in the media about refereeing decisions, and then he can sit back on his laurels.

            How much criticism has there been of his flawed selections and tactics, especially given the weather? Very little. Instead, it has been all about his outburst in the coach’s box.

            • Roar Guru

              November 24th 2017 @ 10:45am
              PeterK said | November 24th 2017 @ 10:45am | ! Report

              so? That would seem smart media manipulation to me, take the heat and attack off the players from a frenzied media.

              I thought the point was about the players / coach when analysing the game afterwards accepting the mistakes they made that lost the game and looking at what they need to improve.

              Deflecting the heat from the media unto him has nothing to do with that.

              I get you don’t like the us against everyone siege mentality he wants to build but that is a totally different issue to them evaluating their game performances.

              • November 24th 2017 @ 10:49am
                Fionn said | November 24th 2017 @ 10:49am | ! Report

                Because that assumes that it is just a cynical media ploy and has no bearing in his own thoughts and the attitude he and the team has.

                Given his comments about the refereeing I would be surprised whatsoever if he and the team have the attitude of ‘we only lost due to the refereeing’. Every match. Drawing attention to the referee is a way of deflecting responsibility.

                Cheika never comes out and says clearly: ‘the refereeing was fine, we lost as we come out against England with a flawed strategy and selections, were kicked out of the game and none of our players were capable of adapting to the conditions’.

              • Roar Guru

                November 24th 2017 @ 10:59am
                PeterK said | November 24th 2017 @ 10:59am | ! Report

                Fionn – So now the players / coach not making honest appraisals of their performance and way to improve when they review games is pure conjecture and inference from you?

                There is no proof of your claims whatsoever then.

                Lack of a public statement as one you suggest from Cheika is no evidence of that whatsoever.

              • November 24th 2017 @ 11:45am
                Fionn said | November 24th 2017 @ 11:45am | ! Report

                No, if Cheika wants to come out and make the referee a factor in every single loss, which he does, while not ever making a clear admission of flawed tactics and selections then that is all the information we have to make a judgment of what it might be like behind closed doors.

                For all I know the whole blaming of the referee is a pure media ploy. However, I have to judge Cheika’s actions on what he says publicly as I don’t know what is said behind closed doors.

              • November 24th 2017 @ 12:01pm
                Fionn said | November 24th 2017 @ 12:01pm | ! Report

                I should say almost every single loss.

              • Roar Guru

                November 24th 2017 @ 1:18pm
                PeterK said | November 24th 2017 @ 1:18pm | ! Report

                4 losses this year and at most targets the ref in 2, that is 50%

                Did he blame the ref in the close loss in Dunedin? I can’t remember.

              • November 24th 2017 @ 2:02pm
                Jerry said | November 24th 2017 @ 2:02pm | ! Report

                He moaned about Retallick not getting carded.

              • November 24th 2017 @ 2:53pm
                Ed said | November 24th 2017 @ 2:53pm | ! Report


                Cheika to Channel Ten after the match in Dunedin:
                “We did enough and had a few key calls against us at really important times. That’s the way she rolls, maybe the script was written.”

              • Roar Guru

                November 24th 2017 @ 3:16pm
                PeterK said | November 24th 2017 @ 3:16pm | ! Report

                thanks, so 50% of the time this year

              • November 24th 2017 @ 4:01pm
                Fionn said | November 24th 2017 @ 4:01pm | ! Report

                And at least one of the two draws, if not the other also.

              • Roar Guru

                November 24th 2017 @ 6:21pm
                PeterK said | November 24th 2017 @ 6:21pm | ! Report

                fionn – add the 2 draws and you say in 1 of them, and at worst it remains 50% again, not the vast majority you put forward. He shouldn’t do it I agree, but it is not as often as you have come to believe.

            • Roar Guru

              November 24th 2017 @ 3:17pm
              PeterK said | November 24th 2017 @ 3:17pm | ! Report

              never said that, I was specifically referencing the england game

              • Roar Guru

                November 24th 2017 @ 9:29pm
                Fox Saker said | November 24th 2017 @ 9:29pm | ! Report

                you are way off base on this one peterk and so is this article – you’re defending the indefensible – Cheika has a worldwide reputation as being a sour and bitter loser who too often lacks composure – don’t believe me?

                Go back and read newspapers in the last two and half years when Australia has lost – yes including Australian, after his sour loser post match performances

                Either everyone is wrong or he is what is acts like he is – period – he deserves all the criticism he gets in this department and he brings it upon himself for the way he behaves

                You say a lot very good stuff and I like reading you blogs peterk but you have this very wrong IMO

              • Roar Guru

                November 25th 2017 @ 8:41am
                PeterK said | November 25th 2017 @ 8:41am | ! Report

                fox – where am i wrong?

                I am not defending cheika’s behaviour in terms of ref blaming as being ok.

                What I have been saying is that is no excuse for the continuous personal abuse , calling him names and so on.

                Also I have been pointing out that people are OTT in their generalisations. Yes h has blamed the ref, but not in every loss , and even in being critical of ref decisions he hasn’t said it has cost the wallabies the game in most cases unlike what people say.

                All I am after is a fair go, a fair balanced characterisation.

                I don’t care what his media sensationalised world wide rep is, not at all. It is not as if tabloids are even handed or balanced.

                I don’t care that he lacks composure, that he is not cool and robotic and controlled all the time. I have never disputed he gets over wrought and emotional.

          • November 24th 2017 @ 2:17pm
            Craig Musson said | November 24th 2017 @ 2:17pm | ! Report

            Correct he went out of his way to say Wallabies were not good enough and need to be able to win irrespective of ref. He continually talks about owning the losses

            • November 24th 2017 @ 2:21pm
              Jerry said | November 24th 2017 @ 2:21pm | ! Report

              While continually finding something to complain about from the officials, apparently.

            • Roar Pro

              November 25th 2017 @ 12:16am
              Gishan De Soyza said | November 25th 2017 @ 12:16am | ! Report

              Fox Saker, if that is your perception balame Rugby AU for hiring him Dont blame Chieka for being him and not being able to live up to your standards. Like I said in the article his job is not to please you. Rugby Aus knew exactly what kind of a personality he is when they hired him.

        • Roar Pro

          November 24th 2017 @ 10:53pm
          Gishan De Soyza said | November 24th 2017 @ 10:53pm | ! Report

          Fionn, he hasn’t ever stated anywhere that a loss was due to bad refereeing. Whenever he has made a comment like that it has been about a specific call or incident. He has all the right to comment on those types of incidents as long as he doesn’t blame the loss on them which he has never done. The ref’s and World Rugby are not some invincible force that no one can dare make a comment. There is no victim mind set with Cheika or the Wallabies. Disappointed and annoyed maybe but not to the extent you and the others are stating.

          • Roar Guru

            November 25th 2017 @ 8:44am
            PeterK said | November 25th 2017 @ 8:44am | ! Report

            true it would be the minority of cases he has actually said the ref has cost them the game.

            I believe calling out the ref’s decisions can bring a charge of bringing the game into disrepute and you get fined.

        • Roar Pro

          November 25th 2017 @ 4:13am
          Gishan De Soyza said | November 25th 2017 @ 4:13am | ! Report

          The only person that I see who has a victim mentality at this point Fionn is you. You seem to be blaming Cheika for all our losses without accepting that the Wallabies are not what you want them to be. Are you not capable of accepting a wallaby loss and still support them? Will you only support your team if they win every game? You need a reality check. The Wallabies are not in a state to win every game right now. Cheika is trying to fix that, so if you cant help, please don’t disrupt. Maybe take a break from rugby until Cheika is done with the team and get them into winning consistently.

      • November 24th 2017 @ 1:15pm
        Perthstayer said | November 24th 2017 @ 1:15pm | ! Report

        Gishan ——- This is absolute rubbish

        For my kid, what is your justification for the “cheat” comment?

        I don’t care about the F word but my kid asked how come it’s ok for the national coach to say “cheat” when he’d be dropped permanently at school for saying that?

        Same goes for blaming refs

        • Roar Pro

          November 24th 2017 @ 10:59pm
          Gishan De Soyza said | November 24th 2017 @ 10:59pm | ! Report

          Perthstayer, did anyone hear him say that? or did he say it directly to anyone? did he accuse some one in a public forum? People have gone to the extent of lip reading of something which was said to himself. The rugby is played on the field not the coaches box. Maybe if everyone just focused on the rugby, no justifications need to be made. Again, he has never blamed the refs, you cannot take him making a comment about an incident which happened with a ref and turn it a round by saying that is blaming. He is entitled to share his thoughts on referees. And he needs to as a International coach.

          • November 25th 2017 @ 7:42pm
            Dave said | November 25th 2017 @ 7:42pm | ! Report

            What a load of shite ‘never blamed the refs? Perhaps pull your head out of your rear and take a look at the links provided by the poster further up. He continuously whines about some ‘wrong’ decision after a loss.

          • November 27th 2017 @ 12:29pm
            Perthstayer said | November 27th 2017 @ 12:29pm | ! Report


            “He is entitled to share his thoughts on referees” is meaningless. Of course anyone is welcome to share thoughts. But it is the content and phrasing of those thoughts that is key.

            He has reached a low where only two words on Google are needed. “Cheika cheat”. Give it a go.

      • November 24th 2017 @ 4:13pm
        Drongo said | November 24th 2017 @ 4:13pm | ! Report

        Exactly right Chris. Cheika is full of passion and his players absolutely love him. I disagree with some of the things he does, especially the continued selection of Foley, but it is his team not mine and he must take all the flak as well as the praise. Most of the harshest critics are from a certain demographic, shall we say. Ignore them, he is our coach and we shall decide who coaches this country and the circumstances in which they do it.

      • November 24th 2017 @ 9:27pm
        Rebellion said | November 24th 2017 @ 9:27pm | ! Report

        Sorry but this article is glossing over the fact he unashamedly selects his favourite Waratahs and no amount of form, talent or improvement can remove some of them (Nic Phipps FFS)
        I can bear being lectured on most things on this forum but I will not stand for anyone trying to justify the ludicrous situation we are in where more than a handful of players who should be in the gold jersey either aren’t getting a look in or have already left.
        If someone in Australian Rugby stepped in and stripped him of his absolutely selection authority when this issue started to become embarrassingly obvious – we wouldn’t have reached the breaking point long ago
        I really hope the current administration are held accountable at some stage for the damage they have done sitting back doing ‘sweet FA’.

        • Roar Pro

          November 25th 2017 @ 4:25am
          Gishan De Soyza said | November 25th 2017 @ 4:25am | ! Report

          I’m sorry to bust your bubble Rebellion buy you are not gonna win a rebellion against Cheika. He is the coach and he gets to decide who he wants. It’s one of those job privileges. When you are the coach, you can decide.

          • November 25th 2017 @ 8:02am
            Rebellion said | November 25th 2017 @ 8:02am | ! Report

            Where you’re wrong Gishan is this has ever happened before (certainly in the age of televised provincial rugby) where a national coach has selected so many of his favoured provincial players who are complete duds.
            A few 60-40 calls or a 1-off breakdown in relationship with ‘a’ player have gone the coaches way in season’s gone by but this situation is a farce

            • Roar Pro

              November 25th 2017 @ 9:21pm
              Gishan De Soyza said | November 25th 2017 @ 9:21pm | ! Report

              Rebellion, your point in terms of some of his selections are very fair, trust me I get it because I am a Cooper fan so that says enough. In fact there are quite few selections which I’m grieved about. And I have no problem questioning Cheika openly about them. What most fail to understand is only Cheika knows the reason for these strange selections, and maybe its focused on his long term plan. So even though I’m not at all happy I still chose to extend my support to him and the team. And besides this article was specifically focused on what happened last weekend and the abuse he is getting for it.

    • November 24th 2017 @ 4:38am
      Mike Dugg said | November 24th 2017 @ 4:38am | ! Report

      Cheika is the best coach in the world. He wasn’t saddled with a team of all stars like an all blacks coach is. He has selected and mounded these guys into a winning team of champs. Yes he is very passionate but it just shows how much he cares. My favorite quality that I’ve found in his coaching is his utter lack of favorites. Every Aussie player inside or outside the squad have a chance to be selected.

      • November 24th 2017 @ 9:09am
        Crash Ball2 said | November 24th 2017 @ 9:09am | ! Report

        “His utter lack of favourites.”

        Bravo sir.

        Across any forum, any publication, around any watercooler or within any watering hole across this fine country, this is the first time I’ve encountered even the staunchest Cheikophile attempt such an ambitious, unblinking statement. It’s a reverse 4.5 sommersault in pike. Turkish judge gave you a 3.4.

        • November 24th 2017 @ 9:14am
          aussikiwi said | November 24th 2017 @ 9:14am | ! Report

          I kind of thought Mike was jesting (but not 100% sure!)

          • November 24th 2017 @ 9:28am
            Crash Ball2 said | November 24th 2017 @ 9:28am | ! Report

            I hope so.

            • Roar Rookie

              November 24th 2017 @ 11:31am
              piru said | November 24th 2017 @ 11:31am | ! Report

              My favorite quality that I’ve found in his coaching is his utter lack of favorites.

              Let that sink in

              • November 24th 2017 @ 11:51am
                Charlie Turner said | November 24th 2017 @ 11:51am | ! Report

                Twiggy could mine that irony!

          • Roar Guru

            November 24th 2017 @ 3:23pm
            PeterK said | November 24th 2017 @ 3:23pm | ! Report

            i was sure it was satire

    • November 24th 2017 @ 4:54am
      USA Kiwi said | November 24th 2017 @ 4:54am | ! Report

      Your point about talking to himself in the privacy of the coaching box is a good one.
      Also, you cannot fault him for his passion.
      He just about imploded in the press conference, but then contained himself. His emotions must have been pretty raw at that point.
      The Aussies were their own worst enemies at times on the pitch though. It was a good exciting game and wanted the Aust team to get one over on the English, but sadly, not to be this time.

    • November 24th 2017 @ 5:44am
      P2R2 said | November 24th 2017 @ 5:44am | ! Report

      I think you lost the plot with your HEADLINE…he deserves neither…

      • Roar Pro

        November 25th 2017 @ 9:23pm
        Gishan De Soyza said | November 25th 2017 @ 9:23pm | ! Report

        To be fair this wasn’t my original headline.

    • Roar Pro

      November 24th 2017 @ 6:02am
      Matt Davis said | November 24th 2017 @ 6:02am | ! Report

      The speculation about what he was saying in the coaches box, to whom, was pretty ridiculous. It’s pretty disappointing that Tom Decent at rugby heaven had two articles about it-that sort of gossip and speculation doesn’t seem like what journalism should be.

      There’s also a strong history of Australian coaches yelling in the box at Twickenham, Bob Dwyer famously yelling “kick it to shithouse” while seated right behind the queen.

      I think Cheika cops it more because he’s a successful Everyman, people see so much of themselves in him and so judge him more harshly. Commentary is also more and more skewed online, people with a positive opinion will comment once, whereas the negative opinions get posted relentlessly, so it’s not necessarily indicative imo.

      • November 24th 2017 @ 12:26pm
        jacko said | November 24th 2017 @ 12:26pm | ! Report

        Matt he cops it more because he does it in every match……he didnt only say F….ing cheat but he also walked out on a reporter asking stupid questions and will attack anyone who asks him prickly questions at press conferences. If these things happen every 20th match then its easy to blame a bad day but it is EVERY loss where he loses the plot. I dont accept that all the other international coaches have less passion and less desire to win than Cheika so it comes down to Cheika not being able to control his emotions and not controling his reactions. Cheika is probably a decent enough coach but how do we know that when all we are ever reading about is his over-reactions and bad manners.

        • Roar Pro

          November 24th 2017 @ 10:07pm
          Matt Davis said | November 24th 2017 @ 10:07pm | ! Report

          Mate i’m not saying that, never mentioned any other coaches. But if we contextualize with recent Australian coaches and let’s not forget that since Rod, we’ve found something to hate in all of them.

          My point was really that the journalism on the SMH et al was poor, when realistically he probably didn’t say f-cking cheat-there’s no audio-and he’s never accused anyone of cheating. He probably said f-cking sh-t, because that makes the most sense.

          My other point is that he’s the least aloof, most transparent/life like of recent coaches, and so people see themselves in him and judge him harshly as a result.

          Speaking of which i thought he reacted appropriately in shutting down that sh-t-stirring post match interview, wasn’t especially rude, just said basically; are you seriously going to ask me if i swore (notice he said that, he didn’t even cotton on to the accusation that he called the officials cheats) in the heat of the moment during the game? That seems a fair enough response to me.

          • November 25th 2017 @ 7:47pm
            Dave said | November 25th 2017 @ 7:47pm | ! Report

            Apologist. Jeez you are some blind bat if you could not lip read what he said, it was plain as day. even to the RFU who considered sanctioning him, not heard how that went.

            • Roar Pro

              November 25th 2017 @ 9:27pm
              Gishan De Soyza said | November 25th 2017 @ 9:27pm | ! Report

              Dave, What’s the problem even if he did say it? He said to to himself in his private space. There was no sound and he didn’t say it to another individual. He is entitled to say whatever he wants to in private just like any of us. He is not the the Holy Pope.

        • Roar Pro

          November 25th 2017 @ 4:31am
          Gishan De Soyza said | November 25th 2017 @ 4:31am | ! Report

          What would you have done if you were Cheika jacko? Please share your thoughts so that people can learn from you. And a small tip, don’t believe everything you read, that might help to a certain extent.

          • November 25th 2017 @ 6:30am
            aussikiwi said | November 25th 2017 @ 6:30am | ! Report

            Media 101. Im here to comment on the game so if you gave any questions about that…..?

            Politicians spend their lives not answering questions in interviews. It’s not hard.

            • Roar Pro

              November 25th 2017 @ 9:32pm
              Gishan De Soyza said | November 25th 2017 @ 9:32pm | ! Report

              True enough aussikiwi, that would be a much better way to handle it. But it comes down to his personality again. He is not that type of a guy who takes it from anyone. And he is not in politics so it’s not his main job to be diplomatic to that extent in everything he says and it’s not his core job role. So yes it is not ideal but the criticism he is getting for it is way too much. But yes I agree that if he could adopt to this diplomatic way of answering it will help a lot of people.

    • November 24th 2017 @ 6:10am
      Jerry said | November 24th 2017 @ 6:10am | ! Report

      it’s not the F part of his ranting that is at issue, it’s the C part, why is everyone trying to fudge the issue?

      • Roar Guru

        November 24th 2017 @ 9:19am
        Wal said | November 24th 2017 @ 9:19am | ! Report

        Agreed, and it depends on who the Cheats is directed at. Judging on the timing (immediately after his second player was sent to the sin bin). It is very hard to argue it was at the English. Which leaves the Match officials or his own team, either of which deserves criticism.

      • Roar Pro

        November 24th 2017 @ 10:07pm
        Matt Davis said | November 24th 2017 @ 10:07pm | ! Report

        He didn’t say cheat though

      • Roar Pro

        November 25th 2017 @ 4:34am
        Gishan De Soyza said | November 25th 2017 @ 4:34am | ! Report

        Whats the problem, Cheika thought the ref was a cheat. And said it to himself. Have you never ever had a bad thought? Seriously. What will the media find out about you if they invade your privacy? I wouldn’t want to know.

        • November 25th 2017 @ 7:50pm
          Dave said | November 25th 2017 @ 7:50pm | ! Report

          Do you see any other rugby coach do that? Perhaps he should coach a mungo ball team, he would be right at home..

    , ,