The Giant problem in New York

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By Christopher Spinks, Christopher Spinks is a Roar Guru

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    Eli Manning of the NFL's New York Giants calls a play. (Michael Zagaris/Getty Images)

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    Over the past seven days, here in New York we have witnessed plenty.

    We’ve seen the disgusting treatment of a two-time Super Bowl winner and future Hall of Fame inductee at the hands of a General Manger and a Head Coach who couldn’t run a chook raffle at a local pub.

    The New York Giants have made headlines this season for all the wrong reasons. A record of 2-10 speaks for itself. But it all came to a head this week when both newly fired coach Ben McAdoo and General Manager Jerry Reece sensationally dropped 1uarterback Eli Manning.

    They replaced the two-time Super Bowl MVP with a bloke who couldn’t lead a train down the tracks in Geno Smith.

    Surely, they knew their time was up and thought “Why not give Geno a go, we have nothing to lose?”

    But they did.

    They have tarnished the career of a man who was in the top ten all-time rankings for consecutive NFL games played at 208. That’s a full 13 seasons that the Giants have called upon their main man to open the game. In turn he has given them two Super Bowls Championships.

    The men who told him to warm the bench, Reece and McAdoo, will be forever remembered for all the wrong reasons. I would be surprised if either of them are hired anytime soon.

    I could understand if you had a rookie quarterback on the bench and wanted him to learn from the great Eli Manning, but they gave the ball to Geno Smith.

    Smith has been watching Manning for some years, but he is in no way the future of this franchise.

    Why not let Manning see out the year as the New York hero he is and then get the next best young kid from the 2018 draft in April?

    You didn’t need to make international headlines for dropping a quarterback who will be a first ballot hall-of-famer.

    Yes, the team has struggled in 2017. But the 2-10 record is slightly skewed.

    They have lost four games, to the Eagles (10-2), Buccaneers (4-8), Chargers (6-6) and Raiders (6-6) all by less than a touchdown.

    Those matches can make or break your season. You win those games and you are 6-6 and chasing the Cowboys for a wildcard berth. More importantly, we are not sitting here talking about the collapse of a Giant.

    Eli Manning

    (Mike Morbeck / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0)

    Not since week three of 1998 have we had a weekend of football without Eli or his brother Peyton starting for their respective sides. In all, 19 years of football history ended on Monday (AEDT) when a coach on the rocks thought he would throw his weight around.

    The owners, Steve Tisch and John Mara need to find that spark again. The spark that sends fear into the opposition. Eli Manning isn’t the problem here. The coaching and recruiting staff are.

    Yes, Eli isn’t going to be the quarterback for years to come, but he has the skill and ability to teach a young kid how to carry the flame in his beloved city.

    My solution? Recruit from the top down.

    Get yourself a good General Manager who works well with a certain Head Coach. They need to already have a relationship and work well together. They need to bring in their own team, trainers, masseurs, ball boys, orange peelers, everything. You overhaul the entire backroom staff.

    Recruitment has been a problem for many years in New York, but that can be fixed over the next few seasons. Identify what you need and make those positions a focus for the draft.

    You currently have the number two draft pick for 2018, and there are so many quality players coming up from college.

    My tip, draft a good quarterback, a running back or two and let the defensive coach have free rein of whoever he needs to shore up the defensive line.

    It might take a few years, but you can set yourselves up for the next ten years if you play it right. Now is the time to set yourselves up for the future.

    Its time for the owners Tisch and Mara to come forward and tell the fans where the future lies for the New York Giants. What direction are they heading in?

    If you don’t, you will become the 49ers of the NFC East. And no one wants that.

    Give New York the team they deserve.

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