A new Order comes to the Oceanic Pro League

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    The NA LCS is heating up. (Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images)

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    The Oceanic Pro League contract database has confirmed a new team emerging from the ruins of Regicide.

    Called the Order, the team is led by Gerard Murphy, an individual who has experience managing teams, and will feature a roster that can be deemed and classified as an Oceanic Pro League (OPL) all-star team.

    Hailing from the top lane is this former Legacy Esports monstrous laner. He is one of the best laners in the OPL, and his aggression in lane can be translated to help his team around the map.

    A long-serving member of the Chiefs, Spookz is a veteran jungler who has shown time and time that he’s still one of the best junglers in the region. His intuitive game knowledge and mechanics will be something to look for again in the 2018 season.

    Swiffer is the Midlane Prince of Oceania. He’s a veteran player and has four years worth of synergy with fellow jungler Spookz. This mid and jungle duo will be a force to be reckoned with in the OPL.

    An impressive young ADC who has shown perseverance during his time in Sin Gaming in 2017. He has impressed many with his mechanics and his aggression in team fights. His notable partner in crime, Rogue, will continue to stay with him as they attempt to become the Lane Kingdom of OPL 2018.

    FBI’s partner in crime in the bottom lane. His performance in the 2017 season was what made him one of the best supports in the region. His hook predictions on Thresh, his engages with Rakan and his Alistar are what shines out the most. His performance at Rift Rivals was stellar, and Rogue can be the key to unlocking all the aggression this new monstrous team has.

    What can we expect from these players and this team? Order has a stacked roster and is a playoffs contender team; however, with the multiple roster changes within the OPL, no-one is able to determine which team will stay afloat at the top and who will crash and burn like the super teams we’ve seen from other regions.

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