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    2018 Australian Open

    Men's Singles qualifying, 1st Round

    Show Court 3, Melbourne Park

    Bernard Tomic vs Vincent Millot

      s1 s2 s3
    Bernard Tomic, AUS 6 6
    Vincent Millot, FRA 1 3

    In what might be the most high profile qualifying match in Australian Open history, one-time rising star Bernard Tomic will take on obscure Frenchman Vincent Millot in a bid to make his tenth consecutive main draw appearance. Join The Roar for live scores and coverage from around 4:30pm (AEDT).

    It’s been a heavy fall for Tomic since entering this grand slam in 2016 as the 16th seed, the 25-year-old plagued by controversy after controversy as his career took a nosedive.

    Straight-sets exits at the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open were bad enough, but when you add the public outcry over his famous ‘bored’ press conference which cost him both $15,000 and the respect of many Australian tennis fans, 2017 was a year best forgotten for the temperamental talent.

    Even before last year’s misery, Tomic has frustrated for years with his inability to follow on from a bright juniors career and sizzling first few years on the circuit, with his 2011 quarter-final appearance at Wimbledon still his best ever result at a major.

    But while Tennis Australia had managed to overlook Tomic’s many altercations over the years, the buck has finally stopped, with the body’s refusal to award him a wildcard for the Australian Open meaning he would have to go through three sudden-death matches to feature at Melbourne Park.

    Even that looked unlikely for a while, with speculation that he would continue his downward trend by refusing to do so, but now that he has accepted, you feel he is the most talented player – if not the most determined – in the group.

    By contrast, his first-round opponent, 31-year-old Vincent Millot, is about as far off centre stage as you could get.

    He’s played just 22 ATP World Tour matches in his career, winning only five, and while he’s managed two Challenger titles, the last was back in July 2015.

    Nevertheless, a ranking of 192 – he hasn’t dropped outside the top 200 since that last Challenger triumph – proves he’s no easy beat and while Tomic was too good in their only career match to date, there has been plenty of water under the bridge since then.

    This match really hinges on Tomic’s motivation for making the main draw at the Australian Open. If he’s determined to take the chance and will stop at nothing to get there, like most qualifiers, he’s all but a shoe-in.

    However, if he’s still feeling unmotivated- and with Tomic this “if” is a constant presence nowadays- then Millot is a chance at a major upset.

    Tomic to win in straight sets.

    If Tomic can make it through a tough qualifying period and make it to the main draw, don’t count him out of making an impact. His 17-9 record at Melbourne Park, including three fourth-round and third-round appearances apiece, make it comfortably his favourite Grand Slam.

    Can the former world No. 17 take the first step towards doing that and get 2018 off to a bright start? Or will the unknown Frenchman Millot spoil the prodigal son’s return?

    Tune into The Roar‘s live coverage of this first round of qualifying from around 4:30pm (AEDT) or at the completion of Taylor Fritz versus Sam Groth and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 7:34pm | ! Report

      Well, that’s been a very brief session of Roaring from me. Bernard Tomic through to the second round of qualifying with a 6-1, 6-3 victory over a very ordinary Vincent Millot.

      He’ll play the winner of Blaz Rola and Tommy Paul next (at this stage, it looks like being Rola). He’ll undoubtedly have to work harder in that match. Can he do it? We shall see.

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 7:29pm | ! Report

      He didn’t even have to get out of second gear for the most part, but Bernard Tomic is through to the second round of qualifying with a straight-sets win over Frenchman Vincent Millot. 6-1, 6-3 sounds resounding already, but the fact that it was only a 48-minute match probably tells you just what a mismatch it was. But it wasn’t Tomic rattling off winner after winner against a plucky but outclassed opponent. Nearly 30 unforced errors from Millot across the match, most of them in a nightmarish first set, meant Tomic had to do very little, just sit and wait until Millot made another mistake.

      A 15-minute first set set the tone, and while Millot was a little better in the second as he began to play more authoritative shots and come up to the net more often, mistakes continued to dog his game and in the end, it was about the simplest match the Australian will ever play.

    • Roar Guru

      Scott Pryde said | 7:26pm | ! Report

      Well, that was a shellacking.

      • Roar Guru

        Tim Miller said | 7:32pm | ! Report

        @Scott Putting it into perspective, the first game of the Djokovic-Istomin match at the Aussie Open last year was longer than the first set of this one.

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 7:24pm | ! Report


      Bernard Tomic defeats Vincent Millot 6-1, 6-3.

      Tomic gets it done in just 48 minutes!

      The crowd cheers as Tomic’s drop shot gets Millot up to the net, he responds with an angled one of his own, Tomic gets there but Millot covers the cross-court lob well and hammers it into open court! 15-0

      But he follows up an excellent play with another unforced error, as he sends another backhand into the net for the 15 millionth time once more. 15-15

      The duo trade unforced errors to go 30-30.

      Super stuff from Tomic, he gets Millot pinned on the baseline before going for a Federer-esque drop shot from his own baseline, and gets it to absolute perfection. Millot has to give him a thumbs-up. Match point. 30-40

      And he doesn’t need a second as fittingly, Millot sends a forehand into the net.

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 7:20pm | ! Report


      Millot 3-5 Tomic

      Tomic holds comfortably again, and he’s close now.

      Millot again cracks under very little pressure, Tomic just gently lobbing balls back at him and eventually he sends a forehand long. 15-0

      Unlucky for Millot! He hasn’t had much of that today. Tomic goes for the forehand down the line but it kisses the tape, balloons up, and bounces just on Millot’s side of the net with the Frenchman still on the baseline! 30-0

      And another love game from Tomic as a couple of powerful serves give him a free point and an unforced error. He’s one game away from the second round of qualifying.

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 7:17pm | ! Report


      Millot 3-4 Tomic

      A love game, but you feel it’s too little too late.

      Millot forces the lob from Tomic and is able to put the winner into open court. 15-0

      First ace of the night from Millot as he goes down the T and Tomic can’t touch it. 30-0

      And two more Tomic unforced errors gives him a love game, his first of the day, but he’s still very much behind the eight ball.

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 7:16pm | ! Report


      Millot 2-4 Tomic

      Tomic holds, but not without a scare.

      Millot going for broke here- he has to- as he quickly forces his way up to the net, Tomic awake to it and tries a lob and it lands in! 15-0

      A double-fault gets Tomic back in the mire as his second serve goes narrowly long. 15-15

      A lengthy rally with plenty of powerful groundstrokes, and Tomic cracks first as he sends a backhand slice into the net! Millot’s winning many of the longer points here. 15-30

      Tomic holds his nerve against the mini-opening, forcing Millot wide on the court before launching a powerful cross-court inside-out forehand that Millot can only stretch into the net. Super tennis. 30-30

      Millot giving it everything here, but he tries too hard on this occasion as he sends a powerful forehand into the net. Another unforced error. 40-30

      And he’s frustrated now, he goes for some powerful groundstrokes that have Tomic loping around the court, but as he looks to finish it off with a backhand down the line, he sends the shot into the net! The crowd groans; they want to see Millot fight back.

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 7:11pm | ! Report


      Millot 2-3 Tomic

      Tomic breaks, and he’s got this game seemingly under wraps.

      Best point of the match for Tomic, he moves gracefully around the court and gets a return right in the slot on the backhand side and he murders a winner down the line. 15-0

      Tomic clips the net on the backhand, draws Millot to the net, and he’s able to put away the winner cross-court as Tomic goes the wrong way. Good reactions. 15-15

      Tomic has Millot dancing around the court, and a backhand eventually goes wide. 15-30

      Break points again for Tomic as a horribly mistimed backhand goes long. 15-40

      And he gets the break, and probably the match now, as again Millot errs on the backhand wing and goes well long.

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 7:07pm | ! Report


      Millot 2-2 Tomic

      Simple hold again for Tomic.

      Awesome stuff from Millot, Tomic comes up to the net and he sends a ripping cross-court backhand winner past him and right onto the line! He’s playing far better now. 0-15

      Tomic gets one right back, however, a good serve opens up the point and Millot puts a stretched backhand long. 15-15

      And Tomic continues to dominate as three straight unforced errors makes it another very simple hold. 19 unforced errors so far for Millot; that’s a lot.

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