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    Newcastle Jets v Brisbane Roar FC

    McDonald Jones Stadium, 12 January, 2018

    Newcastle Jets Full Time Brisbane Roar FC
    1 0
    17 SHOTS 13
    12 FOULS 14
    6 CORNERS 6
    7 OFFSIDES 3

    The Newcastle Jets soar into this Round 16 clash off the back of a derby win at home, hosting a Brisbane Roar side stung after two home losses in a row. Join The Roar for live scores and coverage from 7:50pm (AEDT).

    If you ask Paul Okon, the better side last in Newcastle on Tuesday. If you ask most other people though, the better side is normally the one that takes three points.

    Central Coast ran Newcastle ragged at times, but the scoreline simply doesn’t lie. A goal from player of the season candidate Dimitri Petratos was followed shortly after by a new Argentinian, and while he may not be Messi, Pato Rodriguez lit up the Hunter with a cameo of pace, skill, ferocity, and footballing instinct.

    As for Brisbane, one week you think they’re on the rise, the other you think they’re rundown and headed for the spoon. To some extent they were unlucky against Western Sydney, and paid for not taking chances. But last up against Sydney they were comprehensively outplayed, and given Newcastle are second on the table, John Aloisi may be coaching for his career.

    To be sure, the Jets will want to start a lot brighter than they did against the Mariners, and Ernie Merrick will be reminding all of his players that there are a lot of new and fit faces to return.

    As for Brisbane, most of these players are playing for contracts, and they should use that incentive to take the game to the home side and keep their season alive.

    This will be something of a bittersweet match for Newcastle. It was against Brisbane that they lost Ronny Vargas to that horrific legbreak, however tonight, they get to show off their latest import, who is likely to start in place of Joe Champness.

    The Jets are in form, and on fire in front of goal, while the Roar are on a losing streak and haven’t scored in their last two games. While the away side will likely score tonight, against a Newcastle side that has exhibited an ability to concede, they won’t hold enough out.

    Also, the home side here have scored in every match this season – that streak won’t end against a disjointed Brisbane.

    Newcastle 3-1.

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    11' GOAL - Jason Hoffman (Newcastle Jets)

    15' YELLOW CARD - Wayne Brown (Newcastle Jets)

    23' YELLOW CARD - Éric Bautheac (Brisbane Roar FC)

    25' YELLOW CARD - Avraam Papadopoulos (Brisbane Roar FC)

    50' YELLOW CARD - Thomas Kristensen (Brisbane Roar FC)

    94' YELLOW CARD - Dimitrios Petratos (Newcastle Jets)

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    • 1:59pm
      Cool N Cold said | 1:59pm | ! Report

      Injuries cannot not be an excuse anymore.

      This year, hope not to be at the bottom. It will be hard to get into top 6.

      Seemed to be full squad last night. There were only one new comer, Leck.

      How could the defense be that bad? Just a simple 1-2 penetrated the defending line.

      The lining up was problematic. Noticeably, there was not enough mid-field defense.

      Khalfallah bought the ball to Jets’ defending line and fell down.

    • Roar Rookie

      Grobbelaar said | 12:58pm | ! Report

      Just learnt:
      During the week @NewcastleJetsFC set an #ALeague record, becoming the first team to score in each of their opening 15 games to start a season!

      (record set before this game I think)

      Anyway, that’s a great achievement by the Jets, worth being heralded, and their attendances have been excellent this season.

      • 2:13pm
        Kangajets said | 2:13pm | ! Report

        Scored in 16 in a row

        Go the province of Newcastle.

    • 11:11am
      LuckyEddie said | 11:11am | ! Report

      Has McKay scored a goal in the 21st century?

      • 2:14pm
        j,binnie said | 2:14pm | ! Report

        Lucky Eddie – In a full time 12 year professional career with Roar and overseas identities, Matt has scored 24 goals in 296 matches which works out as one goal every 12 or 13 matches.
        Now why in that time he has been used as what is called an “attacking” midfielder, one has to start to wonder, as you have obviously done.
        Maybe that is the reasoning behind a lot of his Socceroo appearances, 59 in total ,scoring only 2 goals, when he was used as a wing-back, not with any lasting success but not a total failure either.
        Maybe Ange recognised the weakness in his attacking game but still liked his attitude and effort. Cheers jb.

        • 4:37pm
          Cool N Cold said | 4:37pm | ! Report

          Would it be reasonable to ask Matt Mckay to stay back during corner kicks at opponent’s side?

        • 6:01pm
          LuckyEddie said | 6:01pm | ! Report

          The kid next door puts in a lot of ‘effort’ but is a useless player. Are you saying you pick a mid-fielder on an ave. of $500k per year on the basis of ‘effort’. I do not think he has scored for about two years in HAL and probably scored about 4 in the last 6 years.

          McKays skills – cannot kick with right foot, cannot head a ball, cannot shoot on goals, cannot tackle etc. etc. but is big on ‘effort’.

          McKay landed on his feet with the arrival of Broich and Berisha and now that they have gone people are finally seeing what he has to offer – effort and running around a lot.

          At best a bench player, as can be seen by how long he lasted at overseas clubs. AS for the Socceroos Ange has played a lot of very ordinary players. It seems every second player is a former socceroo.

    • Roar Rookie

      Grobbelaar said | 11:29pm | ! Report

      Another solid crowd for the Jets.

      The provinces are showing us the way.

      And to think people are concerned about P&R and clubs from little far-off places getting promoted into the big league.

      • 2:38pm
        j,binnie said | 2:38pm | ! Report

        Grob- At the halfway point of the season it may be a good time to compare this years attendance figures with last season’s overall averages.
        Sydney FC— last season- 16,003.—— This season so far – 14,792
        Jets —- last season – 8,652 —— This season so far – 10,252.
        Victory —– last season – 21,332 —- This season so far – 20,136
        Adelaide —– last season – 9,543 —– This season so far – 10,706
        CCM —— last season – 7,409 —- This season so far – 7,848
        Perth ——- last season – 10,406 —- This season so far – 9,954
        Melb City —— last season – 10,593 —– This season so far – 9,682
        WSW ——- last season – 17,746 —— This season so far – 15,153
        Roar ——- last season – 13,892 —— This season so far – 9,456
        Wellington —- last season – 6,224 —– This season so far – 6,180.
        As you can see there are some figures on the increase and some going down but none of them appear to be related as to how that team is playing, Cheers jb.

        • Roar Rookie

          Stevo said | 3:45pm | ! Report

          Percentage change from last season

          Sydney -7.6%
          Jets 18.5%
          Victory -5.6%
          Adelaide 12.2%
          CCM 5.9%
          Perth -4.3%
          Melb -8.6%
          WSW -14.6%
          Roar -31.9%
          Wellington -0.7%

          I’d guess that Jets fans are happy, AU and CCM fans have been hopeful and happy so far and Roar fans are just p.ssed off about being second from last.

        • Roar Rookie

          Grobbelaar said | 6:06pm | ! Report

          The provinces are showing the way.

    • 11:15pm
      Kangajets said | 11:15pm | ! Report


      That was frustrating for me , but overall stoked with another win and great crowd

      I think Rodriguez was going for goal of the year until he got rugby tackled

      • 1:02pm
        Lionheart said | 1:02pm | ! Report

        is that the grab by Kristensen? That was very poor form by TK, the sort of action that will cause Roar fans to walk.

        • 2:19pm
          Kangajets said | 2:19pm | ! Report


          Was a bit disappointing , I thought Rodriguez was going to score a worldie,

          but every team is guilty of cynical stuff on occasions.

    • Roar Guru

      Cousin Claudio said | 11:14pm | ! Report

      Took the family out for a nice dinner tonight at the local pub that has a good bistro.
      When we got there every TV in the place had the bashing cricket on.

      I asked the barman nicely if he could put on the A-League on the big TV near where we were sitting.
      No probs Fox 501.

      Sat down enjoyed a nice steak and a very entertaining game of football. I noticed other people stopped watching the crickets and were enjoying the A-League too.

      Couldn’t believe it when they announced the crowd as 12K, they looked and sounded more like 20K.
      The Novocastrians are really getting behind their team and enjoying their football.

      The Roar put in a good effort second half but still not gelling together as a team with all their new players this year. I don’t think Johnny Hasiteasi is up to A-League coaching standard.
      They could do a lot better with a more experienced coach, like the Jets now have and what a difference Ernie has made for them.

      It was a good night.
      Good on the A-League and you true football supporters.

      • 11:51pm
        Kangajets said | 11:51pm | ! Report

        Thanks Claudio

        Happy you got to watch the game

      • Roar Rookie

        Stevo said | 7:36am | ! Report

        I was at the BBL last night in Melbourne having been invited by my cousin to come along with his young lads. They have been with me to City/ Victory matches so I thought I’d do the right thing. Well what an eye opener it was! In terms of manufactured entertainment it’s a good product. But it doesn’t even come close to the genuine fan engagement you can find at HAL games. We should be very proud of what the HAL has achieved even if we gripe that things could be a lot better – which they certainly can.

        • 7:56am
          Fadida said | 7:56am | ! Report

          Interesting to hear Stevo. I’m ways suspicious of “manufactured” entertainment. The NBL has certainly been that in the past. I think that as the next “craze” takes over fans are quick to jump ship.

          The A-league is showing it can be sustained over an extended period now, and crowds are hard core

          • Roar Rookie

            Stevo said | 10:07am | ! Report

            Part of going along was to get a first hand view of how the BBL ‘looks’ when viewed live. It was a Renegades home game so there were a large group of supporters congregated on one side of the ground, mimicking our HAL active sections. However there was no recognisable leadership in the supporter group so chants and outbursts of noise was lead by the guys on the PA system. There was music at every opportunity, even between balls being bowled. At the beginning of the game there was what could be described as a large tifo that was pulled over the Renegades fans which included an ad for Mars chocolate bars LOLz. And let’s not get concerned about paper planes being thrown at football games. There were endless planes thrown from the top deck during the second half of the game as well as any number of Mexican waves.

            You can enjoy the cricket on the ground because it still requires high skill level to generate large scores but BBL has been designed by corporate suits to attract the attention of young people using colour and movement packaged in a Disney style event. It seemed that everyone enjoyed themselves last night.

    • 11:03pm
      Lionheart said | 11:03pm | ! Report

      Roar has no excuses. Jets played better and deserved the win. Aloisi has to assess where we are at. He’d walk if he was honest, but I’m expecting he’ll stay and we’ll replace a dozen players at season’s end with more of the same, and be back next year for more of the same. Until we have relegation, and another club in Qld, we’re going to be stuck with this rubbish.

      • 12:33am
        j,binnie said | 12:33am | ! Report

        Lionheart – Well Roar had 5 players back from injury and /or suspension tonight, Papadopolous,Mackay, Franjic,, Bautheac, and Kristensen, and as usual you ,as a loyal fan, was given the promise,”things will get better”.
        Post match the story changed to the fact that although the 5 were back they still lacked “match fitness” and would be better next time out.???????
        Question , does JA really believe what he is saying, for it certainly looks as if his brother and Craig Moore don’t agree with his sentiments if looks and posture on the bench are any guide.
        That is the sixth game this season they have failed to score, that is 6 out of 15.
        Do you think he is aware of the problem Roar is facing every game. Cheers jb.

        • Roar Rookie

          Stevo said | 7:28am | ! Report

          Good luck to Brisvegas, we’re not missing JA down here at City. We were glad he was shown the door.

        • 12:45pm
          Lionheart said | 12:45pm | ! Report

          No JB, I don’t think he is aware. He’s reported as saying that what he can do is ensure the players keep playing ‘our structures’. But that’s the problem isn’t it? Obviously there were some rusty players on the field last night, not least TK, and the goal was a sloppy defensive effort by (part time defender) Pepper (and maybe Papa), but Jets played a structure that could have delivered two or three more goals. Roar’s just not getting the ball into goal scoring positions.
          But I’m a fan JB, not a fair weather supporter.

          • 3:01pm
            j,binnie said | 3:01pm | ! Report

            Lionheart – What does he men when he talks about “our structures”? If you can explain that to me I would be eternally grateful.
            If what he means is “his structures”, then it must be obvious to you that “his” structures are not working
            .I do appreciate the fact that you are a “fan” and as such I think you deserve better than you are getting.

            Someone has to be a loser in our game ,I grant you that, but it is not the loss that shames it is the manner in which the loss is attained. Young last evening, made four or five saves that would have to be deemed “world class”, and had it not been for those saves the score could have nbeen 4 or 5 -0 by half time.
            That fact appears to be the same story in all the recent games,the keeper has “won” any points gained.
            Hope your Missus is keeping the faith,you two are the life blood of the game. Cheers jb

        • Roar Guru

          Griffo said | 12:59pm | ! Report

          “…does JA really believe what he is saying…”

          JB this is part of what John Kosmina was asking post game.

          How much, in front of the camera, does JA have to put a positive spin/bad luck clause in the presser for his and the clubs sake?

          What is going on behind the scenes as there were a few players not happy last night, that much was obvious.

          With a multi-season contract behind him, and with ready made excuses, it’s hard to see JA being moved on this post season. With so many players off contract even a player revolt won’t worry JA or the club too much.

          • 2:51pm
            j,binnie said | 2:51pm | ! Report

            Griffo – IMO John Kosmina is one of the better commentators employed to pass comment on our game
            As a player he was regarded as “fearless” and in his comments he gives the same aura around his comments,he says it as he sees it and is not afraid to say what he thinks.
            Some years ago the FFA embarked on a philosophy that appeared to favour the hire, or at least the recommendation to hire, former Socceroos in our game, as commentators or coaches.
            While this may have been done with the best of intentions it was a philosophy girt with danger, for all ex – Socceroos are not guaranteed to have the “necessaries” when it come to commenting, or coaching, in the higher echelons of our game. Cheers jb.

    • Roar Guru

      Karlo Tychsen said | 9:55pm | ! Report

      Full Time
      Newcastle have finished the victors over a valiant Brisbane Roar side, on a hot Friday night in the Hunter.

      Hoffman’s first half goal was the difference, as the home side took charge early and maintained a stranglehold on the contest.

      Brisbane looked confused at times, but still competitive in the first half, but it was the second half where the contest reached fiercer levels.

      Newcastle, clearly tiring after two games in four days, held strong, as Brisbane came home the stronger with big chances to Ivan Franjic and O’Toole. Glen Moss playing his big part in the home side winning.

      Pato Rodriguez was hot at times, and Petratos enjoyed controlling the game and having extra options in attack.

      Overall, both teams played good games, but for Brisbane, the golless drought continues.

      For the Jets, they keep some semblance of pressure on Sydney, five points off, but with Sydney having a game in hand.

      For Brisbane, again no points, but they should take confidence in the performance, and in a competition this tight, no team is out of it yet.

      Newcastle welcomed over 12,000 in attendance, the city clearly starting to take a liking to their football team.

      Newcastle Jets: 1
      Brisbane Roar: 0

      • Roar Guru

        Griffo said | 10:52pm | ! Report

        Yep scrap the Summer festival of football – nice for the fans but dicey between the right turn-arounds and squad depth.

        Again another team with a bit more quality may have had a couple of goals but then take nothing away from Moss’ strong-arm save second half.

        Nice Petratos had some space, while Nabbout looked tired in muggy conditions.

        Rodriguez almost with a chance to score but got mugged at last second while looking for better options. Can only get better with game time.

        A much needed win but a game we should have buried.

        And I think those rumors of Clut on the way out are firming: lack of game time and quality showed at times. He had a few moments in keeping the attack going.

        Merrick will be looking to improve that roster spot for sure.

        • 11:09pm
          Kangajets said | 11:09pm | ! Report


          Agree with everything u said .

          Moss will keep his spot,

          The rugby tackle on Rodriguez was disappointing

          8 day break will do them good .

          The fact every club this week and last week had short turnaround of 2-3 days

          Except Sydney who had 6 days off between each game ,,, I still like summer festival, just needs to be tweaked a bit .

        • 11:53pm
          Kangajets said | 11:53pm | ! Report


          How did Nigel Boogaard not head that ball in the net ?

      • 12:37am
        j,binnie said | 12:37am | ! Report

        Karlo- In that first half ,and the second half performance, if was Young in Roar’s goal that prevented a “whitewash.
        He was awarded MOTM but not once did any of the interviewed mention that fact. Cheers jb.

        • 4:18pm
          Kangajets said | 4:18pm | ! Report

          J b

          Talking Among Newcastle jets fans , everybody is praising Jamie Young .

          Excellent goalkeeper.

    • Roar Guru

      Karlo Tychsen said | 9:50pm | ! Report

      Yellow Card
      94‘ – Jets with a free kick into the area, this will likely be the last play of the game.

      Petratos tries a short one, gets it back, backheels it, but Pato misses it.

      Petratos gets a card for time wasting. can Brisbane get something?!

      Moss punches a floating cross, Brisbane come again … nope, that’s it, it’s over.

      Newcastle Jets: 1
      Brisbane Roar: 0

    , , , ,