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    Sydney FC vs Suwon Bluewings

    Asian Champions League

    Allianz Stadium, Sydney
    Sydney FC Suwon Bluewings
    0 SCORE 2

    Sydney FC will begin their long-awaited Asian Champions League campaign against the Suwon Bluewings at Allianz Stadium. Join The Roar for live scores and commentary from 7:30pm (AEDT).

    It’s fair to suggest Sydney FC enter this ACL with as much hope and anticipation as any Australian team ever has. Taking all before them over the last eighteen months, it would actually be a disappointment to all A-League fans if they don’t give this competition a mighty shake.

    With such a stable squad and only the omission of Jordi Buijs to cause any disturbance, Sydney will look to apply their usual physical style and explode through their classy front four when they can create the turnover.

    Their miserly defence will be even more important than their attack in this competition. It’s the immense pressure they create all over the park and their excellent fitness levels from which which oppositions teams often crumble.

    Suwon are not to be underestimated despite the bookies pumping up the tires of the home team. The South Korean powerhouse has won this competition twice and arrives in Sydney after a third-place finish in the K-League and a subsequent play-off.

    The speed the visitors will display in possession will be the greatest challenge for Graham Arnold’s men and the pressure required to cause Suwon mistakes on the ball will be considerable.

    With quality right across the park, this should be an exciting opener for the Sky Blues as they begin their attempt to become a true powerhouse of Asian football.

    At home, Sydney will get the win tonight.

    Sydney 2 – Bluewings 0.

    Catch all the action on The Roar with live coverage starting from 7:30pm (AEDT).

    Stuart Thomas is a sports writer and educator who made the jump from Roar Guru to Expert in 2017. An ex-trainee professional golfer, his sporting passions are broad with particular interests in football, AFL and rugby league. His love of sport is only matched by his passion for gardening and self-sustainability. Follow him on Twitter @stuartthomas72.

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    • Roar Guru

      Grobbelaar said | 6:14pm | ! Report

      Last night’s game got better ratings than the Victory v Hyundai game

    • 12:55pm
      tigersandys said | 12:55pm | ! Report

      the fact is Csl scores 56.267 points in current AFC club points. J-league points is48.200 K-league points is 48.050,HAL only scores 27.700,0 top 2 or 3 CSL teams have always been favourits in the nearest edition and performend as the stornger sides when playing against most of their oppenents shows the league is gradually becoming the best in Asia

    • Roar Guru

      Cousin Claudio said | 12:21pm | ! Report

      Its good to see all the Victorian Rules Sydney FC football hayters out in force this morning Pippinu putting the boot in.
      Enjoy it.

      Agree that was a disappointing result and a bad game from Sydney. We are all due a bad game every now and then.

      Top 2 in each group go through, so its not all lost yet, like the Wanderers who lost their first game badly and then went on to actually win the ACL.

      Cheers up guys and don’t be so pessimistic; give Australian football a fair chance to prove itself.

      • 5:00pm
        stu said | 5:00pm | ! Report

        Or perhaps Sydney, as the leading team in the A-league simply confirm our teams are not in the same class as the leading Asian contenders.
        Many on these pages are quick to claim a-League teams are of quality, and equally quick to deride other leagues.

        • Roar Guru

          Cousin Claudio said | 11:18pm | ! Report

          Blah Blah blah. . . no one has ever derided other Asian teams.

          The favourites in Sydney’s group Guangzhou Evergrande could only manage a draw at home to lowly Buriram from Thailand, so its not as easy as it looks and leaves the group wide open still.

          Save your powder till Sydney play a couple more games in the ACL Pippinu.

          • 12:49am
            Nemesis said | 12:49am | ! Report

            Guangzhou Evergrande are not in SydFc’s Group.

          • 7:43am
            stu said | 7:43am | ! Report

            I did not say contributors deride Asian team, I said other leagues.

        • 11:43pm
          Rolly said | 11:43pm | ! Report

          Hold on didn’t The Wanderers win the ACL .last time I looked they play in Australia in the A league .so guess that just blew your arguement out of the water.yes Sydney had a bad game .one bad game does not make for an inferior local comp. Go back to your afl blog.

          • 7:51am
            stu said | 7:51am | ! Report

            Not an AFL follower. Ok hold onto the Western Sydney success and totally ignore the benign efforts since. I have no problem with following my local team, however there is a propensity for people who have just started to follow the game that are quick to deride other leagues and view the standard of the a-league much higher than it is. the ACL clearly defines where the a-league sits.

            • 8:22am
              Nemesis said | 8:22am | ! Report

              “the ACL clearly defines where the a-league sits”

              And, that’s terrific that ALeague has a competition to measure itself.

              The AFL has no such competition. Can call it the worst professional Aussie Rules competition in the world.

              I think RL has a 1 match tournament for English RL winners vs Aussie RL winners? 1 match is hardly indicative of anything and, based on what I’ve read, it’s more a Contiki Tour for the visiting team than sport.

              • 2:31pm
                stu said | 2:31pm | ! Report

                Nemesis…..agree, the ACL defines the standard of the A-league and as per the old saying ‘iron sharpens iron’. For the record I am so far removed from AFL and NRL that it does no register.

            • 9:08am
              punter said | 9:08am | ! Report

              I understand what you are staying Stu & totally agree, our league is good, but not to the standard of the Korean or Japanese leagues. This is mainly due to money, they keep some of their, if not most Internationals at home, while all our best are playing in bigger leagues. Plus they can also afford better foreigners.

              • 10:06am
                Nemesis said | 10:06am | ! Report

                Only 2 years ago, a much lower quality Sydney FC team finished top of their ACL Group. They finished above Guangzhou Evergrande whose player wage bill would be 10x or more that of Sydney FC.

                Let’s not make excuses because Sydney FC lost a match mainly because their coach & players were too arrogant leading into the game & disrespected their opponent.

                They do that in ALeague every week, but get away with it.
                They didn’t get away with it in ACL.

                And, SydFC certainly were not disrespectful 2 years ago when they fared well in the ACL.

    • 8:19am
      bobbym said | 8:19am | ! Report

      Graham Arnold is the Eddie Thompson of his time

    • 8:16am
      jamesb said | 8:16am | ! Report

      Is Graham Arnold still the right man to take over as Socceroos coach after BVM?

      If he has a disastrous ACL campaign, then it would be difficult to appoint him as coach.

      • Roar Guru

        Grobbelaar said | 8:59am | ! Report

        not to mention his woeful Asian cup campaign 11 years ago

        • 9:30am
          Kangajets said | 9:30am | ! Report

          Never mind his failure coaching in Japan

          Thug tackling seems to only work for Arnold A league teams .

    • Roar Guru

      Ben of Phnom Penh said | 7:55am | ! Report

      Shades of 2007, Iraq v Australia, Rajamangala Stadium.

    • 7:23am
      punter said | 7:23am | ! Report

      Well that sure put about any thoughts about SFC winning the ACL, yes agree with all comments, in a two horse race they were left in the gates. No excuses, just not good enough.

      • 7:27am
        chris said | 7:27am | ! Report

        Punter agreed. Disappointing to read some of the comments on here though. Lets see how things pan out before concluding that FC are just not good enough.

      • 9:37am
        Post_hoc said | 9:37am | ! Report

        Wanderers got hammered in their first ACL Match at home, before going on to win it all. So it is not all lost

    • 7:21am
      LuckyEddie said | 7:21am | ! Report

      After watching that game my thought, similar to many here, is that we need an injection of young players. I’m astounded that players/journeymen like Wilshire cannot only have long professional careers but also very lucrative ones.

      As time goes on we are being exposed for the lack of money that players can receive and that affects not only Australian players but imports.

      Now how to free up some money. Well get rid of the salary cap.

      How to get more youth players in HAL. Slash all of the overseas junkets for all national teams under 23 for males and females unless the games are genuine WC qualifiers. The millions saved to be split up and divided amongst clubs to spend on Australian players under 21. The players on signing also are required to state that they will only ever play international football for Australia.

      Get tough and get serious or don’t bother because Asian football is ploughing ahead and we need to take radical urgent steps to catch up.

      Please no more of those money wasting junkets like that recent one of the under 23’s to CHina. What a joke and what a waste.

      Could someone wake up Gallop? He is to busy travelling the World wasting money or living off FIFA and the IOC and when the WC is over he will bolt.

    • 7:13am
      chris said | 7:13am | ! Report

      Disappointing game and result. Suwon were very well organised and knew how to extract the most out of situations. (Yes that includes getting the majority of the ref’s calls). They deserved to win no doubt.
      Sydney look tired and out of ideas at times. Calver looked shaky at the back but he did improve as game progressed. I think they really missed Jordis calming influence back there.
      Not a good start but time to turn it around.

    • Roar Rookie

      Stevo said | 6:27am | ! Report

      The pre-season rusty Suwon moved the ball around the pitch delightfully. Wonder what Bert Van Marwijk will make of this?

      • 9:01am
        Nemesis said | 9:01am | ! Report

        Why would BvM care about Sydney FC, or the ACL match last night? The only potential AUS National Team player in either squad is Matt Jurman, but he’s still injured and wasn’t playing last night.

        • Roar Rookie

          Stevo said | 9:29am | ! Report

          BVM will see his job as looking at all Aussie HAL players whether you or I agree. As NT coach he needs to form his own opinions.

          • 9:37am
            Nemesis said | 9:37am | ! Report

            The little I’ve read, seen & heard from BvM he will not be experimenting with any new ALeague players, or, in the case of Sydney FC… elderly ALeague players.

            He’ll focus on the core players who were chosen by Ange in the past 12 months.

            Perhaps, he’ll have a few players in Europe he rates highly because they play at clubs where he knows the staff, or in leagues that he rates highly.

            The only fringe players I’d expect BvM to be watching are in Netherlands, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium.

    • 2:40am
      Josh said | 2:40am | ! Report

      What a pitiful embarrassment of a team.

      Forever in our shadow.

    • 11:33pm
      Worried said | 11:33pm | ! Report

      Amazing how well Arnolds’ team do without the Referees help!

      • 7:11am
        Kangajets said | 7:11am | ! Report

        Well I’ve been saying that , but I get shot down by the Sydney fans

        • 12:16pm
          punter said | 12:16pm | ! Report

          Why, but? Surely a team that won the double last year & looking dominant again this year, why would the FFA want a 1 team competition?

          • 9:39pm
            Kangajets said | 9:39pm | ! Report

            it’s not Ffa , or they are so spineless to comment. Do they Ffa even exist .

            It’s becoming an A league of roughhouse rulz .
            Any coach or team who relies on over the top aggression, needs referees who are afraid to give early yellow cards and
            Aussie refs are just soft . I’ve consistently said that all season .

            There has never been any bad reflection on the skilled Sydney players like nink Adrian and bobo ,, but sfc are brutal at times and play Arnie thug ball well .

            Bosnich said exactly the same the other night . He said city should take matters into their own hands .

            But , maybe I just hope for an ideal world, where flowing attack after attack is the standard for the A league.

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