Sydney FC vs Western Sydney Wanderers Sydney Derby: A-League live scores, blog, highlights

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    Sydney FC v Western Sydney Wanderers FC

    Allianz Stadium, 25 February, 2018

    Sydney FC Full Time Western Sydney Wanderers FC
    3 1
    9 SHOTS 9
    12 FOULS 20
    4 CORNERS 3
    3 OFFSIDES 0

    Match result:

    A brace from Adrian Mierzejewski has lead Sydney FC to a 3-1 victory in the Sydney Derby on Sunday night.

    Final score
    Sydney FC 3
    Western Sydney Wanderers 1

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    This is the match-up that whets the appetite of all A-League supporters and this version promises much, as the Wanderers attempt to claw their way into the top six and book a spot in the semi-finals.

    With seven rounds remaining and still seven or eight teams in the hunt for spots in the playoffs, the Wanderers need to keep stringing wins together to guarantee their spot.

    Sydney FC are safely entrenched in the finals with the premiers plate looking secure yet complacency will not be an option, especially considering the passion and intensity that comes to the surface in these clashes.

    The Wanderers have kept improving throughout the season and with a couple of solid wins over the course of the next few weeks, could even push for a top four spot.

    Sydney will be sore and tired following their trip to China midweek and after significant changes to their starting team, will be tested by a well-rested and motivated Wanderers side.

    In the last ever Sydney Derby at Allianz Stadium in its current configuration, both teams will be looking for the points and bragging rights, in Australia’s biggest City.


    Somehow, Graham Arnold will lift his troops and find a way past the Wanderers.

    Sydney FC 2, Western Sydney Wanderers 1

    Catch all the action on The Roar live coverage from 6:30pm (AEDT).

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    10' GOAL - Oriol Riera (Western Sydney Wanderers FC)

    32' YELLOW CARD - Adrian Mierzejewski (Sydney FC)

    44' GOAL - Adrian Mierzejewski (Sydney FC)

    55' GOAL - Adrian Mierzejewski (Sydney FC)

    63' YELLOW CARD - Roly Bonevacia (Western Sydney Wanderers FC)

    73' GOAL - Deivson Rogerio Da Silva (Sydney FC)

    Stuart Thomas is a sports writer and educator who made the jump from Roar Guru to Expert in 2017. An ex-trainee professional golfer, his sporting passions are broad with particular interests in football, AFL and rugby league. His love of sport is only matched by his passion for gardening and self-sustainability. Follow him on Twitter @stuartthomas72.

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    • Columnist

      Stuart Thomas said | 9:13pm | ! Report

      25,211…….wow, a great crowd considering 12 hours of rain.

      • 10:08pm
        AGO74 said | 10:08pm | ! Report

        Mate – it was hard work out there. Was up the back of top deck and still getting sprayed by rain it was swirling that much. Couldn’t believe it was February tonight. Any other night I think Sydney FC or an NRL team would have got about 6000 there.

        • Columnist

          Stuart Thomas said | 11:09pm | ! Report

          Heaps of Derbies throughout the NRL season, and in those conditions they would be lucky to pull ten thousand. Brilliant effort from the fans. By 2pm, the last thing people would have done today was travel vast distances to attend a game in such conditions.

          Well done AG074. I’m sure it was worth every minute.

          • 8:38am
            j,binnie said | 8:38am | ! Report

            Stuart – Not only the fans should be praised, what about the old fox Arnold,who with both first team full backs on the side line,dared to play another “has been” up front, but a “has been” that never stopped running all during his time on the field, causing no end of worry to Michael Thwaite and co.
            Simon was immense in such conditions and Arnold showed a shrewdness in using him instead of his captain Brosque for the greater part of the game while cutting him ,Brosque, loose in the last 20 minutes to create totally different styles of problems for WSW.
            If this game proved anything it is to the FFA, that their rules and regulations re. salary cap and numbers of “foreIgners”, can have a retrograde effect on HAL “product”. Cheers jb.

      • Roar Guru

        Rick Disnick said | 10:17pm | ! Report

        No, seriously Stuart, that’s an embarrassing crowd for a derby. Be thankful for the WSW away fans turning up.

        I’ll add Sydney FC to my list of teams that won’t be around in 20 years.

        Move them to The Shire before it’s too late.

        • Roar Guru

          Cousin Claudio said | 9:34pm | ! Report

          What are you talking about.
          A-League will be dead and buried by Christmas and we’ll all be watching AFLX and engaging in AFLSEX from now on.

          • Columnist

            Stuart Thomas said | 10:30pm | ! Report

            Now there is something to look forward to Claudio. Once the A-League is dead, you and I can lurk around the AFL tab, starting fires with comments that reflect average intelligence and something of a bitter and sad outlook on life.

            All the while, acting smug and juvenile, hidden behind the disguise of an ever changing alias and a series of loose and ill-informed comments.

            It will be such fun.

    • Columnist

      Stuart Thomas said | 8:46pm | ! Report

      Sydney FC have defeated the Western Sydney Wanderers in the final ever Sydney derby at Allianz Stadium.

      On one of the wettest nights imaginable, the football that was played belied the conditions and both teams should be commended for the attacking games they brought to the contest.

      In reality, Sydney were far too good on the night yet that wasn’t apparent after ten minutes. Despite dominating possession and chances, Sydney fell behind, as Raul Llorente found space on the left and centred the ball. Andrew Redmayne made an error and Oriol Riera slotted home to put the Wanderers in front after being a little off the pace early.

      Sydney FC pressed, pressed and pressed some more over the next thirty minutes and turned the ball over time after time in the mid-field. It appeared only a matter of time before the goal came, yet it took until the brink of half-time before the Polish star Adrian Mierzejewski slammed home another free kick that Vedran Janjetovic did well to get anywhere near.

      It was another stunning strike and Sydney took all the momentum into the break.

      After the break the pressure was maintained and in the 55th minute, Matt Simon competed well for a ball in the box and the crumbs fell for Mierzejewski who made no mistake with the finish.

      The comeback was slick and impressive, particularly after the challenge of a mid-week fixture in China and Sydney weren’t done just yet. The forgotten man of the Sydney attack, as Adrian continues to steal the headlines, Milos Ninkovic produced a subtle back-heel into the path of Bobo who scored again.

      The Brazilian is having a wonderful scoring season, feeding off the service of the skillful men in behind and playing the role of a true nine.

      The Wanderers tried hard throughout and had a few moments late in the game where they may have pulled one back, but in reality, were well off the pace after their opening goal.

      With so much to play for over the next six weeks, Josep Gombau will need to lift the squad and continue their recent assault on the top six. For Sydney FC, Graham Arnold might just loosen the reins and let his boys recuperate after a trying week that was capped with an excellent victory.

      Final Score

      Sydney FC 3 Western Sydney Wanderers 1

    • Roar Guru

      Rick Disnick said | 8:34pm | ! Report

      What a pile of t@rd.

      Looks like we’ll just have to flog them in the finals.

      Good to see some Sydney FC fans actually turn up though.

      • 8:36pm
        Kangajets said | 8:36pm | ! Report

        Bad day all round for you Rick

        Batman got unmasked eg Selwood a d u cker

        And flogged by Sydney

        K a r m a

        • Roar Guru

          Rick Disnick said | 8:47pm | ! Report

          At least both my teams will be around in 10 years time.

          Neither of yours will be.

          • 9:13pm
            Kangajets said | 9:13pm | ! Report


            You get stuck into me today and name call every one on the tab

            U Called me d u m b today

            It’s called k a r m a

            Put that into your next lecture you give me on the Spanish civil war and European economies.

            Would you like some more salt

            • Roar Guru

              Rick Disnick said | 9:22pm | ! Report

              I love how you think I actually care.

              The best the Jets will ever be is a bridesmaid. A team that makes up the numbers until they’re no longer needed.

              Sorry if that hurts.

          • Roar Guru

            Cousin Claudio said | 9:38pm | ! Report

            This comment has been removed for breaching The Roar’s comments policy.

        • Columnist

          Stuart Thomas said | 8:51pm | ! Report

          Wow, did he just say that?

          • Roar Guru

            Rick Disnick said | 8:55pm | ! Report

            Sorry, 20 years for the Kangaroos and about 15 for the Jets.

            Is that better?

          • 9:22pm
            Kangajets said | 9:22pm | ! Report


            U might remember rick from his previous rants at you during the Sydney v Perth Glory game

            I copped the rick treatment today .

            Hope that explains a bit more .

            • 9:35pm
              Nemesis said | 9:35pm | ! Report

              Ignore the posers, lads. I know I fall into the trap of reacting to them, but that’s all they’re here for – to disrupt & annoy. Their lives are so filled with misery, their sole focus each day is to interrupt others enjoyment.

              Jets vs SydFC next Saturday will be a beauty. I don’t care if there’s 1 person in the crowd, or 20,000 people. Looking forward to good game between the 2 most consistent A-League teams this season.

              • Columnist

                Stuart Thomas said | 9:45pm | ! Report

                Ahem…….Nemesis……..I did inform you of your mobs wonderful win before the actual event.

                They were great and Berisha showed a little bit more than he has lately. Well done.

                The finals are ramping up well. Something tells me that from some of the negativity of the year might rise a terrific finals series.

                When Victory and Western Sydney are alive, the competition looks lively. Sydney and Newcastle obviously flying, if only City had a fan base.

              • 10:02pm
                Nemesis said | 10:02pm | ! Report

                Stuart, I appreciate your positive spin on MV but, for most part, there was nothing impressive about MV last night apart from slight improvement having Sanchez instead of Valeri & Broxham/Geria didn’t get caught out of position with ease like they usually do.

                But, I didn’t see any system to the MV play to get me excited. 1st goal was not repeatable, just a sequence of AU comical defending. 2nd goal was Leroy genius, but I’d rather have a consistent pattern of play than rely on a genius moment each game.

                3rd goal was great build-up. That’s the combination I want to see from MV. But, that was 1 moment in a 90 minute match. To be fair, there were a couple of other reasonably good combinations, but the end decision, or end execution was rubbish.

                I probably enjoyed watching AUFC’s combination play – even with 10 men – than MV last night.

              • Columnist

                Stuart Thomas said | 12:13am | ! Report

                All good points mate. I was just pretty happy I got the tip up after being so far behind earlier in the year. Victory look like top four to me. Sydney still look scary good, but still a while to run yet.

                Great weekend of football and another to look forward to in five days time.

            • Columnist

              Stuart Thomas said | 9:52pm | ! Report

              Sure do Kanga. I don’t respond to negative football sentiment after it became personal. Much prefer to engage with people like you who see the fun and positivity in sport.

              As a blogger of A-League, AFL, NRL and a ex-professional golfer, state level tennis player, league, union, afl and athletics participant, I think I confuse them. No need to take sides, there is beauty in all of the games we play.

    • Columnist

      Stuart Thomas said | 8:30pm | ! Report

      Full Time
      90‘ – A wonderful night for Australian football despite the weather. Thanks for being on board for a wonderfully interactive blog. I’ll send the match report through in fifteen minutes. Add your comments in the box provided. What was your take on the derby?

      Sydney FC: 3
      Western Sydney Wanderers: 1

      • Roar Guru

        Karlo Tychsen said | 8:39pm | ! Report

        Great call Stuart.

        Well done mate.

        • Columnist

          Stuart Thomas said | 8:47pm | ! Report

          I think it was the scotch. I feel dizzy.

          • 8:50pm
            Kangajets said | 8:50pm | ! Report

            Great work Stuart

            Adrian is a special player . Looking forward to him coming to Newcastle next week.

    • Columnist

      Stuart Thomas said | 8:29pm | ! Report

      Full Time
      94‘ – Seconds remain and it is done here in Sydney. The ladder leaders have dusted up the visitors after a compelling first half.

      Sydney FC: 3
      Western Sydney Wanderers: 1

    • Columnist

      Stuart Thomas said | 8:28pm | ! Report

      93‘ – Carney with a clearance reminiscent of one of mine in the Year 10 opens St John’s team in 1988.

      Sydney FC: 3
      Western Sydney Wanderers: 1

    • Columnist

      Stuart Thomas said | 8:26pm | ! Report

      92‘ – What a great occasion, contest and in the end victory for Sydney. A wet, hard slog with two brave teams. Nobody would dare write an A-League is dead piece this week surely?

      Sydney FC: 3
      Western Sydney Wanderers: 1

      • 8:29pm
        punter said | 8:29pm | ! Report

        Enjoyed quite a few games this weekend, the Sydney Derby, Newcastle v Roar & a classy display by Victory.

    • Columnist

      Stuart Thomas said | 8:24pm | ! Report

      90‘ – Ninkovic leaves the field and Ferreira makes his Sydney debut. A skillful player.

      Sydney FC: 3
      Western Sydney Wanderers: 1

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