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    Australian opener David Warner was involved in a couple of ugly incidents in the first Test against South Africa, which have once again called into question his temperament and behaviour.

    In the court of public opinion, he’s already been found guilty, yet one needs to ask, is the ruling fair?

    Now, I’m no lawyer, but I enjoyed watching The Practice when I was a kid, and A Few Good Men is one of my favourite movies, so I think that’s more than enough to qualify me for having a strong opinion on any legal matters, let alone ones of the trivial, ‘public opinion’ variety.

    Yesterday, ESPNCricinfo published an article that outlined all of the unsavoury incidents that Warner has been involved in over the years.

    It warrants a spirited defence of his honour, even though I know it will be an almost impossible and thankless task. Yet, such are the hardships of being the Australian cricket team’s defence lawyer.

    March 2018: Heated exchange with Quinton de Kock
    If the whispers are true that de Kock brought Warner’s wife into the conversation, then I have to say that Davey’s reaction was actually quite mild. My reaction would be much the same if someone made a nasty comment about my wife, and I can’t imagine the South African wicketkeeper’s comment was as innocuous or innocent as “She’s a world-class ironwoman”.

    The retort here is that Warner often crosses the line of what’s personal himself, so he can’t be sensitive when it comes back his way. That’s fair, but do we have proof Warner has ‘crossed the line’ into family?

    To be honest, it’s all becomes a bit subjective. It’s often said that the problem with sledging is that what’s acceptable in one culture is not in another. Aussie cricketers think family is out of bounds, but have no issue dropping a c-bomb or talking about physical appearance.

    This incident was unsavoury, but understandable, and somewhat excusable. You should defend your wife’s honour, Your Honour.

    South Africa's Quinton de Kock celebrates making 100 runs

    South Africa’s Quinton de Kock (AP Photo/Rick Rycroft)

    October 2017: The Ashes “war” and finding the “hatred” within
    Please. In this instance, he’s guilty of hyperbole, exaggeration and some poor choice of words. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Warner is certainly never going to be guilty of being a wordsmith, but if gamesmanship and pre-Ashes banter is a crime, then the cricket prison is going to be awfully crowded.

    Januray 2015: “Speak English” to Rohit Sharma
    I actually remember watching this live, and cringing at the sight of Warner yelling at Sharma to speak in Warner’s home dialect. It’s the type of comment ignorant Aussies hurl at people from non-English speaking countries, so it wasn’t a pleasant episode.

    However, it was revealed that Warner was actually being sledged in Hindi, and simply wanted to know what he was being sledged about, because he only speaks fluent ‘Strayan. It’s a fair request, actually.

    David Warner has words with Indian batsman Rohit Sharma

    AAP Image/David Crosling

    December 2014: “Come on” to Varun Aaron
    Warner was dismissed by the Indian seam bowler, who gave him a little bit of a send-off. Only issue is that the delivery was called a no-ball, and Warner was called back to the wicket. On the way back, he mimicked Aaron’s “Come on”, yelling it back at him.

    All power to him, I say.

    February 2014: Illegal – and unfounded – reverse-swing accusations against AB de Villiers
    This strange accusation was shot down by Warner’s own teammates. Um, yeah. Shall we just move on?

    November 2013: “England batsmen had scared eyes”
    Warner copped a lot of flak for saying the Poms didn’t look like they wanted to face Mitchell Johnson, so apparently now telling the (obvious) truth is a crime.

    The crux of the issue came from the revelation that Jonathan Trott was facing some mental demons, but in all seriousness, how the hell was Warner to know that when he said Trott’s dismissals were “pretty poor and pretty weak”? If Trott’s struggles don’t become public knowledge, this is a complete non-story.

    October 2013: An afternoon at the races
    Oh c’mon, who among hasn’t “chucked a sickie”?

    Warner missed a club game for Randwick-Petersham and went to the races instead. Do you know where Randwick Racecourse is? Have you seen Randwick Racecourse? I think Warner just went to the wrong ground. Easy mistake to make.

    July 2013: Another South African keeper, another incident
    This was put down as “friendly banter” from Warner himself, and no one is better placed to defend the person in question than the person in question, so clearly there is nothing to see here. Jog along, all.

    July 2013: The infamous Joe Root punch
    Apparently, Warner was actually simply standing up for Hashim Amla, whom he thought Root was rudely impersonating. And we all know the strong bond Warner has with South African cricketers. Are we really going to hold him accountable for being an upstanding citizen, and punching someone?

    Oh. We are? Oh.

    May 2013: Twitter beef with Aussie journos
    Warner didn’t take too kindly to his picture being placed alongside an article about corruption in the IPL. Considering the article wasn’t about him, you can understand his frustration and subsequent blow-up.

    It did seem as if was an – ahem – ‘escape goat’…

    February 2011: Twitter beef with Brett Geeves
    I mean, who hasn’t had a Twitter beef with Geevesy? Even yours truly came into his sights when I called him a “rent-a-quote”. The list of people that have had disagreements with the ex-Tasmanian quick isn’t exactly an exclusive club, and I’m not sure it’s evidence to convict someone of very much.

    To be honest, upon review, the above list of incidents isn’t that bad.

    Warner is passionate, fiery, combative and competitive. While this has often got him in trouble, it also puts him in the same class of individual as Shane Warne, Ricky Ponting, Dennis Lillee, etc. From a contemporary point of view, you could describe Virat Kohli the same way. So Warner isn’t exactly in bad company.

    Sure, the sheer amount of incidents here would suggest there is a problem, but he sure does make cricket more interesting, and he hasn’t done anything seriously wrong, Your Honour. Boys will be boys, right? Especially Aussie ones.

    Ryan O
    Ryan O'Connell

    Ryan is an ex-representative basketballer who shot too much, and a (very) medium pace bowler. He's been with The Roar as an expert since February 2011, has written for the Seven Network, and been a regular on ABC radio. Ryan tweets from @RyanOak.

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    The Crowd Says (256)

    • March 7th 2018 @ 8:54am
      Christo the Daddyo said | March 7th 2018 @ 8:54am | ! Report

      As long as a player ‘makes cricket interesting’ anything goes, right?

      I really hope this article is tongue in cheek…

      • March 7th 2018 @ 9:26am
        jameswm said | March 7th 2018 @ 9:26am | ! Report

        I think the answer to that is pretty obvious to be honest.

        • March 7th 2018 @ 9:38am
          Roger said | March 7th 2018 @ 9:38am | ! Report

          Wrong spot 🙂

          • March 7th 2018 @ 10:14am
            jameswm said | March 7th 2018 @ 10:14am | ! Report

            For what?

            • March 8th 2018 @ 7:26am
              Flemo said | March 8th 2018 @ 7:26am | ! Report

              So sick and tired of people attacking warner, he was right to bight back given Candice was attacked, he should not have to take that and I hate how South Africans are making up lies to defend themselves

      • March 7th 2018 @ 10:41am
        kid said | March 7th 2018 @ 10:41am | ! Report

        Anything goes? maybe not but why is it up to Warner to decide where the line is? The English, Indians and south Africans all say he is over the line. QdC was retaliating. If Warner continues to sledge, I hope the south africans have a long discussion about the size of Sonny-Bill Williams’ hands next time he bats.

        • March 7th 2018 @ 11:00am
          jameswm said | March 7th 2018 @ 11:00am | ! Report

          Did you say QdC on purpose?

      • Roar Guru

        March 7th 2018 @ 12:19pm
        Ryan H said | March 7th 2018 @ 12:19pm | ! Report

        I really hope you are right

        And really think you are

      • March 7th 2018 @ 7:20pm
        twodogs said | March 7th 2018 @ 7:20pm | ! Report

        Rub the fool out. Simple.

    • March 7th 2018 @ 9:01am
      Mickey of Mo$man said | March 7th 2018 @ 9:01am | ! Report

      Great read Ronan,

      as always your articles are factual and very FUNNY!

      Couldn’t agree more with your assessent of De Kock’s comments, most people would agree that there is a ‘line’ drawn in relation to family which extends far past the boundary ropes of a cricketing pitch.

      I sure wouldnt be making comments about davey’s wife anytime soon!

      • March 7th 2018 @ 9:03am
        Flemo said | March 7th 2018 @ 9:03am | ! Report

        THIS article is not from Roman. And yes i am with warner as you can’t attack wives

        • March 7th 2018 @ 9:08am
          spruce moose said | March 7th 2018 @ 9:08am | ! Report

          But sisters and mothers are ok then? Or other family members?

          • March 7th 2018 @ 9:55am
            Mickey of Mo$man said | March 7th 2018 @ 9:55am | ! Report

            any family members moosey goosey

          • March 7th 2018 @ 10:00am
            JoM said | March 7th 2018 @ 10:00am | ! Report

            Tim Paine has said publicly that was totally false. The only way to see who is telling the truth about that is for CSA to release the stump mic audio.

            • Roar Guru

              March 7th 2018 @ 11:35am
              spruce moose said | March 7th 2018 @ 11:35am | ! Report

              Well, that’s obviously not going to happen (neither team wants that).

              Faf has said publically that QdK was slandered. Moosejee affirmed that publically too.

              One team is lying, one team is telling the truth. Surely we are all civil enough not just side with one so blindly?

              • March 7th 2018 @ 11:49am
                Nope said | March 7th 2018 @ 11:49am | ! Report

                Faf and the manager were not there. Interesting you take their word rather than that of Tim Paine who has categorically stated nothing was said by Warner. Cultural cringe

              • Roar Guru

                March 7th 2018 @ 11:59am
                spruce moose said | March 7th 2018 @ 11:59am | ! Report

                I’m not taking their word. I’ve made it very clear that one is lying and one is telling the truth. However, we simply don’t know who!

                I find it equally as fascinating that you’d take the word of the keeper defending his mate. Do you honestly think Tim Paine would go in front of a conference and say “yep, Warner did slander deKock”.

                I simply don’t understand how you can just accept one mans word, but not another. They are either equally truthful or equally lying.

                You have simply no evidence to take one side and not the other.

              • March 7th 2018 @ 12:17pm
                Nope said | March 7th 2018 @ 12:17pm | ! Report

                Never mentioned what ‘side’ I was taking. Just making the observation that you, like many other self-righteous Aussies practically creamed yourself to condemn Warner.

              • Roar Guru

                March 7th 2018 @ 12:37pm
                spruce moose said | March 7th 2018 @ 12:37pm | ! Report

                Pray tell me where I did that?

                Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious my friend…

              • March 7th 2018 @ 12:48pm
                Kangajets said | March 7th 2018 @ 12:48pm | ! Report


                Don’t talk common sense , they can’t handle that .

              • March 7th 2018 @ 12:48pm
                Susan said | March 7th 2018 @ 12:48pm | ! Report

                So now your being Un-Aussie if you think Warner is a twit! Give me a break!

              • March 7th 2018 @ 3:02pm
                Nope said | March 7th 2018 @ 3:02pm | ! Report

                “I simply don’t understand how you can just accept one mans word, but not another.”

                You don’t? This is why;

                De Kock has been convicted several times of breaching;
                Article 2.2.7 of the ICC Code of Conduct for Players and Player Support Personnel which relates to “Inappropriate and deliberate physical contact with a Player, Player Support Personnel, Umpire, Match Referee or any other Person (including a spectator) in the course of play during an International Match.”



                I will also take Smiths word over that of a convicted ball tamperer. I’ve seen you castigate people for not “taking 5 minutes to do any research” on this site before.

                Perhaps you should do the same.

              • Roar Guru

                March 7th 2018 @ 3:30pm
                spruce moose said | March 7th 2018 @ 3:30pm | ! Report


                But you’ll just flat out ignore that fact that Warner also enjoys reacting in a violent manner, indeed he sought to do so in South Africa.

                And you’ll just flat out ignore that Smith has been caught cheating on a cricket pitch too. Remember him looking at the dressing room before a DRS call?

                Nice try.

                Don’t worry – I’ll remember to stand and sing when the national anthem is played.

              • March 7th 2018 @ 5:21pm
                Nope said | March 7th 2018 @ 5:21pm | ! Report

                “But you’ll just flat out ignore that fact that Warner also enjoys reacting in a violent manner, indeed he sought to do so in South Africa.”

                When has Warner been charged by the ICC for attacking a player during a game like De Kock has?

                “Smith has been caught cheating on a cricket pitch too”

                When was Smith charged by the ICC for cheating? Never. Oh, you’re not seriously taking the word of Virat Kohli?

                The South Africans have been convicted multiple times, yet you are still banging on about how bad the Aussies are. The cultural cringe is strong in you.

                Cognitive dissonance bud. Look it up.

              • Roar Rookie

                March 7th 2018 @ 5:27pm
                Matthew Pearce said | March 7th 2018 @ 5:27pm | ! Report

                “Warner enjoys reacting in a violent manner, indeed he sought to do so in South Africa”

                Um, that’s not a fact, given that at no point did this incident actually descend to violence. Looking at the staggeringly large number of incidents that involve violence (i.e. one), that can only loosely be described as ‘fact’.

                “And you’ll just flat out ignore that Smith has been caught cheating on a cricket pitch too. Remember him looking at the dressing room before a DRS call?”

                You mean the dubious and unfounded incident that the umpire quickly dealt with the minimal punishment it incorporates? Yep. Totally the same as being convicted of ball tampering.

              • March 8th 2018 @ 3:57pm
                Loftus said | March 8th 2018 @ 3:57pm | ! Report

                Hahaha, funny how the Aussies on here are defending this Warner chap.
                All while everyone knows he is one of the biggest idiots in World Cricket.

          • March 7th 2018 @ 10:15am
            jameswm said | March 7th 2018 @ 10:15am | ! Report

            spruce no they are not. However the Aussies deny this was said and the footage at the boundary shows the sledges about de Kock only. Smith has basically called Faf a liar for saying that.

            But then I don’t think telling someone they are ugly for an hour is acceptable either.

            • Roar Guru

              March 7th 2018 @ 11:34am
              spruce moose said | March 7th 2018 @ 11:34am | ! Report

              So, someone is lying…

              Surely we can’t be so silly as to simply just side with one and accuse the other of lying.

              One is lying and frankly we don’t know who.

              Faf’s word should be just as sound as Smith’s. Alternatively, Faf’s word should be just as corrupt as Smith.

              • March 7th 2018 @ 2:35pm
                Nope said | March 7th 2018 @ 2:35pm | ! Report

                “Faf’s word should be just as sound as Smith’s”

                Faf is a convicted ball tamperer and liar yet you think his word is ‘sound’.

              • Roar Guru

                March 7th 2018 @ 2:39pm
                spruce moose said | March 7th 2018 @ 2:39pm | ! Report

                Ah, I knew you’d be that predictable.

                Smith also got caught looking at the dressing room before a making a DRS call and initially tried to play it down.

                Cheats everywhere! Run for your life!

                Your move…

              • March 7th 2018 @ 6:01pm
                Nope said | March 7th 2018 @ 6:01pm | ! Report

                Sigh. Yes and you are even more predictable

                Please show the link from the ICC that shows Smith was charged with cheating. Just because Virat Kohli said so doesn’t make it true.

                I’m not defending Warner, just wondering why you rush to condemn Warner without knowing any back ground of the other protagonists. When its pointed out they are not particularly well behaved angels you completely ignore it and make even more ludicrous and unfounded allegations, this time about Smith.

                You Trumpzillas and Hansonistas really live by the creed – “My ignorance is just as valid as your knowledge”

            • Roar Pro

              March 7th 2018 @ 12:01pm
              Davico said | March 7th 2018 @ 12:01pm | ! Report

              So what the Aussies say is gospel is it?

              Faf said both sides got personal Smith say’s Aussies didn’t

              So are we to believe the Australian players just because they are Australian?

              Fact is no one knows for a fact every word that was said between Warner and de Kock so not sure how so many people can be so sure that Warner did not say anything to kick it all off!

              • March 7th 2018 @ 1:16pm
                jameswm said | March 7th 2018 @ 1:16pm | ! Report

                Where did I say that? I said one side is lying. How on earth do I know which?

                I should go back and look at what they each said. Maybe Faf means stuff at de Kock IS personal. Maybe he mentioned the family.

          • March 7th 2018 @ 5:16pm
            qwetzen said | March 7th 2018 @ 5:16pm | ! Report

            Here’s an Idle Thought:
            In law, ‘truth’ is a valid defense, so if a player is telling the truth on the field then does that exculpate him from any sledging or ‘bringing the game into disrepute’ charges? For instance, say that before the current Mrs Qwetzen became that, she had a shedload of confirmed sexual partners, all of whom were professional sportsmen, including one infamous romp in a public park that was caught on cctv, then could an opposition player say with impunity; “Hey cobber, that missus of yours is a serial sports groupie! She’ll even do the business in a public park!”. Is that sledging?

          • March 11th 2018 @ 12:03am
            Mick said | March 11th 2018 @ 12:03am | ! Report


        • March 7th 2018 @ 10:56am
          Ex force fan said | March 7th 2018 @ 10:56am | ! Report

          If you attack someone’s mother and sister by calling them hush pigs you lost the high ground to claim that a retaliation that mentioned you wife is too personal! Warner needs to grow up. If you dish it out you should be able to take it. I agree with Bradman, real sportsman play the sport in a good spirit, sledging is not in the spirit of the game!

          • March 7th 2018 @ 1:16pm
            Steele said | March 7th 2018 @ 1:16pm | ! Report

            I agree ex force fan, even if I dunno what a hush pig is!! Warner’s soft

          • March 7th 2018 @ 1:17pm
            jameswm said | March 7th 2018 @ 1:17pm | ! Report

            If indeed Warner said that, as the Aussies are denying it.

            Bradman sledged – don’t believe everything you read.

      • March 7th 2018 @ 9:16am
        Mickey of Mo$man said | March 7th 2018 @ 9:16am | ! Report


      • Roar Guru

        March 7th 2018 @ 10:12am
        JamesH said | March 7th 2018 @ 10:12am | ! Report

        Hmmm… I’m of the view that Warner’s reaction was understandable, but not acceptable. Whether or not de Kock crossed the line, a 29yo vice captain should be able to physically restrain himself. You can defend your family without wanting to punch on.

        What I am prepared to do is look at his conduct in this game in isolation, since it’s been a good three years since Warner did anything regrettable on or off the field. I think he deserves some degree credit for that. It will be interesting to see how he conducts himself for the rest of the series.

        • March 7th 2018 @ 10:16am
          jameswm said | March 7th 2018 @ 10:16am | ! Report

          James there were no signs Warner intended to throw a punch. The players understandably wanted to keep them apart. But I’d like to think it wouldn’t have gone physical from either side.

          • Roar Guru

            March 7th 2018 @ 10:18am
            JamesH said | March 7th 2018 @ 10:18am | ! Report

            I don’t think he actually would have punched de Kock either, but it got far closer to that than it should have.

            • March 7th 2018 @ 10:28am
              Don Freo said | March 7th 2018 @ 10:28am | ! Report

              De Kock did push Davy. That’s when Faf and Rabada came out. SA were the aggressors. It’s on tape.

              • March 7th 2018 @ 5:33pm
                qwetzen said | March 7th 2018 @ 5:33pm | ! Report

                Really? Where?

                What time on this?

              • March 7th 2018 @ 7:56pm
                Don Freo said | March 7th 2018 @ 7:56pm | ! Report

                Top of the stairs.

          • March 7th 2018 @ 6:35pm
            hopalong said | March 7th 2018 @ 6:35pm | ! Report

            You are talking about Saint Davey here.

        • Columnist

          March 7th 2018 @ 10:20am
          Ryan O'Connell said | March 7th 2018 @ 10:20am | ! Report

          That is far too rational, level-headed and objective a comment. There is no place for that type of common sense opinion here.

          • Roar Guru

            March 7th 2018 @ 12:30pm
            JamesH said | March 7th 2018 @ 12:30pm | ! Report

            My apologies! I’ll go away and think about my actions.

        • Roar Guru

          March 7th 2018 @ 12:36pm
          Chris Kettlewell said | March 7th 2018 @ 12:36pm | ! Report

          Understandable, but he just needs to be smarter, reply something like “I’d be careful saying things like that mate, she’d take you down comfortably”.

          • Roar Guru

            March 7th 2018 @ 1:51pm
            JamesH said | March 7th 2018 @ 1:51pm | ! Report

            Agreed, but why are the players going down the same race? And why don’t the umpires pick up on the argy bargy and tell them to stay apart? Too often now we see players continuing the chirp as they leave the field, which is something the officials really need to nip in the bud.

            • Roar Guru

              March 7th 2018 @ 3:44pm
              Chris Kettlewell said | March 7th 2018 @ 3:44pm | ! Report

              Going down the same race is all about the design of the ground. I think you’ll find that more grounds than not have the single race out to both dressing rooms. Some separate out early on, but a lot would go down together until reaching the change rooms.

          • March 7th 2018 @ 7:44pm
            Rwyan said | March 7th 2018 @ 7:44pm | ! Report

            This comment has been removed for breaching The Roar’s comments policy.

            • March 7th 2018 @ 10:42pm
              Peter said | March 7th 2018 @ 10:42pm | ! Report

              Wow! And I was accused of lacking class! Why was this comment even allowed through?

        • March 7th 2018 @ 1:47pm
          Angus MacMillaan said | March 7th 2018 @ 1:47pm | ! Report

          Warner has really caused more problems for himself with his reaction. Now everyone knows all about his wife and whoever. I bet she’s saying ‘I wish he kept his big mouth shut’.

          • Roar Guru

            March 8th 2018 @ 8:28am
            Mick Gold Coast QLD said | March 8th 2018 @ 8:28am | ! Report

            He’s not real smart, our Davey eh? … doesn’t think it through, as you point out.

            The bloke’s a mug all the way to, as Roger said on March 7th @ 1:38pm:

            “Who’s right?
            The bloke who doesn’t do his lolly and start the whole “hold me back” stuff I reckon

            He is one sprained ankle or a busted thumb away from the captaincy – exercising the thoughtfulness, balanced temperament and pragmatism demanded of that role – and he has not yet worked out yet, at 30 years plus, that if you dish it out chances are you will cop some of the same for your corner.

            Poor li’l Davey.

        • March 7th 2018 @ 5:28pm
          qwetzen said | March 7th 2018 @ 5:28pm | ! Report

          “What I am prepared to do is look at his conduct in this game in isolation, since it’s been a good three years since Warner did anything regrettable on or off the field.”

          Novel. Let’s introduce tuned variations of this philosophy into criminal and civil sentencing. It’ll solve the jail overcrowding problems.

          Personally, I believe that this episode is part one of Davey Wavey’s Cunning Plan to get the Test captaincy. I mean, behaving badly ‘got’ him the v-c, therefore…

    • March 7th 2018 @ 9:06am
      Keggas said | March 7th 2018 @ 9:06am | ! Report

      I don’t understand. When does the defence start?

      This is a very good list highlighting what an overly aggressive boofhead Warner is. Watching his antics on the field is just embarrassing and it is time he got a message to tone it down and behave like a responsible adult.

      I am a cricket tragic, love the way he bats and I am quite happy with sledging on the cricket field , even do a fair bit of it when I play, but Warner’s in your face overly aggressive crap is out of line and should be dealt with.

      • Roar Guru

        March 7th 2018 @ 10:17am
        JamesH said | March 7th 2018 @ 10:17am | ! Report

        As I said above, there is a glaring hole in this list between January 2015 and March 2018 where nothing of note happened. A few weeks ago people were singing Warner’s praises about his leadership and how he had matured.

        Maybe he’s reverted to type, or maybe there was a concerted effort by the South Africans to fire him up and this was an isolated day where he lost his cool. Let’s wait and see.

    • March 7th 2018 @ 9:14am
      uglykiwi said | March 7th 2018 @ 9:14am | ! Report

      Aussies can give it out……………. but can’t take it. It’s that simple.

      • March 7th 2018 @ 10:01am
        JoM said | March 7th 2018 @ 10:01am | ! Report

        He can take it, he cops it every game he plays. All you need to do is look at the footage from the 1st over of day 1 of this test and see who was into him from the moment he walked out there. He objects, and rightly so, when his wife is brought into it out of the umpires earshot.

        • March 7th 2018 @ 10:17am
          jameswm said | March 7th 2018 @ 10:17am | ! Report

          Yeah it’s funny this suggestion Warner can’t take it – like this was the first time he has ever been sledged.

          I think teams usually don’t sledge him because they know he thrives on it.

      • March 8th 2018 @ 10:04am
        Scorching said | March 8th 2018 @ 10:04am | ! Report

        Even if that’s true for Warner (which is questionable) it is only one player in a country of 25 million. Stop stereotyping and troublemaking.

    • March 7th 2018 @ 9:19am
      Diplomatt said | March 7th 2018 @ 9:19am | ! Report

      Kiwis are sanctimonious…it’s that simple

      • March 7th 2018 @ 2:43pm
        Christo the Daddyo said | March 7th 2018 @ 2:43pm | ! Report

        Sweeping generalizations are so useful don’t you think?

      • March 8th 2018 @ 7:59am
        Good Game said | March 8th 2018 @ 7:59am | ! Report

        Speaking of Kiwi’s, have you caught any of the ongoing ODI series with a very good English side? Wow. What a series!

    • March 7th 2018 @ 9:32am
      Neil Back said | March 7th 2018 @ 9:32am | ! Report

      Little blokes always bark too much. And Davey’s just tiny.

      • March 7th 2018 @ 9:52am
        Fraser said | March 7th 2018 @ 9:52am | ! Report

        One day, in the not too distant future, bashing someone for their height will be frowned upon the same way as insults based on colour, sex, sexual interest, and sexual identity is today.

        However, since it’s clear in your world that this is OK, please enjoy your 3 or 4 inch ‘superiority’ over David Warner, who no doubt has achieved infinitely more than you ever will despite the height disadvantage he has.

        In saying that, I do find this whole concept of sledging to be a bit over the top, and the carrying on of Warner and Kohli to be annoying.

        • Roar Guru

          March 7th 2018 @ 11:09am
          The Bush said | March 7th 2018 @ 11:09am | ! Report

          I grew out of professional wrestling when I was a teenager. Oddly I tune in to watch them play cricket.

          • Columnist

            March 7th 2018 @ 11:24am
            Ryan O'Connell said | March 7th 2018 @ 11:24am | ! Report

            And many others tune in to watch the cricket, and perhaps a little ‘more’.

            • Roar Guru

              March 7th 2018 @ 11:44am
              The Bush said | March 7th 2018 @ 11:44am | ! Report

              Oh definitely Ryan. Apparently, for example, some people watch Channel 9 with the volume up. There are some real sickos out there.

              • Columnist

                March 7th 2018 @ 12:35pm
                Ryan O'Connell said | March 7th 2018 @ 12:35pm | ! Report

                I’ve been called worse!

        • March 7th 2018 @ 11:21am
          Nope said | March 7th 2018 @ 11:21am | ! Report

          Oh, I’m sure Neil packs 3 or 4 inches (at most), just not vertically.

          • March 7th 2018 @ 1:19pm
            Jacko said | March 7th 2018 @ 1:19pm | ! Report

            Haha LITTLE Davey has far less

            He has a bad case of small mans syndrome…just not vertically…hehe

            • March 7th 2018 @ 2:07pm
              bigbaz said | March 7th 2018 @ 2:07pm | ! Report

              Ánd you have the hide to criticize sledging

            • March 7th 2018 @ 2:15pm
              Nope said | March 7th 2018 @ 2:15pm | ! Report

              I imagine you’re the sort of person to spy on men in the changing rooms. Or would that be in the toilets? ya know, considering your obsession with toilet sex and all.

    , ,