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Russell Westbrook is being robbed of back-to-back MVPs

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23rd March, 2018
Russell Westbrook, the former MVP. (Wikipedia Commons)
Roar Rookie
23rd March, 2018
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Our team was shocked when we looked at the futures market for 2018 MVP today, we honestly almost listened to Colin Cowherd making the worst NBA predictions of all time for 2018.

However, we gathered our minds and found ourselves transcending a meditative state into an unparalleled thought dimension. Here’s what we have understood from our journey.

Unlike Cowherd, we aren’t going to compare point guards to quarterbacks. Genuinely unsure if its possible to pick a sport that couldn’t be more dissimilar to the NBA.

No, we’ll summarise qualities, statistics and public thought in which any NBA MVP should ascertain. The point guard (PG) position is said to be the facilitator and the leader on the court.

However, just being in the PG position doesn’t earn you these accolades, just look at Ben Simmons. Not only does Russell Westbrook meet these benchmarks, he blows it out of the arena, further gaining titles fitting but not limited to, initiator, implementer and most importantly teammate.

His heroic, yet selfless character is not only visible through his average of more than 10 assists per game, but also off the court in postgame interviews where team mentality is evident. This mentality is not only fitting for a leader but also essential to any MVP.

Triple double king
These days the NBA is micro-managed to the nearest statistical anomaly and when we talk about statistical objectives, the triple-double rules absolute. Oscar Robertson’s triple double record in 1961-62 (30.8 PTS, 12.5 TRB and 11.4 AST) was said to demonstrate his ability to infiltrate and take over every aspect of the game.

Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook

(Wikipedia Commons)

Currently leading the regular season in triple doubles with an average of 25.4 PTS, 9.7 TRB and 10.2 AST, I don’t even think this segment needs further comment.


Raw power
Russell Westbrook’s flight to the ring draws more similarity to the running of the bulls than any other player in the NBA.

Once it starts get out of the way. His relentless ability to find the ring, at such explosive high speeds live streams struggle to capture OKC game footage, is bluntly incomparable.

Having sent so many players to the shadow realm this year it’s been said even Charon, who ferries souls to the underworld, has relinquished his position to Westbrook.

Current MVP front-runner

With the front-runner James Harden sitting on a current season average of 31.2PTS, 5.2TRB and 8.7AST, it only further verifies that Russell deserves the first position.

Westbrook is sitting at 9.7TRB, which proves he dominates all aspects of the court, not only barely graduating with a middle school diploma in junior level basketball defence.

Furthermore, the MVP front-runner, made a debut on Shaqtin’ a Fool for his inability and remarkably notable unconcerned attitude towards defence.

Houston Rockets James Harden

(AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

What does this ultimately mean?
Is the MVP title for 2017-2018 going to a player who doesn’t play half of the game…?

How does this affect Westbrook’s MVP chance?


Well, with the front-runner lumbering around the court at 1.96m (just over 6 foot 4 inches), this proves that with Russell standing at just 1.91m (just under 6 foot 3 inches), illustrates his ability, efficiency and shear strength to gain those 4.5TRB extra per game while standing 5cm less is truly resounding and quite frankly unmatchable.

Public opinion
Some things you just cannot make up. I recently came back from the North American International Auto Show, placing among the top ten worldwide for exhibiting the most powerful, dominating and advanced engines in the world.

This wouldn’t be relevant if it wasn’t for the countless times I heard the statement “look at that Russell Westbrook” or “look at the sheer power produced by that Westbrook” in describing an 8.0-litre quad-turbocharged 16-cylinder ‘beast’.

2018 figures that put Russell Westbrook light years ahead of the MVP race
• Fourth highest point scorer in the league – 1774 points
• Top assist leader – 717 Assists

Point guard rankings
• 1st in Rebounds
• 1st in Defensive Rebounds
• 1st in Offensive Rebounds
• 1st in field-goals made
• 1st in Assists
• 1st in Efficiency recap
• 3rd in Steals
• 3rd in Points

Also known as
To perfectly cap off all the points raised in detailing why there is only one MVP candidate, the following nicknames have been stipulated.

2016-17 MVP
The Best In The West
The Puppet Master
Shadow Realm Guide
NBA’s Fashion Icon

The outcome
If it weren’t for the irrational and misguided approach to punishing back-to-back MVP titles Westbrook wouldn’t be paying over $0.99.


For all those who oppose this message, Westbrook will be your guide to the shadow realm.