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It's getting Warner...

David Warner. (Ashley Vlotman/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
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1st April, 2018

Like the childhood game where you are given hints about how close you are to the prize, we are getting ever so slightly warmer and Warner, here.

Not because of what David revealed in his presser, but because of what he didn’t say and most importantly what he refused to comment on.

It was a stunning way to present, given the two days he has had to be stage-managed and counseled. The other two sacrificial lambs presented almost immediately they landed back in Australia – this may be nothing more than a moot point though.

Seemingly every curly question that was raised this morning was met with “I am here today to take full responsibility for my role in what has happened.”

What exactly happened David? What was your role David? With whom did you share this role David?

Well I am here today to take full responsibility for my opinion that there are plenty of others that are equally able to answers the questions everyone wants answered – Dave’s not the one to answer these questions.

Perhaps there is a train of thought that if there is anyone else involved – it’s hard to imagine there aren’t more – then it is on them to out themselves, not a much-maligned teammate who doesn’t speak too well off the cuff.

Why does David have to out the others? This day, like most days, was all about David. Where was the outrage when Steven and Cameron didn’t implicate anyone else?

I don’t like David, but I really think he has been painted into a corner here. Now, I don’t think for a second that he doesn’t have a brush in-hand or that he isn’t a master-painter, but this is a big deal and surely there were more than three painters on the job.


Jame Sutherland is the man for me – he’s the one that should out the others, if they exist. Step up James – it’s your time to share with us the next verse – shine, or resign.

It seems quite unimaginable that there could be others still in South Africa who are involved, knowingly allowing these three players to cop 100 per cent of the heat on this. What a truly astonishing situation, if this is how it is.

So, while this press conference this morning left almost every question unanswered, it is comforting that David was there to take full responsibility for his role in what happened.

We may never know the answers to the other questions – let’s be ready for this. It’s not all about getting Warner. As we continue to focus solely on this angle, we are destined to only get colder and colder.