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Deemed Measure of Expectation and Performance: AFL Round 2

Dylan Shiel of the Giants. (Photo by Adam Trafford/AFL Media/Getty Images)
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4th April, 2018

After two rounds, the big picture is starting to form for DMXP and we have some big sliders as well as some major climbers, including a nine place rise for one team.

We will expect some a few more teams to jump around in the coming weeks while everyone settles into the natural order of things.

First Greater Western Sydney 3.738 (no change since last week) (Ladder first)
Another solid win and the Giants maintain the top spot. They get bonuses for travel and a six-day break.

Second Gold Coast 3.603 (+2 since last week) (Ladder third)
Who’d have thought the Suns would be at this end of the ladder, even if it is only after two rounds.

Travel gives them a bonus, as does their score of 101, and a tiny bonus (0.005) from less than seven days break having played Saturday night in Round 1 then in the afternoon this week.

Third Hawthorn 3.043 (-1) (Ladder fourth)
The Hawks are doing well after two rounds. A bonus for their score over 100.

Fourth Port Adelaide 2.464 (+3) (Ladder second)
Port Adelaide climb three places with a win away against a higher ranked team. Bonus points for interstate travel boost them a bit further too.

Fifth West Coast 1.367 (+9) (Ladder eighth)
The big climbers, West Coast gain nine places from their big margin over the Bulldogs. They also get bonus for travel and scoring 100 points.

Sixth Melbourne 1.215 (+6) (Ladder sixth)
Melbourne’s win boost them by six places. They also get three bonuses for travel, a short break and scoring more than 100 points.


Seventh Fremantle 1.134 (+3) (Ladder 14th)
Freo’s win over a higher ranked team gives them a handy lift. Their only bonus is from a score over 100.

Eighth North Melbourne 0.779 (+7) (Ladder fifth)
A decent win over a higher ranked team gives the Roos a boost. They get a bonus from their six day break.

Ninth Essendon 0.650 (-6) (Ladder 11th)
Essendon drop six places by losing to a lower ranked team. Their travel bonus doesn’t affect their position however, even without it they would still be in the same place.

Tenth Adelaide 0.403 (+6) (Ladder seventh)
Adelaide climb six places, but from a low starting base, they’ll have to keep putting in the wins. Bonuses apply for a short break and for scoring more than 100 points.

11th Geelong -0.045 (-2) (Ladder 10th)
Geelong’s one point loss counter their three point win last week. They gain a bonus from their high score, but otherwise they are pretty much even. Unfortunately for them, even is actually 11th place.

12th Sydney -0.175 (-7) (Ladder ninth)
Not many would expect to see the Swans this far down the table. Losing to a lower team by a decent amount sees them lose seven places. They go without any bonuses this week.

Dane Rampe Sydney Swans AFL 2017

(Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

13th St Kilda -0.745 (-7) (Ladder 13th)
The Saints losing to a lower team drops them, but their drop in rating is underpinned by the amount of their loss. They do gain a bonus from their six-day break.

14th Richmond -0.772 (-6) (Ladder 12th)

Their big loss sees the Tigers slide six places. They do gain a bonus from travel.


15th Carlton -2.000 (-4) (Ladder 17th)
Remarkably, the Blues’ loss to Gold Coast didn’t hurt them, as they were ranked considerably lower than the Suns. No bonuses mean that they are ranked exactly as they should have been after two losses.

16th Brisbane Lions -2.182 (-3) (Ladder 15th)
Brisbane’s two losses were expected, so they are ranked about where they should be. They have no bonuses this week.

17th Collingwood -2.731 (no change) (Ladder 16th)
The second loss for the Pies was expected, so their placement seems appropriate at the moment. They also have no bonuses.

18th Western Bulldogs -3.601 (no change) (Ladder 18th)
Expected to beat the Eagles, the Bulldogs are now finding themselves entrenched at the bottom. They will need some big improvements to turn things around, but this is where the Swans were last year and they finished atop the DMXP ratings in 2017.

It wasn’t a good week for DMXP tipping, with only Adelaide, Fremantle and Hawthorn getting up. The total after two rounds in nine from 18.

Next week, we tip Carlton 83-82 over Collingwood, Port Adelaide 86-76 over Brisbane, Melbourne 92-91 over North Melbourne, Fremantle 91-83 over Gold Coast, St Kilda 89-79 over Adelaide, GWS 96-84 over Sydney, Richmond 89-87 over Hawthorn, Essendon 91-87 over Western Bulldogs, and West Coast 92-72 over Geelong.