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    Carlton vs. Collingwood

    AFL Home and Away April 6, 2018
    Carlton 76, Collingwood 100
    Carlton Collingwood
     G B Pts G B Pts
    Q13220   4024
    Q23422   9458
    Q37850   13482
    Q4111076   164100

    The Carlton Blues and Collingwood Magpies are two of only four winless teams left in the AFL after two weeks, but barring an unlikely draw one of them will get out of that group tonight.

    Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Friday night, starting from 7:50pm AEDT.

    Both of these teams have made two changes ahead of tonight’s match.

    Carlton brought Cam O’Shea, formerly of Port Adelaide, in for his debut last week, but his performance was not quite up to scratch and he’s been dropped back to the VFL.

    They’ve also lost Ciaran Byrne to injury which will mean a bit less run out of the backline, but the good news for them is that their No. 1 ruckman Matthew Kreuzer is back, as is Matthew Kennedy.

    Kreuzer’s absence was a major factor in last week’s loss to the Gold Coast Suns as it allowed Jarrod Witts to run wild against some pretty sub-standard competition at times.

    However another telling factor (which you may have picked up on) was Tom Lynch kicking eight goals, and that being the case it’s a bit of a surprise that Liam Jones has kept his spot.

    Given that Jacob Weitering is being moved back to defence this week, Carlton will be fielding a backline of four 190cm players against a forward line that only contains two.

    That is of course Ben Reid and Mason Cox, who are back in the side this week after missing Round 2 through injury and suspension respectively.

    That might make you worry that the Blues could get done in by a quality small forward, but luckily for Carlton Jamie Elliott is still injured and Alex Fasolo has inexplicably been left on the sidelines as an emergency.

    Collingwood’s two outs are both injury-forced – Darcy Moore and Tim Broomhead both had to leave mid-match in Round 2. Moore will be gone about a month, Broomhead’s season is over due to a broken leg.

    I reckon Carlton will bounce back from last week’s uncharacteristically poor effort and give Collingwood something of a surprise this evening.

    Carlton by 12.

    Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match between the Carlton Blues and the Collingwood Magpies in Round 3 of the 2018 AFL season at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Friday night, starting from 7:50pm AEDT.

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    Quarter 1
    1' GOAL - Dale Thomas (Carlton)
    6' GOAL - Jarrod Garlett (Carlton)
    14' BEHIND - Levi Casboult (Carlton)
    15' GOAL - Levi Casboult (Carlton)
    16' GOAL - Will Hoskin-Elliott (Collingwood)
    19' BEHIND - Charlie Curnow (Carlton)
    23' GOAL - Will Hoskin-Elliott (Collingwood)
    25' GOAL - Josh Thomas (Collingwood)
    29' GOAL - Ben Reid (Collingwood)
    Quarter 2
    1' BEHIND - Adam Treloar (Collingwood)
    5' GOAL - Adam Treloar (Collingwood)
    7' GOAL - Josh Thomas (Collingwood)
    9' GOAL - Steele Sidebottom (Collingwood)
    12' BEHIND - Marc Murphy (Carlton)
    14' BEHIND - Travis Varcoe (Collingwood)
    14' BEHIND - Adam Treloar (Collingwood)
    16' BEHIND - Will Hoskin-Elliott (Collingwood)
    17' GOAL - Josh Thomas (Collingwood)
    19' GOAL - Ben Reid (Collingwood)
    26' BEHIND - Jarrod Garlett (Carlton)
    Quarter 3
    1' BEHIND - Paddy Dow (Carlton)
    4' GOAL - Josh Thomas (Collingwood)
    6' GOAL - Levi Casboult (Carlton)
    9' GOAL - Levi Casboult (Carlton)
    11' BEHIND - Charlie Curnow (Carlton)
    13' GOAL - Steele Sidebottom (Collingwood)
    18' GOAL - Will Hoskin-Elliott (Collingwood)
    22' GOAL - Levi Casboult (Carlton)
    24' GOAL - James Aish (Collingwood)
    25' BEHIND - Cameron Polson (Carlton)
    30' GOAL - Charlie Curnow (Carlton)
    32' BEHIND - Levi Casboult (Carlton)
    Quarter 4
    5' GOAL - Steele Sidebottom (Collingwood)
    9' BEHIND - Cameron Polson (Carlton)
    11' BEHIND - Patrick Cripps (Carlton)
    12' GOAL - Patrick Cripps (Carlton)
    15' GOAL - Josh Thomas (Collingwood)
    19' GOAL - Matthew Kreuzer (Carlton)
    22' GOAL - Ben Reid (Collingwood)
    29' GOAL - Zac Fisher (Carlton)
    30' GOAL - Charlie Curnow (Carlton)

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    • Roar Guru

      Peter the Scribe said | 3:26pm | ! Report

      I’m not saying it was overly impressive by the Pies, but to win when you’re missing most of your best forward line was a great result. Suddenly, the VFL Pies win by 20 goals, Elliott, De Goey, Mayne among the best. Options open up, if only we weren’t meeting the crows away next week we could have squared the ledger. Bucks was great Friday night, he is showing why he got the extra two year contract.

    • 11:02am
      Brinnx said | 11:02am | ! Report

      Whoever is the Carlton midfield coach needs their butt kicked to the kerb, how many times was there a loose pies mid 10 yard’s forward of the ruck for the easy release if the pies won the contested ball (which they did more often than not).

      Once or twice I can understand but you need to be able to adapt on the run and man that position up and I saw none of that from the Blues coaching group last night.

      Sticking to a game plan is desirable, but the great coaches see what’s not working and fix it quickly, love what Bolton is doing overall for the club , but his game day coaching need to improve.

      • 11:41am
        Macca said | 11:41am | ! Report

        Brinnx – you have to remember our midfield is very young, a coach can only do so much.

        One of the positives for me was that we fought back in the second half, not so long ago that would have ended up being a 10 goal plus loss after the second quarter, at least this time we found a way back.

    • Roar Guru

      AdelaideDocker said | 10:32am | ! Report

      Missed all of the game, so somebody give me a one sentence summary!

      It’ll be along the lines of “both teams bad, but Collingwood less-worse”, yeah?

      • 10:46am
        Don Freo said | 10:46am | ! Report

        Collingwood fumbled a lot early and then got its act together. They controlled the game and impacted on how Carlton wanted to play. It wasn’t so much that Carlton was bad, Collingwood was just well organized. With so many out, Buckley is doing really well. Very competitive against GWS last week too.

        • 11:05am
          Don Freo said | 11:05am | ! Report

          That’s a strange moderation.

        • 2:14pm
          Macca said | 2:14pm | ! Report

          Good summation Don, although I would highlight that Collingwood simply denied the blues the ball in that second quarter and when the blues did get it they gave it up

      • Roar Rookie

        Mattician6x6 said | 10:52am | ! Report

        Summarizes perfectly

    • 9:54am
      Timmuh said | 9:54am | ! Report

      I admit I didn’t see much of the game, mostly 2nd and 3rd quarters, but what I did see was Collingwood overuse the ball horribly and very lucky they were only doing so against Carlton. One probably not mid-table side and one certainly not mid-table side, on that form.

      Perhaps ironically, the main positive is with Carlton. They can never be that bad again, surely, yet in the end lost by a fairly moderate margin (not close, but not the blow-out it seemed).

    • Roar Guru

      Peter the Scribe said | 9:41am | ! Report

      What did you make of the game Macca?

      • 11:38am
        Macca said | 11:38am | ! Report

        See below Pete.

        • Roar Guru

          Peter the Scribe said | 3:34pm | ! Report

          I admire you defending your side Macca, but with North, Eagles and Dogs next, Bolton would need at least one – two wins or even you will surely have doubts as those three won’t be challenging you’d think at the pointy end.

    • 11:44pm
      mattyb said | 11:44pm | ! Report

      That’s 17 loses in a row under lights at the MCG now for the Blues but the biggest problem is how rapidly they are again going backwards.
      Carlton seem super slow,right across the field and their disposal and tackling skills seem non existent at times.

      Again there was very little to like but Mullett was super bad,why did Carlton put him on their list? And why is Lamb still on the list let alone getting games,prized recruit Rhyse Palmer would have been better staying on.

      Young players can be forgiven to some extent but Weitering desperately needs a spell,and who decided Dow was ready for AFL?,he’s miles off and needs a bit of development in the VFL. Polson also looks a long way off being AFL ready.

      Wouldn’t mind seeing Macredie in next week,he’s shown a bit more than Weitering despite draft spots and I wouldn’t mind seeing if Lang can play or if he’s just another one of SOSs recycled master strokes.

      Bolton is becoming a bigger worry by the week,he simply had no idea tonight and was given a masterclass by Buckley of all people.
      Carlton fans are furious,and rightly so,this shambles has been going on for the entire century now.

      • 8:14am
        Macca said | 8:14am | ! Report

        Lucky you are here to tell us how we feel?

        And do you want to see Land before or after he has recovered from his ankle? And what did Macreadie show in the 2’s last week?

        You really stop prentending you know what you are talking about.

        • 9:04am
          Mattyb said | 9:04am | ! Report

          Quality summary,any more David King quotes or Leader newspaper articles to accompany that?

          • 11:37am
            Macca said | 11:37am | ! Report

            That wasn’t a summary, it was a response.

            My summary is below, it is the one that doesn’t be suggest the blues should be picking injured players

            • 11:54am
              Mattyb said | 11:54am | ! Report

              I think you’ll find Lang should be right to go next week though,I just want to see another one of SOSs recycled master strokes after seeing how well Mullett and O’Shea have set the world on fire.
              Your summary didn’t mention any David King quotes?

              • 1:14pm
                Macca said | 1:14pm | ! Report

                Being right to go next week makes it hard to pick him this week though doesn’t it.

                As for Mullet and O’Shea, once again who else should they blues have recruited or kept on the list instead?

              • 2:17pm
                Macca said | 2:17pm | ! Report

                Just one more thing how much do you think Mullett and O’Shea would be playing if Docherty, Byrne and Williamson were fit? Also do you think the blues should be playing Schumacher instead of Mullett?

              • 2:24pm
                Macca said | 2:24pm | ! Report

                Oh I forgot Lang isn’t playing in the VFL today so are you suggesting the blues should bring him straight in to the AFL next week with no game time behind him?

      • 4:26pm
        Zed16 said | 4:26pm | ! Report

        Marry B – how is you lot going?

        Premiers 2016 to nothing in 2017 and no wins this year with average loss margin of 66.5 or 11 goals.

        If i was you i would say nothing as you are clearly in a glass house.

        • 6:24pm
          Mattyb said | 6:24pm | ! Report

          Zed,would you like some tissues?
          Nice deflection.

    • 10:58pm
      PeteB said | 10:58pm | ! Report

      Well that was pretty awful. Looking for continuous improvement from the Blues and not seeing it this year so far.

      • 11:00pm
        Macca said | 11:00pm | ! Report

        Take out the second quarter and it was reasonable I thought Pete.

        • 11:14pm
          PeteB said | 11:14pm | ! Report

          Watching Collingwood kick 10 unanswered goals didn’t look good

          • 11:17pm
            Macca said | 11:17pm | ! Report

            Agreed, but as I said take out the second quarter it was reasonable.

            • 12:56am
              Steve009 said | 12:56am | ! Report

              Macca the blue’s are pretty much at the bottom of the pile . Don’t defend a pathetic effort. What has to change? Your the Carlton expert.

              • 8:15am
                Macca said | 8:15am | ! Report

                Time Steve

    • 10:50pm
      Macca said | 10:50pm | ! Report

      I should also say the Kreuzer v Grundy battle was a great one.

      Also after all the criticism of the blues losing the inside 50’s in week one they have now one them in the last 2 weeks but still lost, goes to show it is quality over quantity. might b time for McKay though.

    • 10:40pm
      Macca said | 10:40pm | ! Report

      Apart from the second quarter the blues were simply terrible and just couldn’t get the ball or keep hold of It when they did there was a bit to be positive about for the blues, they kept working hard in that second half.

      C Curnow had another good game, I liked Cuningham off half back, Fisher kept working hardDow took a step forward but just needs to tidy up his diaposal, which will come as he builds he fitness, and Murphy racked up the possessions and tackles.

      • 10:51pm
        Tom M said | 10:51pm | ! Report

        Was an ok game. We should’ve won by more and finished the game poorly. Sidebottom will chop up any team if he’s allowed to get that much of the ball, simply brilliant tonight. We looked much better up forward just having the bigger blokes to kick too. Grundy Got the chocolates in the ruck. C Curnow has potential to be a gun and Cripps is a very good player although he looked frustrated at times

        • 10:58pm
          Macca said | 10:58pm | ! Report

          Pretty fair summary Tom, Cripps Di look frustrated although that happens when you are constantly tackled before the ball even gets to you.

          I thought it was a great battle between Grundy and Kreuzer

          • 11:16pm
            Don Freo said | 11:16pm | ! Report

            I think Cripps is only going to become more frustrated. Looks good for the 2 WA teams. He will just become one of those also ran, blame every one else types if he stays at the Blues.

            • 11:19pm
              Macca said | 11:19pm | ! Report

              So a bit like Fyfe then Don.

              • 11:21pm
                Don Freo said | 11:21pm | ! Report

                In what way?

              • 11:31pm
                Macca said | 11:31pm | ! Report

                O how I thought we were just making stuff up, were you actually serious

            • Roar Rookie

              Mattician6x6 said | 11:26pm | ! Report

              Wce will pry him loose don, players want finals not also ran careers

              • 11:31pm
                Don Freo said | 11:31pm | ! Report

                Freo will have the big finals sooner (like this year) but your boys might be in the right place as Cripps’ contract is up.

              • Roar Rookie

                Mattician6x6 said | 11:34pm | ! Report

                Hahaha either way if he returns to either club he’ll play finals not be a participant in a perpetual rebuild.

    • Roar Rookie

      Mattician6x6 said | 10:30pm | ! Report

      Wow these traditional rivalries really hold a torch to east vs south freo or port vs Sturt….Victoria blows me away again.

      • 12:42am
        Lroy said | 12:42am | ! Report

        I hate to say it but ”LOL”

        Seriously, the first quarter was great.. after that it was a training run for the Pies… who are a reasonable side.

        The Blues, jesus, they are plain shiiiite…seriously, they had 16 less scoring shots than the Tigers 2 weeks ago and people are saying they were unlucky to lose????????

        Sorry, someone has to say it. They will struggle to beat the Dogs…

      • 1:15pm
        Chris said | 1:15pm | ! Report

        There are four rivalries or derbies that cannot be matched:-
        1. Collingwood vs Carlton;
        2. Essendon vs Carlton;
        3. Collingwood vs Essendon;
        4. Collingwood vs Melbourne.
        The rest simply don’t matter…I know how real Maggies get fired up for each of the above contests.The really fervent macho rivalry is Collingwood vs Richmond. Victorian tribalism cannot be understood by interstaters. Victoria Street is a no-man’s land between these aforementioned working class combatants.

        • Roar Rookie

          Mattician6x6 said | 1:24pm | ! Report

          Have you set foot out of Victoria? Or go to any freo derbies where there were brawls in the carpark between rival fans? I don’t think you care about the rivalries my teams ( wce & Perth Demons) have so don’t pedastool your cruddy half weight ones to me cause I don’t care.

        • 1:44pm
          Don Freo said | 1:44pm | ! Report

          They are not even ‘derbies’. You haven’t seen rivalry until you experience a derby. There are only 2 Derbies. Freo v West Coast and South Fremantle v East Fremantle.

          Make up your own term for your try hard battles. No tradition there. Just clashes between Vic teams that stopped being traditional when better teams made it the AFL.

          • Roar Rookie

            Mattician6x6 said | 1:55pm | ! Report

            I’m a Perth man don but those freo derbies were and still are highlights. Cops have been called in how many times after the game as it used to spill into the carpark.

            • Roar Rookie

              Mattician6x6 said | 1:58pm | ! Report

              And the demons were robbed by the sharks yesterday 😉

              • 2:11pm
                Don Freo said | 2:11pm | ! Report

                Great to see the Sharks competitive again. My intro to footy was going to see Demons v Sharks (Old East in those days) at Lathlain Park with my neighbour.

              • Roar Rookie

                Mattician6x6 said | 3:02pm | ! Report

                My beloved childhood toy was a Perth demon plush called buzz obviously after Perth legend the buzz. I’m a long suffering Perth fan guess It balances out a bit with west coast.

        • Roar Guru

          JamesH said | 2:32pm | ! Report

          Chris, the Ess vs Coll rivalry is utterly manufactured (via ANZAC Day) and I say that as a Dons fan. The two clubs have a very cordial relationship. Yes, their fans like to rib each other but it rarely gets nasty.

          Essendon has actual rivalries with Hawthorn and Carlton, although they haven’t mattered a whole lot for about 15 years because Essendon and Carlton haven’t been contenders.

          I’m looking forward to the Showdown this year because Adelaide and Port are both gunning for the top four, as West Coast and Freo were a couple of years back. Rivalries have extra spice where there is something more than pride at stake.

          • Roar Rookie

            Mattician6x6 said | 3:09pm | ! Report

            Sheedy was a master at creating a rivalry. Doesn’t feel the same in wce v ESS matches anymore, but then again rivalries are created for the short successful periods in the modern game ie Syd v wce, geel v hawks even gws v bullies.

            • 1:43pm
              Chris said | 1:43pm | ! Report

              Rivalries and derbies are played out on the field and not in car parks by drunken hooligans. I love a tough and tight contest where it matters most with unbiased umpiring. Pies and Dons fans loathe Carlton for this precise reason-their favourable treatment by the men in white!

    • Editor

      Josh Elliott said | 10:27pm | ! Report

      Full Time
      That’s the game folks. Collingwood actually win despite less scoring shots, with really impressive accuracy tonight – how unlike them! Good win for the Pies fans, Carlton will be looking for their first next week against North Melbourne.

      Carlton Blues: 11.10 (76)
      Collingwood Magpies: 16.4 (100)

      • 10:31pm
        Macca said | 10:31pm | ! Report

        Typical the blues cop the Pies when they kick straight! 😉

      • 10:42pm
        Doctor Rotcod said | 10:42pm | ! Report

        15 scoring shots in the second half to 7, if Carlton had kicked straight,they would have won…

        • 10:45pm
          Macca said | 10:45pm | ! Report

          I wouldn’t go that far but they looked a lot better when they moved the ball quick.

          • 11:20pm
            Doctor Rotcod said | 11:20pm | ! Report

            Trouble is,it came back in just as quick,113 turnovers does not a pretty game make
            Losing Marchbank so early was a loss the Blues couldn’t cover

            • 11:32pm
              Macca said | 11:32pm | ! Report

              I think a lot of those turnovers came in the second from the blues.

              Losing Marchbank was a big loss

              • 4:06am
                Ja ja klazo said | 4:06am | ! Report

                Carlton are very bad.

        • Roar Guru

          Peter the Scribe said | 4:08pm | ! Report

          Inane comment Rotcod, footy doesn’t work like that. Pies fans should know, we don’t usually kick straight. Think more our goals from closer range, probably a coaching strategy to not blaze away but pick out mobile smaller targets.

    , , , , ,