St Kilda Saints vs Adelaide Crows: AFL live scores, blog, highlights

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    St Kilda vs. Adelaide Crows

    Etihad Stadium
    AFL Home and Away April 7, 2018
    St Kilda 55, Adelaide Crows 104
    St Kilda Adelaide Crows
     G B Pts G B Pts
    Q12618   3220
    Q23927   5737
    Q341236   111076
    Q471355   1514104

    Match result:

    The Adelaide Crows took a regulation win over a St Kilda side that cracked in well in the first half, but lost momentum as they failed to take advantage of opportunities.

    Final score
    St Kilda Saints 7.13 (55)
    Adelaide Crows 15.14 (104)

    Match preview:

    The St Kilda Saints will be hoping they can bounce back strongly from a poor effort last week when they host the Adelaide Crows in Round 3 of the 2018 AFL season. Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match at Etihad Stadium on Saturday night, starting from 7:25pm AEDT.

    Fair to say that St Kilda fans got a lot less on Good Friday than they were hoping they would, losing to North Melbourne by 52 points.

    They were only down by nine at the final change, and it was a truly awful performance in the last term that saw the margin blow out.

    They came into the season perhaps not expecting a finals berth but certainly hoping that it might be on the cards, but their first two weeks hasn’t made it seem likely.

    In addition to their loss to the Roos, their Round 1 win over Brisbane was steady but hardly convincing.

    As for the Adelaide Crows, they also find themselves 1-1 after two weeks in the season, but it’d be fair to say that it’s a much more impressive 1-1.

    Their first-week loss to Essendon at Etihad Stadium was disappointed, but they really impressed with a strong win over Richmond in the Grand Final rematch last Thursday.

    St Kilda as you’d imagine have made big changes with Rowan Marshall, Luke Dunstan, Brandon White and Nick Coffield all coming in. Coffield, last year’s No.8 draft pick, is on debut.

    The Crows have Tom T Lynch and Richard Douglas back – Matt Crouch misses through injury, Darcy Fogarty is unlucky to be dropped.

    The Saints will come out with a point to prove but Adelaide are the better team.

    Adelaide Crows by 18.

    Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match between the St Kilda Saints and the Adelaide Crows in Round 3 of the 2018 AFL season at Etihad Stadium on Saturday night, starting from 7:25pm AEDT.

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    Quarter 1
    2' BEHIND - Shane Savage (St Kilda)
    4' BEHIND - Rushed (Adelaide Crows)
    5' GOAL - Mitch McGovern (Adelaide Crows)
    8' BEHIND - Blake Acres (St Kilda)
    10' GOAL - Jack Sinclair (St Kilda)
    12' GOAL - Blake Acres (St Kilda)
    14' GOAL - Taylor Walker (Adelaide Crows)
    16' BEHIND - Rory Sloane (Adelaide Crows)
    19' BEHIND - Blake Acres (St Kilda)
    22' BEHIND - Jack Newnes (St Kilda)
    23' GOAL - Rory Atkins (Adelaide Crows)
    25' BEHIND - Rowan Marshall (St Kilda)
    26' BEHIND - Nathan Wright (St Kilda)
    Quarter 2
    4' GOAL - Richard Douglas (Adelaide Crows)
    10' BEHIND - Shane Savage (St Kilda)
    12' GOAL - Eddie Betts (Adelaide Crows)
    14' BEHIND - Sam Jacobs (Adelaide Crows)
    18' GOAL - Nick Coffield (St Kilda)
    20' BEHIND - Mitch McGovern (Adelaide Crows)
    21' BEHIND - Rushed (Adelaide Crows)
    23' BEHIND - Lachlan Murphy (Adelaide Crows)
    25' BEHIND - Rushed (St Kilda)
    27' BEHIND - Richard Douglas (Adelaide Crows)
    29' BEHIND - Rushed (St Kilda)
    Quarter 3
    4' GOAL - Paul Seedsman (Adelaide Crows)
    5' BEHIND - Jack Newnes (St Kilda)
    9' BEHIND - Paddy McCartin (St Kilda)
    10' GOAL - Josh Bruce (St Kilda)
    12' BEHIND - Blake Acres (St Kilda)
    16' GOAL - Eddie Betts (Adelaide Crows)
    19' GOAL - Taylor Walker (Adelaide Crows)
    20' BEHIND - Eddie Betts (Adelaide Crows)
    22' GOAL - Eddie Betts (Adelaide Crows)
    24' GOAL - Josh Jenkins (Adelaide Crows)
    26' BEHIND - Josh Jenkins (Adelaide Crows)
    28' BEHIND - Taylor Walker (Adelaide Crows)
    30' GOAL - Taylor Walker (Adelaide Crows)
    Quarter 4
    3' GOAL - Jade Gresham (St Kilda)
    6' GOAL - Bryce Gibbs (Adelaide Crows)
    9' BEHIND - Rushed (St Kilda)
    11' GOAL - Jarryn Geary (St Kilda)
    13' BEHIND - Tom Lynch (Adelaide Crows)
    13' GOAL - Paul Seedsman (Adelaide Crows)
    16' GOAL - Mitch McGovern (Adelaide Crows)
    20' GOAL - David Armitage (St Kilda)
    26' BEHIND - Bryce Gibbs (Adelaide Crows)
    30' GOAL - Rory Atkins (Adelaide Crows)
    31' BEHIND - David Mackay (Adelaide Crows)
    32' BEHIND - Eddie Betts (Adelaide Crows)

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    • 10:06pm
      Birdman said | 10:06pm | ! Report

      Thanks for your outstanding blogging Josh – you went above and beyond today

    • Editor

      Josh Elliott said | 9:59pm | ! Report

      Full Time
      Regulation win for the Crows.

      St Kilda Saints: 7.13 (55)
      Adelaide Crows: 15.14 (104)

    • Editor

      Josh Elliott said | 9:59pm | ! Report

      Nice hanger from Eddie Betts, he isn’t able to convert, that’s the end of the match.

      St Kilda Saints: 7.13 (55)
      Adelaide Crows: 15.13 (103)

    • Editor

      Josh Elliott said | 9:56pm | ! Report

      Lovely goal by Rory Atkins. Just a minute left in this game.

      St Kilda Saints: 7.13 (55)
      Adelaide Crows: 15.12 (102)

    • 9:56pm
      Birdman said | 9:56pm | ! Report

      hard to believe Carlisle debuffed Clarko in favour of the Saints – how’s that working out for you Jakey?

    • Editor

      Josh Elliott said | 9:55pm | ! Report

      Just not coming together for Paddy McCartin. Really tricky set shot, he goes across the face and infact it’s marked by Sam Jacobs.

      St Kilda Saints: 7.13 (55)
      Adelaide Crows: 14.12 (96)

    • Editor

      Josh Elliott said | 9:53pm | ! Report

      Bryce Gibbs with a behind. About four minutes left in the match.

      St Kilda Saints: 7.13 (55)
      Adelaide Crows: 14.12 (96)

    • Editor

      Josh Elliott said | 9:52pm | ! Report

      We’ve reached the point in the evening where most of the commentary is about haircuts.

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