Folau slurs unacceptable in NRL: Greenberg


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    Israel Folau’s comments that homosexuals are “going to hell” would not be accepted in rugby league, NRL boss Todd Greenberg has told Fairfax Media.

    The Wallabies superstar made the comments in a response on Instagram last week, saying that God’s plan for gay people was “hell”.

    “No, it would not (be acceptable),” Greenberg told The Sydney Morning Herald. “Being inclusive can’t just be a word on a wall. You have to live and breathe it every day.

    “All our athletes have to be careful. There are people who will read that and it will be quite damaging to them … That would not have been his intent, but it is very damaging to some people.”

    Folau is off-contract at the end of the year and is due for further meetings with rugby powerbrokers after an initial sit-down this week failed to produce an outcome.

    The 29-year-old first made his name with Melbourne in the NRL before a move to Brisbane prior to a stint with AFL’s GWS Giants.

    He has been linked with a return to rugby league next season.

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    The Crowd Says (125)

    • April 13th 2018 @ 9:04am
      Hanrahan said | April 13th 2018 @ 9:04am | ! Report

      Folau responded to a question with his understanding of his faith. Is the NRL now against people of faith? Will they act to exclude all Christians, Muslims etc from Rugby League? Slippery slope, Mr Greenberg.

      • Roar Rookie

        April 13th 2018 @ 10:41am
        piru said | April 13th 2018 @ 10:41am | ! Report

        please see the 700+ other articles and comment thread to continue this circular discussion

      • April 13th 2018 @ 11:21am
        Dennis Hopper Jr. said | April 13th 2018 @ 11:21am | ! Report

        Nice parody of the Fox News style of hyperbolic extrapolation, H.

      • Roar Guru

        April 13th 2018 @ 1:05pm
        Timbo (L) said | April 13th 2018 @ 1:05pm | ! Report

        Sure, Why not?

        Exclude all religions, cults and similar groups that promote hate and discrimination against minority groups.

        That is a great Idea!
        The world will be bettor for it.

        • Roar Rookie

          April 13th 2018 @ 1:13pm
          piru said | April 13th 2018 @ 1:13pm | ! Report

          Would make life a lot simpler wouldn’t it Timbo

          people could take responsibility for their own attitudes!

        • April 13th 2018 @ 3:20pm
          Jacko said | April 13th 2018 @ 3:20pm | ! Report

          Timbo if its hate and discrimination you want to get rid of then dont hire any humans at all. Religion is hardly alone in any of those things as from what has been written over the past month about this shows hatred from every angle…religious or not religious

          • Roar Guru

            April 16th 2018 @ 12:05pm
            Timbo (L) said | April 16th 2018 @ 12:05pm | ! Report

            Good point but sounds like a bit of a pointless distraction from topic.

            Pull the stats of Incidences of Hate or discrimination crimes in the religious vs non-religious groups and you find a disproportionate number and severity coming from the religious right.

            That is before we add the undocumented crimes like parents and communities forcing homosexual minors into re-education programs.
            Cast a larger net and add the denial of rights to women by fundamentalist branches of some religions such as Islam and, for controversy, many orthodox religions including Judaism.

            There is a lot of weight, mainly on one side of the ledger.

      • April 15th 2018 @ 6:49pm
        Joffa the Boofhead said | April 15th 2018 @ 6:49pm | ! Report

        Right or wrong, Folau has the freedom to express his rights. Too bad if you dont agree. A lot of people did not agree that gays could marry or certain types are allowed to migrate here, but they have to accept it. Same rules apply to the leftist gay fan brigade.

    • April 13th 2018 @ 9:23am
      Jacko said | April 13th 2018 @ 9:23am | ! Report

      haha Go Greenburg……Unacceptable to make naughty comments on social media, yet Bashing your partner, Terrorising families, Assulting people etc is all good.
      From what we have seen over the past few years in the NRL Greenburg should have just said “No comment”. All sports have HUMANS in them and HUMANS make stupid decisions at times.

      • April 13th 2018 @ 10:04am
        Otara Boy said | April 13th 2018 @ 10:04am | ! Report

        Folau will become an atheist now, so Greenburg will let him him back in.

      • April 13th 2018 @ 6:47pm
        Pickett said | April 13th 2018 @ 6:47pm | ! Report

        Exactly Jacko exactly.

      • Roar Rookie

        April 13th 2018 @ 7:19pm
        Paulo said | April 13th 2018 @ 7:19pm | ! Report

        Have been watching too much Fox News in the states? They always use the ‘but what about…’ line of defence. As long as you can find something else to distract away from the main point your gold. To answer your point, none of those things you listed are ok. It doesn’t make what Folau said less damaging.

        • April 14th 2018 @ 2:33pm
          In Brief said | April 14th 2018 @ 2:33pm | ! Report

          What Folau said wasn’t damaging. Homosexuals aren’t the only ones going to hell, so are adulterers. Big deal- stop trying to be part of status quo and be proud of your difference.

          • April 15th 2018 @ 11:25am
            Sage said | April 15th 2018 @ 11:25am | ! Report

            It certainly can be. Do some basic reserch or refer to posts from last week stating statistics that clearly indicate it can in fact be very damaging. Adultery to use your example is a sin yes but one of choice. Being homosexual isn’t a choice and the fact that some are happy to use their belief and good book to suggest there is something wrong and sinful about “these people” is the point of all this

            • April 15th 2018 @ 1:06pm
              Ben said | April 15th 2018 @ 1:06pm | ! Report

              If someone saying – out of religious belief – that you are going to hell, like almost every other human being, makes you so upset, that you want to self-harm, or want someone to lose their career for it… Go and check yourself in, because YOU are the problem.

              People are called names and abused every single day, it’s life. Accept that some people don’t agree with you, and move on.

          • April 15th 2018 @ 12:27pm
            Kane said | April 15th 2018 @ 12:27pm | ! Report

            Well Folaus going there with the “gays” as he’s covered in tattoos. That’s not allowed according to the big book.

            • April 15th 2018 @ 12:32pm
              Rugby Tragic Too said | April 15th 2018 @ 12:32pm | ! Report

              as his message eludes to, we are all sinners, and have to repent our sins

              • April 15th 2018 @ 1:37pm
                Sage said | April 15th 2018 @ 1:37pm | ! Report

                That homosexuality is considered a sin by some is the whole issue

      • April 14th 2018 @ 12:56pm
        Reverse Wheel said | April 14th 2018 @ 12:56pm | ! Report

        This. People in glass houses….

    • April 13th 2018 @ 10:00am
      Marshall said | April 13th 2018 @ 10:00am | ! Report

      Silly comments from Greenberg, he should be far more tactful.

      I disagree with Israel’s world view but to say it damages the inclusiveness of the game is rich when you are publicly wanting to limit his ability to project his faith which is surely bound by the same will for inclusiveness.

      This whole thing is the biggest storm in a Tea Cup of all time, I read stuff I disagree with all day every day. Keep scrolling and ignore it. Yeah it’s going to be offensive sometimes, not everyone is going to agree. Welcome to the big bad world.

      • Roar Rookie

        April 13th 2018 @ 7:23pm
        Paulo said | April 13th 2018 @ 7:23pm | ! Report

        Christian probably don’t need to be more included, you see crosses and taping and guys crossing themselves and pointing to the heavens all the time in the game. Christians’ are well represented.

        Gay footy players are not. Since Ian Roberts came out I can’t think of a single gay guy being out in either rugby code. You would be niave to think everybody playing since then is straight, so clearly more inclusive policies need to be put in place so people can feel more able to come out if they are a footy player.

        • April 13th 2018 @ 10:44pm
          Ben said | April 13th 2018 @ 10:44pm | ! Report

          Do you think gay players not coming out is on them, and not the NRL perhaps? Maybe they can take some accountability as to why, rather than have silly people blame the NRL.

          • April 15th 2018 @ 11:31am
            Sage said | April 15th 2018 @ 11:31am | ! Report

            Gee I wonder why someone would hesitate about coming out. Yes they are just belligerently homosexual

    • April 13th 2018 @ 10:21am
      RandyM said | April 13th 2018 @ 10:21am | ! Report

      What a world we live in – “Don’t ever say anything that may offend others”

      • April 13th 2018 @ 12:44pm
        soapit said | April 13th 2018 @ 12:44pm | ! Report

        …..if you dont want to ever deal with consequences

        • Roar Rookie

          April 13th 2018 @ 7:26pm
          Paulo said | April 13th 2018 @ 7:26pm | ! Report

          …or if it breaches your employers social media policy.

          • April 13th 2018 @ 10:45pm
            Ben said | April 13th 2018 @ 10:45pm | ! Report

            Who broke a media policy? No-one got punished.

            • April 14th 2018 @ 6:08am
              Ruckin Oaf said | April 14th 2018 @ 6:08am | ! Report

              Hey Ben,

              I reckon 1.3, 1.7 and 1.8 of the ARU code of conduct might well come into play.

              • April 14th 2018 @ 9:25am
                Ben said | April 14th 2018 @ 9:25am | ! Report

                Now, if you’ll just jump along and have a look at 3.2 of the exact same code of coduct, you’ll see that IF – like everyone else – has a right to his religious beliefs. Convenient how you just cherry picked there.

              • April 14th 2018 @ 12:59pm
                Ruckin Oaf said | April 14th 2018 @ 12:59pm | ! Report

                Hey Ben,

                Wow that’s a stretch 3.2 says
                “Treat everyone equally regardless of gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, cultural or religious background, age or disability. Any form of bullying, harassment or discrimination has no place in Rugby.”

                How you turn that in “it’s ok for a player to vilify gay people” is way beyond me.

                3.2 would merely applies that same standards of the aforementioned 1.3 to administrators as well as players.

              • April 14th 2018 @ 3:10pm
                Ben said | April 14th 2018 @ 3:10pm | ! Report

                Hey, guess what! I’m going to hell according to IF. But because I’m a rational thinking ADULT that isn’t offended by everything… I don’t care! IF can believe whatever the hell he likes, as long as he not calling for people to be raped, murdered or unduly punished.

              • April 14th 2018 @ 3:55pm
                Ruckin Oaf said | April 14th 2018 @ 3:55pm | ! Report

                Hi Ben,

                So as long as it doesn’t impact on you it’s ok what IF says?

                Personally I also care about young impressionable gay people too. Maybe it might impact on them.

                And regardless of the impact there’s still a potential breach of the ARU code of conduct.

              • April 14th 2018 @ 5:01pm
                Ben said | April 14th 2018 @ 5:01pm | ! Report

                If you are a young gay person, and you find it soooo “offensive” that the bible says this, and you wish that any religious person that follows and preaches the bible should lose their livelihood and basic human rights… you are the problem.

                Oh, and he didn’t breach the ARU code of conduct.

              • April 14th 2018 @ 5:41pm
                Ruckin Oaf said | April 14th 2018 @ 5:41pm | ! Report

                Hey Ben,

                You seem so sure on what the bible says. How did you go finding that verse that says gays go to hell – could you point it out to me ?

              • April 14th 2018 @ 6:03pm
                Ben said | April 14th 2018 @ 6:03pm | ! Report

                Champ, I’ve never read a (because there’s 100’s of versions isn’t there) bible in my life, I’m not religious. But I’m sure it would be there. Have you read every edition of the bible? Why hasn’t anyone refuted it?

              • April 14th 2018 @ 7:24pm
                Ruckin Oaf said | April 14th 2018 @ 7:24pm | ! Report

                Hey Ben

                OK so when you tell us that ” in the bible, it says gays will go to hell if they don’t repent…”

                You’re just guessing – you don’t really have a clue.

                I guess credibility isn’t your forte.

              • April 14th 2018 @ 9:33pm
                Ben said | April 14th 2018 @ 9:33pm | ! Report

                Are you suggesting that IF has no credibility either? In other words, you are literally choosing to be offended… 😑

              • April 15th 2018 @ 6:29am
                Ruckin Oaf said | April 15th 2018 @ 6:29am | ! Report

                Hey Ben,

                Here’s an idea, how about we try and be factually accurate. If nothing else the change will do you good,

                Folau did not say that according to the bible gays go to hell.

                You’re saying it, without a clue as to it’s accuracy, but I haven’t heard or read anywhere where Folau said it.

                And I very much doubt you can point me to the quote where Israel Folau says ” in the bible, it says gays will go to hell if they don’t repent…”.

                Although this just might be another issue where a lack of credibility doesn’t bother you.

                Further why should credibility and offence go hand in hand ? I would have though that a statement that lacks credibility can still cause some offence. Wilson v Bauer Media Pty Ltd [2017] VSC 521 should surely demonstrate that.

              • April 15th 2018 @ 8:36am
                Ben said | April 15th 2018 @ 8:36am | ! Report

                Hey champ,

                I did a little looking. Have a look at Leviticus 18:22.


              • April 15th 2018 @ 9:59am
                Ruckin Oaf said | April 15th 2018 @ 9:59am | ! Report

                Hey Ben,

                Yep – it certainly doesn’t say that gays are going to hell does it.

                And that’s the best you’ve got.

              • April 15th 2018 @ 10:34am
                Ben said | April 15th 2018 @ 10:34am | ! Report

                Revelation 21:8

                “But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”

              • April 15th 2018 @ 12:54pm
                Ruckin Oaf said | April 15th 2018 @ 12:54pm | ! Report

                Hey Ben,

                Yep – still does not say that gays are going to hell.

                You seem to have started your biblical quest from a point of ignorance and are dedicated to steadily moving backwards.

                Why not try Paul next.

              • April 15th 2018 @ 1:30pm
                Sage said | April 15th 2018 @ 1:30pm | ! Report

                Ah yes but it says “sexually immoral” which Ben obviously considers is referring to homosexuals. Speaks volumes

              • April 15th 2018 @ 2:48pm
                Ruckin Oaf said | April 15th 2018 @ 2:48pm | ! Report

                Hey Sage,

                Well it’s Ben we’re talking about. Reasonable assumptions can’t necessarily be made.

                But it’s the bible we’re talking about and as George Bernard Shaw once said

                “No man ever believes that the Bible means what it says: He is always convinced that it says what he means.”

      • April 14th 2018 @ 6:04am
        Ruckin Oaf said | April 14th 2018 @ 6:04am | ! Report

        Hey RandyM

        Why would you want to offend people in the first place ?

        • April 14th 2018 @ 11:54am
          Ben said | April 14th 2018 @ 11:54am | ! Report

          If you went through life trying not to offend anyone… what sort of life would that be.

          While there will always be someone that is offended, acceptance is the key. The problem with acceptance is when some people have an entitlement complex, where they believe that “only” they are entitled to an opinion on certain topics, and they aren’t strong enough to simply accept that some people are different.

          Gone are the times where if two people had a different opinion on something, they would accept it, and walk away; or at worst have a healthy debate. Now there is always someone that is “offended”, and someone that needs to lose their livelihood, their money, and even their basic right to their opinions.

          Is this the type of world we want our children growing up in…

          • April 14th 2018 @ 1:03pm
            Ruckin Oaf said | April 14th 2018 @ 1:03pm | ! Report

            “If you went through life trying not to offend anyone… what sort of life would that be.”

            Nice I would have thought – almost what Jesus intended when he talked about do unto others etc.

            Oh think of the children what if they grow up in a world where people try and be nice to each other imagine the horrors.

            “…….they aren’t strong enough to simply accept that some people are different.”

            What like different sexuality maybe ?

            • April 14th 2018 @ 3:06pm
              Ben said | April 14th 2018 @ 3:06pm | ! Report

              “Nice I would have thought”… Wow!

              Are you suggesting that IF is going out and targeting gays with the same vitriol he is targeted with? He’s simply saying that in the bible, it says gays will go to hell if they don’t repent…

              You do realise that’s after they die right? Oh, but we’ll all just act like IF has somehow wished death on gays or some garbage like at. Because everyone is looking to get offended now aren’t they.

              Here’s an idea. Let’s just let IF preach his religion, and if we don’t like it… ignore it.

              • April 14th 2018 @ 3:37pm
                Taylorman said | April 14th 2018 @ 3:37pm | ! Report

                He may not but his ignor!nce and pre medieval thinking is, which when coming out of his mouth amounts to the same thing.
                He follows a doctrine that says some players, friends and family will in fact go to a place called hell which, as Ive only really ever seen it in movies, is not a nice place.

                He believes Elton John will go there, because pretty sure hes not going to take up Israels suggestion to repent if he hasnt already, that George Michael and Freddy Mercury and countless others already are there.

                He is not quoting some passage, he is outlining his Faith, one that he and others like him hold true above all else.

                Ignore him? No, because if everyone were like him, gays would in fact be persecuted, and not just in social media.

                They ignored Hitler and his book of gospel for far too long, so no, people like him cannot be ignored.

              • April 14th 2018 @ 5:08pm
                Ben said | April 14th 2018 @ 5:08pm | ! Report

                IF is allowed to preach whatever religious belief he wants. If you don’t like it, ignore it.

                You’ve just mentioned Elton John. I’d guarantee if any young gay man asked EJ about his opinion on IFs belief, he probably wouldn’t care. Because he’s old enough to remember when gay people had REAL problems.

              • April 14th 2018 @ 6:04pm
                Taylorman said | April 14th 2018 @ 6:04pm | ! Report

                Well I choose not to ignore it Ben. Pretty sure you dont get to make my choices. Hes a clown, and deserves what he gets. Its like they used to believe blacks have tails like monkeys, should we ignore that? Yet is just as true as gays going to hell.

                Nah, if thats what you wana preach, dont complain if others dont like it, especally when its wrong.

                Deserves what he gets. And more for the ignorance factor.

                Dont like it, ignore it.

              • April 14th 2018 @ 6:16pm
                Ben said | April 14th 2018 @ 6:16pm | ! Report

                So you’re choosing to be offended? Who would’ve thought! haha

                Yes, IF is getting what deserves. The ARU have told him that they don’t like him having a basic human right (like you and i), and I’m assuming that he’s told them he will sue them for discrimination if they punish him for that.

                The ARU then came out and said they were very proud of IF for standing up for his beliefs in the face of a very bigoted public. Then said – with hope – that they wish he would stop upsetting our country’s weaker minded people.

                In the not-to-distant future, the ARU are going to offer IF a new multimillion dollar contract…

              • April 14th 2018 @ 6:08pm
                Taylorman said | April 14th 2018 @ 6:08pm | ! Report

                And Ben I would love IF to tell Elton John as much. And I can guarantee he would care.

                Nigel Owens did. Why wouldnt EJ. Youre just as deluded as IF is if you think someone like EJ wouldnt absolutely put IF in his place. Big time.

              • April 14th 2018 @ 3:59pm
                Ruckin Oaf said | April 14th 2018 @ 3:59pm | ! Report

                Hi Ben,

                So you have a problem with the suggestion that people should be nice to each other ?

                I haven’t dusted my king james down in ages – can you point out which verse says gays are going to hell ?

                Here’s an idea let IF preach his religious and if anybody has another view they should be able to get a say too.

              • April 14th 2018 @ 5:04pm
                Ben said | April 14th 2018 @ 5:04pm | ! Report

                On your last here. You better not tell IF your view than. He might get upset and offended, and asked that you lose your livelihood and basic humans rights… Of course he won’t, because he’s a rational thinking adult.

              • April 14th 2018 @ 5:37pm
                Ruckin Oaf said | April 14th 2018 @ 5:37pm | ! Report

                Hey Ben,

                I dunno Folau seems to believe in supernatural creatures that run eternal torture chambers and plan to through gay people into said torture chamber.

                Doesn’t sound to rational to me.

              • April 14th 2018 @ 5:38pm
                Ruckin Oaf said | April 14th 2018 @ 5:38pm | ! Report

                Hey Ben,

                I dunno Folau seems to believe in supernatural creatures that run eternal torture chambers and plan to throw gay people into said torture chamber for no good reason.

                Doesn’t sound to rational to me.

              • April 14th 2018 @ 5:56pm
                Ben said | April 14th 2018 @ 5:56pm | ! Report

                Aw, don’t tell IF he believes in “supernatural creatures” please… I’m sure he’d get really upset if he heard that.

              • April 14th 2018 @ 6:39pm
                Taylorman said | April 14th 2018 @ 6:39pm | ! Report

                Who cares? Hes in the ‘lets upset’ game. He should get used to it. 😀 the fact that hes ignored the attempts of those with actual experience in the area he is condemning to reason makes it worse. Slippery slope Im afraid….balls in his court to ‘repent’😂😂

              • April 14th 2018 @ 6:47pm
                Ben said | April 14th 2018 @ 6:47pm | ! Report

                IF doesn’t care. 👌😂

              • April 14th 2018 @ 7:05pm
                Taylorman said | April 14th 2018 @ 7:05pm | ! Report

                We’ll see about that. I think it’ll start showing in his rugby. Hes put an unnecessary weight in his own shoulders. I think that will manifest itself into his game.

              • April 15th 2018 @ 11:16am
                Ruckin Oaf said | April 15th 2018 @ 11:16am | ! Report

                Hey Ben,

                What God’s not supernatural now. Are your sure about that, every piece of literature I’ve read on the guy would describe him as more than natural.

    • Roar Rookie

      April 13th 2018 @ 10:41am
      piru said | April 13th 2018 @ 10:41am | ! Report

      You know things are bad when the NRL has the moral highground

      • Roar Guru

        April 13th 2018 @ 1:02pm
        Ralph said | April 13th 2018 @ 1:02pm | ! Report

        I dunno, sniff, sniff. You have to draw the line somewhere .. sniff.

    • Roar Guru

      April 13th 2018 @ 12:13pm
      John R said | April 13th 2018 @ 12:13pm | ! Report

      Classic case of judge me by my words, not by my actions here.

      Paying lip service with this, when there’s reportedly 6 NRL clubs tabling offers for Folau.

      Give me a f–ken break

      • April 13th 2018 @ 12:19pm
        Otara Boy said | April 13th 2018 @ 12:19pm | ! Report

        18 clubs can table as many offers as they like, but Greenburg ultimately has to approve them.He won`t, unless Folau reels his long tongue back in.

        • Roar Guru

          April 13th 2018 @ 12:21pm
          John R said | April 13th 2018 @ 12:21pm | ! Report

          You really think these clubs would go through all of the effort of putting together an offer if they didn’t have the greenlight to do so?

          notwisthstanding as you correctly state that he has final say

          • Roar Guru

            April 13th 2018 @ 12:37pm
            eagleJack said | April 13th 2018 @ 12:37pm | ! Report

            Happens all the time. NRL clubs table an offer, send it to the NRL for approval, and they reject it. Russell Packer, Matt Lodge, Todd Carney recent examples. The player is then asked to go away, adhere to strict rehabilitation requirements, before they will look at the offer again.

            Although I can’t see it happening with Folau. The NRL would love to have him back, as much as Rugby don’t want to lose him. He still holds the most weight at the negotiating table.

            • April 13th 2018 @ 12:46pm
              soapit said | April 13th 2018 @ 12:46pm | ! Report

              would have thought europe would be a btter bet for him anyway. nrl will love to have him back but how much for a centre winger who hasnt been playing the game or subject to nrl level for a long time.

              • Roar Guru

                April 13th 2018 @ 1:30pm
                eagleJack said | April 13th 2018 @ 1:30pm | ! Report

                Fair call – Europe via Japan maybe. Although he is a noted homebody, and his recent marriage might keep him here or perhaps across the ditch.

                The game has certainly passed Folau by. They would love him back for the exposure he brings, but as for playing ability? Many outside backs possess a giant leap, fend and the evasive abilities of Folau. And if you aren’t playing in the spine, you can’t expect big dollars.

                All Clubs will line up for him. But he might be surprised when the $ figures aren’t huge. Unless he gets most of his salary via TPAs. Which is a possibility.

              • April 13th 2018 @ 1:59pm
                Fionn said | April 13th 2018 @ 1:59pm | ! Report

                You don’t think Folau’s aerial ability would be particularly noteworthy in league? I don’t watch a huge amount of AFL, but I had heard he was even pretty good by AFL standards.

              • Roar Guru

                April 13th 2018 @ 2:15pm
                John R said | April 13th 2018 @ 2:15pm | ! Report

                Some articles I’ve been reading are saying he wouldn’t have the motor for NRL anymore.

                I mean, NRL basically got rid of the ruck and replaced it with the beep test, so you probably need a decent level of fitness hey.

              • April 13th 2018 @ 2:20pm
                Fionn said | April 13th 2018 @ 2:20pm | ! Report

                He played AFL. I’ve never in my life played a sport that requires such a high level of fitness.

              • Roar Rookie

                April 13th 2018 @ 2:24pm
                piru said | April 13th 2018 @ 2:24pm | ! Report

                Played as in past tense – he’s been ambling around rugby fields, interspersed with the odd sprint for the last few years

              • April 13th 2018 @ 2:36pm
                Fionn said | April 13th 2018 @ 2:36pm | ! Report

                Fair point, Piru.

              • Roar Guru

                April 13th 2018 @ 3:18pm
                eagleJack said | April 13th 2018 @ 3:18pm | ! Report

                Don’t get me wrong Fionn his aerial ability would still have him in the top echelon of players. But he is coming back expecting big money. Is that a significant enough selling point for him over the others? Definitely not. The wingers now are very talented in terms of their aerial ability and put downs.

                If he is after the money he’d need to convince a Club CEO that he is a genuine fullback. A position he has never played in the NRL. And at 30 years of age it’s a tough sell (but not impossible).

                Fitness would be an issue too. But he’s professional enough to get up to speed over a pre-season, and early part of the season. Clubs will want him. But they wouldn’t break the bank for him.

            • Roar Guru

              April 13th 2018 @ 1:57pm
              John R said | April 13th 2018 @ 1:57pm | ! Report

              Roger that EJ. I wasn’t aware.

              Personally if it was me, I’d check eligibility with the boss before getting my team to go through the rigmarole of putting an offer together. Would be a fair more efficient way of going about things.

        • April 13th 2018 @ 10:47pm
          Ben said | April 13th 2018 @ 10:47pm | ! Report

          Bahahaha. Greenberg had a meeting with all NRL CEOs after this first happened, to discuss them making room in the cap for IF.

      • April 13th 2018 @ 7:29pm
        Train without a station said | April 13th 2018 @ 7:29pm | ! Report

        Easy for the NRL to say when they don’t have to take a hard line and enforce anything.

        • April 14th 2018 @ 6:12am
          Ruckin Oaf said | April 14th 2018 @ 6:12am | ! Report

          Yeah that’s how I saw it. Taking the moral high ground on a hypothetical isn’t very hard.

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