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The Waratahs' stadium dilemma

The Waratahs shouldn't play out of the SCG. (Source: Supplied)
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14th April, 2018
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On Saturday night, I revisited the SCG to see rugby for the first time in ages. Well done on the promotion of the heritage of the NSW-Queensland game, but – and a big but – the SCG is simply outdated for rugby.

I remember the old sports ground, which was demolished to build Allianz. I remember watching Ken Catchpole being pulled apart by a man in black. I remember the Springboks in the smoke of the protest Tests.

But it’s silly to be so far from the action when other options are available and, when sitting in the Bill O’Reilly stand, the TV replay happens on an old 21-inch job well over 100 metres away.

One wag commented it was nice the SCG had updated from black and white.

There were plenty of audible grumbles and comments about the primitive nature of the SCG.

If the SCG Trust wants to demolish a stadium and rebuild, this is the one – not Allianz – which is in pretty good nick and really only wants for a roof.

I’m not sure where the Waratahs hierarchy currently sits regarding the proposal to demolish Allianz, but if the plan is to relocate to the SCG, sorry but I’m not coming.

The Waratahs cleverly listened to their fans and moved games from the Olympic stadium to Allianz a few years ago. They will lose a fair chunk of their membership base if they move from Allianz. And it could be that no amount of compensation will cover that loss.