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    Sydney FC vs Shanghai Shenhua

    Sydney FC Shanghai Shenhua
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    Sydney FC face Shanghai Shenhua at Allianz Stadium in a do-or-die Asian Champions League clash to end the group stage. Join The Roar for live scores and commentary from 8pm (AEST).

    Despite a poor start to the competition, Sydney FC stands at the precipice of qualification for the round of 16.

    Sadly, their destiny is not totally within their own control, as the Sky blues need a win tonight and the Kashima Antlers to get a result against the Bluewings in the other group game which kicks off at the same time.

    Sydney has a good record against Shanghai and drew 2-2 in China earlier in the tournament. Unbeaten in the last five clashes with Shenhua, the Sky Blues will go in with their strongest squad considering the luxury of a weekend off in the A-League, as they await a semi-final opponent.

    Shanghai are playing well domestically, sitting high on the table and will provide a stern test despite their chances of qualification having evaporated. That is, of course, dependent upon the strength of the team they put on the park tonight. If players are rested, Sydney’s chances increase considerably.

    Sydney will throw everything at the visitors tonight with the realisation that there is no tomorrow and with a little luck, might snare a coveted spot in the next phase of the tournament.

    Sydney FC will win tonight. They are back in good form and should find the back of the net twice against the visitors.

    Sydney FC 2 – Shanghai Shenhua 1.

    Catch all the action on The Roar from 8pm (AEDT).

    Stuart Thomas is a sports writer and educator who made the jump from Roar Guru to Expert in 2017. An ex-trainee professional golfer, his sporting passions are broad with particular interests in football, AFL and rugby league. His love of sport is only matched by his passion for gardening and self-sustainability. Follow him on Twitter @stuartthomas72.

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    • Roar Pro

      Doran Smith said | 12:27pm | ! Report

      I would have liked to have seen Aaron Calver, Paulo Retre and some youngsters in the starting line-up.

      • 9:24pm
        Redondo said | 9:24pm | ! Report

        Ben Warland played and he’s younger than Calver.

        Brandon O’Neill played and he’s younger than Paulo Retre.

        Josh Brillante played and he’s the same age as Paulo Retre.

        What is your point?

    • 12:22am
      BrainsTrust said | 12:22am | ! Report

      Arnold has done it again, three times he did not rest his players when they played at home and thats why they failed in the ACL.
      Shanghai hanging back so what if they had more energy then they could have just put on Simon earlier and peppered the box. .
      Not that it mattered anyway with results in the rest of the group.

    • Columnist

      Stuart Thomas said | 10:05pm | ! Report

      Sydney FC will miss out on round of sixteen Asian Cup action for 2018 after failing to claim a win against Shanghai Shenhua in Sydney tonight.

      Whilst I always attempt to remain balanced in my opinions on matches and celebrate the great play of all teams, the visitors were cynical and void of entertainment tonight. With no chance to make the next stage, their attempts to stifle and retard the home side’s attack was successful, yet unattractive, and resulted in an uninspiring game.

      It appears that results elsewhere would have have stopped Sydney from qualifying even if they had been able to find a winner late in the game and that is the nature of football, however, one must ask what Shanghai think they did for the game of football by bringing the style of play they did to Sydney tonight.

      What a disappointing game; a few half chances going Sydney’s way and an ultra defensive Chinese team hell bent on stopping the sky blues from hitting the score sheet at all costs.

      For the region, the ACL and football in general, this was a poor advertisement.

      Well played to Sydney who did try to engage the opposition and score. As for Shanghai Shenhua? They are still troubled by Sydney and now extend their winless streak against them to six matches.

      Final Score

      Sydney FC 0 Shanghai Shenhua 0

      • 10:15pm
        Nemesis said | 10:15pm | ! Report

        That’s a bit harsh, Stuart. Why should Shangai lay down & make it easy for Sydney? They have every right to do whatever it takes to get a result that suits them. Away draw is better than a loss.

        Sydney were hopeless in the 1st 2 matches at home & that’s why you’re not going to the Ro16.

        • 10:35pm
          Michael Mills said | 10:35pm | ! Report

          You can’t expect to go through when you don’t score a single goal at home.

        • Columnist

          Stuart Thomas said | 10:38pm | ! Report

          Don’t say ‘you’re’ Nem. Whilst I support Sydney, I covered that game as I do all others. Personally, I felt there was little chance of Sydney doing anything special in the latter stages of the tournament and would be happy to see them do well locally. But that was flat out horrible football. I had episodes of NRL 360, AFL 360 and the Grand Prix on tape from the weekend to watch and wasted two hours of my life watching one team try to play and another happy to stifle. It is why we still suffer criticism in this country from those who see football through the lens they sadly viewed tonight. I am constantly amazed at people who paint me as something I am not. Football is so beautiful yet when it is rubbish it can really stink, tonight was one of those unfortunate nights.
          Peace mate.

          • Columnist

            Stuart Thomas said | 10:42pm | ! Report

            Oh and by the way, I will be cheering your boys on tomorrow night like you would not believe because every win Australian football has in Asia, the better we all will be.

          • 9:14am
            Nemesis said | 9:14am | ! Report


            I find AFL & NRL rubbish to watch – even at their best. I’ve been reading on social media that the whole last round of AFL was utter crap quality. Blow out scores. One team only managed to score 2 goals in a sport where you can kick the ball as high as you want to be rewarded for a goal.

            So, I don’t give a stuff “criticism in this country” from football illiterates.

            I understand you’re upset by Shanghai Shenua’s negative tactics.

            Now you understand how we all feel watching Sydney FC.

            • 9:43pm
              Redondo said | 9:43pm | ! Report

              Sydney FC – most goals, most passes, least fouls, least cards. Zullo, at left-back, is 2nd in the league for assists.

              Define negative for me.

              • 2:50pm
                Needles said | 2:50pm | ! Report

                Well said. I think all the opposition fans think Sydney are boring etc when really it is their teams that are so. Sydneys talented players make the other teams look very ordinary

              • 3:23pm
                Nemesis said | 3:23pm | ! Report

                Fair enough. If you think SydFC is a team you enjoy watching, good for you.

                I find them uninspiring to watch. Adrian & Ninkovic are great to watch. Bobo is good because he gets service from Adrian & Ninkovic.

                But, Adrian & Ninkovic were dismal failures in the opening home ACL match &, hence, so was Bobo. So, that’s the extent of SydFC. 2 terrific players to watch surrounded by players who are just negative.

              • 3:50pm
                Redondo said | 3:50pm | ! Report

                Nemesis – that’s breathtakingly simplistic.

                By your reasoning that would make 99.999999% of football teams boring.

                O’Neill, Brillante, Zullo and Brosque spend huge amounts of energy fetching and carrying ammunition for Mierze, Ninkovic and Bobo.

              • 4:45pm
                Nemesis said | 4:45pm | ! Report


                You don’t have to agree with me. You enjoy watching SydFC, fine. Stick with them. Do you ever wonder why their fans aren’t turning up to watch them?

              • 5:02pm
                Redondo said | 5:02pm | ! Report

                That’s an interesting question Nemesis. Perhaps the astounding amount of negative comment – including on this site – has convinced people Sydney are not worth watching.

                And by extension, if the best team the A-League has ever seen aren’t worth watching then the A-League in general can’t be worth watching. Perhaps that knd of logic has affected all the crowds this season.

                I don’t understand why commenters here, who mostly want to build up the A-League, spend so much time dumping on its best team.

                On a related matter, Lucas has written a fine article today and only scored 11 comments. His mistake – writing about playing football, rather than whinging about maladministration
                or moaning about how cruel the world is to Football.

              • 7:12pm
                Nemesis said | 7:12pm | ! Report

                I don’t care that people hate MVFC, I’d still watch them. Having said that they’ve been awful to watch this season – not because they’re boring, or negative; but because they’ve been incompetent.

                However, last night we got a glimpse of how terrific it can be to watch a football team that had no fear & was willing to play its own game. Even when we went 2-1 up we kept attacking; didn’t shut the shop to try to win the game.

                That’s how I like teams to play. If you’re good enough, show us how good you are by taking the game on.

    • Columnist

      Stuart Thomas said | 9:50pm | ! Report

      93‘ – Final minute of added time, Sydney corner…….Shanghai clear and that will be the final result.

      Sydney FC: 0
      Shanghai Shenhau: 0

    • Columnist

      Stuart Thomas said | 9:49pm | ! Report

      91‘ – And predictably, the tension overflows and the frustration turns into a melee in the goal mouth as the sky blues cant quite grab a late winner.

      Sydney FC: 0
      Shanghai Shenhau: 0

    • Columnist

      Stuart Thomas said | 9:48pm | ! Report

      89‘ – From someone who watches around twenty games of football a week, this has been boring from minute one. Sydney have given it everything yet Shanghai should be ashamed of the effort.

      Sydney FC: 0
      Shanghai Shenhau: 0

    • Columnist

      Stuart Thomas said | 9:46pm | ! Report

      87‘ – If there was ever a moment for Matt Simon to clobber someone, this was it.

      Sydney FC: 0
      Shanghai Shenhau: 0

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