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    Broncos vs Storm

    NRL, 20 April, 2018

    Suncorp Stadium
    Fulltime - Broncos 20, Storm 34
    Broncos   Storm
    20 FINAL SCORE 34
    4 TRIES 6
    Referee: Ashley Klein
    Touch judges: Michael Wise & Clayton Sharpe
    Video Referee: Steve Chiddy

    Will the Brisbane Broncos prove themselves genuine premiership threats? Or will the Melbourne Storm build upon last week’s victory over Newcastle? Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match, starting at 7:50pm (AEST).

    Brisbane have experienced an inconsistent opening to their 2018 campaign. Losses to the Titans and Knights saw experts questioning whether Wayne Bennett’s men would be any real threat in this year’s competition. However, the Broncos answered their critics last week with an unexpected win over the previously undefeated Warriors.

    Coach Bennett will be hoping his team can back it up this week and claim another confidence-building win when they take on the defending premiers.

    Brisbane recruit Jack Bird was highly impressive filling in for injured halfback Kodi Nikorima last weekend. As a result, the former Shark has been named to again play in the No. 6 jersey with Nikorima to start off the bench.

    Brisbane have another tough assignment on Friday night, however, as they prepare for a Storm outfit coming off a dominant 40-14 win. Craig Bellamy’s men reasserted themselves as premiership heavyweights with the 26-point victory.

    Halfback Ryley Jacks displayed the control that demoted rookie Brodie Croft was missing in the win and has wrapped up a position in the starting side for the near future. Coach Bellamy would have been pleased with his team’s completion rate of 87% last Friday night – a clear improvement given that they are currently the most error-riddled side in the competition.

    Prediction: The Storm looked to have turned a corner and should be too classy for the Broncos. Melbourne by 12.

    Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match, starting at 7:50pm (AEST).

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    • 1:12pm
      DJ01 said | 1:12pm | ! Report

      Time for some changes at Brisbane. Tagataese in for Thaiday. Satart Sua in back row, drop Sims to bench. Shift McGuire to prop and start Bird at lock. Boyd is on his last legs, I think he needs to retire at end of season. Kahu can slot in for either Opacic or Issako when he returns.

      My(healthy) team for remainder of season.

      1. Boyd
      2. Oats
      3. Roberts
      4. Opacic/Kahu
      5. Issako/Kahu
      6. Nikorima
      7. Milford
      8. Lodge
      9. McCullogh
      10. McGuire
      11. Glenn
      12. Sua
      13. Bird

      14. Sims
      15. Pangai Jr
      16. Ofahengaue
      17. Tagataese

    • 1:02pm
      DJ01 said | 1:02pm | ! Report

      Time to drop some players at

    • Roar Rookie

      steveng said | 9:54am | ! Report

      To me Slater always looked like he was attempting a drop kick the ball, that is what his actions looked like, he instantly dropped the ball while he kicked it . His actions didn’t look like a knock on and that is why the refs gave the try. Slater never looked like he knocked that ball on. Its bad luck for the Broncos and any other team in the future that a try like that will be given when the ball was dropped ‘if it looks like a try, it is a try’!

    • 7:00am
      The Spectator said | 7:00am | ! Report

      Slater was all no try i dropped the ball when he got up, his actions for me said it all, it was a knock on.

    • 11:17pm
      Footy Fan said | 11:17pm | ! Report

      I’ve seen a few shocking decisions this year – especially Klein gifting Broncos the game against Tigers. So out of curiosity, checked the rules* on drop kicking in general play. * RLIF International Laws (with NRL Telstra Premiership Interpretations) 2018

      I’m no ref, but seems to me the doc says:

      Can kick at any time in general play, in any direction.
      Legal types of kick: punt, drop kick, any contact of the ball between knee and end of foot.
      Doesn’t need to be aimed at goal.
      Doesn’t even need to be deliberate.
      Doesn’t matter what the kicker thinks or says, only the kickers actions.

      Unless there’s something I’m unaware of, would mean an incredibly good call by Klein!

      • Roar Guru

        Andrew Jackson said | 11:25pm | ! Report

        I agree Footy Fan it is in the books so technically it may be right. However, I have seen several players drop the ball and kick it but be ruled no try. I understand that this is because the kicking was not intentional and instead a second thought but proving this is difficult. Could open up another debate on consistency if not maintained in future games.

      • 11:31pm
        Fraser said | 11:31pm | ! Report

        Yeah, but the rules also state for a knock-on:
        ” If, after knocking-on accidentally, the player knocking-on regains or kicks the ball before it touches the ground, a goal post, cross bar or an opponent, then play shall be allowed to proceed. Otherwise play shall stop and a scrum shall be formed except after the fifth play-the-ball.”

        Slater dropped the ball forward (in an attempt to kick the ball, which is where this gets grey), but doesn’t kick the ball before it touches the ground. So, it should be a knock-on. He most certainly didn’t have control of the ball. It even looks like the ball bounced twice before his “drop kick”.

        In any case, the try was awarded, the Broncos capitulated, and we have our outrage topic for this week to be discussed ad nauseam.

        • Roar Guru

          Andrew Jackson said | 11:37pm | ! Report

          We can’t possibly go one week without having something to be raged about Fraser!

        • Roar Rookie

          William Dalton Davis said | 11:44pm | ! Report

          That’s the grey area I guess. Is it a drop kick if he didn’t mean to drop kick it.

        • 12:05am
          Footy Fan said | 12:05am | ! Report

          Fraser, that’s a good spot.

          Question I’d ask though: is dropping the ball towards foot for a kick “knocking on accidentally”? If you said yes, then wouldn’t any drop kick be a knock on? Does define knock on “means to knock the ball forward towards the opponents’dead ball line with hand or arm while playing at the ball”. So I’d probably say no.

          • 12:20am
            Fraser said | 12:20am | ! Report

            A drop kick isn’t a knock-on because you are intentionally going for a drop kick by kicking it as it rebounds off the ground. It’s very different to dropping the ball, and then kicking it.

            Most referees in rugby union or rugby league, would have said “knock-on, no control”. Instead, we are left scratching our heads and discussing grey areas in the rule book, instead of applauding a pretty good game of footy.

            • 12:36am
              Footy Fan said | 12:36am | ! Report

              But would conflict with non-drop kicks with can be intentional or not, and have control or not, just need to hit knee, shin or toe. My reading is fine to intentionally drop-kick for chip over the top or unintentionally dropkick for a grubber.

      • 11:49pm
        Bill Larkin said | 11:49pm | ! Report

        Thank you. That’s how I saw it.

    • 11:16pm
      81paling said | 11:16pm | ! Report

      Typical NRL game, it’s 100 to 1. 100 people who love the game walk away unhappy whilst 1 person in an area that has no love for the game but, saw it once thinks that’s nice when they hear Melbourne won on the radio.

    • Roar Pro

      Ben Lewis said | 11:07pm | ! Report

      I only saw bits and pieces of the game; but please tell me the referees haven’t abandoned the crackdown… For the first time in years the rules of the game were being properly enforced. Don’t go back to letting teams get away with sloppy crap now.

      • Roar Guru

        Andrew Jackson said | 11:23pm | ! Report

        I am leaning more towards the players and coaching staff adapting now Ben! The game was fairly free flowing and quick so one can hope that is the case.

    • 10:28pm
      Forty Twenty said | 10:28pm | ! Report

      I don’t understand why wingers stand so flat at times. I saw Corey Oates at one stage running well in front of his centre who was pretty close to him with his arms out ready to receive a forward pass. No doubt they are shallow at times to chase a kick but it stifles a lot of attack if they are constantly flat.

      The Storm look like the team to beat but that’s often the case with defending premiers at some stage in the season yet none of them have maintained this status until the seasons end for a long time. They seem to run out of steam.

      • 10:43pm
        Jarryd said | 10:43pm | ! Report

        Can’t be easy for Oates, he’s probably had 6 different centre combos already. They’ve gotta get him sorted though, he’s gone from a weapon to a liability. Move Jimmy over I’d say. Milf, Roberts, Oates. Deadly.

    • Roar Guru

      Andrew Jackson said | 10:24pm | ! Report

      The Melbourne Storm have accounted for the Brisbane Broncos 34-20 in a see-sawing thriller at Suncorp Stadium on Friday night.

      Debate has consumed the NRL community in recent weeks as to whether the quality of the spectacle is declining this season. However, the Broncos and Storm combined for 10 tries on Friday night in a fast-paced contest in which both sides tested their arm in attack.

      Brisbane opened the scoring in the fifth minute when Jamayne Isaako leapt above the Melbourne defenders to take an Anthony Milford bomb. The winger then linked with James Roberts who sped away to score in the corner. Melbourne were quick to respond, however, when minutes later Billy Slater crossed over for a contentious try in which he appeared to have dropped the ball before kicking it. The Bunker ruled that this was a deliberate attempt at drop-kick by Slater to the confusion of viewers across the nation. It will certainly be a talking point during the week. The next try, however, would have even had Broncos fans applauding as Josh Addo-Carr sprinted down the touchline before showing great control to grubber in-field for Slater who had an early double. Suliasi Vunivalu is known for his pace and magical dives in the corner yet he showed another skill from his bag of tricks on Friday when a brilliant long ball sent Addo-Carr over in the 22nd minute. A 32nd minute penalty goal saw Cameron Smith send Melbourne out to a 18-4 lead at the break.

      Brisbane were faced with an early setback in the second half when Andrew McCullough was forced off the field with an elbow injury. However, they were first to score when Josh Addo-Carr came flying out of the line and Kodi Nikorima took the opportunity to float the ball over to an unmarked Isaako who strolled over. An error by Vunivalu invited Brisbane into the Melbourne twenty and they capitalised quickly when a short ball from Tevita Pangai-Junior saw Alex Glenn score in the 60th minute after Will Chambers came rushing out in similar fashion to Vunivalu. Just as Brisbane were gaining momentum, the Storm hit back when a perfectly executed grubber by Cameron Munster saw Addo-Carr grab his second. Melbourne looked as if they would run away with it yet a sneaky grubber and chase by Anthony Milford saw the five-eighth score to narrow the gap in the 67th minute. Milford’s issue has never been his talent but rather consistency has often evaded him and this was on full display moments later. Milford simply waited for a Chambers grubber to go dead but it refused and instead changed direction and Vunivalu planted the ball to embarrass the Broncos five-eighth. A simple try off a scrum to Chambers sealed the victory in the 74th minute and saw the Storm claim a 34-20 win in a very entertaining encounter.

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