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NRL and Canterbury must use Western Sydney Stadium

The Bulldogs. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)
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19th April, 2018

Western Sydney Stadium looks like it will be a magnificent venue when it opens next year. The stadium will have great facilities and an atmosphere that be will be second to none. The fans will get a fantastic experience inside the stadium and out.

But surely the NRL isn’t planning on using Western Sydney Stadium twelve times a year. I’d assume they aren’t thinking we will use it every second week for Parramatta Eels home games. Maybe a couple of finals games, but still it should be used a lot more.

My solution is the Canterbury Bulldogs use Western Sydney Stadium as its home ground. They play at ANZ Stadium in Homebush, so having a home ground in Parramatta is not much different.

Canterbury can average up to nearly 30,000 average crowds in their peak periods.

The Dogs could play Good Friday games against South Sydney and June long weekend games against St George Illawarra at ANZ.

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These two games would be their biggest crowd pullers. One to two games at Belmore would leave around ten home games at Western Sydney Stadium.

The game needs to look good on TV and a provide a good atmosphere. Having 15,000 to 20,000 supporters in Western Sydney Stadium is 100 times better for the game than having the same amount in ANZ stadium.

Crowd numbers would go up and it would look much better on TV. I also believe the players would love to play there instead of ANZ.


The reason I believe Canterbury are the best club is that they are the only team to play out of ANZ stadium.

It seems they fit best in using Western Sydney Stadium as a home ground. Every other Sydney club only uses ANZ for a couple of games a year.

Leave ANZ for the big games and let’s finally use this great facility.