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    Fremantle vs. Western Bulldogs

    Optus Stadium
    AFL Home and Away April 21, 2018
    Fremantle 108, Western Bulldogs 54
    Fremantle Western Bulldogs
     G B Pts G B Pts
    Q14024   128
    Q26339   3321
    Q312678   4428
    Q41612108   8654

    Match result:

    Fremantle have proved too fast, too classy and too determined for the visiting Western Bulldogs at Optus Stadium, winning their Saturday night clash by 54 points.

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    Final score
    Fremantle 16.12.108
    Western Bulldogs 8.6.54

    Match preview:

    The Fremantle Dockers look to continue their unblemished run at the new Perth stadium against the Western Bulldogs. Join The Roar for live scores and a blog from 8:15pm AEST (6:15pm (AWST).

    The Dockers are developing an early fondness for their new home ground, having recorded two wins from two games there, in a reasonably positive start to the season.

    With Nat Fyfe showing signs of his best, Alex Pearce demonstrating he belongs at this level, and Matthew Taberner emerging as a serious talent, it’s been a pretty good start to 2018.

    They are however coming off a frustrating loss in terrible conditions to the Giants in Canberra.

    The Dogs of course had a notoriously bad start to the year, but have recovered somewhat in the last two weeks.

    They still have a number of players yet to run into form, but they’re getting output from the likes of Caleb Daniel, Mitch Wallis and Easton Wood.

    The Bulldogs of course haven’t played this venue before, but their interstate record has been a little patchy ever since that marvellous 2016 premiership.

    In fact, their win over the Eagles in that year’s finals series is their only one in Western Australia since 2010.

    The conditions this evening may be a little wet, which poses a challenge for the Dogs’ running and linking style of game.

    At selection, the Dockers are losing a bit of experience, with defenders Michael Johnson and Tommy Sheridan replaced by Ed Langdon and debutant Taylin Duman.

    The Bulldogs have made a number of changes, mostly forced; Lachie Hunter, Bailey Williams and Jack Redpath miss with injury while Shane Biggs has been dropped after a poor start to the year.

    They’re replaced by Zaine Cordy, Lukas Webb, Patrick Lipinski and Tom Boyd, the latter two for their first games of the season.

    The Dogs still have too many frailties to expect them to beat a solid outfit like Freo interstate.

    Fremantle by 25 points

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    Quarter 1
    4' GOAL - Matt Taberner (Fremantle)
    7' GOAL - Tom Boyd (Western Bulldogs)
    11' BEHIND - Jason Johannisen (Western Bulldogs)
    14' GOAL - Michael Walters (Fremantle)
    18' GOAL - Michael Walters (Fremantle)
    21' GOAL - Adam Cerra (Fremantle)
    26' BEHIND - Tim English (Western Bulldogs)
    Quarter 2
    4' BEHIND - Ed Langdon (Fremantle)
    7' GOAL - Mitch Wallis (Western Bulldogs)
    8' GOAL - Patrick Lipinski (Western Bulldogs)
    13' BEHIND - Michael Walters (Fremantle)
    14' BEHIND - Hayden Ballantyne (Fremantle)
    18' BEHIND - Toby McLean (Western Bulldogs)
    21' GOAL - David Mundy (Fremantle)
    23' GOAL - Brandon Matera (Fremantle)
    Quarter 3
    1' GOAL - Cam McCarthy (Fremantle)
    3' BEHIND - Cam McCarthy (Fremantle)
    6' GOAL - Hayden Ballantyne (Fremantle)
    8' BEHIND - Cam McCarthy (Fremantle)
    10' GOAL - Adam Cerra (Fremantle)
    16' GOAL - Michael Walters (Fremantle)
    20' GOAL - Nat Fyfe (Fremantle)
    22' BEHIND - Rushed (Fremantle)
    24' GOAL - Michael Walters (Fremantle)
    27' BEHIND - Bailey Dale (Western Bulldogs)
    29' GOAL - Tom Boyd (Western Bulldogs)
    Quarter 4
    2' BEHIND - Rushed (Western Bulldogs)
    5' GOAL - Cam McCarthy (Fremantle)
    7' BEHIND - Cam McCarthy (Fremantle)
    9' GOAL - Hayden Ballantyne (Fremantle)
    13' BEHIND - Rushed (Fremantle)
    14' BEHIND - David Mundy (Fremantle)
    16' BEHIND - Lukas Webb (Western Bulldogs)
    19' GOAL - Toby McLean (Western Bulldogs)
    21' BEHIND - Adam Cerra (Fremantle)
    22' GOAL - Michael Walters (Fremantle)
    23' GOAL - Billy Gowers (Western Bulldogs)
    27' GOAL - Stephen Hill (Fremantle)
    28' GOAL - Lin Jong (Western Bulldogs)
    30' BEHIND - Andrew Brayshaw (Fremantle)
    31' BEHIND - Rushed (Fremantle)
    32' GOAL - Billy Gowers (Western Bulldogs)
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    • 2:12am
      Floyd Calhoun said | 2:12am | ! Report

      When Fremantle are deemed to be too ‘classy’ for you, you are indeed, officially finished. Sorry, but it’s true.

      • 7:22am
        Don Freo said | 7:22am | ! Report

        Why is that? Do you think one club stays the same throughout its existence?

        Or is that one of those guffaw jokes where everyone laughs along? Good luck with that.

        Perhaps you just watch without really understanding.

    • 11:23pm
      Doctor Rotcod said | 11:23pm | ! Report

      The last Bulldogs goal keeps Freo out of the eight,for two weeks anyway

    • Roar Guru

      TomC said | 10:53pm | ! Report

      Match report

      Fremantle have proved too fast, too classy and too determined for the visiting Western Bulldogs at Optus Stadium, winning their Saturday night clash by 54 points.

      Right from the beginning the Dockers looked switched on. While the midfield contest was even, Freo were much more purposeful with the ball. In particular they ran hard and moved the ball quickly across half forward, getting themselves into good scoring positions time and again.

      As a result, they found it much easier around goal, kicking four goals straight to the Dogs’ one goal two behinds.

      The Dogs were keen to respond in the second term, booting the first two goals to bring themselves back within a kick.

      But their intensity wasn’t matched by their execution, surrendering the initiative through silly mistakes in the middle of the ground, admittedly often under strong defensive pressure from the home side.

      After missing some chances the Dockers got on top once more, and a brief storm created slippery conditions the Western players – perhaps too used to the comfortable confines of the Docklands – struggled even more to hit targets.

      Freo extended their lead back to three goals by half time, but they were just warming for what would be a decisive third quarter.

      Right from the beginning of the second half the Dockers looked even sharper and hungrier, and the Dogs even more listless, than either team had in the first two quarters.

      Freo were well on top in every department, winning the ball out of the middle, and setting up good shots at goal through their pace around half forward.

      And on the rare occasions when the Dogs had a chance to clear, they would inevitably come unstuck in the middle of the ground where they faced relentless tackling pressure and an empty forwardline.

      The Dockers piled on the goals, kicking six of them before their opponents troubled the scorers. Some of the stats late in the quarter were scarcely believable; almost 90% of forward half territory and every inside 50 bar one until the last two or three minutes.

      When the third quarter siren rang out, the Dockers held a 50 point lead and it was clear the contest was over.

      The last stanza was a rather less intense affair, with quite a lot of open play and a fair number of goals at either end.

      It did give a few individuals a chance to pad out some already impressive stats, most notably Nat Fyfe and Michael Walters. The Freo captain had 43 touches, and some of them were very classy indeed. Walters for his part kicked five goals, including a couple of beauties.

      The Dockers had virtually no passengers tonight, but Wilson, McCarthy and young Adam Cerra were some of their other better performers.

      One sour note for Freo though was the loss of Matt Taberner to a lower leg injury in the first term, after he’d made a great start to the match.

      The Dogs will be bitterly disappointed not to have been more competitive tonight, after a couple of better performances recently.

      They did however get good games out of Toby McLean, Caleb Daniel and the impressive young ruckman Tim English. Billy Gowers made a nuisance of himself up forward with two goals.

      The story tonight though is Freo’s performance, and their growing dominance at their new home ground. Some of their forward movement tonight, moving the ball laterally, quickly to create chances, will no doubt be heavily studied by their coming opponents. It certainly looked hard to stop this evening.

      A perfect tune up for the Western Derby next week, as well as four valuable points for Freo.

    • Roar Guru

      TomC said | 10:47pm | ! Report

      Full time

      Fremantle 16.12.108
      Western Bulldogs 8.6.54

      A comprehensive win for the Dockers.

    • Roar Guru

      TomC said | 10:45pm | ! Report


      A fine goal by Gowers, running onto his left and snapping from 45m. That adds some respectability to the score.

      Freo 108
      Western 54

    • Roar Guru

      TomC said | 10:44pm | ! Report

      Inside the last minute now.

    • Roar Guru

      TomC said | 10:42pm | ! Report


      Lin Jong with a long shot after a 50m penalty, doesn’t make good contact, but it just clears the pack for a sausage roll.

      Freo 106
      Western 48

    • Roar Guru

      TomC said | 10:41pm | ! Report


      Blakeley on the wing doesn’t seem confident what to do with, but his kick falls onto the chest of Stephen Hill.

      From 50m out Hill kicks truly to further extend the lead.

      Freo 106
      Western 42

      3 minutes left.

    • Roar Guru

      TomC said | 10:37pm | ! Report


      Gowers marks on his chest 20m out, after a centring kick by Honeychurch.

      Gowers kicks the goal, as he should.

      Freo 100
      Dogs 42

      Five minutes left to kill.

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