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2018 NFL Draft live blog

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell during the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft at the NFL Draft Theater on April 27, 2017 in Philadelphia, PA. (Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Roar Guru
26th April, 2018

The 2018 NFL Draft will be held across three days at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Join The Roar live on Friday for the first round and Saturday for the second and third rounds, starting at 10am (AEST).

This will be the first time the draft will be held inside a stadium. The Dallas Cowboys will roll out the welcome mat for the biggest day in the lives of these college kids looking to make it big in the NFL.

Over the next three days, some 250 college students will try to become household names.

Here is how the draft works and how the teams will line-up for round one.

The NFL Draft works on a scale of 1-32. The worst team in the competition from the 2017 season, Cleveland Browns, will get the first pick. The winner for the Super Bowl, Philadelphia Eagles, will get the 32nd pick.

Picks can also be traded for players. That is why you may see some team picking two or three times in the same round, where other teams won’t have a pick at all. Check out the live blog below for an updated list of who picks where.

Once we get to the end of the first round, the draft continues in reverse order – Otherwise known as a snake draft. So, the team with the 32nd pick, Philadelphia, will pick again at 33 and then we continue in reverse order.

Day one, Friday, will only consist of the first round. Picks 1-32.

Day two, Saturday, will see the second and third rounds. Picks 33-96.


Day three, Sunday, will see rounds four through seven, until we reach ‘Mr Irrelevant’ – the name fondly given to the player picked last overall in the draft.

All the talk before the draft has centred around the huge quarterback class. Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield, Lamar Jackson and Sam Darnold. Where will these players land? Could they all get picked up in the top 5?

What about the sensational running back Saquon Barkley from Penn State. Where will the running machine end up?

And how will the Aussies fair in this year’s draft?

This year we will be keeping a close eye on two Aussies. First is Michael Dickson, A punter from the University of Texas. It is thought that an NFL franchise will draft Dickson, but probably not until the later rounds. Look for him on Sunday.

The second of the Aussies is former South Sydney Rabbitoh Jordan Mailata. At 6-foot-8 and weighing 346 pounds (156 kg), Mailata has been slated as a defensive tackle.

The only problem is, he has never played the game. His size and sporting skills will work in his favour, but he will probably slide down the draft into Sunday.

Join The Roar for every pick of the first round, starting from 10am Friday AEST.