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    Adelaide Crows vs. Carlton

    Adelaide Oval
    AFL Home and Away May 5, 2018
    Adelaide Crows 125, Carlton 70
    Adelaide Crows Carlton
     G B Pts G B Pts
    Q17244   2113
    Q29357   6440
    Q315898   7850
    Q41911125   101070

    Match Result:

    The Adelaide Crows have belted the Carlton Blues by 55 points on Saturday, but more injury woes will challenge the club moving forward.

    Final score
    Crows 19.11 (125)
    Blues 10.10 (70)

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    Match Preview:

    The Adelaide Crows host a Carlton Blues outfit coming off six straight losses. Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match from 7:40pm (AEST).

    This has been Carlton’s worst start to a season in… ever.

    On the other side, Adelaide’s form hasn’t been excellent, but they’re sitting 4-2 having lost to Essendon and Collingwood. But no, their third loss won’t be tonight to another of the big Victorian teams.

    The Blues’ main man in the middle, Patrick Cripps, will be up against a former main Bluebagger in Bryce Gibbs. It’ll be Gibbs’ first match against his old side, and he’ll be among the biggest names in Adelaide’s midfield given Rory Sloane is yet to return.

    Both teams have a number of changes. For the Crows, the injured Taylor Walker is the biggest exclusion, with a managed Riley Knight and omitted Myles Poholke joining him on the sidelines. In good news for the home team, Eddie Betts is back, along with Jake Kelly and Darcy Fogarty.

    Carlton have three big outs, with Jack Silvangi dropped, but they’ve also lost Caleb Marshbank and Charlie Curnow to injury. In good news, they’ve regained the important Matthew Kreuzer, Jarrod Pickett and Nick Graham.

    This’ll be a thrashing. I don’t usually proclaim any team have ‘no chance’, but Carlton are pretty close to that threshold.

    Crows to win, and very comfortably.

    Adelaide by 67 points.

    Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match from 7:40pm (AEST).

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    Quarter 1
    3' GOAL - Matthew Kreuzer (Carlton)
    5' GOAL - Rory Laird (Adelaide Crows)
    6' GOAL - Josh Jenkins (Adelaide Crows)
    8' BEHIND - Aaron Mullett (Carlton)
    11' BEHIND - Darcy Fogarty (Adelaide Crows)
    12' GOAL - Mitch McGovern (Adelaide Crows)
    14' GOAL - Josh Jenkins (Adelaide Crows)
    18' GOAL - Tom Lynch (Adelaide Crows)
    21' GOAL - Mitch McGovern (Adelaide Crows)
    26' GOAL - Andrew Phillips (Carlton)
    29' BEHIND - Josh Jenkins (Adelaide Crows)
    30' GOAL - Eddie Betts (Adelaide Crows)
    Quarter 2
    3' GOAL - Hugh Greenwood (Adelaide Crows)
    6' BEHIND - Rushed (Carlton)
    6' GOAL - Harry McKay (Carlton)
    11' GOAL - Paddy Dow (Carlton)
    12' BEHIND - Sam Petrevski-Seton (Carlton)
    13' BEHIND - Jarrod Garlett (Carlton)
    15' GOAL - Harry McKay (Carlton)
    18' GOAL - Tom Lynch (Adelaide Crows)
    23' GOAL - Levi Casboult (Carlton)
    29' BEHIND - Hugh Greenwood (Adelaide Crows)
    Quarter 3
    1' GOAL - Eddie Betts (Adelaide Crows)
    3' BEHIND - Richard Douglas (Adelaide Crows)
    5' GOAL - Richard Douglas (Adelaide Crows)
    10' BEHIND - Rushed (Carlton)
    13' BEHIND - Patrick Cripps (Carlton)
    14' BEHIND - Matthew Wright (Carlton)
    15' BEHIND - Rushed (Carlton)
    16' BEHIND - Mitch McGovern (Adelaide Crows)
    17' BEHIND - Rory Atkins (Adelaide Crows)
    18' GOAL - Hugh Greenwood (Adelaide Crows)
    21' GOAL - Mitch McGovern (Adelaide Crows)
    23' GOAL - Nick Graham (Carlton)
    25' GOAL - Josh Jenkins (Adelaide Crows)
    28' BEHIND - Mitch McGovern (Adelaide Crows)
    29' BEHIND - Josh Jenkins (Adelaide Crows)
    30' GOAL - Richard Douglas (Adelaide Crows)
    Quarter 4
    4' GOAL - Bryce Gibbs (Adelaide Crows)
    11' GOAL - Mitch McGovern (Adelaide Crows)
    12' GOAL - Levi Casboult (Carlton)
    15' BEHIND - Rushed (Carlton)
    16' GOAL - David Mackay (Adelaide Crows)
    19' BEHIND - Sam Jacobs (Adelaide Crows)
    21' BEHIND - Paul Seedsman (Adelaide Crows)
    23' BEHIND - Patrick Cripps (Carlton)
    25' GOAL - Matthew Wright (Carlton)
    27' GOAL - Mitch McGovern (Adelaide Crows)
    29' BEHIND - Mitch McGovern (Adelaide Crows)
    30' GOAL - Ed Curnow (Carlton)

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    The Crowd Says (148)

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    • 10:23pm
      Internal Fixation said | 10:23pm | ! Report

      Good win by the Crows down a quarter of their best 22.

      Forcing them to the outside worked for 30 minutes.

      Interesting that Greenwood slides “down” a midfield position or 2 when Sloan and Crouch return – scary that he could only have the attention of the 4/5 best opposition midfielder.

    • Roar Guru

      AdelaideDocker said | 10:22pm | ! Report

      I’m buggered, so that’s all from me tonight. Two consecutive games – about six hours of footy – being blogged is quite an effort.

      Thanks for everyone who commented, and I’ll be back on Monday for Power Rankings and for some games next weekend!

      Enjoy Sunday footy tomorrow, everybody.

      • 10:23pm
        Internal Fixation said | 10:23pm | ! Report

        More Stamina than Dermie has when talking about Dermie

    • Roar Guru

      AdelaideDocker said | 10:19pm | ! Report

      Mitch McGovern with five goals. Curnow, Simpson and Thomas all collecting 26 touches. Carlton transforming themselves for the better mid game. Carlton preventing a 100 point loss. Adelaide providing some awesome goals, and ball movement.

      For a game so many (including me) were cynical about, there was much to enjoy, really.

      Adelaide: 19.11 (125)
      Carlton: 10.10 (70)

    • 10:17pm
      Birdman said | 10:17pm | ! Report

      only the jazz on the stereo and a few ‘sherbets’ has got me through the evening AD.

      Not sure how you do it young man but well done all the same.

      • Roar Guru

        AdelaideDocker said | 10:20pm | ! Report

        I have no idea. Thanks for joining me tonight, mate. Thoroughly enjoy the banter, and chats.

    • Roar Guru

      AdelaideDocker said | 10:17pm | ! Report

      There’s full time.

      It’s the Crows by 55 points.

      Adelaide: 19.11 (125)
      Carlton: 10.10 (70)

    • Roar Guru

      AdelaideDocker said | 10:16pm | ! Report


      Ed Curnow with a goal as we head into the final sixty seconds.

      That’s nice to watch, actually.

      Adelaide: 19.11 (125)
      Carlton: 10.10 (70)

    • Roar Guru

      AdelaideDocker said | 10:15pm | ! Report


      McGovern goes for his sixth, but he misses!

      Adelaide: 19.11 (125)
      Carlton: 9.10 (64)

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