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    Crusaders vs Waratahs

    Super Rugby, 12 May, 2018

    AMI Stadium
    Fulltime - Crusaders 31, Waratahs 29
    Crusaders   Waratahs
    31 FINAL SCORE 29
    5 TRIES 4
    0 DROP GOALS 0
    Referee: Ben O'keeffe
    Touch judges: Jamie Nutbrown & Paul Williams
    TMO: Aaron Paterson

    Match result:

    The NSW Waratahs are crying foul after giving up the biggest lead in Super Rugby history in a heartbreaking 31-29 loss to the mighty Crusaders.

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    Final score
    Crusaders 32
    Waratahs 29

    Match preview:

    The Crusaders host the Waratahs Saturday night at AMI Stadium. Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match, starting from 3:15pm AEST.

    What a difference a coach makes! You can argue that the Waratahs lineup are better than their hosts and theoretically should be favourites.

    When Michael Cheika coached the Waratahs they dispatched the Crusaders in all home matches and lost one match in Christchurch by a solitary point.

    Conversely, the last two cross-Tasman derbies were a disaster for Daryl Gibson. You would have imagined that a Christchurch local like Gibson would have an even better idea that Cheika on how to defeat the Crusaders. Alas, it has been the opposite.

    A poor team performance today, may reignite conspiracy theorists about Gibson being a “double agent”.

    NSW Rugby Union boss and New Zealander Andrew Hore and Rugby Australia’s Raylene Castle, might even be thrown in the mix!

    Today, the bookies odds for a Waratahs win is 8:1. It is hard to argue with that based on recent form of both teams.

    However, if a team in transition like the Reds can beat the Lions, there is an outside chance that the Waratahs are able to deliver a similar upset.

    Gibson and Michael Hooper and his teammates have demonstrated clear improvements on a weekly basis. They have the firepower to defend and deliver a good set piece.

    Most important they have developed a great attacking approach which allows them to maintain possession and dominate possession. What they lack is the ability to score tries. I suspect we will see improvements in this area.

    But the Crusaders are too good, too consistent. They also great in punishing opponents for the whole 80 minutes, especially the last 15.

    Watch a fantastic set piece battle, both lineout and scrum. It will be awesome!

    A Crusaders win. But the Waratahs should perform admirably and could deliver a scare to the Christchurch fans.

    Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match, starting from 3:15pm AEST.

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    • 7:45pm
      Highlander said | 7:45pm | ! Report


    • 4:12am
      Taylorman said | 4:12am | ! Report

      Honestly, there is a clear winner when it comes to whing/=ing about Refs. No one does it better or more often.

    • Roar Guru

      RobC said | 1:46am | ! Report


    • Roar Guru

      RobC said | 1:44am | ! Report

      This one is titled “Better People Make Better All Blacks”

      • 2:17am
        Cal said | 2:17am | ! Report

        Cmon mate. Dont ruin a good commentary(thanks by the way). Sure the saders had a a couple of calls go their way but the tahs should have had that.

        That first still it looks like moodys force is applied thru his elbow and forearm to beales upper chest and shoulder so misses his head. He still shouldnt have been taking him out tho.

        • Roar Guru

          RobC said | 2:50am | ! Report

          Hey Cal! np, its fun doing the blog.

          I take it from your comments you support the Saders for this game?:
          – These pics arent not about winning or losing.
          – Never mentioned it. Nor did I mention the head.

          fyi a Kiwi friend pointed out how blatant these offences. So I had a relook and agree.

          These images are part of my commentary:
          – I believe this, and the other is very appropriate.
          – Do you want polite, or you do you want the truth?

          Anyone in this thread, who thinks the try should have been awarded? And that Moody should have been allowed to continue playing for the next 10′ at least?

          Again. This is not about whether Tahs should have won, or a bad Ref. Foley had two clear chances to win this match.

          • 2:57am
            Carlos The Argie said | 2:57am | ! Report

            This is so disappointing coming from you. It is YOUR opinion that these are facts or truths. I am sure that others see it differently.

            I saw one Wallaby flyhallf miss two relatively easy kicks in front of the posts that could have won the game. Missed them both. The rest is opinion and fodder for Roaring anger.

            Again, this weekend the only Aussie team that won was the one playing another Aussie team.

            You have a much more serious issue than blaming a ref or one dirty play.

            • Roar Guru

              RobC said | 12:04pm | ! Report

              Carlos, this is hilarious. Are you serious

              Yes. “Big thanks” for pointing out that Foley missed two goals and is a big reason for their loss. But I just said that:
              – On the very comment you were rebutting!
              Read it AGAIN!!!
              – This time, perhaps more carefully

              Let me break this down for you, so you dont get confused:
              – The pictures I originally shared is what I presented as fact
              – I shared NO commentary. Just the pictures
              – This as I explained to Cal

              Is this clear to you now? Or are you watching too much American TV?

              And what issue do I have exactly? Where do I blame the ref?
              – Actually, blame for what?
              – Do you even bother reading or trying to properly comprehend what I write
              – Or are you confusing what other people are writing, with what I have posted?

              So that you know, I dont care about the score:
              – Are you insinuating that I might be upset because the Tahs lost
              – Thats the funniest of all.
              – Im a QUEENSLANDER!

              *btw I posted TWO pictures of TWO different incidents

              • Roar Guru

                Machooka said | 2:31pm | ! Report

                Sometimes when you bite… you get bitten as a result 🙂

              • Roar Guru

                RobC said | 3:13pm | ! Report

                Some like to bite and be bitten

        • Roar Guru

          RobC said | 10:50pm | ! Report

          The officials have ruled: ‘The committee considered a four-week ban to be merited “due to the dangerous contact with the opposing player’s head

          • 11:33pm
            Cal said | 11:33pm | ! Report

            Hi Rob

            Yeh saw he copped a ban. I must have seen it differently and I was obviously wrong, well at least wrong enough as the committee didn’t see it like that. I had no doubts it was a cardable offence. I sort of wish he had of copped a red and was sent off because I think the saders might’ve still managed to come back and sneak a win.

            My apologies for jumping down your throat, but I thought you were having an unnecessary dig, which now in hindsight I think was fair enough. We all know us kiwis throw them back at you enough! In this current state of aus rugby its a bit too easy 😉

            Fyi i’m actually a force and hurricanes supporter but also follow the all blacks as I’m from there but now live in Perth. Cheers

            • Roar Guru

              RobC said | 11:55pm | ! Report

              hey Cal. Nothing to apologise, you were very polite and generally non-judgemental:
              – I didnt add any comments to my pics
              – So its easy to interpret it, one way or the other

              It was a great game. And I can assure you, it wont be forgotten anytime soon haha

              This is really the first decent Tah Saders match for a while:
              – Use to be good when Check was running the Tahs
              – Now Chrischurch boys Robertson and Gibbo are running the show.
              – Im looking forward to the grudge match.

              Force / Canes fan. Thats an interesting combination!

    • 10:57pm
      Sylvester said | 10:57pm | ! Report

      The Moody forearm does look bad, but given two officials reviewed the tackle on Dagg last week multiple times and still couldn’t see a red card, I not surprised it wasn’t spotted.

      • 11:44pm
        double agent said | 11:44pm | ! Report

        He got five weeks!!!

    • 10:35pm
      Jake said | 10:35pm | ! Report

      What irony.

      Three weeks ago the Lions led the Waratahs also by 29-0 and held onto that lead. On the following Kick and Chase the talk (from Drew Mitchell, especially) was how the scoreline actually looked worse than it was because, once they fell behind and had to start chasing the game, the Waratah’s structure fell apart and the scoreline just “blew out”.

      What irony.

    • 10:13pm
      Angus Kennedy said | 10:13pm | ! Report

      Moody. What a disgusting act. Taking out a defender with an elbow to the throat.

      • 12:50am
        Misha said | 12:50am | ! Report

        Was on his arm – they had just collided and were pushing each other away,,,

    • 8:54pm
      double agent said | 8:54pm | ! Report

      Ben O’Keefe has had a crap game every week so far. There’s 60 year old refs running in Subbies doing a better job than him.

    • 8:43pm
      Faith said | 8:43pm | ! Report

      This stream here is ridiculous – you are talking about a team that was 29-0 up, missed two penalty sitters. Smacks of a desperation where you now just want to be given the win. And then the Reds lost against the Moondogs. You can’t invent this shit. Tahs look good for a win. I’d say they’ll manage this against Landers next week. Third time lucky …

      • 11:42pm
        double agent said | 11:42pm | ! Report

        Faith – Did Beale cop an elbow or not?

    , , , , ,