Fremantle Dockers vs St Kilda Saints: AFL live scores

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    Fremantle vs. St Kilda

    Optus Stadium
    AFL Home and Away May 12, 2018
    Fremantle 89, St Kilda 59
    Fremantle St Kilda
     G B Pts G B Pts
    Q13220   128
    Q27547   1511
    Q39963   7749
    Q4131189   81159

    Match result:

    The Fremantle Dockers have levelled their ledger at 4-4 with a five-goal win over St Kilda on Saturday night.

    Final score
    Fremantle Dockers 13.11.89
    St Kilda Saints 8.11.59

    Match preview:

    The Fremantle Dockers will look to get their fourth win of the season when they host the St Kilda Saints in Round 8. Join The Roar for live scores from the match at Optus Stadium on Saturday night, starting from 8:10pm AEST.

    The Dockers have had what might be called a very mixed start to the year – they’ve looked like a potentially finals-quality side at times, but more like a bottom four one at others.

    Home ground advantage seems to be a major factor in their form. All three of their wins this year – over Essendon, Gold Coast and the Western Bulldogs have all come at home.

    On the other hand, of their four losses, three of them have come on the road, and they’ve been pretty uncompetitive in those matches, particular against Port Adelaide in Round 1, and Richmond last week.

    The big positive for their season so far has been the form of Nat Fyfe who is putting his name back in the conversation for best player in the game.

    As for the St Kilda Saints, it fair to say that their efforts this year have been well below both what their fans and the competition at large expect from them.

    They scraped through for a win over the Lions in Round 1, but can boast only a draw and five losses from their six games following that.

    The end result is that they’re a bottom four team right now and it’s hard to tell if they’ve got any serious improvement left in them.

    We probably won’t learn much about either side this week. The Dockers should put in another strong performance at home, the Saints will probably be average again.

    Fremantle Dockers by 24.

    Join The Roar for live scores from the match between the Fremantle Dockers and the St Kilda Saints in Round 8 of the 2018 AFL Season at Optus Stadium on Saturday night, starting from 8:10pm AEST.

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    Quarter 1
    3' BEHIND - Hayden Ballantyne (Fremantle)
    15' GOAL - Hayden Ballantyne (Fremantle)
    16' GOAL - Danyle Pearce (Fremantle)
    21' GOAL - Aaron Sandilands (Fremantle)
    25' GOAL - Sam Gilbert (St Kilda)
    26' BEHIND - Lachie Neale (Fremantle)
    28' BEHIND - Tim Membrey (St Kilda)
    30' BEHIND - Jade Gresham (St Kilda)
    Quarter 2
    6' BEHIND - Tim Membrey (St Kilda)
    6' GOAL - Brandon Matera (Fremantle)
    11' GOAL - David Mundy (Fremantle)
    14' BEHIND - Jack Newnes (St Kilda)
    15' GOAL - Nat Fyfe (Fremantle)
    20' GOAL - Cam McCarthy (Fremantle)
    23' BEHIND - Nat Fyfe (Fremantle)
    25' BEHIND - Tim Membrey (St Kilda)
    29' BEHIND - Brennan Cox (Fremantle)
    31' BEHIND - Hayden Ballantyne (Fremantle)
    Quarter 3
    3' GOAL - Lachie Neale (Fremantle)
    5' BEHIND - Brandon Matera (Fremantle)
    8' GOAL - Tim Membrey (St Kilda)
    12' BEHIND - Brennan Cox (Fremantle)
    15' BEHIND - Rowan Marshall (St Kilda)
    17' GOAL - Jade Gresham (St Kilda)
    21' GOAL - Jarryn Geary (St Kilda)
    22' GOAL - Jade Gresham (St Kilda)
    24' GOAL - Adam Cerra (Fremantle)
    25' BEHIND - Rushed (Fremantle)
    27' GOAL - Jack Newnes (St Kilda)
    28' BEHIND - Jack Billings (St Kilda)
    31' BEHIND - Cam McCarthy (Fremantle)
    31' GOAL - Jack Steven (St Kilda)
    Quarter 4
    3' BEHIND - Tim Membrey (St Kilda)
    5' GOAL - Adam Cerra (Fremantle)
    6' BEHIND - Jack Steele (St Kilda)
    7' BEHIND - Tim Membrey (St Kilda)
    13' GOAL - Darcy Tucker (Fremantle)
    15' GOAL - Tom Hickey (St Kilda)
    20' BEHIND - Luke Ryan (Fremantle)
    21' BEHIND - Ed Langdon (Fremantle)
    22' GOAL - Brandon Matera (Fremantle)
    24' BEHIND - Rushed (St Kilda)
    27' GOAL - Brennan Cox (Fremantle)

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    • 2:29pm
      David Gazia said | 2:29pm | ! Report

      St.Kilda very ordinary again. Dockers a four man team with many passengers. Neither are close to challenging. St.Kilda have no young talent I would consider above average , whilst the Dockers have many. When Cerra , Langdon and Pearce have a bit more experience and continuity , they will be special. (Above average talent at the least)

      • 3:24pm
        Don Freo said | 3:24pm | ! Report

        I wonder who the 4 men are and which you think are passengers.

        Let me guess…Hamling, Ryan, Blakely, Langdon are the 4.

        Passengers…Fyfe, Sandi, Mundy, Walters, Alex Pearce, Wilson, the Hill boys…Hmmm, I’d disagree with you on that.

    • 2:04pm
      13th Man said | 2:04pm | ! Report

      Not impressed by Freo one bit last night. We beat a very average football side and we let them back into the game when they shouldn’t of had a sniff. We play nice attacking football for a half then Ross decides to go all defensive in the 2nd half! Why not keep attacking! Honestly am over him as coach, just has no clue about modern football.
      Once again Johnson and Ballantyne were woeful and should not be in the side. Credit where credits due, Daniel Pearce was one of our best. Cerra looks awesome, Cox showed some positive signs, Tucker player well but Crowden probably needs a rest.
      Two bog average Football sides produced a boring slugfest while over in Adelaide a ripping match was played yet hardly anyone with FTA only got too see it!!!!

      • 2:59pm
        Don Freo said | 2:59pm | ! Report

        Ballantyne was wonderful…one of our best until he went off with a corky. Johnno did some great intercepts.

        I’ll take a 30 point win with 11 players just at the fledgling stage of their careers. Walters, Tabs, Wilson, Stephen and Brad to come back, followed by Harley and Sean Darcy…to all come back.

        How can your glass be so sadly empty?

      • 12:58am
        dontknowmuchaboutfootball said | 12:58am | ! Report

        Odd observation re. Ballantyne. While he only had 11 disposals (which really isn’t low for a pressure forward), those came from only 62% tog. He went off during the third and didn’t come back on again.

        Those 11 disposals counted 1 goal, 2 behinds, and 6 score involvements. Not sure if scoring shots are included in score involvements, but even if so, it’s basically a case of 50% of the time Ballantyne touched the ball, the best hit rate on the ground. That’s before we factor in his pressure work, not least of all that ferocious bump that directly resulted in a goal.

    • 1:02am
      Doctor Rotcod said | 1:02am | ! Report

      Fyfe has to be favourite for the Brownlow by now

    • Roar Rookie

      Mattician6x6 said | 11:59pm | ! Report

      Ross shouldn’t try and deflect in his press conference by having a dig at wce and possibly Geelong, not the smartest move imho

      • 1:17am
        Don Freo said | 1:17am | ! Report

        Didn’t happen. Like to try quoting the ‘dig’? We all have access to the press conference.

        • Roar Rookie

          Mattician6x6 said | 1:31am | ! Report

          Making reference to clubs who Won premiership who weren’t tin Hus words the full bottle when it came to poor behavior, not to many clubs it could be. Just call me a liar, typical wce fan, make comparison between me and other roarers, throw mud and cast judgement on me, get it out if your system and move along šŸ˜‰

          • 1:52am
            Don Freo said | 1:52am | ! Report

            There is help available.

            That is not a slight on West Coast in any way.

            • Roar Rookie

              Mattician6x6 said | 5:22pm | ! Report

              For you? I doubt it, you’re far to gone for help to have any positive benefits.

    • 10:20pm
      Doctor Rotcod said | 10:20pm | ! Report

      So I shouldn’t ask my wife for the remote then?

    • 10:14pm
      Joe B said | 10:14pm | ! Report

      Big ask to expect someone to sit through james brayshaw commentating on ch7 and blog this game.

      • Roar Rookie

        Mattician6x6 said | 11:06pm | ! Report

        He was woeful, I would prefer if sticks came out of retirement and start commentary for first time than listen to his son again, love the mute button

        • Roar Guru

          Cat said | 11:30pm | ! Report

          Iā€™d rather listen to JB commentate an entire game than BT for 5 minutes.

          • Roar Rookie

            Mattician6x6 said | 12:24am | ! Report

            I’d take BT but not by much, can sum1 tell dermie to do some research about the teams he’s commentating on, he sounds like he just turns up and wings it on the day.

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