Hurricanes vs Reds: Super Rugby live scores

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    Hurricanes vs Reds

    Super Rugby, 18 May, 2018

    Westpac Stadium
    Fulltime - Hurricanes 38, Reds 34
    Hurricanes   Reds
    38 FINAL SCORE 34
    5 TRIES 4
    0 DROP GOALS 0
    Referee: Ben O'keeffe
    Touch judges: James Doleman & Richard Kelly
    TMO: Glenn Newman

    The Hurricanes can temporarily take first spot in the New Zealand conference when they take on the struggling Reds in what is likely to be a cold and wet Wellington. Join The Roar for live scores from 5:35pm (AEST).

    The ‘Canes have been superb throughout the Super Rugby season, sitting just a point behind the ladder-leading Crusaders.

    Of course, most of the New Zealand teams look like they are going to secure a wildcard spot to the finals series whether they win the New Zealand conference or not, but the confidence boost of finishing first and having guaranteed home finals all the way through would be a major advantage.

    The Wellington-based outfit have won nine of their ten games for the season, with their only loss coming all the way back in the opening game of the season away from home to the Bulls.

    Since then, they have destroyed everyone in their path, with only less games played leaving them behind the Crusaders.

    Interestingly enough, they have just been consistent. The ‘Canes haven’t gone out and absolutely belted many teams, but they are finding ways to win comfortably more often than not, piling up an impressive points differential of 152.

    The Hurricanes will also be out to improve New Zealand Super Rugby teams record over Australian teams to a staggering 40 straight victories.

    Where the Hurricanes have been dominating everyone in their path, it’s been a very different set of circumstances for the Queensland-based outfit.

    The Reds were looking good at one point, having won three of their first four games, but the wheels have fallen off since. They have won just one of their last six, with that victory coming against the top-ranked South African team – the Lions – a fortnight ago at Suncorp Stadium.

    While that game gave fans a course for hope – that maybe their side had turned things around – it was crushed last weekend with a trip to Japan ending in disaster as the lowly Sunwolves recorded their first win of the season – a 63-28 thumping.

    There have been issues present with the Reds defence all year and if they can’t address it ahead of their trip to Wellington, the Hurricanes could run a number up.

    There is a stark contrast in form between the two teams and Australia’s run against New Zealand Super Rugby teams is horrendous. It could get ugly, but the Reds got belted last week and should at least put some pride in the jersey and defending their own line this time.

    Hurricanes by 15.

    Be sure to join The Roar for live scores of this Super Rugby match from 5:35pm (AEST) and don’t forget to add a comment in the section below.

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    • 12:40am
      Geoff said | 12:40am | ! Report

      I want a pair of Ben Skeen? googles

      That was a pity party of referring, don’t worry about the forward pass try, what about the try Tongan Thor created, at the past ruck where Ardie Savea ran amock, tackle happens and ruck, then Higgenbotham piles in from 90 degrees offside and then pivots around and steals the ball!! what the f,Tthe ref had obviously read the media and was trying to be non-biased, however this caused him to fall over and become a partial ref, still good for my guys as a crusader supporter , at least they didn’t get a bonus point.

      • 4:39am
        Faith said | 4:39am | ! Report

        O’Keefe gave away two Reds tries because of the debacle last week. That pick up from the ruck was ridiculous by Higginbotham. I guess that is what Hoiles meant by being crafty. As long as you get away with it …

    • Roar Guru

      Harry Jones said | 12:27am | ! Report

      Reds scored 34 points with just 63 ball carries; Canes forced 162 Red tackles on 145 carries, most of which were made in the Reds’ half. Canes coughed up a lot of good ball, though (14 turnovers conceded and 13 knock-ons).

      • 3:27am
        Cuw said | 3:27am | ! Report

        one over the line – and it became a 14 point turn around 😀

    • Roar Guru

      The Neutral View From Sweden said | 11:08pm | ! Report

      Already after a couple of minutes, I thought the Canes looked soft on defense. They seemed only interested to make an effort on the attack. I was expecting that to change after halftime (after a Boyd hairdryer) but the improvements were minimal.
      Reds did really good for large parts and their scrambling D was really food for most parts of the game. They probably grew in confidence as the match went along when it became more and more obvious that the Canes would not smash them, not even close.
      Lance had a horror show kicking from hand and that probably denied Reds of a real chance of winning the game.
      Thor was amazing but was probably helped by the Canes unwillingness to defend with some purpose.
      This might upset some Aussies but I can’t help to admire TJP’s handling of the ref. He knew exactly what he was doing and he saved a teammate from a yellow card. Props to him.
      Overall it was a pretty enjoyable game to watch that was in the balance until the end.

      • 12:30am
        Mzilikazi said | 12:30am | ! Report

        TJP is a class player. I have a lot of time for him. Would prefer him in a tight game to Smith !

      • 3:31am
        Cuw said | 3:31am | ! Report

        that was a rubbish call by the ref.

        if he was going to give a card for it – then it has to be a tap down as opposed to a tap up.

        at least that is my understanding of the way things have been decided – a tap up is not a deliberate tap down 🙂

        then he says it a knock on. – so does it mean he was going to give e card to a not deliberate tap down ? LOL

        they must rest the guy – he is not in form and had lost confidence in reffing.

        • 8:42am
          Jacko said | 8:42am | ! Report

          CUW the ruling was that he would have regained the ball before it touched the ground had he not been held back from doing so. It should have been a penalty against the REDS

        • 10:31am
          ClarkeG said | 10:31am | ! Report

          tap down or tap up ? doesn’t matter Cuw.

          question is tap on?

          i.e. did the player intentionally knock (tap) the ball on.

          Have not seen the incident but from what I can gather a player knocked the ball up and whilst attempting to gain control of it, was held by an opponent.

          If there was a realistic chance that the ball would have been regathered but for being held by an opponent (which Jacko says was the way it was ruled) then sensibly that would not be an intentional knock on but simply a knock on.

          My understanding is that if a player has handled the ball and is attempting to regather it then he is deemed to have possession and is able to be tackled.

          • Roar Guru

            The Neutral View From Sweden said | 12:51pm | ! Report

            The right call was probably made in the end but questions can be asked how the refs came to that decision.

            I have a distant memory this happened in a game last year also, but I can’t remember what game… 😉

      • 10:29am
        Frank said | 10:29am | ! Report

        Thor could have been marking Lam when defending try line

        • Roar Guru

          The Neutral View From Sweden said | 12:52pm | ! Report

          Yeah, poor form from the prop no being able to defend out wide when Lam got the ball. He should have been out there, no two ways about that…

    • 10:31pm
      AJ said | 10:31pm | ! Report

      Loved the Kiwi tab guy before the game who dismissed the Reds saying 29.5 points start was nowhere near enough and punters should should look at exotics like 30 points + a first try scorer. Classy.

      • 10:42pm
        Dave_S said | 10:42pm | ! Report

        On form it was a reasonable call. Easy thing be clever in hindsight.

        • 11:21am
          Harry said | 11:21am | ! Report

          Fair enough comments by the bookies. Reds were paying 15 for a win yesterday morning. I put $20 on and had my hopes up for free beer money for a few weeks for a good part of the game, though never really thought the Reds would win.

      • 3:22pm
        Two shades said | 3:22pm | ! Report

        The reds got lapped by the sunwolves the week before by 50 points..form would say that the kiwi guy would be right…some supporters are just so sensitive and soft!

    • 9:03pm
      Diggercane said | 9:03pm | ! Report

      Fun game, a lot of errors and perhaps the D was at times a bit dissapointing but keenly contested.

      Tupou is very impressive for a TH so young, massive future ahead of him, really like Rodda too. Big turn around from last week!

      Hard luck Rob, Riddler, good game.

      • 10:22pm
        riddler said | 10:22pm | ! Report

        cheers digger.. your boys will do okay at the pointy end of the season.. too much class and well coached…

        glad u agree about rodda.. have been waiting for about 17 years for a second row like him!!

      • Roar Guru

        RobC said | 10:27pm | ! Report

        Thanks DC. Congrats on the win!

        Enjoyed the game. Not surprised the Reds bounced back from last week. It was a matter of pride.

        A good development was the Reds were on their second wind from 60m onwards. Good game management.

        Some useful show of pick/gos. Finally a multi-phase try by a back.

        • 2:46am
          Ken Catchpole’s Other Leg said | 2:46am | ! Report

          Rob and Riddler, great effort by the Reds.
          Rodda looks good, yes.
          Doesn’t Higgs make a difference? I thought tonight that early suspension and injury may have changed the season for the Reds. He was a pest in defence.
          Stewart also looked good.
          It was so close in the end. Great energy over 80. Solid game plan by Thorn. It nearly worked.

          • Roar Guru

            RobC said | 2:57pm | ! Report

            Ken, Higgers! He looked to show everyone he can bring it on. Lets see next week

            BT? Hes doing his best

    • 8:57pm
      Mike said | 8:57pm | ! Report

      Excuse my naivety, but do the Reds have a tackling coach?

    • 8:32pm
      Johnny Boy said | 8:32pm | ! Report

      Award for the MOTM has to be Bing for his incessant moaning throughout the match. None of the players on the field stood out as much as Bing did. Well done, Bing. Next time try to watch the game with both eyes opened.

      • 4:59am
        Bing said | 4:59am | ! Report

        Like your refs 🤣

        • 10:10am
          Johnny Boy said | 10:10am | ! Report

          The good thing about this constant carry on by your media and fans, Bing is that now Aussies can never accuse Kiwis as being the biggest whingers. You guys have proven over the last two weeks that you lot are the clear winners when it comes to whinging.

          Even last night where the ref was fair and if anything favoured the Reds, you chose to to act like a victim. Grow up.

          • 10:51am
            Bing said | 10:51am | ! Report

            Fair and favoured the Reds according to whom?

            • 3:24pm
              Two shades said | 3:24pm | ! Report

              To most of the people I was with in a Pub in Balmain the Reds were getting the rub of the green. Again, some suppprters are just so sensitive and soft!

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