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James Harden will be MVP, but is he the best player in the league?

James Harden of the Houston Rockets. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)
Zack Angus new author
Roar Rookie
30th May, 2018

James Harden is a great scorer and passer, but although he possesses the ability to take control of games with his god-like skills on the offensive end, he has shown in playoff runs – and specifically this year – that he lacks the leadership component. The stuff that makes the greats, great.

With Chris Paul down and out, and unable to steer the ship, these playoffs were Harden’s chance to take control.

Instead, we were treated to what experts call ‘panic shots’, which resulted in the Rockets missing 27 straight three-pointers.

Now, the MVP should be the best player in the league, but wouldn’t the best player take hold of the game at crucial points? I know a guy that wears number 23 and puts on the wine and gold who knows a thing or two about the seventh game of a series.

Perhaps the NBA should award the league MVP before the playoffs start, so as not to confuse the casual fan. Or should we take into account the playoff performances and award the MVP before the finals begin?

After Harden’s below-average efforts in the playoffs, and what we saw from some other contenders for the award, this award should be changed.

The NBA has definitely not seen the last of James Harden in the playoffs, but maybe the conference finals are his ceiling.