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    GWS Giants vs. Gold Coast Suns

    Spotless Stadium
    AFL Home and Away June 9, 2018
    GWS Giants 134, Gold Coast Suns 26
    GWS Giants Gold Coast Suns
     G B Pts G B Pts
    Q12618   106
    Q29963   3119
    Q31712114   4125
    Q42014134   4226

    Match result:

    The GWS Giants have smashed the Gold Coast Suns by 108 points at Spotless Stadium on Saturday evening.

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    Final score
    GWS Giants 20.14.134
    Gold Coast Suns 4.2.26

    Match preview:

    After causing an upset last weekend, the GWS Giants return to Spotless Stadium for their Round 12 clash with the Gold Coast Suns. Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match from 4:35pm AEST.

    In the game of the round, that was scheduled on Sunday evening, GWS held on in the last quarter to take a 16-point victory over the Adelaide Crows.

    At the Adelaide Oval, where the Giants don’t have a great record, GWS played with speed and took the game on early.

    They showed great composure too in the final fifteen minutes, kicking the last three goals of the game to ensure the win; a turn-around performance after a string of four losses.

    The Suns though had a poor game at home against Geelong last Saturday – going down by 85 points.

    Back at Metricon for the first time in 2018, Gold Coast scored just one behind in the second quarter and missed crucial opportunities in front of goal in the third.

    They will want to get back on track with some more positive performances and improve in the back half of the season.

    GWS have made one change to their side, Matt de Boer returning from a hamstring injury. He will replace Stephen Coniglio, who has been ruled out with concussion.

    Gold Coast will be without Steven May (ankle) and Aaron Hall (shoulder), after the pair were injured in last week’s clash against the Cats.

    Jack Leslie and Brad Scheer have been included in the side, Leslie in half-back and Scheer on the interchange.

    The last time these two teams met was in Round 2 last year, and the Giants won by 102 points.

    Jeremy Cameron kicked six goals and Toby Greene five in a dominant display.

    Without Steven May in defence for the Suns, will Cameron kick another bag and put on a display for the Giant’s home crowd?

    Ryan Griffen – after an injury-riddled 2017 – will play his 250th game this weekend.

    After last week’s dismal performance against the Cats, it’s unlikely to get any better for the Gold Coast coaching staff and players.

    The Giants’ will take a big win here and head into the bye on a positive note.

    GWS by 47 points.

    Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match from 4:35pm AEST.

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    Quarter 1
    3' BEHIND - Ryan Griffen (GWS Giants)
    7' GOAL - Jonathon Patton (GWS Giants)
    9' GOAL - Aaron Young (Gold Coast Suns)
    13' BEHIND - Harry Himmelberg (GWS Giants)
    15' BEHIND - Rushed (GWS Giants)
    15' BEHIND - Jeremy Cameron (GWS Giants)
    17' BEHIND - Jeremy Cameron (GWS Giants)
    19' BEHIND - Dylan Shiel (GWS Giants)
    30' GOAL - Matt de Boer (GWS Giants)
    Quarter 2
    5' GOAL - Jeremy Cameron (GWS Giants)
    6' GOAL - Zac Langdon (GWS Giants)
    11' GOAL - Aaron Young (Gold Coast Suns)
    15' BEHIND - Aaron Young (Gold Coast Suns)
    16' BEHIND - Rushed (GWS Giants)
    16' GOAL - Sam J. Reid (GWS Giants)
    18' GOAL - Daniel Lloyd (GWS Giants)
    20' GOAL - Sam J. Reid (GWS Giants)
    21' BEHIND - Jacob Hopper (GWS Giants)
    25' GOAL - Jarrod Harbrow (Gold Coast Suns)
    26' GOAL - Jeremy Cameron (GWS Giants)
    31' GOAL - Jeremy Cameron (GWS Giants)
    33' BEHIND - Rushed (GWS Giants)
    Quarter 3
    2' GOAL - Harry Himmelberg (GWS Giants)
    3' GOAL - Harry Himmelberg (GWS Giants)
    7' GOAL - Callan Ward (GWS Giants)
    11' BEHIND - Sam J. Reid (GWS Giants)
    12' GOAL - Jeremy Cameron (GWS Giants)
    17' GOAL - Matt de Boer (GWS Giants)
    19' BEHIND - Jeremy Cameron (GWS Giants)
    20' GOAL - Will Brodie (Gold Coast Suns)
    24' GOAL - Josh Kelly (GWS Giants)
    27' GOAL - Jeremy Cameron (GWS Giants)
    30' BEHIND - Ryan Griffen (GWS Giants)
    30' GOAL - Callan Ward (GWS Giants)
    Quarter 4
    10' BEHIND - Tim Taranto (GWS Giants)
    15' GOAL - Josh Kelly (GWS Giants)
    18' GOAL - Jeremy Cameron (GWS Giants)
    20' BEHIND - Rushed (Gold Coast Suns)
    21' BEHIND - Rushed (GWS Giants)
    27' GOAL - Matt de Boer (GWS Giants)
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    • Roar Pro

      anon said | 8:34pm | ! Report

      According to the AFL the crowd was 7,000 which means the ground was over on-third full.

      You just have to look at the vision to know that’s a complete total fabrication. How stupid do they think we are.

      4.000 people at most.

      Just a complete disaster all around these two expansion clubs.

      • 9:47pm
        John said | 9:47pm | ! Report

        I’ve been to Spotless many times and the grandstand in front of the cameras (i.e. where you can’t see on TV) is usually full or close to it. A large chunk of the 7K would’ve been there.

        • 11:16pm
          John Ryan said | 11:16pm | ! Report

          O come off the grass mate, always the same excuses not many people no problem, they were all in the bars, in China they were in the Hospitality tents
          The sodding place would have been lucky to have 3000 let anone 7100 even the commentators though it was a joke
          But your a true believer if the AFL told you the world will end next Thursday you would believe get real, people are not as stupid as you & the AFL think

        • Roar Pro

          anon said | 11:24pm | ! Report

          Except they showed shots of that side of the ground at various times. That side wouldn’t have been 1/4 full.

        • 8:03am
          Gogiants said | 8:03am | ! Report

          I was there yesterday and you are quite correct most people were sitting on the same side as the cameras, and are therefore not visible to the tv audience. Certainly the placement of the cameras does the Giants no favours.
          Worth noting those empty seats (which are always the ones filmed) are the last ones to fill up as on sunny days you squint into the sun and on days like yesterday you are more exposed to the wind.

          • 9:23am
            Don Freo said | 9:23am | ! Report

            Anyone, except one (obviously) , can work out that explanation.

            That said, even if it was 4000, anon makes no point.

          • 1:53pm
            John Ryan said | 1:53pm | ! Report

            Good God! so if the commentators think the crowd was a joke it doesn’t matter GWS no 1 fan says the crowd are not seen on the cameras,if thats true why show it at all so BS
            You have run that one before, it was a lie then & regurgitating it again don’t make it different, the point is at Home ground ames GWS/AFL lie about crowds

          • 11:20pm
            John Ryan said | 11:20pm | ! Report

            Go GWS problem was the cameras did show the side of the ground that was brimming with GWS fans except it was as sparsely populated as the rest of the place

    • Roar Guru

      Sarah Wildy said | 7:43pm | ! Report

      Giants Smash Suns

      The GWS Giants have smashed the Gold Coast Suns by 108 points at Spotless Stadium on Saturday evening.

      GWS dominated play from the first bounce, but kicked 2 goals 6 points in the first quarter to give the Suns some hope.

      After that it was all the Giants with seven and eight goals in the next two quarters respectively, ultimately running out big winners by 108 points.

      The Suns stemmed the tide in the last quarter, but only kicked one point themselves, while the Giants put on another three goals.

      The game was dominated by the Giants with 11 of the top 12 disposal winners and nine different goals scorers.

      Jeremy Cameron (6 goals, 26 disposals) was unstoppable up forward and when he didn’t mark it, he brought it to ground and the small forwards did the rest.

      Callan Ward (34 disposals, 2 goals and 5 tackles) and Matt de Boer (24 disposals, 3 goals, 9 tackles) benefited from the work up the ground with Josh Kelly picking up 40 disposals, Lachie Whitfield 36 disposals and Dylan Shiel 35 disposals.

      Jarrod Witts dominated the ruck with 64 hit outs but the Suns midfield were unable to take advantage and it was actually the Giants midfield which got the clearances (Jacob Hopper 12 and Ward 10).

      Touk Miller and Jarrod Harbrow tried hard but there were not many others making a contribution.

      Daniel Lloyd injured his left knee in the second quarter, while Rory Lobb’s evening was done in the third quarter with a right rib injury adding to the Giants lengthy injury list.

      Dylan Shiel came off after a slight twist of the ankle, but he returned after having it re-strapped.

      Ryan Griffen celebrated his 250th game with 2 goals.

      GWS have a week off before a clash with the Lions in round 14, while the Suns will host St Kilda at Metricon Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

      Final Score
      GWS 20. 14 (34)
      Gold Coast 4. 2 (26)

    • Roar Guru

      Sarah Wildy said | 7:43pm | ! Report

      Thanks for tuning in to this evenings coverage.

      Next up on your Saturday night is St Kilda v Sydney from Etihad Stadium in the Pride Match.

    • 7:43pm
      Simoc said | 7:43pm | ! Report

      I’de like to sell the Suns to Tassie or the Northern Territory for $1. How embarrassing was that.

      Judging by the crowd GWS would get a bigger following in the Northern Territory.

      Then we would have a truly national competition.

    • Roar Guru

      Sarah Wildy said | 7:14pm | ! Report

      What are your thoughts, Roarers?

      • Roar Rookie

        Mattician6x6 said | 7:16pm | ! Report

        This is year one for gcs, the afl stuffed up and let them drown and now its going to take a few years to iron out the mistakes

      • Roar Guru

        XI said | 7:16pm | ! Report

        Loved the percentage boost but I’m not sad that I didn’t go. Awful weather all day, much better to stay warm with good food and drink

    • Roar Guru

      Sarah Wildy said | 7:13pm | ! Report

      Q4 0′ – FULL TIME

      The GWS Giants have smashed the Gold Coast Suns by 108 points at Spotless Stadium on Saturday evening.

      GWS 134
      Gold Coast 26

    • Roar Guru

      Sarah Wildy said | 7:11pm | ! Report

      Q4 1′ – GOAL GIANTS

      de Boer out on his own in the forward 50. He is found by Whitfield, plays on and slots a third major.

      GWS 134
      Gold Coast 26

    • Roar Guru

      Sarah Wildy said | 7:10pm | ! Report

      Q4 1′

      Suns injury: Ainsworth having his hand assessed and will finish the game with ice on it.

      GWS 128
      Gold Coast 26

    • Roar Guru

      Sarah Wildy said | 7:09pm | ! Report

      Q4 2′

      We’re sitting on that 102 point margin that GWS beat GC by last time they met. Was GWS’s biggest ever win.

      GWS 128
      Gold Coast 26

    • Roar Guru

      Sarah Wildy said | 7:08pm | ! Report

      Q4 3′

      Couple of sore bodies out of that contest. Reid is still down, getting up gingerly.

      GWS 128
      Gold Coast 26

    , , , , ,