Goalless first half by Blues in AFL

By John Salvado,

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    Fremantle have won their first away match of the AFL season in record-breaking style, holding hapless Carlton goalless in the opening half on the way to a 57-point triumph at Etihad Stadium.

    The Dockers had the game shot to bits well before the halftime break on Saturday, when they led by 70 points.

    The Blues did show much more fight in the final two quarters, when they outscored the Dockers by six goals to three.

    But Nick Graham’s missed set shot after the final siren meant the Blues still recorded their lowest-ever score against Fremantle, who won 15.13 (103) to 6.10 (46).

    The Dockers’ best players included big guns Lachie Neale, Nat Fyfe and David Mundy, while youngsters Andrew Brayshaw and Stefan Giro also impressed.

    Veteran defender Kade Simpson and stand-in skipper Patrick Cripps, who had a game-high 38 possessions, were among a handful of Blues who could hold their heads high.

    The Blues were simply dreadful in the opening half, conceding six goals in both quarters without managing to kick a single major in response.

    The worst moment of a horrible first quarter came when Blues backman Sam Rowe dropped an uncontested mark deep in defence, gifting a goal to Neale.

    If anything, things got even worse in the second term.

    Brayshaw sauntered away untouched from a stoppage to goal early in the quarter, while Tom Sheridan kicked his first major after Jacob Weitering showed a distinct lack of awareness to be caught with the ball in the middle of the ground.

    The Blues were booed off the ground at halftime by a sizeable contingent of the crowd of 21,430.

    The home team finally got their first goal three minutes into the third quarter through Sam Kerridge.

    Tireless ruckman Matthew Kreuzer then managed back-to-back goals, the first from outside the 50m arc and the second a clever left-footed snap as Carlton showed some long overdue spirit.

    Even so Fremantle finished the third quarter with the final two goals to Michael Apeness and Brandon Matera.

    All five of the Dockers’ previous five victories this year had come at home at Optus Stadium.

    The heavy loss kept Carlton rooted to the bottom of the ladder ahead of a daunting clash next week against traditional rivals Collingwood.

    Carlton’s previous lowest score against Fremantle was 6.13 (49) in 1996.

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    The Crowd Says (151)

    • Roar Guru

      June 16th 2018 @ 5:52pm
      Rick Figjam said | June 16th 2018 @ 5:52pm | ! Report

      We need a Formula 1 rule next year. If a team does not meet a minimum standard, relative to the premiers, they should be sidelined until they do.

      This team shouldn’t take the field of battle. It’s not fair to the competition, their opponents (that feel compelled to show mercy) and their fans.

      Finally, this club is downright embassasing from a business perspective. The AFL has to take a stance against the Cartlon Board for allowing another one of these st#p!d rebuilds occurring.

      As for Freo: never let up on a weak opponent. Beat them within an inch of their lives next time.

      • June 16th 2018 @ 6:02pm
        Rissole said | June 16th 2018 @ 6:02pm | ! Report

        Think the Freo players started thinking about their week off in the second half. Carlton would have had more in the legs after the bye.
        Still, should have won by more.
        It looks as though Weitering is going to the Jack Watt’s school of #1 picks.

      • Roar Guru

        June 16th 2018 @ 6:07pm
        AdelaideDocker said | June 16th 2018 @ 6:07pm | ! Report

        “As for Freo: never let up on a weak opponent. Beat them within an inch of their lives next time.”

        That’s what irritated me. Was very please with our barnstorming first half, but disappointed with the fact that we eased off a fair bit.

        Still, though – good win by the boys. Time to refresh next week, then into a tricky slate of games against Brisbane, Melbourne then Port Adelaide.

        • Roar Guru

          June 16th 2018 @ 6:31pm
          Cat said | June 16th 2018 @ 6:31pm | ! Report

          It’s nice in theory to go hard all 4 quarters but would change quickly if a player knocks themselves out or tears a hammy off the bone after a game is effectively over.

          • Roar Guru

            June 16th 2018 @ 6:35pm
            AdelaideDocker said | June 16th 2018 @ 6:35pm | ! Report

            Oh yeah for sure. I should note that I’m just being pedantic, and a bit demanding. I just wouldn’t have minded seeing us kick in the 120s/130s.

            As I say, it was a good win nonetheless.

            • Roar Rookie

              June 16th 2018 @ 8:46pm
              FreoFan said | June 16th 2018 @ 8:46pm | ! Report

              I think it is a frustration most fans share, when their team doesn’t put their opposition to the sword. We have let teams back into the game a lot this season – today of course that didn’t matter because we were so far ahead, but that is a rare occurrence. In a few games we have been getting to around 20 or so points up and then giving that lead away way too easily.

              • Roar Guru

                June 16th 2018 @ 10:01pm
                Dalgety Carrington said | June 16th 2018 @ 10:01pm | ! Report

                Carlton flooded the backline a lot in that second half which disrupted Freo’s attack and what the past couple of weeks reinforces is that getting good value from the forwards is crucial for Freo.

                Freo’s also full of youngsters, and that makes it hard to string a full four quarters together.

            • June 16th 2018 @ 11:03pm
              Don Freo said | June 16th 2018 @ 11:03pm | ! Report

              It’s what happens when you have the least experienced side in the league. I’d take a comfortable win any day. Macca tells us Freo’s opposition is the best young side that has ever been assembled and Freo’s young side found them to be as challenging as…Levi Casboult.

              • June 16th 2018 @ 11:11pm
                Macca said | June 16th 2018 @ 11:11pm | ! Report

                Can you point to where I have said that?

              • June 16th 2018 @ 11:15pm
                Macca said | June 16th 2018 @ 11:15pm | ! Report

                Can you point to where I said that?

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 12:30am
                Dalgety Carrington said | June 17th 2018 @ 12:30am | ! Report

                Casboult really isn’t that bad.

              • June 17th 2018 @ 9:26am
                Don Freo said | June 17th 2018 @ 9:26am | ! Report

                He was, again, yesterday.

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 9:48am
                AdelaideDocker said | June 17th 2018 @ 9:48am | ! Report

                As was Ballantyne for stages of yesterday’s game.

                Potato, potahtoe, Don.

              • June 17th 2018 @ 10:07am
                Don Freo said | June 17th 2018 @ 10:07am | ! Report

                Not relevant to this thread. Weird.

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 10:08am
                Paul Dawson said | June 17th 2018 @ 10:08am | ! Report

                What a gutless dig don

                Particularly from someone who has never admitted or laughed at his own blowhardery

                I still remember the way you carried on like a feral child after the 2015 prelim

              • June 17th 2018 @ 10:33am
                Don Freo said | June 17th 2018 @ 10:33am | ! Report

                Bad night, Paul?

                Who knows what you are referring to here?

                Perhaps you got the name wrong and you were referring to AD, not me, and his ‘dig’ at Ballas.

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 11:14am
                Paul Dawson said | June 17th 2018 @ 11:14am | ! Report

                No I’m having a great day

                But you are a liar and a fraud don and people need to be reminded of the sort of person you are from time to time

              • June 17th 2018 @ 12:46pm
                Don Freo said | June 17th 2018 @ 12:46pm | ! Report

                I’m certain people make up their own minds.

                Who knows what has pressed your buttons. Find a friend to confide in.

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 1:05pm
                Paul Dawson said | June 17th 2018 @ 1:05pm | ! Report

                They do don, believe me. I just remind people of decisions already reached years ago

              • June 17th 2018 @ 1:23pm
                Don Freo said | June 17th 2018 @ 1:23pm | ! Report

                This is grand theatre when you get all manic.

                I find your fragility quite charming at these times. Keep it going.

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 2:16pm
                AdelaideDocker said | June 17th 2018 @ 2:16pm | ! Report

                What is the difference between my criticism of Ballas and your criticism of Casboult?

                Hypocrisy must be the word of the day 😂

              • June 17th 2018 @ 3:37pm
                Don Freo said | June 17th 2018 @ 3:37pm | ! Report

                This was a reference to a conversation Macca and I were having where he was equating Casboult’s ability with that Alex Pearce.

                Ballas was nowhere in that conversation.

                That’s the problem with jumping in with your pontifications.

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 2:33pm
                Paul Dawson said | June 17th 2018 @ 2:33pm | ! Report

                I’m glad you find me entertaining

                I wish I could say the same for you. You’re mistaking fragility for indifference. Couldn’t give a toss about my standing on this place. Mainly because I remember all of what has gone before and I have no qualms with getting angsty or manic or abusive. Gotta get down in the mud with everyone else

              • June 17th 2018 @ 3:39pm
                Don Freo said | June 17th 2018 @ 3:39pm | ! Report

                Indifference is hardly the word when you load up your b##tchy snarls.

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 4:21pm
                Paul Dawson said | June 17th 2018 @ 4:21pm | ! Report

                It’s the way I write don. I always write aggressively and nasty. Internet forums are a contest of ideas and personality and it’s not a place to be meek.

              • June 17th 2018 @ 12:57pm
                Macca said | June 17th 2018 @ 12:57pm | ! Report

                You are more than one person?

                Explains a lot!

              • June 17th 2018 @ 4:01pm
                Macca said | June 17th 2018 @ 4:01pm | ! Report

                Don – I wasn’t equating them at all, which is a point that you still can’t grasp.

                As I said aT the time it wasn’t a comparison but an aggregate.

        • June 17th 2018 @ 12:50am
          dontknowmuchaboutfootball said | June 17th 2018 @ 12:50am | ! Report

          I think the weaker second half can be chalked up to:

          1) Carlton showing a bit more fire than in the first half
          2) Carlton switching to more of a possession game and extra numbers behind the ball
          3) Lyon prioritising getting minutes into the younger players over getting further points in the “for” column
          4) Fyfe spending a huge chunk of time on the bench in the fourth on account of point 3

          6 day break after a sapping game against Adelaide can’t have helped.

          • Roar Guru

            June 17th 2018 @ 10:09am
            Dalgety Carrington said | June 17th 2018 @ 10:09am | ! Report

            That’s a pretty good summation. I’d bump up Carlton’s flooding a little higher on the list, but for all that Freo did manage to have more scoring shots in the second half nonetheless.

            • Roar Guru

              June 17th 2018 @ 10:24am
              Rick Figjam said | June 17th 2018 @ 10:24am | ! Report

              If it came down to Carlton’s flooding, that wouldn’t explain their significant increase in scoring. As such, I’d put that way down the list.

              Freo’s intensity dropped. It happens. But, big wins can often instill massive confidence boosts and belief (even against poor opposition) turning a teams fortunes around. We also saw what happens when you drop your guard, as a young side, with the Gold Coast last night. Things happen fast.

              I had high expectations of this club, expressing my disgust with Rosco’s poor comments a few weeks back. This club needs to be ruthless if it wants to be successful. It wasn’t in 2015 or 2013, which is why they failed. The very best teams of the modern are the Hawks and Cats – teams that showed zero mercy on their opponents when down. Zero!

              This is where success starts for Freo.

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 12:44pm
                Dalgety Carrington said | June 17th 2018 @ 12:44pm | ! Report

                No not the absolute definitive factor, but it was evident during the game and a look at the heat maps show just how much possession for both sides happened around Freo’s forward line in the second half. It was also a chance to have the kids take more of first reins.

                They could have got some more percentage and psychological advantage, but the big first half is pretty good for development too.

              • June 19th 2018 @ 12:16pm
                Haydos said | June 19th 2018 @ 12:16pm | ! Report

                It was a big win though.

        • June 17th 2018 @ 7:38pm
          13th Man said | June 17th 2018 @ 7:38pm | ! Report

          Agree, we should have won by 100 points minimum. This is my issue with Ross. Even back in 2015 we did this all the time. Flog a team in the first half then take the foot off the gas!

          • June 17th 2018 @ 7:41pm
            Don Freo said | June 17th 2018 @ 7:41pm | ! Report

            Gee, it took you a while to find something to grumble about. Yet to hear from your like-minded mate, Jonboy.

            Supporters like you must get so sad when Ross’ work bears fruit.

            • June 18th 2018 @ 11:48am
              13th Man said | June 18th 2018 @ 11:48am | ! Report

              It hasn’t born any fruit yet. We’ve beaten an injured Adelaide and the worst side in the comp.
              Lyon lacks that killer instinct in his coaching, always has.
              I love Freo and I think we have a lot of good young kids but seriously, my grandma could coach them to a win over Carlton, I wouldn’t suggest the wins are down to Ross at all, rather the simple fact that we have a superior playing group.

              • June 18th 2018 @ 12:38pm
                Don Freo said | June 18th 2018 @ 12:38pm | ! Report

                Don’t think for a moment that Adelaide had more injured first 22 players than Freo. Certainly a less experienced Freo caned a more experienced Carlton. Many more out too. Our youngsters are more advanced BECAUSE of Lyon’s coaching.

                You can count on 6 more certain Freo wins and 3 more that could go either way. With Walters, Brad Hill, Matty Tabs, Sean Darcy, Alex Pearce and Harley Bennell all to come back, you can count on Freo having at least 12 to 13 wins with a percentage over 110%.

                It’s only just over half way.

              • June 18th 2018 @ 4:56pm
                1DER said | June 18th 2018 @ 4:56pm | ! Report

                Finals next year for Freo and top 4 in 2020 would be a pass mark for Ross. This side has plenty of potential and no excuses after this year. Just pump the games into the youngsters for the rest of the season.

              • June 18th 2018 @ 5:27pm
                Jon Boy said | June 18th 2018 @ 5:27pm | ! Report

                Correct 1DER, even Brendon Bolton could do it ! Not even DF excuses could save him.

      • Roar Guru

        June 16th 2018 @ 8:07pm
        Paul Dawson said | June 16th 2018 @ 8:07pm | ! Report

        Love the idea rick but it will never happen

        The afl loves their subsidised socialist paradise too much

      • June 16th 2018 @ 10:11pm
        Macca said | June 16th 2018 @ 10:11pm | ! Report

        Throw the Crows out too Rick – 4 goals compared to the blues 6, 12 scoring shots to the blues 17!

        I would be interested in how you make a poor business case for the blues – one of the bigger drawing clubs and membership is going up despite results.

        • June 16th 2018 @ 10:54pm
          Mitcher said | June 16th 2018 @ 10:54pm | ! Report

          If you lead with your chin your whole career you’re going to end up punch drunk.

        • Roar Guru

          June 17th 2018 @ 10:29am
          Rick Figjam said | June 17th 2018 @ 10:29am | ! Report

          Crows this week, Suns last week, the Saints before that along with Freo.

          You know what though: your boys seem to be in the discussion every week regarding how $#!T they are, unlike those teams.

          As far as Memberships: I don’t count dogs and cats as members along with fake membership numbers from clubs. I look at the ratings and number of people at the ground. We know the AFL fudges their figures in the desperate codewars battle.

          You wouldn’t know though, because you don’t go to many games. The last GWS game had 7000 people at it according to the AFL. I can assure you, there were about 12 people there.

          • June 17th 2018 @ 10:41am
            Macca said | June 17th 2018 @ 10:41am | ! Report

            Bigger club that more people hate sees more discussion.

            The fact the blues get constant attention while no one cares that the Suns went scoreless in the last quarter at home to blow a 31 point lead to a side with one win to its name works against you argument not for it.

            Edit – so can you point to evidence that the blues ratings and attendance are an issue? Collingwood have been featured in 3 of the 4 worst rating Friday night games this year (prior to this round) are we pushing them out?

            • Roar Guru

              June 17th 2018 @ 12:22pm
              Rick Figjam said | June 17th 2018 @ 12:22pm | ! Report

              Macca, think for yourself for once.

              The AFL made the business decision to broadcast two Friday night games on 7Mate. Collingwood just happens to have played in both of those matches, as aposed to the other 11 matches broadcast on 7 Prime. You figure out how that will affect the ratings.

              Carlton, on the other hand, has been involved in 4 prime-time slots (more than any other team), three of which were broadcast on 7 Prime. The other on 7Mate, but gifted the opportunity to piggyback off the greatness of Collingwood.

              Carlton has been afforded every luxury, yet continue to bestow embarrassment upon the competition.

              I admire your loyalty to Carlton, but this has to stop for the sake of the AFL.

              • June 17th 2018 @ 12:31pm
                Macca said | June 17th 2018 @ 12:31pm | ! Report

                Rick – I told you last week the commonwealth games were the biggest factor in the Friday night ratings drop but you didn’t believe me and instead blamed the blues and now I am the one not thinking for myself just because the figures don’t suit you.

                And once again you don’t answer my simple question, can you point to any evidence that the blues ratings or attendance are an issue?

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 12:56pm
                Rick Figjam said | June 17th 2018 @ 12:56pm | ! Report

                No, it simply explains the business decision by channel Seven, along with why Collingwood’s drop in ratings during this same time period. I’m glad you figured it out without my help.

                However, It doesn’t explain the other 11 weeks, nor Carlton’s #$@t ratings during their prime-time slots.

                I’ve told you before, Carlton aren’t entirely to blame, but I’m putting them in the crosshairs as the biggest problem compared to the other 17 clubs.

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 1:02pm
                Paul Dawson said | June 17th 2018 @ 1:02pm | ! Report

                How you can say Carlton are a bigger problem than the suns or Brisbane is beyond me rick

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 1:25pm
                Rick Figjam said | June 17th 2018 @ 1:25pm | ! Report

                You have to keep my comments in context with our previous discussions, of which, you too have been part of, Paul.

                Carlton is causing self-inflicted harm upon themselves – due to all the reasons I’ve discussed at length over the past few weeks – whilst the QLD clubs are an expansion risk.

                I’m not discussing the latter, nor suggesting they aren’t a problem, but they aren’t deliberately causing harm upon the competition by rebuilding for the future at the expense of the present. Those clubs are handicapped by other forces outside their capacity – many of which you have discussed at length well.

                From a business perspective, I agree with expansion of the GCS, along with the Giants. I don’t agree with Carlton (and Melbourne before them) using the competition as their petri dish for future success, whilst accepting handouts that would make Oliver Twist envious.

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 2:38pm
                Paul Dawson said | June 17th 2018 @ 2:38pm | ! Report

                Yes but Carlton’s problems will end at the end of this season when they sack Bolton and trade picks for players assuming any still want to go there.

                They’re a temporary abscess on the afl that will be lanced in a few months and the healing will be rapid. Structurally they’re absolutely fine and provides they take prompt action I don’t share your concerns

                There’s nothing a club can do during a horror season except white knuckle ride it to August and then mercifully disappear behind the finals haze. Carlton will be fine

              • June 17th 2018 @ 2:50pm
                Macca said | June 17th 2018 @ 2:50pm | ! Report

                Rick, still no answer to a simp,e question, where is your evidence?

                Of the blues 4 prime time spots this year, the first was a ratings bonanza with the figures up on the prior year, the second was impacted by the commonwealth games and if you aren’t counting those games for the Pies then we don’t count it for the blues, the third had reasonable ratings and involved the Bulldogs whose games are a regular feature in the bottom end of Friday night ratings this year and the fourth was the 5th highest rating game of the year – so you assertion simply isn’t supported by fact.

                The two worst side s for prime time ratings this year are Collingwood and the Bulldogs.

                And I’ll ask another question I have asked you a number of times before without answer – given where the blues were at the end of 2015 what alternative did they have than to follow the Geelong and Hawthorn method of getting multiple quality draftees in over a short period.

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 3:21pm
                Rick Figjam said | June 17th 2018 @ 3:21pm | ! Report

                I just told you the reason for Collingwood’s poor prime-time ratings, Macca. I’m not doing this any further with you.

                Just listen to yourself though. Carlton rated well in game one against Richmond. I’d hope it rated well as the opening game, but it has nothing to do with Carlton, nor something to hang your pride on.

                Game two was rubbish, which you blame the Commonwealth Games for. Great, don’t count it, I couldn’t care less, but stop trying to compare yourself to Collingwood, because they’re the ones that have had two of their three games broadcast on secondary channels, unlike the Blues in prime-time.

                Game three was ordinary.

                Game four was the 5th highest rating match for the year. Again, I’d hope so considering it’s one of but a few prime-time slots again. But, it’s not up relative to last year, so your argument is once again flawed.

                It’s just excuse after excuse after excuse from you, Macca. You fit in well at the Blues.

                Finally, they haven’t followed a Geelong model at all. I’m not going through this with you again. You told me a majority of Geelong’s premiership players Bomber inherited. This just isn’t true, which I showed you. Even if it were, they certainly didn’t play deplorable football for 6 years prior to becoming premiers.

                Your coach will be removed from the top job by years end if he continues to lose like this. None of your BS analysis will change that. The only thing that will help if he starts winning. It’s that simple.

                Paul, the Blues have been categorically $#!T for a majority of their AFL exhistance. I have no idea how you can make the assertion that they’ll be right if they sack Bolton. Their issues are at the Board level.

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 3:39pm
                Paul Dawson said | June 17th 2018 @ 3:39pm | ! Report

                Well you’re not going to change your mind either way rick so I won’t bother elaborating on why I think your personal distaste for Carlton is obscuring your usual excellent vision on this one

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 4:00pm
                Rick Figjam said | June 17th 2018 @ 4:00pm | ! Report

                I have zero disdain for any AFL club, Carlton included, Paul.

                I have issues with their decision making over the past 28 years.

                This is a club that has been found guilty of multiple salary cap breaches in the late nineties and early 2000’s. It wouldn’t surprise me if the breaches occurred during their 1995 premiership year also.

                This is the club that appointed Steven Trigg following such breaches, a man that was fired from the Crows for guess what…. Salary Cap breaches.

                Their track record in the AFL is deplorable, irrespective of their illustrious VFL past that fans like Macca cling onto.

                This is the club that is now embarrassing the AFL brand from their own doing. That is the difference, so if you can’t be bothered making a case for why I’m wrong…. so be it!

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 4:22pm
                Paul Dawson said | June 17th 2018 @ 4:22pm | ! Report

                When you can be bothered to answer each and every post Macca makes until he gets tired of replying to you feel free to lecture me on that topic rick

              • June 17th 2018 @ 4:05pm
                Macca said | June 17th 2018 @ 4:05pm | ! Report

                Rick a lot of words but still no answer to a simple question, where is you evidence.

                And I love how your reason for Collingwood not rating is the commonwealth games but you still get snooty when I use the same reason for the blues.

                And the Pies have 3 of the 4 worst rating games, 2 of them were up against the commonwealth games, what was the reason for the third?

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 4:49pm
                Rick Figjam said | June 17th 2018 @ 4:49pm | ! Report

                My evidence is the ratings are down overall relative to last year during most rounds. Your boys have been involved in the most amount of prime-time games broadcast on channel 7’s prime channel. It doesn’t take Einstein to figure the rest out.

                You can keep mentioned Collingwood are worse in prime-time— it won’t hide your annoyance in not realising 2 of their 3 prime-time games were broadcast on 7Mate, compared to 1 out of 4 for the Blues. Nor will it hide Collingwood playing two of their three prime-time games during the Commonwealth games compared to Carlton’s one. And no, I’m not disagreeing with you on how the games affected ratings during this two week period, just the other 11!

                At the end of the day, Carlton will always be a poor-mans Collingwood when it comes to juggernaut status in Melbourne. If it continues on its current path, it may well end up like North and the Saints though.

                I don’t lecture anyone, Paul. People challenge my comments and I defend them as best I can. If you can’t be bothered defending yours, I couldn’t care less.

                If I wanted to lecture you, I’d go out of my way to comment on your initial comments.

              • June 17th 2018 @ 6:49pm
                Macca said | June 17th 2018 @ 6:49pm | ! Report

                Rick – your evidence is no such thing, you need to specifically identify the problem not just take an overall result and blame one team.

                The the 2 round series which went up against the commonwealth games were down around 300k between then on the next lowest game – that is a bigger factor than the blues.

                The 2 other low rating Friday night games (Collingwood Bulldogs and Carlton Bulldogs) had one thing in common – the Bulldogs. Again a bigger factor than the blues.

                The other two Carlon games were the highest rating and fifth highest rating prime time games so again clearly there are bigger factors than the blues.

                As Paul says it seems your opinion of the blues is clouding your judgement.

                And you do realise the Collingwood games played on 7mate and the Collingwood games played during the commonwealth games are the same games?

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 7:14pm
                Rick Figjam said | June 17th 2018 @ 7:14pm | ! Report

                Yes, I do realise that, Macca. I have no idea why you asked me though.

                I can tell you’re not following my thinking, preferring to take things personally against your beloved Blues.

                Let me explain it to you more bluntly.

                The Bulldogs are rubbish. They will always be rubbish and a hindrance to the competition, just like the Saints and North. I’d have culled them years ago and have zero expectation of them.

                However, the Blues are different. My expectations are far higher, and as such, I expect them to perform at a level far greater both on and off the field long term. They have not for a vast majority of their AFL existence, which is unacceptable for a team with significant advantages.

                Take it as a compliment that I care, because I just don’t talk about those other clubs. However, a drop in interest to the Blues is far more damaging to the competition — as a whole — than the Bulldogs, which is why I’m not interested in your comparisons to them, and infuriated by what Carlton is self-inflicting upon themselves & the competition.

                Unlike, Paul, I do care about the Suns for instance. Why? — because they are strategically important, long-term, for career pathways in QLD. The A-League has this very problem across its entire spectrum, despite annihilating the AFL at the junior level.

                The four pillars of sustained sporting success (something the British recently employed to their Olympic Program) is:

                1. Opportunity,
                2. Talent identification,
                3. Infrastructure; and
                4. Career Pathways.

                If you don’t have those four pillars, you risk sustainability at the elite level.

                If you want to continue self-refereeing, and not acknowledge the inherent issues (possibly because you don’t understand them) go right ahead, but I’m once again feeling stu!der from this conversation with you.

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 7:20pm
                Paul Dawson said | June 17th 2018 @ 7:20pm | ! Report

                Gee I bet everyone is so glad the AFL is spending tens of millions every year just to guarantee jobs – sorry, “career pathways” for 50 or so players and coaches most of whom aren’t from qld anyway

                I’ll care about the suns more when the afl shows interest in actually making them successful and is prepared to annoy the vfl interests to manipulate that outcome

              • June 17th 2018 @ 7:29pm
                Macca said | June 17th 2018 @ 7:29pm | ! Report

                Rick – if you knew it why list the same games separately?

                And you are yet to show there is a drop off in interest in the blues, membership up, attendance up and ratings are good.

                And I’ll ask this question yet again, given where the blues were in 2015 what other actions would you have had the blues take?

              • June 17th 2018 @ 7:45pm
                13th Man said | June 17th 2018 @ 7:45pm | ! Report

                Paul, Carlton are a different sort of problem to the GC. GC’s problem isn’t self-inflicted but the upshot of a mistake the AFL has made thinking Queensland could handle two sides when clearly it can only handle one.
                Carlton problem is purely self-inflicted due to poor list management and uninspiring coaching staff appointments.

              • June 17th 2018 @ 8:02pm
                Macca said | June 17th 2018 @ 8:02pm | ! Report

                Hard to believe that the Gold Coast aren’t to blame for any of their issues.

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 7:50pm
                Rick Figjam said | June 17th 2018 @ 7:50pm | ! Report

                We can take this issue up on Josh’s thread, Paul. I made comments directed at you regarding this topic.

                I’ve told you what Carlton should have done weeks ago, Macca. I didn’t list anything twice either. I’m merely making the point about Collingwood playing twice during the Commonwealth Games, which is likely why they were broadcast on 7Mate. If you want to make more of it than that, good on you.

                We are done, Macca.

              • June 17th 2018 @ 7:59pm
                Macca said | June 17th 2018 @ 7:59pm | ! Report

                ” it won’t hide your annoyance in not realising 2 of their 3 prime-time games were broadcast on 7Mate, compared to 1 out of 4 for the Blues. Nor will it hide Collingwood playing two of their three prime-time games during the Commonwealth games compared to Carlton’s one.”

                Seems like listing the same games twice to me.

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 8:37pm
                Rick Figjam said | June 17th 2018 @ 8:37pm | ! Report

                Macca, you truly are a s!mplet@n.

                I mentioned one to reference the number of prime-time games afforded to both clubs, along with their respective broadcast channels. It explains why the ratings are most likely down for Collingwood, relative to Carlton due to this fact. I think it’s pretty obvious ratings will be lower on a secondary channel vs a prime one.

                I referenced the Commonwealth games as a second variable that would affect Collingwood’s ratings, which is probably why they were broadcast on the secondary channel. This, however, does not mean they are the same thing.

                They are two variables — hence why I listed them twice.

              • June 17th 2018 @ 10:15pm
                Macca said | June 17th 2018 @ 10:15pm | ! Report

                Rick – there is no probably about it, the reason they were on the secondary channel was because of the games, there is only 1 variable. They are the same games with lower ratings for the same reason.

                But regardless in one post you aren’t listing the twice and in the next post you are referencing them twice – seems like splitting hairs to me.

                And after all this time you still haven’t produced anything to support your original assertion beyond the ratings are down and Carlon have played in roughly a quarter of all prime time matches, the only one that is a lime for like comparison (ie the same teams) saw the ratings go up, and claiming the it proves the blue sky are responsible – and you call me the simplet0n

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 11:23pm
                Rick Figjam said | June 17th 2018 @ 11:23pm | ! Report

                Macca, your entire last paragraph makes no f@4king sense as usual. Learn to speak English.

                I can’t help you with your opening two paragraphs either. If you want to believe Carlton are as popular as the Pies, good on you. If you want to think my two comments are the same, good on you.

                Understand, your self-refereeing does not make it so.

              • June 18th 2018 @ 9:51am
                Macca said | June 18th 2018 @ 9:51am | ! Report

                Rick – why is it that every time your argument flounders you mount personal attacks and claim not to be able to understand?

                “If you want to believe Carlton are as popular as the Pies, good on you.” Nowhere have I said this, just that your argument that the blues are damaging the AFL’s business based on bad ratings doesn’t stack up and observed that other teams, like Collingwood and the Bulldogs have been involved in the more poor rating prime time games.

                “If you want to think my two comments are the same, good on you.” Its not up to me, it is just a fact. The only reason those games were on a secondary channel was because of the commonwealth games – therefore the Commonwealth games is the only variable.

                “Understand, your self-refereeing does not make it so.” Very true, but the facts do and they are clearly on my side.

    • Roar Rookie

      June 16th 2018 @ 6:20pm
      Mattician6x6 said | June 16th 2018 @ 6:20pm | ! Report

      Yep Cripps will look good roving to nic when he comes to wce.

      • June 17th 2018 @ 7:46pm
        13th Man said | June 17th 2018 @ 7:46pm | ! Report

        Cripps, Fyfe, Neale and Cerra sounds like a handy midfield to me 😉

    • June 16th 2018 @ 6:46pm
      PeteB said | June 16th 2018 @ 6:46pm | ! Report

      Yep that was awful. I’m missing the glory days of 2017 and those honourable losses of less than 5 goals 😆

    • June 16th 2018 @ 7:46pm
      Jack said | June 16th 2018 @ 7:46pm | ! Report

      That was awful. Hard to take much away

    • June 16th 2018 @ 10:22pm
      Steve009 said | June 16th 2018 @ 10:22pm | ! Report

      So much for those green shoots. They’ve been mowed down in 2018. I know they’re young, but the lack of contribution of Carltons 5 top 10 draft picks from the last 3 drafts, combined with their slow to stagnant development in 2018 is disappointing and a little disturbing.

      Could Carlton please send Dow, O’Brien and SPD back to the VFL to protect them from this mess and possibly give them time to develop into AFL ready players. When they can consistently dominate at that level then bring back into the senior team and not before. I don’t care who replaces them.

      Carlton and many of their supporters continually state that they are being patient and the club has a long term focus on this rebuild, but they continue to rush in their high draft picks before they are ready (Harry Mckay the exception and he has shown improvement this year) and then they are left there to struggle

      • June 16th 2018 @ 10:49pm
        Macca said | June 16th 2018 @ 10:49pm | ! Report

        Good idea on Dow, SPS and O’Brien Steve, we can replace them with 3 of Marchbank, Murphy, Williamson, Docherty and Byrne.

        And it would be much better for the team when Pickett and Kennedy get match fitness back to drop one of those kids (SPS who has laid 33 tackles in the last 5 games, Dow whose last 4 games are clearly better than his first 4 and O’brien who had a career best game today) than the likes of Graham or Kerridge.

        • June 16th 2018 @ 11:06pm
          Don Freo said | June 16th 2018 @ 11:06pm | ! Report

          Just send SPS to Freo for some better coaching. Far better for his development. Even the Saints could improve Dow and O’Brien could learn something at Gold Coast or Brisbane.

          • June 16th 2018 @ 11:13pm
            Macca said | June 16th 2018 @ 11:13pm | ! Report

            Given they have all signed contract extensions I don’t see them leaving the blues anytime soon.

        • June 17th 2018 @ 8:46am
          Steve009 said | June 17th 2018 @ 8:46am | ! Report

          I’m really not worried about the team, they suck. The worst team ever put together on the field in the club’s history.
          I’m more concerned of what’s best for the development of SPS, Dow and O’Brien. Getting smashed every weak and being team passengers each can’t be good for these young players. Just have a look at the lack of confidence in Jacob Weitering. SPS’s decision making with the ball is also looking increasingly shaky at times. Each player entered the Carlton football club with a lot more confidence in their games and decision making than they do now.

          I’m not saying banish them to the VFL for punishment, but to (in a Bolton cliche) work on their craft. When they have shown consistent (dominant) form in the VFL they get a a stint of a few weeks in the firsts, not just because they were a draft pick, but because they are ready for it and have earnt it..

          • June 17th 2018 @ 9:12am
            Steve009 said | June 17th 2018 @ 9:12am | ! Report

            That was meant to read high draft pick and for the record I know how to spell week, but it appears my phone doesn’t.

          • June 17th 2018 @ 10:37am
            Macca said | June 17th 2018 @ 10:37am | ! Report

            22 possessions for someone devoid of confidence is a reasonable effort.

            • June 17th 2018 @ 11:05am
              Steve009 said | June 17th 2018 @ 11:05am | ! Report

              It’s what you do with the possessions that count Macca not how many you get, don’t do the fantasy football thing, I follow the real thing where those 22 possessions were in a smashing .
              Weitering looked so poised in his first season. Now when he gets the ball he usually holds it up for an eternity before taking the low risk option of a sideways, backwards or very short kick. Weitering is at a point now where he even looks nervous taking an open chest mark . I know you like to be right, but Weitering is not playing with confidence.

              The commentators from two radio stations commented on how indecisive SPS looked when making the decision on where to kick the ball. This season he has gotten into the habit of taking the short kick option to often. Incredible talent and we get to see glimpses of it, but he should be so much more damaging with his ability.

              • June 17th 2018 @ 11:56am
                Macca said | June 17th 2018 @ 11:56am | ! Report

                Steve – I would argue Weitering ball use has more to do with the players around him than him. The aggressive option has to be there to take.

                And if you are down onconfidence you don’t want the ball.

              • June 17th 2018 @ 2:37pm
                Steve009 said | June 17th 2018 @ 2:37pm | ! Report

                You would argue anything that dares question anything Carlton.
                Pretty easy for Weitering to gather possessions floating around the back half, a lot harder to impact the contest and being attacking in your use oft the ball. Weitering doesn’t do a lot of the harder things. Are we still protecting him from going up against key forwards? He has looked better since returning from the VFL.
                This isn’t attack on Weitering, but the way Carlton develop or should I wreck talented young players.

              • June 17th 2018 @ 3:22pm
                Macca said | June 17th 2018 @ 3:22pm | ! Report

                Imagine protecting a 20 year old from the oppositions key forwards.

              • June 17th 2018 @ 10:23pm
                Steve009 said | June 17th 2018 @ 10:23pm | ! Report

                I would have thought by his third season he’d be getting a taste of if it , but I also think he would of benifited from playing games in the VFL as a key back, rather than protecting him in the firsts as a floating defender because he wasnt physically ready to defend AFL forwards.
                I’ve always thought that it takes until their 4th season that most key forwards and backs are physically ready to really compete at AFL level. Carlton seemed to believe Weitering was ready in round 1 of his first season (or was that round 2?)

            • June 17th 2018 @ 11:08am
              Steve009 said | June 17th 2018 @ 11:08am | ! Report

              Just out of curiosity is there a difference in points awarded for an effective short kick compared to an effective long kick in that fantasy world?

        • June 17th 2018 @ 9:32am
          Steve009 said | June 17th 2018 @ 9:32am | ! Report

          And yes I would play Graham, Kerridge, even Mullet, O’Shea or Shaw ahead of them until SPS, Dow and O’Brien are ready (SPS and Dow are almost there, but a few weeks in the two’s would both refresh them and hopefully give them the opportunity to learn how to become more influential on a game rather than just collecting stats).

          When clubs talk about investing in the the draft there is more to it than just acquiring the picks. Clubs also need to invest time, work and education into those draft picks . Since the start of the draft Carlton has failed in this and unfortunately has failed many young talented players.

          So yes, send out the likes of Graham, Kerridge, O’Shea, Mullet and O’Shea as cannon fodder in 2018, Carltons worst season in its club’s history and do what’s best for the long term development of SPS, Dow and O’Brien.

          • June 17th 2018 @ 10:29am
            Macca said | June 17th 2018 @ 10:29am | ! Report

            But Steve there is no evidence that those players aren’t developing, in fact quite the opposite.

            • Roar Guru

              June 17th 2018 @ 10:48am
              Col from Brissie said | June 17th 2018 @ 10:48am | ! Report

              Steve, got to agree with Macca on this one. I don’t see what confidence they would get from playing at the Northern Blues at the moment as they aren’t travelling too well either. Look at Nick Graham, picks up 30 plus disposals in the VFL yet struggles in the big league.

              I think playing alongside players likes Cripps and Ed Curnow and against opposition stars like Fyfe, Dangerfield, Martin is going to better their development than playing against VFL players. All they would do in the VFL is maybe rack up a few more disposals.

              Unfortunately it is the lack of quality mature aged players that is hurting their development at the moment. How much better for them would it be if we had a fit Murphy, Docherty and Kennedy running through the midfield as well.

              • June 17th 2018 @ 10:56am
                Macca said | June 17th 2018 @ 10:56am | ! Report

                Big game in the VFL today Col, Kennedy, Pickett and Alex Silvagni all making there return – hopefully all 3 go well and push their case.

                Picketts speed in place of Graham would make a big difference to the senior side.

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 11:18am
                Cat said | June 17th 2018 @ 11:18am | ! Report

                Young players getting their butts handed to them in the AFL does nothing to build their confidence. Throwing them into the AFL just because they were a high draft pick doesn’t engender the will to compete. Players who toil in the VFL and fight tooth and nail to get to the AFL don’t want to go back when they earn a chance (one good VFL game isn’t earning their way up either).
                I’d rather a kid spend extra time in the VFL learning how to win and gaining confidence than play at AFL and get blown away every week and have them mentally broken. And you can’t say Carlton doesn’t appear to be broken. They do to me. Coming off a bye, rested up, against one of the few teams they should have had a genuine chance of beating they dished up one of the worst efforts seen.
                You want to build a side with kids who hate losing, Carlton’s kids all just expect to lose these days. They accept it and it hardly bothers them.

              • June 17th 2018 @ 10:32pm
                Steve009 said | June 17th 2018 @ 10:32pm | ! Report

                They also seem to accept that they are assured of a spot in the firsts regardless of the effort they put in. It’s why putting on the Carlton jumper doesn’t mean much to these kids, because like their games it was gifted to them rather earnt because they were a high draft pick.
                Agree with everything you said about developing kids in the VFL Cat.

              • June 17th 2018 @ 10:50pm
                Macca said | June 17th 2018 @ 10:50pm | ! Report

                Weitering, Silvagni, Kennedy and McKay t be surprised they were assured of a spot in the firsts.

              • June 18th 2018 @ 8:27am
                Steve009 said | June 18th 2018 @ 8:27am | ! Report

                Weitering had been gifted games for an extended period of time when his form (and lack of development) didn’t warrant it.
                What Carlton did with Weitering and Silvagni is actually an example of what I think Carlton shouldbe doing with our young players (I think another week or two in the VFL would have been even better for them. They have both come back playing better football.
                Kennedy had an injury and I think the patience that Carlton has shown in McKay is the patience we should have shown in all our young draftees.

              • June 18th 2018 @ 9:54am
                Macca said | June 18th 2018 @ 9:54am | ! Report

                So what the blues did with Wetiering, Silvagni, Kennedy and McKay is what you think they should be doing but you still think we aren’t treating our draftees correctly?

                The selection committee has shown it is willing to drop young players if they aren’t performing – Dow, SPS and O’Brien are clearly performing.

              • June 18th 2018 @ 8:46pm
                Steve009 said | June 18th 2018 @ 8:46pm | ! Report

                It was two years to late with Weitering.
                Kennedy had an injury do isn’t really part of this discussion.
                Paddy Dow and SPS I think would benefit from spending time in the VFL with the responsibility of being one of the teams more influential players on the result of games, rather than barely contributing most weeks in the AFL. Not all the time, but at times. It particularly would have benifited Paddy Dow earlier in the season, SPS for some spells last year.
                Silvagni’s form last year warranted his spot in the best 22 and when he struggled earlier this year they did the right thing, by sending him back to VFL to add to his game by spending time in the midfield. Carlton looks to maybe have got that right, but personally I think a few more weeks in learning this new role in the VFL wouldn’t have hurt. And as for this discussion Silvagni wasn’t a high draft pick.
                And the jury is still out on how good a player McKay is going to be, but I like what I’ve seen this year, and I believe the patience that is being shown with him should be the approach with the development of all our young players.

              • June 18th 2018 @ 8:57pm
                Steve009 said | June 18th 2018 @ 8:57pm | ! Report

                Dow, O’Brien and SPS are just talented passengers on this team at the moment, pick up a few possessions, but other than glimpse of their talent every now and then, they have very little impact on the game.
                His best game this week, but most weeks O’Brien is near invisible.

              • June 19th 2018 @ 9:23am
                Macca said | June 19th 2018 @ 9:23am | ! Report

                Who has laid more tackles for the blues in the past 5 weeks than SPS?

              • June 17th 2018 @ 11:41am
                Steve009 said | June 17th 2018 @ 11:41am | ! Report

                Agreed that it is the lack of quality mature aged players that is hurting Carlton at the moment, but it is Carlton that is hurting these players development at the moment by placing club need above what’s best for their young players. And your right that losing leaders such as Docherty and Murphy has further impacted the possible advantages of playing these kids in the first.
                As for the benefit of developing younger players in the 2’s I will look to what the successful clubs do in the AFL, Carlton aren’t one of them. When a player gets his first game at Sydney he looks ready to play his role and contribute to the team in that match (not 3 down the track), this can be said most teams in the top half of the ladder.
                So yes, I do see the benefits of Carlton developing these young players in the VFL.

              • June 17th 2018 @ 11:51am
                Macca said | June 17th 2018 @ 11:51am | ! Report

                Cat – which players running around in the VFL today would you have selected instead of O’brein SPS and Dow yesterday?

              • Roar Guru

                June 17th 2018 @ 4:21pm
                Col from Brissie said | June 17th 2018 @ 4:21pm | ! Report

                Steve, believe me Sydney’s youngsters aren’t developing in the NEAFL. They look good when they play in the seniors because the are surrounded by a lot of very good mature skillful players which we at the Blues are lacking. I doubt if those same young players were playing for Carlton next week they would look as good as they do in the Sydney team.

                They are not playing alongside ordinary players like Rowe, Casboult, Lamb, Kerridge etc. who’s disposal skills by foot and hand are below AFL standards.

              • June 17th 2018 @ 10:42pm
                Steve009 said | June 17th 2018 @ 10:42pm | ! Report

                Leadership does help with youngsters and Carlton lack leaders on the park at the moment. It also helps for teams like Sydney that with so many established players the game style is in tact so a young player has the advantage of coming in knowing they can concentrate on their role in a system that is stable rather than falling apart around them. That said teams like Sydney won’t play that player until they believe that player is ready to play his role.

              • June 17th 2018 @ 6:57pm
                Macca said | June 17th 2018 @ 6:57pm | ! Report

                I find it interesting that these young kids can apparently get scarred getting regularly beaten in the AFL but they won’t get scarred getting regularly beaten in he VFL (which I would have to think would shake your confidence that you are up to AFL level more,

                I also find it interesting that gifting young kids games despite performance is bad for culture but gifting mature age players games despite performance isn’t. I wonder how a player like Dow would feel about resigning at eh blues if Graham kept getting picked ahead of him and performing like he did yesterday.

              • June 17th 2018 @ 10:53pm
                Steve009 said | June 17th 2018 @ 10:53pm | ! Report

                Those young players should have more influence on changing those results in the VFL if they are as good as we think they are. Currently they are having very little influence on AFL games at the moment which is understandable at their age, but until they are consistently dominating at VFL level I don’t think they should be playing AFL, because it is what’s best for their long term development.

                And Graham and like wouldn’t be being gifted games. It would be there role at the club to protect these kids and aid in their development

              • June 18th 2018 @ 9:57am
                Macca said | June 18th 2018 @ 9:57am | ! Report

                “Those young players should have more influence on changing those results in the VFL if they are as good as we think they are” It is still 18 year olds against men, generally in conditions that suit then men much more.

                “And Graham and like wouldn’t be being gifted games. It would be there role at the club to protect these kids and aid in their development” If you are getting a game for any reason other than form it is being gifted to you.

              • June 18th 2018 @ 9:06pm
                Steve009 said | June 18th 2018 @ 9:06pm | ! Report

                Graham at this point of 2018 is a better player than O’Brien and getting a game because it is best for the club is not being gifted game, it’s being given a game because it’s best for the club.
                What happened to all your talk of patience and playing the long game Macca?

              • June 19th 2018 @ 9:22am
                Macca said | June 19th 2018 @ 9:22am | ! Report

                Steve – On the weekend Graham had 17 touches (9 effective) , 6 marks, 2 tackles, 4 inside 50’s, 1 clearance and 5 clangers 0 rebound 50’s

                Obrien had 17 possessions (12 effective), 5 marks, 1 tackle 3 inside 50s 2 clearances 0 clangers and 3 rebound 50’s

                It is bloody hard to make a case that the 24 year old Graham should hold his spot ahead of the 18 year old O’Brien.

              • June 18th 2018 @ 9:14pm
                Steve009 said | June 18th 2018 @ 9:14pm | ! Report

                If they can’t beat men in the VFL, they have no chance of beating men in the AFL and little chance of even being competitive.

            • June 17th 2018 @ 2:49pm
              Steve009 said | June 17th 2018 @ 2:49pm | ! Report

              There is plenty of evidence that Carlton have failed to develop there draft picks. Shall we go through Carltons last twenty years of draft history? And as for our drafteesof the last 3 years, Charlie Curnow and Fisher aside , when you compare the development of our lot compared to players from other teams taken in the same drafts we really aren’t faring to well.
              And Macca, how many players have we seen leave Carlton and become better elsewhere and have failed draft picks delisted before you might start believing there might be a problem with Carlton itself.

              • June 17th 2018 @ 2:55pm
                Macca said | June 17th 2018 @ 2:55pm | ! Report

                Steve in the last 3 years how many draftees have extended their contracts?

                And could you point to other draftees from the last 3 years that are out performing the blues? So far you have stated McKay, Curnow and Fisher are all developing, Dow and O’?rin are in their second years, Williamson is injured, Kerr is playing senior footy, Cuningham is currently injured – who hasn’t developed in a maximum of 2 1/2 years to your liking?

              • June 17th 2018 @ 10:58pm
                Steve009 said | June 17th 2018 @ 10:58pm | ! Report

                Many have over taken Weitering, McKay and Cunningham. SPS has stagnated. And Cerra over Dow at the moment and Richard’s over O’Brien.
                Gotta leave it at that and not with much thought, my battery is about to go

    • June 17th 2018 @ 7:08am
      Tiger power said | June 17th 2018 @ 7:08am | ! Report

      We will take Crips. Cash in their licence its all over for the blues. Only joking we waited 37 years at Tigerland the blues will be back it just takes time. We suffered Terry Wallace’s five year plan.
      Go da blues

      • June 17th 2018 @ 10:11am
        Don Freo said | June 17th 2018 @ 10:11am | ! Report

        Agree wholeheartedly with this.

        Nevertheless, it has become a fun pass time to dig the boots in…solely because of its ‘supporter’ on this site. He gives us plenty of exercise.

        Go da Blues!

        • June 17th 2018 @ 10:35am
          Macca said | June 17th 2018 @ 10:35am | ! Report

          You’d think with all that exercise you would be better at it Don!!

          • June 17th 2018 @ 7:54pm
            13th Man said | June 17th 2018 @ 7:54pm | ! Report

            Macca, in all honesty don’t bother with him! Not all Freo supporters are as one-eyed and clueless as he is.
            He still thinks Ross will win us a flag so he’s off in la la land.

            On Carlton, I think you have got some good young talent, but the coach for whatever reason has lost them. I think Bolton is a bit ‘too nice’ and doesn’t want to give them a good old fashioned spray from time to time which is exactly what Carlton need. Time to get serious! Enough honourable losses, there needs to be higher expectations!

    , ,