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Introducing the Sydney Roar

topguN (left) with Havoc (centre) last season. (Photo: Gfinity Australia)
26th June, 2018

With the Gfinity Elite Series in full swing, we took some time to ask the six clubs a few questions about themselves, their history and their players.

Today, it’s the Sydney Roar – the second Sydney team announced for the competition and one of two new teams created for the first season of the Elite Series.

Being a new esports club, how does it feel going up against some of the biggest names in the Australian scene?
We love the feeling of pushing more established clubs to their limit. Recently, our Street Fighter V team took Melbourne Order to the full length of a best-of-seven! I was on the edge of my seat the entire fight.

I really feel all of our teams are starting to develop. Even if we aren’t pulling in the wins, the experience against these top clubs is extremely valuable.

How have your draftees reacted to the experience of being picked up by a professional esports team? How have they fit in with the pros?
Sydney Roar is consistently interchanging draftee players in all titles, Some players even becoming apart of the core rosters. In particular, iNSANITY^ from our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team has slotted in very nicely into the team and played a big part in defeating the Sydney Chiefs in Week 1.

Which of your players – professional or draftee – has the most interesting backstory? Does anyone have any bizarre pre-game rituals?
I don’t think anyone from the team has any bizarre pre-game rituals, but Change from Rocket League plays Representative soccer. He plays every Saturday afternoon and then gets on a plane to play Rocket League on Sunday.

Which game do you think you have the best chance in?
Sydney Roar have a bunch of veterans in CS:GO whereas our Rocket League and Street Fighter teams are up and comers. Our results against Melbourne Avant in the final week will hopefully secure us a spot in playoffs.

Why should Sydney esports fans get behind your team? What makes you the team to pick?
We love to make the games interesting for our fans by bantering with other clubs. We are the underdogs of the league but we are very in your face and confident about winning.

This puts the other teams on the spot to spice up the league up.


If you could add one more game to the Elite Series line-up, what would it be and why?
We have personally become invested in Dota 2 recently, It is on the rise and is very entertaining to watch as a viewer. It isn’t an easy game to play perhaps, but as a spectator, it is action-packed.

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