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    Chiefs vs Brumbies

    Super Rugby, 7 July, 2018

    FMG Stadium Waikato
    Fulltime - Chiefs 24, Brumbies 19
    Chiefs   Brumbies
    24 FINAL SCORE 19
    3 TRIES 3
    0 DROP GOALS 0
    Referee: Rasta Rasivhenge
    Touch judges: Glen Jackson & Angus Mabey
    TMO: Shane McDermot

    Match result:

    The Chiefs have beaten the brave Brumbies 24–19 in Hamilton in a bizarre game that had periods of huge frustration as the error count rose and rose but then periods of incredible excitement as both sides battled hard for the win.

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    Final score
    Chiefs 24
    Brumbies 19

    Match preview:

    The Chiefs will go head to head with the Brumbies on Saturday afternoon in Hamilton. Both sides have some momentum going into the game and will want to keep that going right for as long as possible. Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match, starting from 3:15pm AEST.

    Both sides will be wanting to win this game and know it really matters for them. The Chiefs are sitting in 5th at the moment overall but they’ve got a tough final game of the season against the Canes and the Highlanders are currently just one point behind them.

    If they end the season with two losses they could be in real trouble. Yes they are definitely favourites for this match against the Brumbies and considering how well they tore the Highlanders to pieces in Fiji last week, their fans will be expecting not just a win but a statement.

    They have talent all over the park and with Damian McKenzie really growing into the #10 role they are a constant threat from anywhere on the field.

    The back row of experienced Sam Cane and Liam Messam is formidable and relative new boy Luke Jacobson brings some exciting young talent.

    Charlie Ngatai brings so much talent as well to the centres that the Brumbies defence is going to have its hands full all game long trying to contain all the potential threats.

    While the Brumbies are definite underdogs in this game they should not be underestimated. It’s so easy to put too much expectation on David Pocock but when you see how quickly he’s slotted back in and regained his place as one of if not the best flanker in the world, it’s totally justified.

    With their win against the Canes last week, the Brumbies will know that they can mix it with the best on their day and while far too often this season they have been one dimensional and error prone, confidence can make a whole heap of difference to a team.

    They are going to have to play as well if not better than last week to stand a chance against the Chiefs though and players like Isi Naisarani, Christian Lealiifano and especially Joe Powell are all going to have to have their best games of the season.

    Momentum is a big thing in sport and the Brumbies definitely have the big mo at the moment. However so do the Chiefs and with them at home as well they are just going to have too much firepower across the park for the Canberra guys.

    Chiefs to win by 15 points.

    Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match, starting from 3:15pm AEST on Saturday.

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    • 7:02pm
      Baz said | 7:02pm | ! Report

      Brumbies failed to control their own ruck ball for most of the game. At times Joe Powell was climbing into the breakdown to do the work that the forwards just were not doing. Too much dropped ball and too many forwards looking on rather than getting into the breakdown. McCaffery looks out of sorts. Not sure if he is injured but he was just slow and ineffective.
      Fianga’a, Cusack and Pocock were the best of the forwards. Most of the backs put in a decent shift but hard to look good as a back if the ball is scrappy from the base.

    • Roar Guru

      Cadfael said | 5:30pm | ! Report

      The Brumbies had their chances so there shouldn’t be too many complaints. The ref had an OK game , no concerns there. A bit hard to blow up about an incident in the 80th minute. The Brumbies had the opportunities but didn’t take them.

      • 5:43pm
        Jumbo said | 5:43pm | ! Report

        Stephen hoiles is starting to sound like kearns. Had the brumbies won that it would have been “well that’s the game”.

      • Roar Guru

        PeterK said | 6:05pm | ! Report

        except the ref gave a team warning to the chiefs re penalties in the 22 and at the ruck yet they gave away 4 more penalties and no yc. The yc they did get was for a dangerous tackle.

    • Roar Guru

      Oliver Matthews said | 5:20pm | ! Report

      Match Report
      The Chiefs have beaten the brave Brumbies 24 – 19 in Hamilton in a bizarre game that had periods of huge frustration as the error count rose and rose but then periods of incredible excitement as both sides battled hard for the win.

      Ahead of the game there was a lot of talk about the momentum that the Brumbies were bringing into this game and how their great win over the Canes last week should be seen as clear indication that they were a team that couldn’t be underestimated.

      For about 60 minutes or so though the Brumbies were their own worst enemy. About 19 errors in the first half alone was understandably a big issue and the visitors found it hard to turn any sort of possession into genuine pressure.

      At the same time the Chiefs were looking slick – they were able to handle what the Brumbies did throw at them with relative ease and then McKenzie was in some great form and seemed eager to have a great night. His pace has always been hard to deal with but this season he’s added some new qualities and better decision making as he’s taken on the full time #10 role.

      His try was a great example of his value to the team. The Chiefs had already scored once and had started a nice attack from deep inside their own half. A nice off load from Cane gave McKenzie some space and he screamed through a gap and into the Brumbies back field. He was tackled but not only did the move keep on going, he then got himself up and chased down the play 20m ahead of him and got into position to take the key pass and score the try. It was rugby at its simplest in many ways – always support the play – but it demonstrated how crucial McKenzie is as he creates and finishes for the Chiefs.

      At half time the Chiefs were out to a 17-0 lead and the Brumbies really hadn’t fired a shot in anger.

      Even though the Brumbies were able to score relatively early in the second half, they still looked a bit wayward and when the Chiefs turned a great attacking opportunity into an intercept, 80m run and eventual try, the game and the season looked all over for the Canberra side.

      The key turning point was a rush of blood to the head for Jesse Parete in the 65th minute – he put in a late and high hit on Lucas as the #9 passed away from a line out and the ref’s decision to give the young Chief a yellow card was an easy one. It was totally unnecessary and almost cost his team the match.

      The Brumbies came to life and scored two tries in this 10 minute period and got themselves right back into the game. They needed just 5 points in the final minutes and a game that had been bumbling along to a predictable easy win for the Chiefs was suddenly all up for grabs.

      Unfortunately the Brumbies just couldn’t close the game out and while they will feel aggrieved with a referee decision that gave possession to the Chiefs and the chance to end the game, the reality is that they left too much to do til too late.

      Brumbies fans will be both pleased and so frustrated. In the past few weeks the Brumbies have shown real grit and talent and have demonstrated the type of rugby that had many experts predicting they would win the Aussie conference. Why have they left it so late many will be screaming!

      The Chiefs got the win and that’s important but they would have wanted that to be an easier win for sure. The good news is that key players are looking good – McKenzie, Ngatai, Cane and Webber had good games and there is still the hugely important Retalick to come back.

      The Chiefs play the Canes next week in what should be a great clash while the Brumbies could still have a say in the finals if they can upset the Tahs next week.

    • 5:09pm
      Pavid Docock said | 5:09pm | ! Report

      Rasivhenge had a great game with the whistle until the last knock on call. These calls happen every game though – refs are only human. Could the TMO have called it back for foul play?

      Really happy with the Brumbies effort in any case! They finally seem to be showing some intensity and aggression in their play, particularly at ruck time. Hopefully they keep working on their passing skills and ball security because the number of turnovers lost them that game…

      The Arnold twins, Fainga’a, Pocock (of course), Naisarani, Kuridrani and Banks were all excellent.

      • 7:45pm
        double agent said | 7:45pm | ! Report

        The disallowed try for a non forward pass was tough.

      • Roar Rookie

        Kirky said | 9:31pm | ! Report

        There was never a knock on as you say as the Referee was the ”Johnny on the spot” when the trumpeted by all on this site and other Aussie’ rugby sites about him getting it wrong when in fact he didn’t, ~ He called it correctly because he was “right there” when the ”filthy and game losing foul” took place, so that, and the fact that Pocock and others were burbling in the his ear all game telling him how to do his job, that Referee who had a good game would never have gone to the TMO anyway because of that persistent ‘advice’ being given to him!, I doubt he would be any different to anyone else in being told how he should do his job, ~ just ‘plead ignorance’, as there’s nothing worse than that particularly when it happens in sport! Think Soccer, they do it all the time and it’s repulsive and rarely if ever do they get a ‘change of decision’ so it’s a sheer waste of time!

        The Chiefs played the rugby and deserved to win whereby the only thing the Brumbies did right was by scoring two tries against 14 men, as they should!

        Pocock got his come uppance from Sam Cane and good job for that and it was a shame when Cane went off with concussion!!

        One thing Pocock needs to learn if he’s going to be Skipper for any length of time, is to desist from bashing the Referees ear as they will only put up with that rubbish for so long and he needs to tell his team to do the same!

        • 1:56am
          Pavid Docock said | 1:56am | ! Report

          Thanks for the diatribe “Kirky”. I don’t know what you saw in my comment that compelled you to reply so hysterically. As a rusted on Brumbies fan, I was trying to be magnanimous and reasonable in my assessment of the game and the referee. It was kind of implied in what I wrote that the Chiefs were the better team – you just need to read between the lines.

          I admit you have a bit of a point regarding the scourge of players attempting to ref the game. I personally hate the abuse the officials cop each week. However singling out one player for this crime is incredibly unbalanced of you. And furthermore, Pocock’s interactions with Rasivhenge were by and large jovial throughout the game.

          How would you react to a line ball call when your season is on the line?

    • Roar Rookie

      moondoggie said | 5:06pm | ! Report

      Such a disappointing finish…why didn’t the TMO have a look! The intercept and the bombed tries in the first half are what cost us though.

      • 5:08pm
        KenoathCarnt said | 5:08pm | ! Report

        TMO is from Nz…

        • 5:22pm
          Damo said | 5:22pm | ! Report

          KenoathCarnt. So What?

      • Roar Guru

        Cadfael said | 5:33pm | ! Report

        Had those chances been taken this decision wouldn’t have mattered. Samr as if the Chief’s penalty attempt had have gone over, that last decision wouldn’t have mattered.

        • Roar Rookie

          moondoggie said | 6:36pm | ! Report

          True, but in the context of what actually happened it mattered quite a lot!

    • 5:06pm
      Chris Dennis said | 5:06pm | ! Report

      It happened right in front of him. Totally incompetent.

      • 7:02pm
        Marlin said | 7:02pm | ! Report

        He’s either a total brain dead moron or a cheat! The Canes defending their line are ALL OFFSIDE but he can’t see ‘em – neither can the touchiest or the cheat in the box – why are we letting this happen to our game? Absolutely disgraceful performance from the ‘team’ – unless that’s the plan – AGAIN

      • Roar Rookie

        Kirky said | 9:36pm | ! Report

        Chris Dennis! ~ Obviously because you were on the field mate?

    • 5:04pm
      jacques kallis said | 5:04pm | ! Report

      Typical awful refereeing display from Rasta. How does he sleep at night? Incompetent. This guy would put orange juice on corn flakes and think that was normal

      • 6:26pm
        Peter said | 6:26pm | ! Report

        So you hate either cornflakes or OJ. Leave us normal people alone!

      • Roar Guru

        Corne Van Vuuren said | 9:33pm | ! Report

        Rasta was actually quite decent up until that final knockon

        • Roar Rookie

          Kirky said | 9:39pm | ! Report

          Corne Van Vuuren ~ Obviously you were another on the field right on hand where that unknockon’ took place!

    • 5:01pm
      Nomad said | 5:01pm | ! Report

      Great fightback by Brumbies. Pity they left it to final quarter to play their best footy… Just left it too late.

    • 5:01pm
      Fujimo said | 5:01pm | ! Report

      Wow, Australians blaming the ref. That is a Kiwi prerogative, isn’t it??

      • 5:31pm
        aussikiwi said | 5:31pm | ! Report

        You obviously haven’t been reading this site in the past couple of months.

      • 7:27pm
        Marlin said | 7:27pm | ! Report

        It’s not just the Aussie games mate – you should try watching one – the Canes Blues match was officiated by 4 cheats – ok the Canes were the better team but the ref(s) possibly broke the Blues’ backs –

      • Roar Rookie

        Kirky said | 9:41pm | ! Report

        Fujimo! Wow! the Kiwis don’t need to blame the Ref’ as they usually win anyway!

    • 4:59pm
      Fionn said | 4:59pm | ! Report

      Sigh. Good comeback, and we played well in the second half. We just didn’t quite play well enough.

      Guys like Speight, Arnold, Banks and even Hawera who didn’t have a good first half of the season have played much better in this second half. At least there are some positive signs for next season.

      • 5:03pm
        Ed said | 5:03pm | ! Report

        Hopefully the boys can have a top performance and beat the Tahs next week.

    • Roar Guru

      Corne Van Vuuren said | 4:59pm | ! Report

      Excellent second half from the Brumbies, unfortunate last call.

      Chiefs were cracking under pressure in that last quarter, they really hung on by the skin of their teeth

      • Roar Guru

        Cadfael said | 5:01pm | ! Report

        They did well. They took advantage of the YC and rattled on 14 points.

      • 5:06pm
        Ed said | 5:06pm | ! Report


        On another point, what is the view of South African players and fans re the conference system? Would they prefer a round robin format or the extra derbies via the conferences?

        I heard some commentators on Rugby 365 podcast state they would prefer a round robin format.

        • 5:09pm
          Fionn said | 5:09pm | ! Report

          Surely everyone would? Conference system is the worst part of Super Rugby.

          • 5:12pm
            Ed said | 5:12pm | ! Report


            It appears we Australians – fans, players and the teams – are the big backers of the conference system, so to have more derbies. I am like you in wanting the conference system gonski.

            • Roar Rookie

              Kirky said | 10:18pm | ! Report

              Ed: You know as you should that the Conference system is totally unfair by the fact not every team plays each other when the Kiwis get the ‘short straw’ by having to play each other twice which means they get to play extremely tough rugby as all Kiwi teams do, right through the earlier part of the Season,~ they knock the hell out of each other by playing the hard rugby they are taught to do, and this causes major headaches later in the Season through injuries incurred in that early part of the Season! ~ Whereby, some teams from the other Franchises don’t play the Kiwis at all! ~ the Aussies ,Sunwolves, and the Jaguares, to a lesser extent get to play all the easier teams twice and some teams rarely move out of their own patch, so the only way to avoid this unfairness is Round Robin!

        • Roar Guru

          Corne Van Vuuren said | 9:34pm | ! Report

          I can’t soeak for all South Africans but I want round robin yes, in my view the only way to measure whether your team is improving or nit

          • Roar Rookie

            Kirky said | 10:21pm | ! Report

            Corne!! Exactly mate, the only fair way!

      • 5:11pm
        chris said | 5:11pm | ! Report

        poor refereeing helps

      • Roar Rookie

        Kirky said | 9:53pm | ! Report

        Corne! mate, the Chiefs were playing with 14 men and the Brumbies scored a couple of tries in that period as any good team should!

        The Chiefs were pretty darned good and it would have been a travesty had they lost, but the Brumbies played well also and in the last two games they’ve been better that I’ve seen them for a few years so good on them for that!

        They need to stop jawing at the Ref tho’ it’s doing them no good at all as even the Skipper who is entitled to ”chat” to the Ref’ will be allowed a couple of times, then the Ref’ gets the pricker’ and ignores him!

    • 4:58pm
      Bing said | 4:58pm | ! Report

      What is it with NZ teams getting the calls going their way? That’s a shocking call by the ref.

      • 4:59pm
        stillmatic1 said | 4:59pm | ! Report

        what is it with Oz fans complaining about every decision that goes against them but not having the good grace to mention calls that favour them?

        • 7:23pm
          Disenchanted said | 7:23pm | ! Report

          I really reckon the overall referring has been abysmal – it’s hard to blame the actual ref – there is a lot going on – it’s partly the touchies (what do they have to look at? Ball went into touch, offside, foul play? They are useless so it must be the system – as for the TMO – they are just f….d

          • Roar Rookie

            Kirky said | 10:32pm | ! Report

            Disenchanted! It’s important to remember that the Referee “is right there” as he has to be and although at times they may get it wrong, in the main they are spot on in their decisions, because their’ ‘Big Brother” is watching them also, so if he deliberately favours ANY side, he’d go for the High Jump!

            The TMO is the entity that should be scrubbed as their rulings at times are diabolical by influencing the Referee of the day to their way of thinking when all they’ve been asked to do is verify as to what he was asked to do by the Referee! ~ Try or no try and foul play, should be the only calls made and adjudicated on!

            Get rid of the TMO’s, and the game would improve immensely!

      • Roar Guru

        Corne Van Vuuren said | 5:00pm | ! Report

        From the referees side of that knock it is easy to think he didn’t see the hand of the Chief

      • 5:00pm
        Ed said | 5:00pm | ! Report

        Ref is South African.

        • 5:05pm
          Bing said | 5:05pm | ! Report

          I never mentioned where the ref was from. I was talking about who got the call go their way.
          Surely the referee should have checked that. It definitely touched the Chiefs player first and could be a potential deliberate knock down. The player had no realistic chance of catching it.

          • 5:33pm
            aussikiwi said | 5:33pm | ! Report

            Forgotten several bad calls against the Chiefs including a knock on in maul preceding Brumbies try?

          • 5:39pm
            Jumbo said | 5:39pm | ! Report

            The tmo should of gone a few rucks back and pinged the brumbies players,flying in from the side of the ruck?

          • Roar Rookie

            Kirky said | 11:20pm | ! Report

            Bing! The Ref’ said very confidently that he was ”content” with the ruling as he saw it, I’ve watched about seven times on replay on Fox and it’s difficult to tell, so who are we to condemn his decision?

            This deliberate ”knock down” is an absolute farce and should be taken for what it is, rubbish!

            Like myself I’d presume you’ve played rugby and if so, you’d know as we all do that if a ball is in the air and you’re going for that said ball and for whatever reason you just touch it or even make a gesture in an attempt to catch it and miss it,, how the heck are you attempting to ”deliberately knock it down or on”, that is just so ridiculous and makes no sense, ~ But!, if a player has the ball and is passing it to his team mate and you deliberately knock it out of the way or down, That is a deliberate knock down, ~ but no grasping for the ball should ever be called a ”deliberate knock down” that’s is very prevalent in the game today and it’s high time it was booted right out!

        • Roar Rookie

          Kirky said | 10:35pm | ! Report

          ED: The Ref being South African makes a difference you think?, if so, why!

      • 5:04pm
        Phill said | 5:04pm | ! Report

        Got to trust the ref there, he was on the spot. Tmo’s don’t rule on knock ons anyhow.

      • 5:05pm
        eduardo kawak said | 5:05pm | ! Report

        A 13 – 3 penalty count against the Chiefs suggests otherwise.

      • 5:18pm
        Rev said | 5:18pm | ! Report

        If only Aus teams were as consistent as there complaints about the reff

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