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AFL Power Rankings 2018: Round 16

Steele Sidebottom of the Magpies high fives fans after winning in his 200th game. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)
Roar Guru
9th July, 2018

Power Rankings! Come get your freshly printed Power Rankings! Also, before anyone asks, yes, it feels weird seeing Brisbane feel so high.

Last week: 1

Richmond staying at the top of these rankings is almost obligatory nowadays.

2.Port Adelaide
Last week: 3

Won a game not too many people would’ve been paying attention to, solidifying a top-four spot – for the moment.

Last week: 4

“The umps favoured them!” Sorry, just thought I’d join the outrage.

A good win, but could come at a cost from injuries. Not that they need any more of those!

4.West Coast
Last week: 5


Vital win. Great win. Good to see one West Australian team doing well.

Wow, excuse me. Gotta go wash my mouth out with soap.

5.Sydney Swans
Last week: 2

Last week, I said Sydney were like a straight-A student who gets nervous when mingling with the interstaters. Right on cue, they lose like that. Huh.

6.GWS Giants
Last week: 6

So close, yet so far. Next up: the premiers. Might be a beauty, but could also quickly turn disastrous for the New South Welshmen.

Last week: 9

Damn, that was a powerful win. Probably among the most likely of the chasing pack to make finals – hell, they’ve snuck into the top eight after Saturday’s victory.


Last week: 8

Thursday night feels like three-and-a-half years ago, and 8.23 is a score that should never win a game. But hey, they got the four points.

Last week: 7

Didn’t see the bulk of their clash, but a quick scan of social media tells me the keyword here is umpires. Bollocks. If they wanted to stay in finals contention, they simply win against the walking wounded in Collingwood. They didn’t.

Last week: 10

And to think I thought Freo could upset this team! Dominated the Dockers, and should’ve won by a lot more.

11.North Melbourne
Last week: 11

Not the prettiest win they’ll ever have, but they got the four points, which is all that matters.


12.Brisbane Lions
Last week: 14

Two in a row! Feels condescending saying that, but it’s a good thing to celebrate. Am I deluded though, or do the next fortnight’s clashes against Hawthorn and Adelaide seem winnable?

Last week: 12

Uh oh. Almost a must-win to stay in finals contention, and they blew it. Some are saying next week versus Geelong will be their last chance, but let’s be honest: they’re done.

14.Western Bulldogs
Last week: 13

Oh so bad. But oh so promising early. What a strange night.

15.St Kilda
Last week: 15

From all accounts they were competitive, albeit outclassed. Lock ‘em in for win number four in a Friday night clash against the Blu- wait, that cannot be correct? Lemme check. Oh wow – yep, that’s what it says. Friday night featuring the Saints and the Blues.


Last week: 16

My banking app sent me a notification telling me how much I’d spent on food this month at the same time Freo’s app told me the final result in this one.

Both gave a sense of disappointment yet disillusioned acceptance.

17.Gold Coast
Last week: 18

Perhaps surprising no one, the Suns were reasonably competitive against North. Unfortunately, they weren’t competitive enough. No Sunday upset win for the Queenslanders, then.

Last week: 17

I don’t know what to say. This team sucks.