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The shining light left in Cleveland

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
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10th July, 2018

It’s next to impossible for a franchise to be left with anything at all after the departure of the greatest player in the world, LeBron James.

From burnt jerseys and money flow throughout a city, the Cleveland Cavaliers have again witnessed the social and economic devastation that was left by one man alone.

Cleveland were victims of a man-made disaster the first time LeBron left town, uniting with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. Going from championship contenders to first-pick-in-the draft contenders. This free-agency saw LeBron take his talents to the most storied franchise in NBA history, the Los Angeles Lakers.

However, this time around the city of Cleveland isn’t left completely boneless. At the 2017-18 trade deadline saw the Cavaliers front-office deny a trade that would have sent Tristan Thompson and the Brooklyn Nets 2018 pick for Clippers centre, Deandre Jordan.

Instead, Cleveland would hold on to what would turn out to be the pick used to draft Alabama guard, Collin Sexton.

At the floor general position, Sexton fills the hole the Cavaliers have been starved of since shipping all-star Kyrie Irving to Boston. If replacing Irving at the point wasn’t enough, Sexton will wear the same number that Irving helped deliver Cleveland’s first championship with (2).

With big shoes to step-in to, Sexton has so far rose to the occasion throughout his Summer League campaign. Confirming his ability to attack the rim and be a force on the defensive end, Sexton has also answered questions and shown he can drain shots outside the paint.

Coming straight off a one-and-done season in college and being handed the keys to the castle, Sexton is my pick to take home the rookie of the year trophy at the end of the regular season. I believe he can lead the Cavaliers to the eighth-best record in the East and put up stats that look similar to 16 points-per-game combined with six assists and two steals.

I can see him develop into a player of Jrue Holiday’s defence and Kemba Walker’s offensive package, combined with playing alongside veteran players such as George Hill and Kyle Korver will certainly work to the benefit of the ‘Young Bull’.


It will be interesting to once again see a rookie take over the franchise once led by the King himself.