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Kevin Anderson gives punters nightmares at Wimbledon

Kevin Anderson of South Africa. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)
Roar Rookie
12th July, 2018

With $1.09 on offer for Roger Federer to beat Kevin Anderson, my thoughts turned to the 2.25 per cent per annum I was receiving in my high-interest account. The nine per cent return on investment over the course of a few hours was a temptation proving hard to resist.
In the search for extra value, and the need to fulfil my greed, I decided $1.76 for a straight-sets victory an absolute steal.
After Federer won the first set 6-2, I watched on with confidence, congratulating myself on finding such easy money.
It wasn’t long until the ‘never give in’ attitude of Anderson had me worried, and the emotional roller coaster ride began.

With Federer’s ability to remain calm under pressure being tested during the second set, fear crept in, and doubts over my investment strategy came into play.
The Swiss maestro just held on to win the second set.


“You see, that’s the difference between a champion like Roger and a guy like Nick Kyrgios, there’s no ego getting in the way, he won’t crumble under the pressure,” I explained to my 46 inch TV, reassuring it that all was under control.
During the third set, it became clear the 6-foot-8 South African was gaining momentum.

“He will win a set!” This time I shouted to my wife, who was too busy staring at her phone to offer a reply.
For the first time, after four previous meetings, Anderson had stolen a set from the great Fed Express, and for the first time during this Wimbledon campaign, Roger had dropped a set.
Not only would Anderson win the match, but to do so after being down two sets to love against the toughest opponent in the game is a massive achievement.
Anderson will now set his sights on the semi-final against John Isner in a match I am eager to view, with my money held safely in the bank.