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The AFL needs to stop treating Swans supporters like vampires

Dane Rampe of the Swans. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)
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18th July, 2018
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I have supported the Swans since they came to Sydney as a result of the relocation of the South Melbourne Football Club. A ‘bloods transfusion’ if you will.

The AFL decided that they needed a Sydney team to strengthen their nationwide image – as well as to get better value for their TV coverage.

As an SCG member I liked the idea of somewhere to spend my winter weekend afternoons, and embraced the idea enthusiastically.

At first, it was a hard road.

The Swans lost far more than they won, and I had to endure the victory songs of all of the old-establishment Melbourne clubs over and over again.

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But gradually, after a long procession of losing coaches, Sydney started to win – even making a grand final, against North Melbourne (if only Paul Kelly had hit that pass to Tony Locket).

In 2005, Leo Barry ensured we had a flag and since then, it has been mainly up there Cazaly – great family afternoons among the red and white, with a fun atmosphere, where there was hardly any aggro.

They were so successful that the AFL decided to award them most of their games at night, which was great for ratings, but not good for the young kids and lovers of afternoon football.


The only true afternoon game is against the Suns, on Saturday – all other games are at night.

And only vampires go out at night, not even a ‘Bloods’ sucker.