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    Carlton vs. Hawthorn

    Etihad Stadium
    AFL Home and Away July 22, 2018
    Carlton 52, Hawthorn 124
    Carlton Hawthorn
     G B Pts G B Pts
    Q1000   4327
    Q2128   8755
    Q35737   111379
    Q471052   1816124

    Sunday afternoon football is to be played in Victoria, as a poor Carlton outfit host a striving-for-finals Hawthorn. Join The Roar for live scores and a live blog from 1:10pm AEST.

    What a trying season it has been for the Carlton Football Club. Eighteen rounds in, they’ve only saluted victory once.

    Their last few outings have been amongst the most disappointing football in a long while: terrible losses to Brisbane and St Kilda, neither being genuinely brilliant teams themselves.

    Today’s game is where we’ll see the struggling outfit up against a team possibly of a different calibre to the previous two weeks.

    Mind you, in some weird way, Hawthorn could be of a lower calibre than some of the Blues’ recent opposition given their shock Tasmanian loss to an in-form Brisbane side last weekend.

    That loss severely dented their already limited finals hopes, while an unexpected loss today would see those hopes all but evaporate completely.

    For all the talk about Carlton’s struggles, they’ve still got a number of good players in their side.

    Charlie Curnow and on-the-field, off-the-field Harry McKay will strive to trouble the Hawks’ defensive structure (an area of intrigue, given James Sicily’s recent injury).

    Then again, Luke Bruest has been in stellar form for Hawthorn.

    In the midfield, in what is almost becoming a cliche to say, Tom Mitchell and Patrick Cripps should at least excite Sunday footy-goers with their head-to-head battle.

    There’s changes aplenty for both the opposing clubs. Carlton’s made five.

    Jed Lamb has been suspended, Jarrod Garlett and Sam Rowe are omitted, Matthew Kruezer is being managed and Dale Thomas has been injured.

    Jacob Weitering, Nick Graham, Levi Casboult, Matthew Wright and Matthew Lobbe are all in – the latter for his Blues’ debut.

    Hawthorn have made a trio of changes. Obviously, they’ve lost Sicily to injury, whilst also dropping Tim O’Brien and Taylor Duryea. Kaiden Brand, Ryan Schoenmakers, James Worpel all make the squad in their place.

    Hawthorn. Every day of the week, Hawthorn will win this one. They’ll win by probably about 8 goals, a largely conservative estimate. Still, though – given the Suns win yesterday, there’s still very, microscopic hope of an upset. They do happen.

    Hawthorn by 53

    Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match, starting from 1:10pm AEST.

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    Quarter 1
    3' BEHIND - Luke Breust (Hawthorn)
    7' BEHIND - Jack Gunston (Hawthorn)
    10' GOAL - Paul Puopolo (Hawthorn)
    11' GOAL - Luke Breust (Hawthorn)
    14' GOAL - Ryan Schoenmakers (Hawthorn)
    17' GOAL - Teia Miles (Hawthorn)
    22' BEHIND - Rushed (Hawthorn)
    Quarter 2
    1' GOAL - Jack Gunston (Hawthorn)
    3' GOAL - Kade Simpson (Carlton)
    4' BEHIND - Marc Murphy (Carlton)
    5' GOAL - Luke Breust (Hawthorn)
    8' BEHIND - Matthew Wright (Carlton)
    15' BEHIND - Ryan Schoenmakers (Hawthorn)
    16' BEHIND - Harry Morrison (Hawthorn)
    17' BEHIND - Tom Mitchell (Hawthorn)
    18' BEHIND - James Worpel (Hawthorn)
    21' GOAL - Luke Breust (Hawthorn)
    23' GOAL - Jarryd Roughead (Hawthorn)
    Quarter 3
    5' BEHIND - Paul Puopolo (Hawthorn)
    6' GOAL - Luke Breust (Hawthorn)
    8' BEHIND - Harry McKay (Carlton)
    10' BEHIND - Isaac Smith (Hawthorn)
    11' GOAL - Ricky Henderson (Hawthorn)
    13' BEHIND - Brendan Whitecross (Hawthorn)
    14' BEHIND - Matthew Kennedy (Carlton)
    15' BEHIND - Paul Puopolo (Hawthorn)
    15' BEHIND - Jarryd Roughead (Hawthorn)
    17' BEHIND - Charlie Curnow (Carlton)
    18' GOAL - Matthew Wright (Carlton)
    20' GOAL - Charlie Curnow (Carlton)
    22' BEHIND - Tom Mitchell (Hawthorn)
    24' GOAL - Patrick Cripps (Carlton)
    26' GOAL - Cameron Polson (Carlton)
    28' GOAL - Jack Gunston (Hawthorn)
    30' BEHIND - Paddy Dow (Carlton)
    33' BEHIND - Rushed (Carlton)
    Quarter 4
    7' BEHIND - Isaac Smith (Hawthorn)
    9' GOAL - Paul Puopolo (Hawthorn)
    13' BEHIND - Patrick Cripps (Carlton)
    15' GOAL - Patrick Cripps (Carlton)
    17' GOAL - Paul Puopolo (Hawthorn)
    18' GOAL - Matthew Kennedy (Carlton)
    20' BEHIND - Jarryd Roughead (Hawthorn)
    22' GOAL - Tom Mitchell (Hawthorn)
    23' BEHIND - Jarrod Pickett (Carlton)
    24' GOAL - Ryan Schoenmakers (Hawthorn)
    27' GOAL - Paul Puopolo (Hawthorn)
    30' BEHIND - Jack Gunston (Hawthorn)
    31' GOAL - Tom Mitchell (Hawthorn)
    32' GOAL - Luke Breust (Hawthorn)
    34' BEHIND - Ed Curnow (Carlton)
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    • Roar Guru

      AdelaideDocker said | 3:52pm | ! Report

      I’ve got to go off in a hurry, but thanks for joining me today. And this year, given this was my final blog for the season!

      Enjoy the rest of the day, and the rest of the season of footy.

      Have a good one!

      Carlton: 7.10 (52)
      Hawthorn: 18.16 (124)

    • Roar Guru

      AdelaideDocker said | 3:51pm | ! Report

      And there’s full time.

      It’s Hawthorn by 72 points over an undermanned and under-performing Carlton.

      Carlton: 7.10 (52)
      Hawthorn: 18.16 (124)

    • Roar Guru

      AdelaideDocker said | 3:50pm | ! Report


      Ed Curnow’s rather nice shot skims the post after the siren.

      Carlton: 7.10 (52)
      Hawthorn: 18.16 (124)

    • Roar Guru

      AdelaideDocker said | 3:49pm | ! Report


      And there’s another!

      After the previous Mitchell major, that was nineteen seconds from the bounce to the goal.

      Bruest sending through his fifth.

      Carlton: 7.9 (51)
      Hawthorn: 18.16 (124)

    • Roar Guru

      AdelaideDocker said | 3:48pm | ! Report


      Tommy Mitchell. Goddamn it, you’re good.

      Fantastic tackle on Polson, before he converts the set shot into his second goal.

      Carlton: 7.9 (51)
      Hawthorn: 17.16 (118)

    • Roar Guru

      AdelaideDocker said | 3:46pm | ! Report


      Good grab from Gunston, but he can’t convert the mark into a goal.

      Minor score.

      Carlton: 7.9 (51)
      Hawthorn: 16.16 (112)

    • Roar Guru

      AdelaideDocker said | 3:43pm | ! Report


      Gunston -> Roughead -> Puopolo -> GOAL!

      Nice passage of play, Hawthorn.

      Carlton: 7.9 (51)
      Hawthorn: 16.15 (111)

    • Roar Guru

      AdelaideDocker said | 3:41pm | ! Report



      Good entry by the Hawks, Carlton look momentarily frozen, and then Schoey sends through his second!

      Carlton: 7.9 (51)
      Hawthorn: 15.15 (105)

    • Roar Guru

      AdelaideDocker said | 3:40pm | ! Report


      Pickett can’t mark just inside Carlton’s 50, and he’s forced to play on – his quick kick rolls to the right.

      Carlton: 7.9 (51)
      Hawthorn: 14.15 (99)

    • Roar Guru

      AdelaideDocker said | 3:39pm | ! Report



      Somewhat surprisingly, he doesn’t have goal yet after a very fine afternoon. He’s got one now.

      Carlton: 7.8 (50)
      Hawthorn: 14.15 (99)

    • 3:37pm
      The Ghost said | 3:37pm | ! Report

      Carlton are so far behind the rest of the AFL. Even the Gold Coast can beat Sydney in Sydney. Carlton show no effort or fight. I’m not optimistic about their future. If they were not a former powerhouse the AFL would probably ship them off to Hobart.

      • Roar Guru

        Cat said | 4:12pm | ! Report

        Who hasn’t beaten Sydney in Sydney this year?

        • Roar Guru

          Paul Dawson said | 5:39pm | ! Report

          Your mob knocked them off – you needed it after all the games you have been flogged in by them at kardinia recently

      • 7:54pm
        Kane said | 7:54pm | ! Report

        See your mob couldn’t crack the 50 point barrier again. People in glass houses

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