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    Crusaders vs Hurricanes

    Super Rugby, 28 July, 2018

    AMI Stadium
    Fulltime - Crusaders 30, Hurricanes 12
    Crusaders   Hurricanes
    30 FINAL SCORE 12
    4 TRIES 2
    0 DROP GOALS 0
    Referee: Jaco Peyper
    Touch judges: Michael Fraser & Ben O'Keeffe
    TMO: Shane McDermot

    Match result:

    The Crusaders are through to another Super Rugby grand final and will enter as strong favourites after an 18-point win over the Hurricanes on Saturday.

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    Final score
    Crusaders 30
    Hurricanes 12

    Match preview:

    The Crusaders and Hurricanes go head to head in an all-New Zealand semi-final in Christchurch. Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match, starting from 5:35pm (AEST).

    It would be too easy to assume the Crusaders have got this one all wrapped up. They have been the best side in the competition since their last loss of the season back in mid-March, and they have top class talent in almost every shirt.

    Add to that an ability to strike through punishing counter attacks or grind teams down over double digit phases of possession, as well as the meanest defence in the competition, and it’s easy to see why the Crusaders are clear favourites to win at home.

    As if they needed any more confidence, the team welcomes Joe Moody back into the starting line up. This is the only change for the home side who will have been working hard to make sure they don’t get distracted by the chance to win back to back championships and pick up their eighth Super Rugby title.

    The Hurricanes too are bringing stability in selection into this do or die match, naming an unchanged starting fifteen after their win against the Chiefs in the quarter finals.

    The men from Wellington were having a fantastic season before the June Internationals, but stumbled through the final few weeks of the regular season with some uncharacteristic poor form. Their win against the Chiefs, however, showed a level of control that had been missing for a bit and they will be in a good mindset for this semi final.

    There are some exciting sub plots to this game beyond who makes the grand final. Seeing what happens when Ryan Crotty and Ngani Laumape go head to head will be fantastic.

    Both are in great form and have torn other sides to pieces in recent weeks. This battle in midfield could be crucial as both players are key to helping their sides turn possession into genuine attacking opportunities.

    The clash between the two No. 10s will be enthralling. While Beauden Barrett has been the best fly half in New Zealand and the world for a couple of years, his form this season hasn’t quite been as dominant as many expected.

    Meanwhile the chasing pack of No. 10s have been catching up, with Richie Mo’unga arguably leading the charge. His performances in key games has been impressive and there’s been talk that, in high pressure moments, Mo’unga is doing a better job of delivering for his team than Barrett.

    If the ‘Canes are going to win this one it’s true that their attacking stars are going to need to be on fire, however, even more important is that their forwards give TJ Perenara and Barrett the space and quick ball to unleash their backs. This is where the game will be won and lost and the Canes pack are going to have to deliver the performance of their lives.

    This should be a fantastic game of rugby and in many ways it should be the final. Either side could win this but given the relentless form of the Crusaders and the fact that they are at fortress Christchurch, it’s hard to look past the men in red and black.

    Crusaders by 10 points

    Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match, starting from 5:35pm (AEST).

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    • 8:38pm
      Faith said | 8:38pm | ! Report

      Let’s see whether Saders can lay to rest the ghosts of Finals against Reds (when they played all their away games and reached the Finals and the Tahs (which Joubert stole from them and admitted it …

      • 9:36pm
        double agent said | 9:36pm | ! Report

        Wow!!!!! Another reference to the 2014 Final. Only a couple more and we’ll hit the Million Mark.

        • 10:23pm
          Reverse Wheel said | 10:23pm | ! Report

          Another fine example of sportsmanship from a humble (just ask them) kiwi. Happy to call out every aussie complaint but still moaning 4 years later about one rare occasion when the same measure was applied to king richie as to mere mortals.

      • 10:53pm
        Sylvester said | 10:53pm | ! Report

        The Tahs have lost two finals in Christchurch and the Crusaders haven’t lost a playoff game at home (20 wins, I think?). That’s a massive mental hurdle to overcome should NSW beat the Lions.

    • 7:54pm
      Faith said | 7:54pm | ! Report

      A lot of Tahs fans have been saying that after the season’s game they have nothing to fear at CCH. I wish they beat the Lions so that theory can be tested. Another thing – notice how no one has talked about the Ref. Now watch the live feed on the Tahs Lions game – that will make 50 per cent of the comments. Aussie rugby = one big whinge …
      Evans should be on EOYT. Used to play for Landers and left to get game time because Lentjes and Hunt were preferred. Great player. Mounga should get a RC start. Jordie is exhausted – too many games in last 2 seasons. Laumape was great against the Chiefs – did nothing wrong today. The one time BB run the ball he almost scored. Terrible that the Canes now have him kicking all the time …

      • Roar Guru

        jeznez said | 8:13pm | ! Report

        Depends if a lowlife pulls a Moody like elbow to a Tah’s player’s chin. That is the only blow up I’ve seen regarding a decision or non-decision regarding the Tahs this year.

        Love this whinging Tahs narrative that folks are working on.

        • 8:51pm
          Faith said | 8:51pm | ! Report

          The Tahs don’t whinge – they talk themselves up and write columns …

          • Roar Guru

            jeznez said | 10:12pm | ! Report

            Which is it mate? The Tahs don’t whinge or we’ll have 50% of comments whinging? Pick one side of the argument

          • 10:25pm
            Reverse Wheel said | 10:25pm | ! Report

            I’m happy to just call it like it is, faith. You’re a liar. Plain and simple.

            • 10:48pm
              aussikiwi said | 10:48pm | ! Report

              Um, you do know the differnce between an opinion and a fact don’t you? Oh wait, you are a Tahs supporter, maybe not…..

      • 9:39pm
        double agent said | 9:39pm | ! Report

        “A lot of Tahs fans have been saying that after the season’s game they have nothing to fear at CCH. ”

        I’ve never heard any Tahs fan say that at all. Maybe you should stick to KiwiRoar.

    • Roar Guru

      Oliver Matthews said | 7:46pm | ! Report

      Full Match Report
      The Crusaders have booked themselves another Super Rugby Grand Final with an impressive 30-12 win over the Hurricanes in Christchurch.

      Ahead of the game everyone knew that the Crusaders were the favourites but the Canes had so much talent in their back line that there was always a chance that they could turn the tables on the home side and put them under real pressure. It was going to take a flawless performance for sure but they have the players who could bring the upset!

      In the end though the Crusaders were insanely good. Week after week this team have shown that there is no complacency and a genuine desire to try and put in the perfect rugby performance.

      Tonight they matched forwards dominance with defensive perfection and clinical attacking to make the Canes look like a very average side. Richie Mo’unga was the man of the match and in this head to head clash with incumbent All Blacks #10 Beauden Barrett, Mo’unga has many now calling for Steve Hansen to make a switch for the upcoming Rugby Championship.

      Mo’unga was impressive and where Barrett could never get his side going, Mo’unga was able to carve up the Canes defence with some lovely passes and some darting runs that got in behind the defence.

      Yes it’s easier to play a good game at #10 if you’ve got forwards giving you good ball, but Barrett really didn’t look great even when his forwards were in charge. Sadly both the Barrett brothers for the Canes had average games. Jordie is better at #15 but was in the centres tonight and neither of them kicked well out of hand. The fact that they kicked so much had many frustrated but it must have been so hard when they can see that their team’s running game is just not creating anything.

      The Canes had their opportunities for sure but more often than not the Crusaders were able to absorb the pressure and either turn the ball over and clear their lines or turn defence into attack. A number of times the Crusaders were defending in their own 22 and then literally seconds later were in the Canes 22 threatening to stretch their lead.

      The Crusaders won all the key moments of the game really including that key period before and after half time where they put on 13 points and really put the game beyond the Canes.

      What was perhaps most telling was not any difference in skills between the two sides – both sides are full of talent – but how the Crusaders looked so comfortable in the high pressure moments. When they were defending, the home side seemed to trust their team mates and structure perfectly and the Canes couldn’t find a way through. In attack there was certainty that a man would be on the shoulder to support and there was no need to throw some off load of the season attempt. Just keep doing the basics and the results will come.

      On the other side of things the Canes seemed to get frustrated and lose that comfort as the game went on. They didn’t seem to have a clear strategy for how to break the Crusaders down and players were getting frustrated and doing things they normally wouldn’t when the game plan was delivering no results at all.

      The difference was nicely summed up with Braydon Ennor’s try in the 69th minute. The Crusaders had been in the Canes 22 and had been pulling them from one side to another with a mixture of forwards crashing into the defence on the back of short pop passes and then the backs looking to get around the outside. Matt Todd came close but was brought down just before the line but instead of looking to go short again, Mo’unga knew that the hard work of the previous phases had left the Canes all over the place. He saw Ennor totally unmarked out wide, put in a good kick and Ennor collected to score the killer try. It was just so efficient and well constructed.

      It was a sad way for the Canes to finish their season and they would have loved to give departing captain Brad Shields a shot at the title but they just weren’t good enough today. Where the Crusaders have got better and better over the season, the Canes seemed to have peaked in late May/early June. They are a very good side and will beat most teams but today they were never really in it.

      So the Crusaders will have a home grand final – now all that matters is who will make the trip to Christchurch – the Lions or the Tahs. Stay tuned to The Roar for live coverage of that great game.

    • 7:46pm
      KiwiHaydn said | 7:46pm | ! Report

      Good luck Tahs/Lions, you’ll need it!

    • 7:40pm
      Pistol Pete said | 7:40pm | ! Report

      how much should the blacks copy the saders? the team is a well-oiled machine with several backs that look like starters at test level.

      mo’unga and goodhue are in sensational form.

      • 7:47pm
        KiwiHaydn said | 7:47pm | ! Report

        A bit of vice versa isn’t it?

      • 7:49pm
        moa said | 7:49pm | ! Report

        @ Pistol Pete
        I have been saying for a while that Mo’unga is my kind of 1st 5.
        I’m old-school when it comes to my 10s…..I watch BB all game—the same old trait he has always had—takes the ball, turns his shoulder out and shovels the ball to the 2nd five.
        When you have a SBW as receiver you can get away with that…but super easy for defences to drift wider and close the midfield down.
        In BB’s defence—the poor and slow service he got from Perenara forced him to stand flat-footed and close in…and gave him no opening to get his own running game started.
        It’s not a combination I would like to see starting a Test of any import…but as usual I bow to Hansen’s greater wisdom and trust they have it under control.Hard to envisage anything other than injury forcing a change.

        • 8:06pm
          Fionn said | 8:06pm | ! Report

          Yep. I look forward to Jacko admitting he is a better flyhalf that DMac 😜.

          Personally, I think he and Sexton might be the two best 10s in the world, even if Barrett is the best back overall.

          10. Mounga, 11. Ioane, 12. SBW/Crotty, 13. Goodhue, 14. Smith, 15. Barrett?

    • 7:40pm
      Cantab said | 7:40pm | ! Report

      Such brain dead rugby by the hurricanes for the first 60 minutes, Sharks were much more competitive last week.

    • 7:37pm
      Rob said | 7:37pm | ! Report

      Cheers for that Oliver ,can not get any coverage here in Aus.Started with Burnside on first day club formed ,weighed in on woolscales in old woolshed , made the under 5 stone D team .Been in Aus NSW for 50 years now just need to get Waratahs home for final .Sweet as Eh.

    • 7:35pm
      colvin said | 7:35pm | ! Report

      Both the Hurricanes and the Highlanders will need to strengthen their tight fives to beat the Crusaders.

    • Roar Guru

      Diggercane said | 7:34pm | ! Report

      Congrats to the Crusaders and supporters, just far too good and again setting the benchmark for all else to aspire too.

      Best of luck next week 👍🏻

      • 7:38pm
        moa said | 7:38pm | ! Report

        Very gracious Digger.Good on you mate.

      • Roar Guru

        taylorman said | 7:47pm | ! Report

        Hard luck Digger, cant get this sort of Saders side where everyone steps up all night. Theyre at another level than everyone else.

      • 7:53pm
        Highlander said | 7:53pm | ! Report

        Unlucky DC, up against a very unit tonight

        Both your side and mine will need more starch in the tight 5 before next year rolls around

      • 8:25pm
        Rugby Tragic said | 8:25pm | ! Report

        Commiserations Digger, a tough night.

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