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    Lions vs Waratahs

    Super Rugby, 28 July, 2018

    Emirates Airlines Park
    Fulltime - Lions 44, Waratahs 26
    Lions   Waratahs
    44 FINAL SCORE 26
    6 TRIES 4
    0 DROP GOALS 0
    Referee: Glen Jackson
    Touch judges: Marius van der Westhuizen & Rasta Rasivhenge
    TMO: Marius Jonker

    The Lions host the Waratahs on Saturday night at Ellis Park, Johannesburg. Join The Roar for live scores and a blog of the match, starting from 11:05pm (AEST).

    The last time the Waratahs won in ‘Jozi’ was in 2009 when the Lions were coached by Eugene Eloff – who had a winning rate of 28 per cent. The Waratahs were coached by Chris Hickey who had a win rate of around 66 per cent, which is a little lower than the Lions’ previous coach Johan Ackermann.

    This year is different. Darryl Gibson’s Waratahs has won nine of 16 games. Swys de Bruin’s Lions has the same win record. They have very similar stats, including points scored, points allowed, tries scored and tries allowed.

    One difference between the two is that the Waratahs have an extra draw against the Sharks in Durban. The other is that the Lions ignores penalties. The Lions opted to kick for only nine penalty goals all season.

    The Lions have lost only two home games, both against Kiwi teams. The Waratahs lost three. One loss was against the Blues, the other against the Brumbies. The last was a 29-0 drubbing by the Lions themselves.

    The other significant difference is consistency. While the Lions’ 2018 performance under de Bruin is not as good as Ackermann, their form has been very consistent all season.

    Conversely, the Waratahs form in key departments (breakdown, set piece, attack, defence) has been erratic in the past month or so, ranging from totally awesome to dreadful within minutes of each other.

    The one thing the Waratahs have been consistent has been Bernard Foley’s place kicks – an accuracy of 83 per cent – which fares slightly better than Elton Jantjies’ 81 per cent.

    The outcome today will be mostly about what Gibson’s boys can do, rather than the predictable and ‘very difficult to beat’ Lions at home. Gibson brought Tolu Latu on early, ostensibly to counter Malcolm Marx’s breakdown dominance. I reckon it will help a bit. But, Marx will be Marx nevertheless.

    The bookies’ odds for a Waratahs win are not good: over four to one. The Lions will predictably focus on stopping Israel Folau and Taqele Naiyaravoro who scored one-third of all Waratahs tries. The Waratahs will focus on regaining their mid-season consistency.

    I will defer my prediction to MrChook. He states the winner to today will be rugby. Enjoy!

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    • Roar Guru

      Machooka said | 8:28am | ! Report

      Well done MrRobC on another entertaining ‘live blog’ of this important match for both sides… and sorry I couldn’t join you, and all other the rusted-on gaggle of true rugby supporters making comment through-out the game. I love youse! 😉

      And, likewise, thanks also MrRobC for your ‘shoutout’ in your prediction piece… and, although I still haven’t seen the game, (highlights only) I think I got it pretty right.

      Well, mostly. Partly. The first half for sure… just not the ending thingy bit!?! 🙂

      So congrats to the Lions for their deserved victory and defiantly defending their den… and to da Tahs for giving them some real reason to do so. And having been able to watch the other game, I’m thinking now that nasty sheep lovin’ mob, pretty much, are on song AGAIN to take another title. It’s still possible for the Lions… but based on current form improbable.

      • Roar Guru

        RobC said | 12:32pm | ! Report

        Thanks MrChook! Pleasure to do the blog. And to track cockroaches vast improvement this year

        How confident are you next year, to make an improvement?

    • 6:07am
      ozinsa said | 6:07am | ! Report

      Better team won. Thanks Tahs for your effort – I’m a happy fan. I hope the Lions upset the odds next week, although it’s unlikely

    • 4:13am
      Baylion said | 4:13am | ! Report

      I haven’t read all the comments.

      Thanks Tahs, thanks for the game

    • Roar Guru

      taylorman said | 2:40am | ! Report

      Penalty count 15-7 to the Lions thanks to a brief spell where Jackson shelled out a spate in a ten minute period of indiscipline by the Tahs. A telling period of the match.

    • 2:29am
      Faith said | 2:29am | ! Report

      This Lions team is nowhere near the one that lost to Saders in the last final with Jaco Kriel, Johann Van Rensburg and that blond scrum-half who tore the Poms a new one. And many are not on song … Mapoe, Skosan …

      • Roar Guru

        Corne Van Vuuren said | 3:34am | ! Report

        You also need to remember Kwagga Smith recieved a red card early in the match.

        But I agree with you.

    • 1:07am
      Ex force fan said | 1:07am | ! Report

      History repeated. How I wish the Lions beat the Crusaders so that at least something unpredictable happens this season. However the Crusaders will win at home. The only hope is a red card to Saders player like Kwagga got last year – that will even things up and make the final interesting to watch. To travel that far and win in NZ is just not realistic. When was the last time that an Aussie team played in the finals? I cannot remember.

      • Roar Guru

        jeznez said | 6:38am | ! Report

        2014, not that long ago. If you check the books you’ll even see the Aussie team won the final that year.

        • 5:31pm
          Ex force fan said | 5:31pm | ! Report

          Thanks jeznez. 5 seasons ago. So glad this year went so much further now that we are so much better as four.

    • 1:06am
      TheReds said | 1:06am | ! Report

      For me the best fly halves are those who can make the right decisions under pressure and when the forward pack is going back. Sexton and Sopoaga are two of the best in that regard. B Barrett and Jantjes are well and good when they have time to pick a pass but flatter to deceive when not.

      Jantjes will be targetted next week and time space will be limited and it is up to him to guide the team.

      • Roar Guru

        taylorman said | 1:48am | ! Report

        True, big clah of the packs as well in a repeat of last years final. Lions theee lost finals in a row?

    • Roar Guru

      ThugbyFan said | 12:59am | ! Report

      78min: God has no empathy! That last try was a cruel joke caused by Tahs playing hot potato. A gift but “Elton John” was good enough to land the ball somewhere near his two unmarked men out wide. The final score says Tahs were flogged but they put 4 tries against the Lions and let in 5 plus that final minute gift.

      Congratulations to the Lions, their forwards were just too powerful and well structured. I feel they lost their chance for glory last year; winning in Christchurch will be mighty hard but good luck to them.

      For a side with no power in the back 5 forwards the Tahs did damned well. Looking at their roster in February I predicted that the Tahs would fight the Reds for 3rd and 4th spots in the Oz conference so wtf do I know. LoL Coach Gibson’s wide running game got them to the semis and that should be applauded.

      My son’s birthday dinner next Saturday night so I won’t be sobbing in my lasagne that I’m missing the Tahs playing the Final.

    • Roar Guru

      Corne Van Vuuren said | 12:55am | ! Report

      Whiteley is a great Captain, his interviews are always intellectual and not judt the same mumbo jumbo , also always gracious in crediting the opponents.

      • 12:58am
        Fionn said | 12:58am | ! Report

        Yes, it’ll be interesting to see if he is made Boks captain over Kolisi?

        • Roar Guru

          Corne Van Vuuren said | 12:59am | ! Report

          I don’t think he will, Kolisi is the icon of new SA rugby, they will take a step backwardsif theyremove him

          • 5:58am
            Bfc said | 5:58am | ! Report

            Kwagga Smith had another cracking game (MOTM performance…) and I note he wore the #6 jersey. Do the Boks play Smith at #7 and Kiya Kolisi at #6?
            With Marx, Smith and Kolisi the Boks will be competitive at the breakdown…

    • 12:55am
      Faith said | 12:55am | ! Report

      Its a testament to the comp best attacking backs that Tahs even made a go of it with the forwards they have. Nobody can score as quickly as they can …

    • 12:50am
      Dennis Hopper Jr said | 12:50am | ! Report

      The pretenders have been eliminated, good, very good, mmm.

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