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Why LeBron James is possibly the greatest human alive

Cleveland Cavaliers former superstar LeBron James. (Source: Wiki Commons)
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31st July, 2018

While LeBron James is one of the best athletes ever – maybe even the tip-top of them all – his impact is actually felt across the planet.

A basketball player, businessman, father, philanthropist and role model to millions, LeBron may be the greatest human alive.

No-one is perfect, but LeBron is the best representation of what perfect is.

Being under the spotlight as ‘The Chosen One’ since the age of 15 and struggling through hardship growing up in Akron, LeBron has defied not only what is expected of his career but what he gives to the world.

He gives everyone who watches basketball entertainment, lighting up lives and motivating people when they’re down. There is not much you could name in this world that is more thrilling than seeing LeBron grab a steal then windmill dunk at full speed, as he did against Phoenix.

The only people that may not feel excited he does this would be everyone on the Toronto Raptors.


But what he has given off the court is equally significant.

The LeBron James Foundation gives over 2000 kids the opportunity to receive a full education, The King himself having forked out $41 million from his own pocket.


He is giving young American kids the window to have the tools to be great in their own way, which is what makes his #striveforgreatness motto so much more meaningful than a term used for basketball. This is a slogan every young person in the world should live by, to be the best person you possibly can be, and LeBron is allowing this for the kids who wouldn’t otherwise have the necessary tools.

LeBron has already provided an uncountable happiness and finance to the city of Cleveland, playing in the city for over ten years and delivering a first-ever championship, in 2016.

We all know this offseason he left to take his talents to the storied franchise of the Los Angeles Lakers. But LeBron is continuing to give, providing the ‘I Promise’ school in Akron for 240 at-risk kids.

The school assists students to cope with their vulnerable home-lives, as well as providing activities to keep them from potentially getting into trouble.

They also provide services to the families, such as job placement assistance and an on-site food bank.

All of this is just incredible and a testament to the true greatness of LeBron James.