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The Roar has relaunched! Welcome to a new Roar

A snapshot of profiles on the newly relaunched Roar.
27th August, 2018

For more than ten years, The Roar has been the place for passionate and informed fans to meet and engage with the sports they love.

Today, we’re bloody stoked to be able to launch a completely refreshed, refined and redesigned Roar.

I’ve been lucky enough to work behind the scenes at The Roar for almost five years. In that time I’ve seen the community around the site grow and been privileged to meet (and have a beer with) many of the Roarers who make us unlike any other sports site, not just in Australia but anywhere on the internet.

In that same time, while the content and community has taken big leaps, the site itself has only seen minor, incremental improvements.

That changes today, thanks to some great work from our developers Michal and Robb, our UX guru Richard, our designers Elise and James, and The Roar’s editors Daniel and Ben.

This launch will be the biggest change Roarers have seen for a while – the site has been rebuilt, rewritten and redesigned from the ground up. But don’t worry – The Roar you know is only going to get better.

We’ve still got lots to do, and we’ve got some more exciting changes in store soon, so keep an eye on our Community Updates page for those.

For the new Roar, we wanted to put the community front and centre across the site, and every decision was made with this in mind. Immediately, you’ll notice a focus on user avatars across the site.

Another big goal of ours was to give a place to everything that makes The Roar great: Opinion articles, Club Roar videos, long-form reads, sports highlights, live blogs. We hope that it is now easier than ever to find what you’re after, no matter what brings you to The Roar.


For now, please explore the new site. And let us know your feedback.