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How Legacy got the better of Order yet again

Legacy is looking to prove their dominance and close out Split 2 with a win. (Image: Riot Games)
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29th August, 2018

Day two of the playoffs promised to be exciting, high-calibre games.

Order had played an impressive style of League of Legends all year, coming third behind the two OPL powerhouses in the regular season. Order finished third last split and had their season ended by Legacy, who had won the first series of the gauntlet to face them.

Legacy threatened to do the same again this split, beating the Bombers after finding a purple patch of form late in their season.

Could the veterans of Order stand up in new colours and stop Legacy in their tracks, or would Claire and Mimic knock down Order to the fourth place for the second time this year?

Game 1
Blue Side – Order Red Side – Legacy
Tally Gangplank Gnar Mimic
Spookz Gragas Olaf Only
Swiffer Le Blanc Orianna Claire
FBI Ezreal Varus Raid
Rogue Braum Alistair Decoy

Mimic got Legacy off to a great start in game one. Using Gnar’s early advantage over Gangplank, he solo killed Tally in their lane and made sure he didn’t farm up a gold lead and take over the game, which was a vital step in Legacy taking the first win of the series.

Only waited for Tally to teleport back to his lane and, this time with some help, Mimic got the kill.

The Infernal Drake on the map created a lot of tension between the two teams’ bot and mid lanes.

The sides jostled for river control but, as the struggle finally broke into a fight, it was Claire who was able to land a fight-winning Shockwave and score two more kills for his team along with the Infernal Drake.


With Mimic’s kill lead onto Tally, Tally could hardly farm, conceding a 40-minion CS deficit to Mimic. And, with that top side dominance, Legacy was able to secure the Rift Herald, and use Shellys’ to take the first tower.

Order had been bullied out of the game, but Spookz was able to steal the second Infernal Drake, giving them a fighting chance to stall and out-scale Legacy.

Legacy knew that they had to use their lead before that could happen, so they started to group, siege towers and gain control of Order’s side of the map.

Order began to split up and try and pull the Legacy lineup apart. Swiffer and Spookz were able to draw numbers from Legacy out of their mid lane and distract them.

The rest of Order were able to get their first two kills on Mimic being caught out without any support, Order’s ability to force Legacy to split up earned them three towers.

They had started to worm their way back into the game but, after Only fell to Swiffer, Legacy managed to keep Order off what looked like a certain Baron for them.

Order tried to find a consolation prize in an Infernal Drake, but soon after securing it Legacy arrived to crash their party, taking three kills and taking the Baron for themselves.

Legacy had no problems sieging Order’s base and stuck around to secure a few more kills. After resetting, they tried and take the Elder Dragon to make their victory a certainty.


Order looked like they had Legacy right where they wanted them, but Mimic and Only were too huge, killing four Order players and securing the Dragon.

Only and Mimic had waves of super minions in Order’s base already and, as the last man standing, there was nothing Swiffer could do to stop Legacy from ending the game.

Game 2
Blue Side – Legacy Red Side – Order
Mimic Gnar Gangplank Tally
Only Trundle Sejuani Spookz
Claire Cassiopeia Ryze Swiffer
Raid Varus Ezreal FBI
Decoy Rakan Braum Rogue

Tally once again found himself on the wrong end of first blood, as Mimic and Only combined for an early and effective gank.

Decoy found Order warding past Legacy’s tri-brush and set them up for Raid and Mimic. After a super aggressive teleport, Legacy blow two of Order’s flashes and find another kill.

Only and Mimic once again found Tally in a bad position, without any vision, and the Order top laner continued a horror run in the early game – falling to Mimic again.

Order are able to match the tower that Legacy take, and did not fall behind despite Legacy’s lead in kills. Order were able to resist subsequent Legacy tower dives, not allowing Legacy to pull ahead.

Order were able to pick up their first kill thanks to a huge, four-man realm warp.


Without Raid on the map, Order looked top to find a fight on Legacy they could win five-on-four. After finding the kills they needed, Order turned the tides of the game and took the first Baron.

Waves were crashing at Legacy’s base in all three lanes. Order were able to take down the mid lane inhibitor turret at the cost of their mid laner’s life.

Legacy were able to fight off Order until their Baron buff wore out. But, as soon as the next Baron was live, Order hard reset and were ready to take them on again.

Legacy went all in on the team fight, but Tally and Swiffer were too big to fail. Order aced Legacy and Tally and Swiffer ended the game.

Game 3
Blue Side – Legacy Red Side – Order
Mimic Gnar Gragas Tally
Only Olaf Trundle Spookz
Claire Cassiopeia Ryze Swiffer
Raid Varus Ezreal FBI
Decoy Rakan Braum Rogue

With the series tied up 1-1, Order came to play. They set up a bushwhack in Legacy’s jungle before the minions spawned, getting first blood onto Only.

Legacy came online at five minutes, with Claire solo killing Swiffer in lane twice and Only executing a deadly predator gank onto Rogue. Order’s bot lane were able to take back two kills to keep the kills tied up 3-3.

Mimic’s top lane dominance once again allowed Only to secure the Rift Herald for his team very safely.


Claire took down Swiffer again, allowing the Herald to ram down Order’s mid lane turret with some help from Only and Decoy.

Legacy’s three-man turret demolition team rotated top to join Mimic, finding a kill onto Tally and knocking over Order’s top turret.

Meanwhile, in the bot lane, Raid was able to kill FBI in a one-on-one duel. Suddenly, the game was all Legacy.

After Tally and Mimic were caught out in questionable positions, the game entered a brief stalemate before Order were caught trying to gain mid priority.

Legacy took out enough of Order for them to feel safe starting Baron.

Mimic was able to lock down Swiffer trying to protect a bot turret with Mega Gnar’s crowd control chain, Legacy took out Order’s mid lander, led their minion wave into Order’s base and took the first inhibitor.

Order were able to bite back, killing Mimic and Raid, but Claire was all Legacy needed to burn down the second Baron before Order could respond.

Order grouped up after resetting, ready to defend, but they took the opportunity to pick off Mimic after spotting him in their jungle. Order, unfortunately, overcommitted and got steamrolled by Claire and Only.


Tally teleported to mid after his team died and Legacy were forced to go back and try to kill him.

The gutsy teleport cost him his life but kept the opposition from ending the game.

Legacy collected themselves and started to press on the mid lane inhibitor turret. They forced themselves into Order’s base, taking an inhibitor but losing too many members to continue the push.

Order had to clear the double super minions in every lane, with every inhibitor down, so the other team were free to take their third Baron of the game uncontested.

Legacy pushed into Order’s base again but this time Order couldn’t kill Claire immediately, and the massive Cassiopeia took over the fight as they aced Order and took the series to match point.

Game 4
Blue Side – Legacy Red Side – Order
Mimic Jarvan IV Aatrox Tally
Only Olaf Gragas Spookz
Claire Orianna Ryze Swiffer
Raid Varus Ezreal FBI
Decoy Rakan Braum Rogue

Order were keen to give more attention to the top lane and minimize Mimic’s influence on the early game. Spookz attempted a gank but traded flashes with Mimic, who got away.

Claire claimed first blood onto Spookz after he was caught farming in Legacy’s jungle by Mimic. Tally was caught out minutes later in almost the exact place, as Only ran him down and claimed Legacy’s second kill solo.


The bot lanes traded kills in two separate ganks, but Legacy’s gank gained them priority in the lane and allowed their jungler to take the first elemental drake.

Legacy had had a few more opportunities than Order, but seemed to do so much more with them. Spookz was caught out in his jungle and the map priority his death created cost Order both a turret in the mid lane and the Rift Herald.

Legacy didn’t give Order a millimetre of breathing room as the teams entered the midgame. Swiffer and Spookz both fell and allowed Legacy to push up their lanes and gain jungle, river and Baron control.

Legacy took the Baron almost uncontested, losing only Decoy – who gave his life to charm Spookz, denying any chance of Order stealing the Baron buff.

Order decided to answer the Baron by split pushing but, with an empowered recall, Mimic stopped Tally from taking their top tier two turrets, and the rest of Legacy were able to take Order’s bottom inhibitor.

As Legacy pushed into Order’s mid-tier two turrets, Order failed to initiate a fight to drive them away, Legacy took Order’s last tier two turrets for nothing and began to run away with the game.

Legacy found a kill on FBI and Order’s mid lane inhibitor before they were followed to the Baron pit. Order stopped their Baron attempt and traded four kills in a tied team fight, but Legacy were able to win the rematch.

Legacy were able to take Order’s last inhibitor with the Baron buff and, with waves of super minions joining them in the enemy base, all five members of Legacy ended the game and took the series victory.