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An update from The Roar regarding comments

18th September, 2018

Since we launched a refreshed site, we’ve been gathering a lot of feedback from Roarers.

The response we’ve received has been mixed. Whether positive or not, the persistent feature has been the passion.

Seeing that passion in our user base has been a huge motivator for the team to continue to improve the site – because unlike all the sports that underscore that passion, we know that when it comes to The Roar there is no final siren, and there is no finish line.

That’s why we’ll continue to listen, research and think of ways to make The Roar the best it can be.

If you are currently frustrated by changes that came with the relaunch, know that in time we will address them. It may not happen as quickly as you would like, so we thank you in advance for your patience.

To help alleviate any frustrations, we’ll also be giving more regular updates on what changes are coming and when – the first of which is the purpose of this post.

Let me also say how much we appreciate everyone who has taken the time to provide feedback, whether that’s been directly or by leaving a comment. We’ve been reading and listening closely, taking everything on board and I can assure you that your biggest concerns are our top priorities.

Now, some of the changes.


Sorting comments (available)
To make it easier to view comments, we’ve added a toggle to the top of the comments section that disconnects comments from their threads, allowing you to see all comments in the exact order they were posted, from newest to oldest and vice versa. As a standard, comment sections will have threads on and be ordered based on the time the parent comment of the thread was posted.

Seeing the latest comments (coming today)
If you want to view the latest comments other Roarers have left on the site, you’ll now be able to see these in a widget that sits with the Roar of The Crowd section. The ‘Latest Comments’ widget will display exactly that, the latest comments, wherever they appeared on the site. This widget will also be category specific on individual category pages.

Latest comments page (coming next week)
To extend upon the ‘Latest Comments’ widget, we will shortly be adding a page that will house a much larger selection of the latest comments, so you can easily keep track of where the discussion is taking place.

More to come
Based on your feedback, we’ll be working to implement some more changes in the coming weeks and months that should continue to help you use The Roar. These will include:

  • Providing an ‘edit your comment’ functionality (via your profile page)
  • Adding linking to individual comments
  • Returning an email notification option for comments

Our aim from this redesign is to improve your experience. If we haven’t achieved that yet for you, know that we’ll keep working until we do.

In the meantime, we appreciate your continued feedback.