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Jarryd Hayne’s alleged developments

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22nd November, 2018
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Well, Jarryd Hayne, eh? Tell you what, you’re writing about Jarryd Hayne this week you best make liberal use of the word “allegedly” because Jarryd Hayne has allegedly ripped off some fairly, shall we say, unusual alleged sex action.


Also allegedly.

Allegedly. Allegedly.

And so on.

In fact you want to write about Jarryd Hayne this week you may be better off allegedly writing it. You may be better of allegedly reading it.

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If you allegedly add your alleged two bob’s worth in the alleged comments section of this alleged e-journal, you’d best be careful in your allegatory phrasing.

Because Jarryd Hayne is innocent until proven otherwise.

What happened? We haven’t heard Jarryd Hayne’s version of events yet because he hasn’t had his day in court. When he fronted Castle Hill police station on Monday afternoon he wasn’t there to make a statement or answer questions.

We do know that Castle Hill cops charged him with aggravated sexual assault.

We do know that ten hours after being charged he was granted $20,000 bail.

We do know that police allege he “met” a woman on Instagram or some other social media hook-up. And that some time after that he pair allegedly agreed that Jarryd Hayne should head over to the woman’s place for an alleged shag, or alleged equivalent.

Jarryd Hayne

Jarryd Hayne of the Eels. (Photo by Jason McCawley/Getty Images)

We do know that Jarryd Hayne allegedly did head over in a cab. And that on allegedly arriving at the woman’s house he allegedly told the taxi driver to hang around with the meter on because he allegedly wouldn’t be around long enough for the meter to tick over for a price more than he could allegedly cop.


And then he allegedly removed her clothes, allegedly bit her on the vagina, and allegedly got back in the cab and headed off to continue drinking at Merrylands bowling club.

And if all or most or some of that is proven true you mightn’t describe Jarryd Hayne as the most chivalrous person on the piss in the Hunter Valley on grand final night, September 30, 2018.

You could also surmise that the one-time Parramatta Eels, San Francisco 49ers and Fijian national rugby sevens superstar might be bound for Botany Bay, or Pentridge, or a prison farm for famous people, for quite some significant period of time.

Because if what he’s alleged to have done – aggravated sexual assault involving biting a woman on the genitalia with such vigour that she had to see a doctor next day – is proven, then, well, best prepare the green jumpsuit, Bubba. Maximum term for aggravated sexual assault is 20 years.

Now, chances are you’re thinking that it’s odd that the woman’s complaint arrived with police after she’d reported it to the NRL’s integrity unit, and what’s that about?

You might wonder why the woman approached the NRL before she reported the alleged offence to police.

And in the cold light of day you could question her motivations.

But here’s the thing: you don’t know her motivations.


And I don’t know her motivations.

And even she herself may not have quite understood her motivations, given it was a situation most people would not have experienced, i.e. handsome famous footballer getting a cab over to your place for some alleged consensual sex that allegedly became not-consensual.

That’s not something most people have experience in dealing with.

Ever seen that bit in that movie with Russell Crowe, The Insider, when the you-beaut 60 Minutes journalist, Mike Wallace (Christopher Plummer) asks Lowell Bergman (Al Pacino) “Who are these people?”?

And Al Pacino replies, “Ordinary people under extraordinary pressure, Mike. What the hell do you expect? Grace and consistency?”


Could be that – ordinary person, extraordinary pressure.

Could be something else. We don’t know. All we can do is walk in someone’s shoes. And consider: if it were your sister or niece or daughter, you’re backing her.

If he’s your nephew, brother, best mate, you’re backing him.

It’s the same with Jarryd Hayne’s “civil case” in the United States in which for some reason Jarryd Hayne can be found not guilty due to lack of evidence by the police, yet a plaintiff can still sue Jarryd Hayne just as Nicole Brown’s family sued O.J. Simpson.

Dunno how it works.

Chances are you dunno, either.

But there are legal types in the United States who do. And thus Jarryd Hayne’s gonna be hauled over coals in said civil case after being hauled into court on December 10 to answer charges of aggravated sexual assault.

And we’ll hone in on both cases just as we’ve always honed in the scattergun and highly-compelling career in sports and public life of Jarryd Hayne.


And what we must do, as punters and pundits, is this: park judgement and let the courts work it out.

Not allegedly.