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Suggested questions for Rugby Australia's end-of-season review

Rugby AU chief executive Raelene Caste. (AAP Image/Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs)
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26th November, 2018
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The end of year review for Michael Cheika to front the Rugby Australia board is set for December 8th.

I have been in enough boardrooms over the years to know that being on the pointy end of effective, courageous and informed questioning can have an enlightening affect on your strategy and the way you go about doing your own job.

Questioning cannot be open ended, vague, nor so broad based that the questioned gets to walk endlessly around the topic.

On this basis, I submit the following suggestions for Messrs Clyne and Co to raise for the coaching panel at the seasons end review.

1. If you were on the board selection panel looking for a coach/coaching panel to take Australia through to the 2019 RWC finals, based on the outcomes of the last three years, would you, employ you?

2. Is it not time to admit that this current side is not good enough to focus only on how you want to play, and accept that opposition specific game plans and selections should be considered going forward?


3. In simple terms, define the current game plan and take us through a game in recent seasons where it has been applied for demonstrable effect for eighty minutes.

4. Please list the improvements made in the Wallaby side since the RWC final in 2015.

5. What changes will you make to ensure the stability of the Wallaby set pieces that you have not attempted over the past three years.

6. How many players in your preferred match day 23, could be defined as excellent defensive players, will start for you, David Pocock, who else?

7. List the five key attributes of an effective international rugby captain?

Performance only comes from direct and honest assessment of what is happening in front of you.

If narrowly defined sensible answers to this list cannot be quantified, the end state of this current coaching panel has been reached.

In addition, I have a single question for Coach Hansen at the ABs, what is this new semi-implemented attacking game plan recently referred to, because it looks a complete mystery.


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