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The Rocket League Gfinity Series final was a true victory for the underdog

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17th December, 2018

The grand finals for the Gfinity Australia Elite Season 2 Series of Rocket League took place this weekend and featured the two teams from Sydney.

Both of these teams had ave dominated throughout the season – as long as they’d been playing with their core team – and had already developed quite a rivalry. Earlier in the season, the Roar decisively defeated the Sydney Chiefs 3-0, so there was a real underdog story in place in these finals.

It was immediately obvious that these teams were determined to bring everything they had with both making constant aggressive plays for the net. They also seemed determined to bring their best defence with shot after shot being denied by the opposing team.

Finally, with only two minutes and 40 seconds left on the clock, Drippay finally took first blood for the Chiefs. Drippay is an exceptional player who managed to even be crowned man of the day over at the international championships so it’s no surprise he was ready to bring it all for his Sydney team today.

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It also felt like a sign that the Chiefs were ready to not let Sydney Roar once again school them in Rocket League.

CJCJ from the Roar was not having any of this though and scored one back to tie out the first game. This shot came after multiple saves from the net from his teammate Express who already had three clean saves this game.

Members of the Sydney Roar Rocket League esports team.

Members of the Sydney Roar Rocket League esports team. (Photo: Gfinity Australia)

Without a good defence like what they were showing this game would have easily been handed to the Chiefs already but the Roar really were determined to have history repeat itself. They then double-downed on this with yet another goal from CJCJ to give his team the advantage.

This wasn’t to be the end of game one though, with the last match’s MVP Torsos coming through with an easy goal rolled right into the net. This player has the most goals per game of anyone else this season and it looks like he wasn’t ready to let that tally slide.

This goal rounded out the game and forced it to an overtime match where Torsos very nearly immediately scored another goal but didn’t quite get it in.

He wasn’t about to let that be how it ended though, and after multiple near misses, nearly a minute 20 into overtime, he finally secured his second goal making this game a win for the Chiefs.

In a repeat of the first match, Drippay once again kicked things off with goal one going to the Sydney Chiefs. Kamii followed this up with his first goal of the matchup after a fantastic pass from teammate Torsos. These performances were making the Chiefs look absolutely dominant with their speed and ability to get to the ball just edging out The Roar, despite their history.

This didn’t mean the Roar had any intentions on laying down. Shadey scored a superb fast goal after a sneaky pass from CJCJ in an attempt to clamber back into the game.

Unfortunately, soon the Roar’s commitment to try to even out the match with another goal had left their net wide open, once again.


Drippay managed to capitalise again, loosely knocking the ball into the unguarded goal from across the field. This brought the Chief’s their second victory of the day with a 3-1 victory for this game.

The next match after the break started somewhat differently with the Roar seeming to have full control over the ball. This team had clearly gone away and found their centre which was proven when Shadey scored the first goal of this game.

They followed up with another goal from CJCJ after a very nice pass from the defensive master Express. This kicked off the start to the potential triumphant come back for the Roar, with yet another goal under their belt form Shadey.

The Chiefs did manage to get one point during this but it was quickly eclipsed by Express securing the fourth goal absolutely stamping in victory for the Roar. While Express seemed renowned for stopping potential enemy goals he also has the highest shooting average at nearly 42 per cent – while he may not take as many shots as his teammates, when he does, they’re very likely to go in.

Members of the Sydney Chiefs Rocket League esports team celebrate a win at the Gfinity Elite Series

Members of the Sydney Chiefs Rocket League team. (Photo: Gfinity Australia)

This overwhelmingly victorious match was not taken lightly by the Chiefs. They came back to secure a 3-0 victory over the Roar. At this point despite Chiefs holding three out of the potential six games, it felt like maybe the Roar could do it.

The games were either incredibly close or not at all, in favour of both teams. When they were close the Chief’s edged out the win but given the history of these teams and the snippets of glory we were seeing from The Roar, it was still a hard game to call.

The next game was everything on the line. If the Chiefs won this one it was all over but The Roar managed to just push it to a sixth in overtime with the winning goal from yet another goal from CJCJ to get the 2-1 win.


This meant the next match was the decider for these two Sydney titan teams. Both had a dominant victory under their belt as well as several close matches throughout the day. This game had been difficult to call before it started but it almost seemed like after seeing games it was even harder.

If Roar could get this one too they’d tie it out and push to another game but the Chiefs were playing slightly better.

Unfortunately for the Roar, this was not to be with the Chiefs kicking off with a goal snuck underneath the defender from Torsos. Express did fight back getting a goal to one-all it out for the Roar but Drippay fought back getting yet another goal putting the Chiefs ahead.

Torsos attempted another goal which bounced right on the verge of the inside of the net before being knocked back but it just wasn’t enough. The Sydney Chiefs secured their victory and became finals champions with this very close and hard fought 2-1 match right at the end of the day.

The Chiefs team managed to pick up fourth in the international series and can now say they’re the best in OCE, even when pitted up against their rivals The Roar who were playing with the also world-class Tainted Minds line up.

These were close games but this was a very satisfying victory and end to the Rocket League Gfinity series this season.